7 Best Double Pushchairs for Toddlers

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What are the best double pushchairs for new borns and toddlers in 2020?

Product reviews for best double pushchairs

We spent more than a whopping 75 hours testing over 30 models to figure out which are the best double pushchairs currently out there.

Enlisting the help of our testing team’s Mummy and Daddy family and friends – as well as a lovely team of mini testers all happy to jump into the pushchairs and be pushed around.

We’ve been able to pick out 6 double pushchairs that we feel give the best overall performance, considering factors such as seat comfort and adjustability, wheel performance, how easy they are to manoeuvre, their size, weight and cost.

Our testing team feels that the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal-Black is most worthy of the first place position; this model combines performance, reliability and durability seamlessly in one well-designed package.

Feel free read on to see out top 6 and check out our in depth reviews on each.

Obaby Apollo Black & Grey Twin Stroller (Grey) – 90%


The Obaby Apollo provides more variety in colour choices than any of the other double pushchairs that we tested. You can choose from blue, grey, lime, pink, purple, red as well as the typical pink and blue.

This is a side-by-side buggy with seats that are fully reclinable. The front wheels come with suspension resulting in a smooth ride, and the hoods are independently adjustable as well.

We like that the Obaby Apollo is not as wide as the iSafe twin stroller and can, therefore, more easily get through standard size doorways.

However, the reason that the Obaby Apollo is the last on our list is that it comes in a lightweight frame that doesn’t handle weight every well. The wheels aren’t very strong and the quality doesn’t match up to the rest of the products that we tested. If you’re on a budget, though, this model is well worth considering as it still beats many more on the market.


  • Front wheel suspension offers a smooth ride
  • Swivel locking front wheels
  • Gets through standard doors
  • Frame isn’t very sturdy


Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger Review – 86%


The Push Me carbon stroller from Red Kite is similar to the Chicco Echo with its side-by-side design and, although most double strollers with this design are usually too wide for standard door frames and are not very manoeuvrable, we found that this wasn’t the case with the Red Kite Push Me Twini. It’s able to make it through practically all doorways and is really easy to handle and push.

Both seats can be reclined independently to multiple levels. Also, the weight distribution is well balanced which makes this buggy a good choice for twins.

One main drawback that we noticed with the Red Kite is that it didn’t seem to handle its weight very well as the wheels squeak under pressure! Perhaps this is something that can be sorted with a little WD40…?


  • Easy to push
  • Gets through doorways easily
  • Each independent reclining options for each seat
  • Wheels squeak under pressure


Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair, Oxford Review – 84%


Our third choice is yet another one from Graco, this time the Stadium Duo Double Pushchair. The name comes from its stadium seat design, in which the back seat is raised higher than the front, allowing the child at the back more visibility.

We found the canopy system to be particularly well designed. It’s large and, when fully extended, covers both seats fully enough to keep out the bad weather elements. This double buggy is also lighter than other pushchairs on the market weighing just 13.8kgs. Finally, it has lockable front wheels to keep it parked in place.

However, we didn’t like how it felt when pushing. Even with the lighter frame, it felt a bit heavy as the wheels don’t provide as smooth a ride as other models, including the Graco Quatro.


  • Large canopy for full coverage
  • Doesn’t offer a very smooth ride
  • It’s lightweight but not compact


Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal – Black Review – 80%


This double pushchair comes as a side-by-side design, but the foot rests adjust individually, which is something we particularly liked as we feel both children have different needs and it’s important that the parent can adjust for both. Furthermore, both the canopies can also be adjusted individually as well.

The seats also fully recline, which is really important for when the kids need to take a nap. The front wheels have a swivel locking mechanism which prevents the stroller from moving when parked and is an important safety feature.

Another interesting feature is the 5-point harness. If you have an energetic child you might find this very useful and a fab bonus!

However, there were a couple of unfortunate drawbacks that we noticed with the Chicco Echo. The pushchair has very little cushioning on the seats, and if you put your hand on the seat and apply a bit of pressure, you can actually feel the metal underneath. It’s worth having a proper look at one before you buy to see what you think, and we wouldn’t have thought anything of it if we hadn’t been comparing it to others.


