6 Best Head Torches for Campers

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What’s the brightest head torch? Discover the best head torches with our reviews.

Product reviews of the best head torches

Camping trips, expeditions, hikes, sports adventures, bike rides, and other forms of traveling require you to have proper lighting in case you stay out late into the dark.

Head torches are the best candidates for this task. They also work well at home in case of blackouts and other emergencies.

But the world of head torches is wider than most of us might think. It took our teams days of comparing and contrasting features to settle for the six head torches we review here.

We realized that the ownership of a head torch as your lighting equipment depends on the purpose you have in mind. While some are great for digging tunnels, others are better used for hiking. But it is possible to find multifunctional ones for several needs you might have.

In this review, we will help you find the perfect torch by comparing features, prices, and other customer experiences. Read the reviews of our Best 6 Head Torches below and pick one that appeals to you.

OMERIL LED Head Torch, [2 Pack] Super Bright Headlamps with 3 Modes, 150 Lumens, Lightweight COB Head Lights for Kids Running Walking Camping Fishing, Car Repair, DIY- 6*Batteries Included – 94%

One of the best head torches, we loved the OMERIL LED Head Torch because of the numerous useful features it has to offer. It comes in a pack of two, which means you have something for your partner as you go running, walking, hiking, riding, reading, and many activities as you want.

The torch is less bulky and so, suitable for both the indoors and outdoors as well. The head torch has three modes for lighting; high, low, and white. Therefore ideal for various tasks including those you do in a small area and an open space alike.

The beam angle is adjustable up and down, which allows you to focus wherever you want to light. Unlike others that come with a slippery headband, this one has one that fits comfortably on your head.

The band is elastic and antislip to fit various head sizes. It comes with six AAA batteries that will last you long.


  • Three lighting modes
  • Elastic band
  • Adjustable beams
  • Lightweight
  • Batteries run out
  • Not waterproof
  • The beam is wide; doesn’t focus on a single point


LED Headlamp, AOMEES Head Torch Headlight USB Rechargeable – 92%


The intelligent sensing mode of the LED Headlamp, AOMEES Head Torch Headlight is just one of its unique features. If you put it on the smart sensing mode it will switch on and off automatically.

The normal mode allows you to adjust among eight LEDs. You can rotate the lights at 90 Degrees downwards thus focusing light in the direction you want. And the band? It is adjustable to fit heads of various sizes.

With such characters, you can expect it to serve most purposes indoors and outdoors. Therefore, they will serve you in the office, at home, and when you go out for various activities.

If you don’t want to spend money on batteries, then this head torch is a choice you won’t regret. It has two batteries that you can recharge using a USB cable and has light signals that show you the condition of the charge.

When it shows green, then it is fully charged. The waterproof feature makes it great for people who want to use it in places that rain a lot. It protects against splashes of water from all directions.


  • Intelligent sensing
  • Waterproof
  • 90 Degrees rotation
  • Both for indoor and outdoors
  • Convenience
  • Comes as a single unit
  • Might require learning


Cobiz Head Torch, 2 Function Merge(COB Flood&Spot Light) xtreme Bright 9oz Waterproof Zoomable 18650 Rechargeable Led Headlamps Flashlight for Construction Dental Electrician DIY Head Torches Light – 88%

The Cobiz Head Torch is an amazing product that operates three modes of lighting. If you are looking for a headtorch that will work great for short distance tasks, then this is the product for you.

It offers a broad beam of light without leaving any points of darkness. The high settings make it great for use in open spaces as well. Whether you are going for a hike, riding, camping, fishing, walking, or running, it provides you with the perfect solution in darkness.

With a rechargeable battery, you have eight hours of service. These batteries take a short period of six hours to recharge using an AC charger, and it has an indicator light at the front to show as it happens.

This device is water resistant, making it one of the best head torches. It’s also capable of protecting against water splashes on all directions. It is designed with a rear indicator light for other road users to see you. You can zoom the light to focus it for various tasks. It is also 90 Degrees adjustable downward for various tasks.


  • Adjustable and zoomable light
  • Rechargeable
  • Water resistant
  • Three lighting modes
  • Charger not included
  • Requires learning to use
  • Hard to get it back into the package


LE 20 LEDs Head Torch, Battery Powered Headlamp for Camping Running Hiking and Reading, 4 Brightness Modes Outdoor Head Torch, 3 AAA Batteries Included – 87%


With four lighting modes, the LE 20 LEDs Head Torch, comes with features every person that works in places that are less lit. You can choose among the modes; low, medium, high, and flash.

It is a combination of 18-white LEDs and 2-Red LEDs. You also have a red flashing mode to be noticeable in traffic. This torch is lightweight and so won’t be a burden to carry around.

The headband is adjustable as well thus fitting most head sizes. These features make the light useful for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

With it, you won’t be worried about water destroying its components. It is capable of protecting against splashes of water from all directions.

It is widely used for running and reading, but also a great alternative for camping, night fishing, cycling, climbing, mountaineering, and other activities in the dark. With it, you get 3 AAA batteries

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Bright
  • For indoor and outdoor activities
  • Batteries not rechargeable
  • Bulky for some people
  • Not zoomable


Ultra Bright CREE LED Head Torch-Headlamp 160 Lumens, 5 Lighting Modes, White & Red LEDs Headlamps,Adjustable Strap, IPX6 Water Resistant. Great For Running, Camping, Hiking & More. Batteries Included – 84%


If you know your way around head torches, the Ultra Bright CREE LED Head Torch will appeal to you. It is what to go for when you are looking for a comfortable and functional torch for use both indoors and outdoors.

