7 Best Magic Kits for Beginner Magicians

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Which magic kit is best for aspiring magicians? Find out below.

We took 15 different magic kits and put them to the test in a span of 24 hours to see which of them were the most impressive.

Out of all the products reviewed, 7 magic kits made our list and the best of the bunch is the Marvin’s Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks Set. It comes with 50 different magic tricks that include special magic props and are suited for both children and adults alike.

The Cartamundi Carta Magic 25 Fabulous Card Tricks Set is also worth mentioning as well. If you want to learn advanced card tricks, this kit will teach you everything you need to know about mastering the art of sleight of hand.There are plenty of other kits on our list for you to take a look at. Check out our comparison chart below to find out which of the best magic kits are right for you.

Marvin’s Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks Set – 92%


The best magic set on our list goes to the Marvin’s Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks Set. It’s a complete package that offers a wide variety of magic tricks for young children and adults to learn and practice. It’s got 50 different tricks that will appeal to budding magicians like mind reading illusions, money magic, unlinking rings, and card tricks.

It comes with a hardback book of instructions that provide enough detail to perform the magician tricks for beginners and comes with special props to enable you to execute all 50 of them easily. There’s no daunting learning curve when trying to learn the magic tricks and the tricks will certainly appeal to both young and old audiences.

It’s an entertaining kit that’s great for beginners looking to learn simple but impressive magic tricks and is well suited to all ages.


  • 50 different convincing magic tricks
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Tricks are fairly easy to learn
  • Some tricks take a bit of practice to learn


Cartamundi Carta Magic 25 Fabulous Card Tricks Set – 89%


The Cartamundi Carta Magic 25 Fabulous Card Tricks Set is the best magician kit for adults especially if you’re into sleight of hand magic. It offers 25 different card tricks that offer different learning curves from beginners all the way to more advanced tricks.

The kit includes two decks of cards with one being an exclusive ‘glow in the dark’ deck which adds a nice touch when you’re performing the tricks on dim lighting.

We found that most of the tricks weren’t quite taxing and were easy enough to learn. Children who love card tricks will love this magic set and it will certainly help improve their dexterity should they continue to learn the advanced tricks.

It’s also perfect for adults looking to learn magic tricks that are a bit challenging. The magic tricks will definitely appeal to all audiences regardless of age.


  • Comes with 25 card tricks of varying difficulty
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Helps improve dexterity when performing tricks
  • Some cards don’t fully glow in the dark


Marvin’s Magic Box Of 125 Tricks Set Review – 88%


The Marvin’s Magic Box Of 125 Tricks Set is one of the best magician sets for kids. With around 125 quality magic tricks, your child will certainly be entertained by the wide variety of magic they can learn with this great piece of kit.

It comes complete with a whole host of different props like balls, magic cups, sponged rabbits, and many more to perform different tricks. It’s the perfect kit for young aspiring magicians to help introduce them to plenty of new magic to learn and master.

From card tricks to mind-reading canisters and magic cup and balls, your child will get hooked trying to learn as much magic tricks as they can.

It doesn’t take much to learn the tricks and the instructions are easy enough for children to follow. You can even watch the manufacturer’s videos for some great tips on how to perform some of the more advanced magic.

Overall, kids would love this magic set for the quality of tricks it offers and the entertainment it provides.


  • 125 quality magic tricks for children to learn and practice
  • Comes with a number of different props
  • Easy to follow instructions with a video tutorial from the manufacturer
  • Some tricks can be quite complex for younger children


Melissa & Doug 11170 Deluxe Solid-Wood Magic Set – 88%


The Melissa & Doug 11170 Deluxe Solid-Wood Magic Set With 10 Classic Tricks ranks up there with the Marvin’s Magic Box Of 125 Tricks Set as one of the best magic kits for kids.

What it lacks in the number of magic tricks it offers, it more than makes up for it by teaching your child 10 classic magic tricks that should be in the repertoire of any budding magician.

The pieces included in the kit are intricately designed and of high quality. For aspiring child magicians out there, this magic set will help improve their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and dexterity by learning classic old-school magic tricks such as the disappearing ball, magic coin box, magic number prediction, and many more.

It does take quite a while for your children to learn some of the tricks but all the time spent will be worthwhile once they get a grasp on how to perform these tricks properly. Family and friends of all ages will have a good time watching the 10 magic tricks included in this kit for sure.


  • Pieces included are designed well and built with high quality
  • 10 classic magic tricks help improve your child’s motor skills
  • Magic tricks are entertaining for people of all ages
  • Limited amount of tricks your child can learn


Marvin’s Magic 225 Amazing Tricks Review – 84%


The Marvin’s Magic 225 Amazing Tricks is a magic trick set that offers a whopping 225 different magic tricks for your child to learn about. That’s the most magic tricks that a kit includes on this list and it tops the 125 magic tricks of the Marvin’s Magic Box Of 125 Tricks Set.

It comes complete with several different magic trick toys for your children to get hooked up and occupied about learning hundreds of different magic.

An instruction manual is provided that tells you how to perform each magic correctly and a manufacturer’s video is also available to watch for the more advanced tricks. Some of the magic is fairly easy to learn while some do take more practice to nail it down.

