22 Best Wall Stickers for Boys Reviewed 2020

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What are the best wall stickers for boys? Find out with our reviews of the best wall stickers for boys we found below

Wall sticker for boys reviews

We interviewed 5 pediatricians, met with 10 parents, visited 13 school playrooms, and spoke to dozens of baby boys to determine the ingredients which make a perfect baby boy sticker.

Then, based on these recommendations, we purchased 50 wall stickers.

Afterward, we stuck these stickers to our office’s walls one-by-one and compared their ease of installation, reusability, water resistance, cover area, and image quality.

With so much effort and research, we can now say with confidence that the Jungle Animals Cartoon Tree Sticker by Keersi is the best on the market. It contains a bunch of animals all of whom are in festive mood.

Also, it is ridiculously cheap, contains a high-quality adhesive and lets you choose from a wide range of colors.

Moon and Stars sticker by Decorim Decor Wall Decal – 100%

Featuring a sight of moon with stars in the background, these vinyl wall stickers can be stuck on any plain surface.

The supplier mentions that the size of these stickers is shown larger for display purposes.

When measured together, the size of these stickers is 51cm X 96cm.

  • Available in 26 different colors
  • Can be stuck on any plain surface
  • Actual product is smaller than the display

Jungle Animals Cartoon Tree Sticker by Keersi – 100%

The most cheerful of any sticker in this review, the Jungle Animals shows that festivities have commenced in the jungle with everybody from a monkey to an elephant – and from a beer to an owl – joining in on the fun.

The Jungle Animals Cartoon Tree Sticker by Keersi comes in a 116 cm X 104cm. It is also easy to apply and remove.

You can also stick this sticker in your kids’ play area or classroom besides the nursery.

  • Removable
  • Animated
  • Smaller than the display image

Cartoon Jungle Animals and Tree Sticker by Keersi – 100%

Featuring different colored leaves, joyous animals, and a brown colored tree, the Keersi sticker has a festive feel to it.

It features 108cm X 109cm in size which means this sticker is suitable only for medium-sized rooms.

On the plus side, it is the most inexpensive wall sticker in this review, which means that the majority could afford it.

That said, the color range of this sticker – as there are only two colors on offer – disappoints.

  • Removable
  • Animated
  • Limited color range

Decowall DW-1404S Road and Cars Wall Sticker – 91%

The Decowall DW-1404S Road and Cars Wall Sticker comes in 4 sheets of 50cm X 25cm.

It is easy to apply and you can also remove it for for the sake of repositioning.

For, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind upon removal.

It uses an eco-friendly, water-based adhesive which is also non-toxic which means you can use this kids’ sticker in their play area and classrooms.

  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly and water-based adhesive
  • Repositionable
  • Animation way too complex for a newborn

Teddybears & Stars Wall Sticker – 91%

The Teddybears & Stars Wall Sticker by Stickers on Your Wall can cover an area of more than 100cm X 25cm.

It comes in protective packaging so it serves as a perfect gift for any little one.

It contains adorable teddy bears playing with the moon, stars, and clouds.

It is easy to apply and is perfect for a baby’s nursery and can also be used for the kids’ play area and classrooms.

  • Adorable animated characters
  • Large cover area
  • A bit dull

Tandi Wild Animals Wall Sticker – 91%

The Tandi Wild Animals Wall Sticker covers an area of 140cm X 90cm.

It features cute animated characters in an Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Bunny, and Donkey along with birds.

Apart from not leaving any sticky residue behind on its removal, the Tandi Wild Animals is also moisture resistant.

More importantly, its design seems right out of the movie Jungle book, which means your baby will love it.

  • Leaves no stain upon removal
  • Large Cover area
  • Versatile characters
  • Poor adhesive

Elecmotive Jungle Animals Wall Decals – 90%

The Elecmotive Jungle Animals Wall Decals Sticker is easy to apply and remove.

These stickers cover an area of 120cm X 110cm and are made of self-adhesive non-toxic pvc material.

You don’t have to worry about damaging the wall while removing these stickers.

The supplier guarantees the effectiveness of the adhesive and offers a new product upon a complaint.

At the same time, removal instructions are supplied in the package.

  • These stickers are non-toxic self-adhesive
  • Replacement guarantee upon complaint
  • Large cover area
  • Question marks about adhesive’s quality.

Hot Air Balloon Wall Sticker by Lisdripe – 80%

The Hot Air Balloon Wall Stickers by Lisdripe has a vinyl built. These stickers are easy to apply and remove, and are also waterproof.

The size of these stickers can be adjusted depending on how far you apply the single stickers with respect to each other.

More importantly, while they also feature balloons, the Lisdripe stickers are much better than the Decowalls sticker.