You are taken care of because it comes with two buttons which make using it a breeze. This lighting product lights brightly and does not heat in the process. You have access to SOS mode which comes in handy as a signal when you are in trouble.

Its straps are adjustable and elastic, and so fits both kids and adults. Not just that. It is an outdoor lighting tool that is resistant to water from all directions. It will serve great for sprinters and perform equally well for various activities both indoors and outdoors.

So if you are looking for a torch suitable for camping, reading, hiking, running, and fishing, you have everything you need in this torch. You can adjust the light so that it turns 45 degrees upwards and downwards. Definitely one of the best head torches we’ve tested.

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable strap
  • Does what it says
  • Water resistant
  • Basic
  • Not rechargeable
  • Pricey

CiSiRUN Headlamp 8 Hours Working Time,3 Modes Weatherproof Head Lamp for Biking, Cycling, Climbing, Camping, Dog Walking, Hiking, Fishing,Riding, Running and Other Outdoor and Indoor Activities – 70%


CiSiRUN Headlamp is another great weatherproof headtorch you should own. It is a multifunctional such that you have several ways to make use of it. Choose to mount it on the strap or use it as a hand torch.

Those seeking portability and practicality will enjoy using this headlamp. It only weighs 12 oz and is effective than most 3 LED mode lights. You can use it for reading, biking, hunting, fishing, camping among other activities. Individuals like mechanics, handymen, home repairers and tasks that require closeness will find solace in this torch.

It has three light modes plus a zoom function, which can produce high, low, and normal lights. The strap also incorporates red safety lighting and reflectors.

Wondering how it performs in bad weather? It is waterproof and no protects against water splashes from all sides. The strap fits all head sizes properly. The seller provides after sale service by replacing the products if in bad condition.

  • Adjustable 90 Degrees
  • Waterproof
  • Three lighting modes
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable batteries last four hours only
  • Cant be charged as a hand torch
  • Switching from head torch to hand touch is tricky


Frequently asked questions

What is a head torch?

Also known as a headlight or headlamp, a head torch is a light source that one can fix on their head to use in the darkness or less lit conditions. These appliances are often used in outdoor activities like mining, night fishing, hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking among other activities. Some can also be used indoors for reading, in offices, and hospitals.

What the advantages and disadvantages of head torches?

Head torches are great for lighting dark places. They make it easy to do activities like running when the place is less lit. Unlike hand torches that keep your hands busy, headlamps free you up to carry on with tasks without a struggle. The straps on these lighting devices are adjustable and so, can fit both kids and adults alike. The zoom feature on some lights allows you to focus light where you need it.

Head torches can be a huge inconvenience when there are a lot of bugs in the dark. They will follow you around and become a bother. It can cause blinding to those around you if you turn abruptly. If you are on the road, it can lead to accidents.

What is the approximate price range of head torches

Head torches can cost you between £5 and £15. Some of the things that make the variation in prices are the quality of the material used in making them and features like zoomable and adjustable lights. Some head torches are multifunctional such that you can use them as hand torches and head torches during use. With increased features, you spend more.

What should I look for when choosing a head torch?

One of the top considerations is the cost of the head torch. How much are you willing to spend? If you intend to get one for simple exercises like jogging your dog at night, then a cheaper option is not bad. Intense activities will demand costlier options. Spend as much as you can afford in this case.

The second thing to consider is the comfort you get wearing the torch. If possible try out the options you have before you can make an order. Anything that is heavy and feels uncomfortable strapped on your head is not good. Find lightweight models that you don’t realize are on your head. Lighter options are particularly important if you are going for demanding physical activities.

Brightness capacity is the next thing to consider. You can identify a torch’s brightness depending on the lumens it has, which can range from 50 to 1000. The bigger the number the brighter the torch. 300 lumens is usually enough for most people.

Also, check out if the torch is waterproof, how long it lasts on a single charge, how easy it is to use, and the type of batteries it uses. You want a head torch that is easy to maintain.

What is the best head torch? Why is it the best?

The best head torch in our selection is the OMERIL LED Head Light. Most buyers are satisfied with how it functions, thus giving it a 5-star rating all through. It comes with an intelligent sensing mode which the others lack. It is also waterproof, has a rechargeable battery that lasts 8 hours on a full charge, and the lights are 90 Degrees adjustable as well. This product is functional both indoors and outdoors alike.

What is the best budget head torch?

The best budget head torch is the LE 20 LEDs Head Torch which comes at £5.49. It is affordable and yet very competitive against other costlier models. It has four lighting modes, is water resistant, lightweight, and has an adjustable light feature. It can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

What head torch do I need for use?

The type of head torch you need for your use usually depends on your demands. If you are going to stay indoors and use it for reading, you should consider one like the Cobiz Head Torch which is not just bright, but also adjustable, and zoomable. Those seeking to use a headlamp for rigorous activities outdoors will look for torches that include security features and are lightweight as well.

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