5 Best Play Kitchens for Kids

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What is the best play kitchen? Browse our reviews of the best play kitchens below

Product reviews of the best play kitchens

Children learn by watching and imitating. And when you are in the kitchen, they wish they could help – or replace you to be the ones presenting the scrumptious meals to the family.

But since the kitchen is a risky place for toddlers, a kitchen toy is the perfect replacement.

Using a top kitchen play brings kids together, and through their exploration, learn to utilize kitchen tools, and become creative as they imitate adults. There is no better way to engage your children’s wildest imaginations because, with this equipment, they are closer to real life compared to other toys.

With play kitchens, the benefits are endless. The toddlers become more organized, plan and execute ideas, learn how to cooperate during play dates, practice counting, keep busy, and a lot more others.

With all these advantages, we at Only Reviews can’t emphasise enough how important it is to buy a high-quality play kitchen for your kid(s).

Making the right choice means this device should be functional, the best quality, easy to put together, safe, and long-lasting.

Our teams searched the market and come up with a list of 5 play kitchens that will keep your children busy and educate them as well. And, we’ve considered the prices too.

KidKraft 53179 Pink Vintage Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen for Kids with role play phone included – 95%

Over three-year-old kids will love the KidKraft 53179 Pink Vintage Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen. It the ultimate stimulator of creativity because the design is interactive and closely resembles the kitchen. It comes with multiple doors that can close and open.

Starting with the oven, it opens and closes to allow placing and removal of the cake. The adjustable knobs sound real while the child sets its temperature for the perfect baking process.

The removable sink has a faucet that rotates like the real thing giving the right impression of the washing time. This feature also makes cleaning easy. The child can learn to be responsible after creating a mess with it.

Your toddler even has a cordless phone on the sides to talk as their mum does with friends as she makes the meals. There is storage space for play foods in the refrigerator too.

This wooden and plastic play kitchen is built to last. Its sturdy construction can take a lot of abuse from playful boys and girls.

The pink color will attract any child. As a security measure, the design allows you to lock the doors in place to avoid accidents. You can also bolt this toy on the wall to ensure it doesn’t move an inch.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Removable sink
  • Several opening doors
  • Safe
  • Takes time to assemble
  • Buy play food separately
  • Knobs might break with rigorous use

Kledio Large Wooden Toy Kitchen for Girls And Boys From 3 Years, Made Of Wood FSC 100%, Incl. 4-Piece Accessories – 90%

The robust Kledio Gooden toy kitchen is great for boys and girls who are above three years. It is the perfect solution to improve coordination, social competence, and imagination among other life skills.

It has four cooking spaces to accommodate multi-tasking kids. This feature also allows several toddlers to work together. It also includes an oven, microwave, and a sink.

The microwave and oven have windows where the kid can watch their food cooking. There are plenty of doors on it which open and lock when you need to. This toy kitchen has enough space for food storage also.

The sink is removable making the washing process easy. Your little cook can learn to clean after themselves with it. The faucet over the sink turns like a real one. It has hanging pegs to improve the organizational skills of your child. Food storage is also possible thanks to space over the cooking area.

This play equipment is made of wood to provide your child with high quality and sturdy build. The color combination is also outstanding.

  • Includes a dishwasher
  • Sturdy construction
  • Cute color combination
  • Hanging Pegs
  • Customers reported parts breaking
  • Takes time to assemble
  • No telephone

KidKraft 53222 Modern Country Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen for Kids – 82%

KidKraft does not disappoint with this product. Their Modern Country Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen lets your kid gain practical knowledge, develop independence, and become creative in the kitchen.

They can take hours playing with it due to the numerous features it incorporates. The oven stove has double working knobs. It has two stoves for multiple cooking opportunities.

Your kit has plenty of storage for the toy dishes and food as well. Its sink is removable making it easy to clean. They can learn personal responsibility with it.

The construction is great because it uses wood and parts of plastic. This makes it sturdy and safe to use for the kids. Among the five other play kitchen on our list, this one is the easiest to assemble.

The doors can open and lock easily during use. The white and pink colors are non-toxic and very appealing. The curtain covering the windows make it even more real where the toddler can peep to see the guests waiting for their delicious meal.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Window and curtain
  • Oven knobs
  • Utensils shelves
  • Customers reported the doors breaking after a few months
  • Easily scratches
  • The wood chips

Sun Corner Play Kitchen Paris, grey – Wooden kids play kitchen with doors that open and close, knobs that turn and click and a working chalkboard – 80%

This Sun Corner Play Kitchen will provide your child with quality pretend cooking play. It comes with several doors that open, close and lock. Its knobs work excellently providing real clicking sounds.

Your child will also take notes as they cook using the available chalkboard. There is plenty of storage capacity to keep play foods. A hook rail for cleaning material.

This unique angled design toy kitchen is functional in many ways and multiple kids can share and coordinate as they explore their imagination. It is the perfect tool for play dates.