For, while the latter only contains bland-colored hot balloons, the Lisdripe contains celebrating penguins, a flying airplane, and a summer feel.

Airplane and Clouds Custom Name Wall Sticker – 80%

The Airplane and Clouds Custom Name Wall Sticker by DecorimDecorWallDecal allows you to get your kids’ name on the sticker with aeroplanes flying around it.

The design of this sticker is such that it makes you feel that the airplanes are carrying the banner of your baby’s name.

Apart from letting you choose the background color, this sticker also lets you pick the font color.

The size of the sticker is 51cm X 96cm.

  • Customization
  • Option to pick from 25 different colors
  • Not for newborns


Monkeys on a Tree Branch Giant Nursery WallSticker – 80%


The Monkeys on a Tree Branch Giant Nursery Wall Sticker by L-FENG-UK is an easy to install and remove sticker.

Once removed, you can use it again as its adhesive will stay strong despite not leaving any stains behind. The recommended finish size of the sticker is 174cm X 123cm but you can expand it even further.

  • Expandable size
  • Repositionable
  • Playful animation
  • Poor adhesive


Walplus Removable Dinosaurs Wall Stickers – 80%


Does your child love Jurassic Park?

If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, he’d absolutely love this sticker as it contains a bunch of dinosaurs on green mountain against a sky-blue background with sun shining in the distance.

The Walplus Removable Dinosaurs Wall Stickers cover an area of 180cm X120cm.

It comes with removal and installation instructions and its manufacturer claims that it is reusable.


  • Reusable
  • Waterproof
  • Beautiful design
  • Limited size range


Woodland Tree Nursery and Bedroom Wall Sticker – 80%


The Woodland Tree Nursery and Bedroom Wall Sticker by FunToSee is the only sticker in this review that is washable.

Elecmotive Jungle Animals Wall Decals

  • Washable
  • Colorful design
  • Design is girlish


Decowall DM-1401 Monkeys Tree Wall Sticker – 80%


The Decowall DM-1401 Monkeys Tree Wall Sticker features the sight of cute monkeys hopping around a tree.

It also contains two squirrels mischievously eating their walnut and contains a cheery-eyed sun in the background.

Available in 4 sheets, this sticker has a size of 60 cm X 33 cm.

It is easy to apply thanks to its adhesive which also makes sure that no mark is left behind when/if you remove the sticker from your wall.


  • Non-toxic adhesive
  • Repositionable
  • Scenery
  • Not good on dark walls

Decowall DW-1301AC Hot Air Balloons Wall Sticker – 72%

The Decowall DW-1301AC Hot Air Balloons Wall Sticker comes in 2 sheets measuring 50 cm X 25 cm.

It contains the sight of multi-color hot air balloons making their journey into the sky.

However, we feel that the sticker could have been better had its background contained more than a few clouds which you have to look carefully to notice.

This sticker is easy to apply and can also be removed thanks to its adhesive which is eco-friendly, non-toxic and water based.

  • Non-toxic and anti-bacterial adhesive
  • Odourless
  • Can be repositioned
  • Background is way too dull

BDECOLL Elephant bubbles Wall Sticker – 72%

Containing a sight of two baby elephants blowing bubbles in the air – with your selected color in the background.

While the concept is good, the sticker might have been better had it contained more imagery.

It measures 60cm X 129 cm in size, comes with an instructions guide, and its manufacturer claims that even if you reinstall it 2-3 times after the initial installation, the sticker won’t come off easily.

  • Comes with an installation guide
  • Doesn’t peel off easily
  • Dull background

Lamdgbway Luminous Stickers – 72%

The Lamdgbway Luminous Stickers are made of environmentally friendly pvc material.

What makes these stickers really stand out of the competition is the vivid impression which it gives of the moon.

These stickers cover an area of more than 50cm X 87cm.

Also, they change colors with respect to light falling on them.

For instance, they show slightly green color during the day and a dark green luminous color at night.

  • Luminous
  • Show different colors with and without light
  • Vivid Impression of the Moon
  • Some reviewers complained that the stickers aren’t luminous enough

The Supertogether Aeroplanes Wall Sticker – 71%

The Supertogether Aeroplanes Wall Sticker is available in two sheets of 72.5cm X 50cm which can cover an even bigger area when applied.

It is ideal for a baby boy’s wall who has fallen in loves with cars, automobile, and aeroplanes.

These stickers are printed on high quality vinyl and are easy to apply.

In addition to the nursery, you can also apply these stickers in the kids play area as well as classrooms.

  • High Quality Vinyl built
  • Easy to stick
  • May damage the wall paint when removed

Personalised Name Boys Wall Art Sticker – 70%


Wall Designer gives you the opportunity to purchase a personalized sticker for your baby with their name and the color of their choice.