We do noticed that most of the magic tricks seemed quite gimmicky and aren’t really convincing. Nevertheless, it still offers a huge learning experience for kids as they work their dexterity and motor skills to perform better magic tricks.


  • Amazing 225 tricks for your children to discover and learn
  • Complete with several different magic toys
  • Manufacturer’s video available for learning advanced tricks
  • Some tricks appear gimmicky


Kandy Toys 45 Magic Tricks Box Review – 70%


A great gift for the aspiring child magicians, the Kandy Toys 45 Magic Tricks Box teaches your child 45 easy to learn magic tricks that will impress their friends and even you. The kit comes complete with a wand, a set of cards, and other various accessories that will leave your child entertained for hours.

The instructions included are pretty straightforward and don’t take too much time for your child to learn. The 45 different magic tricks are quite limited when compared to other options on the list that provide more than 100, but the most important part is that the tricks in this kit are quite entertaining and aren’t as gimmicky like other magic tricks.

Young children below 5 years old will find this kit interesting to learn but for older ones like 6 and above, the limited amount of tricks will cause them to lose interest fairly quickly. Still, it’s a good magic kit that serves as a great birthday gift for the curious young magicians.


  • Numerous accessories to perform 45 different tricks
  • Instructions are well-written
  • Limited magic tricks will make your child lose interest


Grafix Mega Magic Hat 150 Tricks Review – 70%


If your child wants to learn several different hat tricks, then the Grafix Mega Magic Hat 150 Tricks should be your choice. This magic trick set offers about 150 different hat tricks to get your child up and started in their magician journey.

The kit comes with a real magician’s hat and a wand along with several different accessories like the white rabbit and balls and cups to complete the package.

The magic tricks are pretty good although the instructions that came with the kit had a poor explanation of how to perform them correctly.

It’s entertaining once your child executes the trick properly, but there’s a huge learning curve because of the poor instructions. The quality of the magic hat is subpar as well and the other accessories seem to be cheaply made. Still, if your child fancies learning magic hat tricks then this could be worth a purchase if needed.


  • 150 different hat tricks to learn
  • Comes with a magician hat and wand
  • Poorly written instructions
  • Subpar quality magician hat and accessories


Frequently asked questions

What is a magic kit?

A magic kit is a toy kit for children and sometimes adults that offer several different magic tricks for you to learn and practice.

Magic kits come with a variety of different accessories like cards, balls and cups, dice, and many more in order to perform the magic act. The magic tricks range from basic ones up to intermediate difficulties depending on the kit purchased.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing magic kits?

Magic kits are a great way to keep your child and even yourself entertained by attempting to learn as much magic tricks as possible. Before you buy a magic kit, here are a few pros and cons to help you decide if you should pick one up.


  • Rewarding. Magic kits are very rewarding toys especially if your child learns a new magic trick or picks up a new skill after long hours of practicing.
  • Entertaining. Your children will be entertained for hours trying to learn new magic tricks and once they’ve learned a few, they’ll be able to put on a show in front of family and friends for everyone’s entertainment.


  • Self-taught. Purchasing magic kits mean that you and your child will have to learn the magic tricks on your own. It can be easy given that there are instructions and videos on how to perform the magic tricks, but advanced tricks could prove quite challenging if you aren’t patient enough to learn them.

What should I look for when purchasing magic kits?

There are a couple different things to keep in mind before you pick up a magic kit. Here are some key pointers to help you make the correct purchase:

  • Build quality. Are the toys made of high quality materials? Are they durable enough for your children to use? Choose a magic kit that offers good quality toys so that your children can spend plenty of time learning magic tricks without having to worry about broken parts or pieces.
  • Number of magic tricks. Does your child want to learn as many magic tricks as possible? Then consider the amount of magic tricks a kit can teach to your child. The more tricks they can learn, the more they’ll be interested in using it.
  • Clear instructions. A magic kit should provide concise and easy to follow instructions so your children can properly learn how to perform the magic tricks. Some manufacturers even have a step-by-step video on how to execute the tricks correctly for advanced learning.
  • Suitable age. Magic kits cater to children of different ages. Some are recommended for children who are aged 8 and above while others are recommended for younger children like 6 years old. Consider your child’s age and choose the correct kit that matches their age to match their interest and to match the difficulty of the tricks in the magic kit as well.

What’s the best magic kit? Why is it the best?

When it comes to the best magic kits, we highly recommend two options that are great for adults and children. Starting off with the Cartamundi Carta Magic 25 Fabulous Card Tricks Set.

It’s a perfect magic kit that caters more to mature audiences since it uses sleight of hand to perform card tricks. Adults will also find the advanced tricks to be quite challenging so it’s perfect if you want to learn some serious magic.

The second one is the Marvin’s Magic Box Of 125 Tricks Set. This magic kit offers plenty of different accessories and magic tricks for your child to tinker around with and learn.

The props complete the package and the magic tricks are actually entertaining which will keep your child hooked on learning as much tricks as they can.

What is a magic kit?

A magic kit is a toy kit for children and sometimes adults that offer several different magic tricks for you to learn and practice. Magic kits come with a variety of different accessories like cards, balls and cups, dice, and many more in order to perform the magic act. The magic tricks range from basic ones up to intermediate difficulties depending on the kit purchased.

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