10 Best Portable Basketball Hoops

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What is the best portable basketball hoop? Browse our reviews of the best portable basketball hoops, tested by us.

Product reviews of the best portable basektball hoops

We spoke to 30 different professional basketball players, asked them what makes a good basketball hoop, and identified factors including simple assembly, large base, strong frame, easy height adjustment, and a sturdy backboard.

We then used this information to review and compare the performance of 40 different portable basketball hoops. Only 9 models made the cut, of which The Costway Full Size Basketball Stand Hoop is the best as it offers good height adjustment, has strong and sturdy poles and contains a tough backboard.

Read on to find how other models fared

Costway Full Size Basketball Stand Hoop Review – 100%


Similar to the below-mentioned UINNDS adjustable basketball hoop, the Costway comes with a sturdy and robust steel frame which boasts its ability to take shocks with ease. It base is large and can take 30 liters of water and more than 40 kilos of sand.

This hoop is also adjustable and you could increase its height up to 305cm. On the downside, as much as the base is large, it won’t stop the steel frame from toppling when raised to its maximum height. Strong winds also tend to affect its stability.


  • Strong steel frame.
  • Large base.
  • Not very stable.


BEE-BALL Champion ZY-017 Portable Basketball Hoop – 94%


Like the Costway Full size portable basketball stand, the BEE-BALL ZY-017 has an adjustable height of up to 305cm. This height adjustability from as a low as 230cm meant that small kids can easily use the hoop. What’s more, its strong base has attached wheels which make the hoop easy to move.

That said, the assembly of this hoop is anything but easy. Adding to the frustration are the instructions which aren’t clear as well.


  • Sturdy steel pole.
  • Good height adjustment.
  • Strong base.
  • The instructions are not very clear.
  • Assembling does take some time.


Lifetime 44″ Streamline Portable Basketball System – 94%


The Lifetime Basketball system has a nice and neat look. Even after repeatedly hitting the backboard with the ball, its graphics didn’t wear out. It is easy to move and features a strong and sturdy frame, which means it would last some time before giving way. More importantly, both the base and the rim are streamlined.

However, we did notice that it is not the most ideal hoop for dunking as it did not take the pressure and shock very well.


  • Good looking portable basketball hoop.
  • Durable construction.
  • Didn’t take the pressure of dunking very well.


Garden Free Standing Portable Basketball Stand – 94%


The Homcom stand has a particularly large base which could take upwards of 100 kgs of water and sand to amplify its stability. With a height adjustment of between 245-cm and 300-cm, it can accommodate growing kids and adults equally well. It can also take the pressure of dunking.

However, the backboard is not very large and its design means that the ball can easily miss. We found that we had to keep retrieving the ball on the other side quite frequently.


  • Strong and sturdy steel frame.
  • Large base.
  • Simple to move.
  • The backboard is not very large.


JumpStar Sports Children’s Basketball Hoop Stand – 88%


The JumpStar has a tubular, rust-resistant steel frame which conditions it to withstand heavy dunks with ease. Its height is adjustable between 65cm and 200cm which means that children of different ages could use it effectively. We also liked the size of the backboard.

On the downside, while it is simple to put up, the bolts that join the steel frame to the base kept getting loose. It’s hard to tell where each of the nuts go and the instructions are also not very clear.


  • Tubular rust resistant steel frame.
  • Easily to assemble.
  • Instructions are not very clear.
  • The nuts that join the steel tube with the base kept getting loose.


URBAN Outdoor Portable Adjustable Basketball Hoop – 82%


With the URBN Toys, you can easily adjust its height between 165 and 205 cm, which means it is suitable for moderate to tall-sized people. That very feature also makes this hoop a good choice to be installed in any home.

We liked the heavy-duty base which you can fill with either sand or water. We also liked the nylon net as this means it can withstand varying weather conditions.

On the downside, the URBN Toys may not be the best when you want to slam dunk as the frame and backboard may not be able to deal with the high pressure.


  • Steel frame.
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty base.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Not ideal for dunking


Outdoor Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop Review – 80%


The first thing we noticed with the woodworm outdoor portable basketball hoop was its polyethylene backboard. It can take a lot of pressure from the basketball. The base is also heavy duty and can take either 20 liters of water or 25 kgs of sand to become more stable.

However, like the URBN toys outdoor portable basketball hoop, this basketball hoop is not ideal for slam dunks. Also, we noticed that the backboard is not the largest and the ball easily went over it.


  • Strong and sturdy base that provided good support.
  • Polyethylene backboard absorbs a lot of ball hits.
  • Is not sturdy enough for dunking.
  • Backboard could be large.


UINNDS Adjustable Youths Portable Basketball Hoops – 74%


The IUNNDS comes with a strong and durable steel frame. Unlike the Woodworm outdoor portable basketball hoop, it has a large base that is able to take up to 30-kgs of sand, a feature of this model which showcases its sturdiness.