It comes in wooden construction, which is sturdy making it last years. The grey color is neutral enough for boys and girls.

  • Unique modern design
  • Knobs with sound during use
  • Working chalkboard
  • Enough storage space
  • Takes long to assemble
  • Damaging parts
  • Expensive

KidKraft 53260 Uptown Espresso Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen for Kids – 76%

Your rambunctious children will find this play kitchen an excellent play station. It comes with color patterns that will impress the pickiest little ones out there. It entails the majority of the pretend features your kid might need to unlock their imagination. The refrigerator combines with an ice machine.

To train your kids to train, the KidKraft Uptown Espresso play toy kitchen comes with a removable dishwasher. The doors have latches and can open and close as the user wants. You can find them on the refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. It incorporates an oven which has a window that they can watch as their food cooks. It has a drawer which they can easily push and pull pretend food inside it to cook.

This toy comes with four raised burners which your kid can use for multiple pretend cooking. Invite a relative or a neighbors kid for a playdate because it is big enough for more than one toddler.

The chalkboard on the fridge will encourage writing just the way you make notes on your real one. It also has pegs for hanging utensils together with a towel holder on the side to facilitate quick cleaning. It also comes with a pretend phone to call their friend while they play. The pretend foods also have their storage space above the sink.

This play kitchen makes use of metal, wood, and molded plastic construction to achieve a modern look. The craftsmanship behind it ensures that it is sturdy. It is designed for three-year-olds or older children.

  • Plenty of space for storage
  • Includes several kitchen devices
  • Durable construction
  • Hanging pegs for accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • Lacks accessories
  • Shifting sink basin
  • Takes hours to put together

Frequently asked questions

What is a play kitchen?

A play kitchen is a kitchen imitation that is meant for children. This toy is made for all genders to play with, which helps the kids to be creative and imaginative. It also assists in bringing up independent children who learn things by observing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a play kitchen?

The play kitchens are beneficial both to parents and children. To the parents, they can help you distract playful kids when you are busy handling house chores.

Instead of the kids following all over the house, they’ll have something to keep them busy. Also, these items are usually made to serve many years and so, will work longer than other toys.

Play kitchens are designed to offer children an environment to showcase their creativity. Toddlers will enjoy as they play and learn.

They can learn how to count, cooperate with each other, use kitchen tools, plan, and execute ideas. In addition, this educational toy helps to hone a child’s motor skills. By the end of the day, they develop academic, cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

Some of the disadvantages include: If you get a poorly constructed play kitchen, it can be a risk to the children.

Kids who get addicted to this playing device can miss out on physical exercise. You, therefore, have to instill discipline to the children to understand that there is time for everything. It costs money to buy this toy, which can set you back a few bucks.

What is the approximate price range for play kitchens?

Affordable play kitchens can cost between £50 to £250. However, there are cheaper and expensive ones.

The cheaper options will be weak and lack important features to explore the potential of your child. The expensive alternatives come with a lot of premium features like lighting and sounds which might be costly to maintain as well.

What should I look for when choosing a play kitchen?

When kids play, they learn, and the play kitchen is a great tool to achieve this. But when you buy this toy for your children, consider the following things:

Size: Play kitchens come in varied sizes. You can get very basic options that are small or choose very big alternatives. The small ones are compact in size and often not very durable compared to the bigger play kitchens. They have limited features as well. Choose the size of the play kitchen according to the age of your child and the space you have for it.

Material Construction: Play kitchens are made from a variety of materials. While some use a single material for constructing everything, others will combine a variety of them. Wooden play kitchens are very popular owing to their sturdy construction. The plastic alternatives are praised for their ease of cleaning. Plastic-made play kitchens are generally smaller making them suitable for small spaces.

Accessories: Some manufacturers include all the accessories and toys for the children, while others don’t include anything apart from the structure. Others come with sounds imitating real kitchen equipment and lights which show when stuff is on and off. Such might require electricity or batteries. A play kitchen that comes with accessories will cost you more.

Price: You can only buy what you can afford. Because play kitchens are made from different materials and accessories, they vary in price also.

Assembling: These toys come in pieces which can take hours to assemble. Ensure you understand this to ask for manuals before a purchase.

What is the best play kitchen? Why is it the best?

The KidKraft 53260 Uptown Espresso Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen for Kids takes the day here. Buyers are satisfied with its results. And it comes with many advantages including Plenty of space for storage, several kitchen devices, durable construction, easy to clean, and hanging pegs for accessories

What is the best budget play kitchen?

At £89.95 the best budget play kitchen in our list is the Kledio Large Wooden Toy Kitchen which is still functional and packed of features at its price.

What size play kitchen do I need for my children?

Play kitchens come in many sizes; small and big. It is obvious that smaller ones are for younger children while the bigger ones are for older children.

Medium sized alternatives will fit most toddlers and can last many years. Regardless of the size you choose, ensure it is durable so that your kids can pass them down to their siblings.

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