There is, however, more to it than just personalization – as this sticker features a multitude of vehicles going to work against a blue background.

While the background is available in 31 different colors, the sticker also comes in two sizes; 58cm X 15cm and 95cm X 29cm.


  • Customized
  • Let’s you pick from 31 colors
  • Alphabets are prone to ripping


Cute Elephant Personalised Name Wall Stickers – 70%


This sticker features the name of your baby in the middle with two elephants saluting it from right and left.

Also, the first letter of your baby’s name will be displayed in the background of their name.

All three designs – your baby’s name and the two elephants – are contained in square blocks.

Moving on, this sticker is made of easy-to-remove, eco-friendly vinyl, which means you won’t have any sticky residue to deal with when you remove this sticker.

The size of the sticker is 55cm X 182cm.


  • Customisation
  • Adorable elephants
  • Background could have been more colorful


Forest Animals Wall Sticker by Ufengke Décor – 60%


The Forest Animals Wall Sticker by Ufengke Décor is a PVC built environmental-friendly and non-toxic sticker.

It is easy to stick and can be removed without leaving any stains.

The recommended finish size of this sticker is 30cm X 90cm but it can also be adjusted.

And as its name suggest, it contains most of the forest animals which kids generally fall in love with.


  • Stainless removal
  • Repositionable
  • Poor adhesive


Baby Owl on branch with moon Sticker by Decofun – 60%


The Baby Owl on Branch with Moon Sticker by Decofun is waterproof, scratch proof and are made of adhesive vinyl which makes it removable and reusable.

These stickers also don’t damage the wall or paint upon removal.

While the sticker isn’t as crowded with characters as some of the better stickers in this review, it isn’t as bland as some of the poor ones as well.


  • Waterproof
  • Scratch proof
  • Removable and repositionable
  • Comes with no installation instructions


Full Size Customisable Bunny Rabbits Tree – 60%


Designed around a white tree which has all the looks of winter, this sticker features two rabbits, a couple of squirrels and innumerable butterflies.

Though the original design is bland, the manufacturer lets you select the colors of rabbits, butterflies and squirrels from its range of colors to take away the gloomy feel.

It covers an application area of 216cm X 202cm and is available in 32 different colors colors.

You can easily remove it as well by heating it with a hair dryer.


  • 32 different colors to choose from
  • Gigantic size of the sticker
  • Ultra-expensive


Frequently asked questions

What are Nursery Wall Stickers for baby boy?

Nursery Wall stickers for baby boys are stickers are meant to decorate a baby boy’s nursery.

Available in various shapes and designs, these stickers usually feature animated characters

The character featuring on the stickers can be anything from an elephant to a lion or the baby boy’s name.

What is the best Nursery Wall Sticker for baby boy?

The Personalised Name Boys Wall Art Sticker by Wall Designer is the perfect nursery wall sticker for a baby boy.

It looks great next to a crib. You get to choose it from a range of 2 sizes and 32 color patterns. .

Can you stick a Nursery Wall Sticker on a Wallpaper?

Yes, you can stick it on a wallpaper. What you need to make sure however is that the wallpaper isn’t bumpy but flat.

For, if you stick your sticker on a bumpy wallpaper, it might come down in few days.

Can you remove the Nursery Wall Sticker afterwards?

You can remove most of the stickers mentioned in this review without leaving a mark on the wall.

Also, if you need help, they come with removal instructions.

How to remove a Nursery Wall Sticker?

Before removing a Nursery wall sticker, blow it with a dryer to warm it up.

In this way, when you’ll eventually remove it, the sticker won’t damage the paint.

What’s the best Safari/Jungle Wall Sticker for a boys room?

The Tandi Wild Animals Wall Sticker is the best jungle wall sticker for a boy’s room.

It features a tree, giraffe, donkey, elephant, lion, hippopotamus and birds.

The animated characters featured on the sticker looks really cute and have a cheerful feel about them.

What’s the best wall stickers for a newborn baby boy?

The Moon and Stars sticker by DecorimDecorWallDecal looks great next to a baby crib hence it is the most suitable wall sticker for a newborn baby boy.

What’s the best wall stickers for a 2-4 year old little boy?

The Decowall DW-1404S Road and Cars Wall Sticker is the best sticker for a 2-4 year old boy.

It features images – such as roads, buildings, and vehicles – that you can teach a 2-4 year old to comprehend.

What size of wall sticker should you get for a baby boy’s wall?

It depends on the wall area that you want the baby sticker to cover.

Baby boy wall stickers come in different sizes. The medium ones covered an area of 50cm X 25cm while the larger ones can cover an area of 174 cm X 123 cm.

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