That said, we did notice a weak spot where the screws attach to the backboard. After continuously throwing the ball onto the backboard, that area started to show signs of wear. We also noted that it does take some time to assemble.


  • Strong steel frame.
  • Large base.
  • Not very easy to assemble.
  • Area where the screws join the backboard is not very strong.


AFX Basketball Adjustable Portable Stand & Hoopset – 70%


The AFX Basketball Portable Stand has a simple assembly which allows you to take it out of the box and install the whole package within minutes. Its base comes with strong wheels which make it simple to move the unit around even when it is fully filled with water or sand.

The main drawback that we found was in the size of the backboard. It is not very large and similar to the Woodworm outdoor adjustable portable basketball hoop, the ball kept going over.


  • Simple to assemble.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Backboard could be larger.


Marko Sports Free Standing Basketball Net Hoop – 68%


Starting with the best it has to offer, the Marko Sports Free Standing Basketball Net Hoop comes with a nylon net. It means that like the URBN Toys, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Also, its height adjustability lies between 165 and 205 cms, making this unit suitable for children.

Assembling the Marko sports was fairly easy. However, the instructions are not very clear and will require you to take your time. We also noticed that the net seemed to lose its color after some time.


  • Simple to assemble.
  • Good height adjustment for kids
  • Instructions were not very clear.
  • Net lost its color after playing for some time.


Frequently asked questions

What Are Portable Basketball Hoops?

Portable basketball hoops function in the same way as ground or fixed basketball hoops. However, they have wheels at the base which make them mobile and their height is also adjustable. To increase their stability, their base can be filled with either sand or water.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Basketball Hoops?


  • Highly mobile; can be set up at any convenient location around the home.
  • Don’t have to go to the gym to practice your skills. Simply erect your own structure at home
  • Simple to set up, offer adjustable height


  • Not as stable as fixed-ground hoops; you might have to tone down your dunking power
  • Not able to sustain a lot of pressure

What’s the Approximate Price Range of Portable Basketball Hoops?

The prices of portable basketball hoops vary widely. You can get an affordable and reliable model for less that £50. However, on the other end of the spectrum are basketball hoops that will cost as much as £1500.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Portable Basketball Hoop?

The first thing you should consider while choosing a portable basketball hoop is the price. Go for one that you can afford but remember the higher price often means a higher quality product.

Consider the reasons you want to purchase the portable basketball hoop, too. Are you going to play with your small children or will you be playing a competitive game with your peers? If it’s the former case, go for one with a smaller base as they are likely to be less expensive. If it’s for competitive sport, a large base will suffice.

Also consider the type of backboard. For kids, a less expensive portable basketball hoop with a graphite or polyethylene backboard is enough. However, if you are buying it for grownups, go for one with a tempered glass backboard as it can better take the high impact.

Height adjustability is another important consideration. Again, depending on who will be using the hoops, you want to go for one that is appropriately adjustable. Keep in mind that there are 4 different types of height adjustability. Some have a telescopic pole, others will come with a crank handle. You will also find models with a broomstick, pneumatic or trigger handle.

If you ask us, the trigger handle is the better choice. It is simple to operate with a one-hand mechanism.

What Is the Best Portable Basketball Hoop?

The URBN toys freestanding adjustable basketball hoop is the best basketball hoop. It features a heavy-duty base that can be filled up with either water or sand and also offers height adjustability.

What Is the Best Portable Basketball Hoop for the Driveway? Why Is It the Best?

The BEE-BALL Champion ZY-017 full height portable basketball hoop is the best choice when you are looking for a reliable basketball hoop for your driveway. It is very stable thanks to its steel axle and has a solid base. It can also take high impact from the ball.

How to Fill Portable Basketball Hoops with Sand?

Filling a portable basketball hoop with sand is extremely ease. All you need to do is to tilt the portable basketball hoop on one side to allow you to access the base plug. Then, fill it with sand.

Note that sand is denser than water and is the preferred option when you want to maximize on stability. Once the base container is full, simply return the base plug and get a pair of extra hands to help you lift the hoop back to its standing position.

Are Portable Basketball Hoops Safe?

Portable basketball hoops are safe to use. That said, some are not designed to take heavy dunks and could topple over or break.

What Is the Best Portable Basketball Hoop for Home Use?

The Pacago freestanding basketball backboard stand and hoop set is the best portable basketball hoop for home. It features a durable all-weather backboard, a net which is made of nylon, and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

What Is the Best Outdoor In-ground Basketball Hoop? Why Is It the Best?

The Silverback inground basketball hoop with tempered glass is our choice for the best in-ground basketball hoop. Thanks to its tempered glass backboard, it can take tremendous shock from the ball and comes with a powder coated steel pole for maximum durability and sturdiness.

Are Portable Basketball Hoops Stable?

The stability of a portable basketball hoop comes down to two factors. The first is the size of their base and the second is the type of filling. The larger the base the more stable the hoop. Also, filling it with either sand or water will greatly improve stability.

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