  • Has a 5-point harness for added security
  • Fully reclining seats
  • Individually adjustable canopy and foot rests.
  • Little cushioning in the seats


Graco Quattro Tour Duo Double Pushchair Sport Luxe – 80%


What we instantly noticed with the Graco Quatro is how smooth the ride is, and this is courtesy of the suspension in the front wheels. This double pushchair also features a 5-point harness on both seats to secure the kids – great if you’ve got a couple of particularly lively toddlers!

Unlike the Chicco Echo that we looked at, it features a tandem design with one seat in front of the other, and this design does make it easier to pass through doorways, and also to manoeuvre round shopping centres and other similarly crowded places.

Both seats can fully recline – a useful feature when your children want to take a nap. We also liked the frame’s construction as it’s really sturdy and durable. However, this also means that the Graco Quatro isn’t lightweight, and even compared to the Chicco Echo this one is even heavier at 18.4 kilos.


  • Durable frame
  • Easy to get through doorways and for squeezing through busy places
  • Smooth ride
  • Quite heavy
  • The front seat is a little on the small side


iSafe Twin Optimum Stroller Review – 76%


The iSafe is among the most comfortable double pushchairs that we tested. With a side-by-side design, each seat is individually adjustable and has 4 recline positions. The suspension also gives it a smooth ride, while the height of the handle is also adjustable making it comfortable to push.

Like the Chicco Echo and the Graco Quatro, this double pushchair has a 5-point harness which secures around the shoulders as well as the waist of the child.

However, we don’t like how heavy it is, and the large quantity of fabric and the six wheels only adds to the weight. The width is also not ideal as it doesn’t fit through standard door frames as easily as other models.


  • Suspension system provides a smooth ride
  • Handle height is adjustable
  • Comfortable for the kids
  • It’s a little wide
  • Heavy


Zeta Citi Twin Stroller Buggy Pushchair Review – 70%


This was among the most lightweight double pushchairs on our list, coming second only to the Red Kite Push Me Twini, weighing just 10.5 kilos.

The seats can be adjusted independently, as can the hoods, while the front wheels have a swivel locking system for parking security, and this model also boasts the 5-point harness other buggies have. As far as quality of design goes, combined with the fact that is has front locking wheels as a security feature, it clearly outperforms the Obaby Apollo.

The downside of the ZETA Citi twin stroller is the design of the handles, which are straight which makes pushing the pushchair a bit more difficult.


  • Lightweight
  • A very secure stroller
  • Independently reclining seats and hoods
  • The handles are not comfortable


Frequently asked questions

What Is a Double Pushchair?

A double pushchair, unlike the standard pushchair, has two seats rather than one. You can strap in twins or regular siblings (mainly between the ages of birth and 3 years) and transport them conveniently.

Why Do You Need a Double Pushchair?

If you’re a parent of more than a single child, a double pushchair makes it easy and convenient to move around with them. It makes it that much simpler to control both kids since you can strap them in one place as you go about your day.

What Are the Different Types of Double Pushchair?

The side-by-side variety has a wide design which makes it harder to get through standard size doorways.

However, some, like the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal-Black, are able to conveniently fit through doorways and are also quite manoeuvrable.

One of the main benefits of this type of double buggy is that both seats come with similar features, such as incline adjustability, canopy and size of the seats.

How Many Wheels Should a Double Pushchair Have?

Double pushchairs will either come with a single wheel system or a dual wheel design. That means each side has two wheels.

The dual wheel design, however, is not as manoeuvrable compared to the single wheel system, and this is because items or objects that you could encounter in the road can sometimes get caught between the dual wheels.

That said, the Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger is still one of the most maneuverable double strollers that we tested, even with its six wheels at the front and at the back.

Are Extra Pockets and Storage Space Important?

This really depends on how far you need to go with your kids and your daily activity. If you plan to take the kids with you during shopping, then it’s a good idea to get a double stroller that provides space to carry snacks for the kids. A good choice is the Graco Quatro Tour Duo Double Pushchair, Sport Luxe which comes with a sizeable dropdown basket.

If, on the other hand, you just plan to take trips around the block and back to the house, then extra storage space isn’t a big requirement.

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