8 Best Rolling Backpacks for Travelling

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Which rolling backpacks are the most comfortable and convenient?

We took 15 different rolling backpacks and tested them for over 24 hours to find out which ones are the best for your traveling needs.

After extensively reviewing and testing the products, the The Coofit Wheeled Backpack stood out as the best rolling backpack that’s waterproof in design and offers plenty of compartments to store your various items and belongings.

The City Bag Wheeled Backpack is also a solid choice that provides great value for its price. It has two long sturdy legs that help keep the backpack propped up in a stable position when used as a roller.

To find out more about the best rolling backpacks, check out the comparison chart below to see which ones you should pick up.

Coofit Wheeled Backpack Review – 100%


The Coofit Wheeled Backpack is the best wheeled backpack on this list and for good reason. It features a waterproof design which makes it perfect for traveling, hiking, or camping and offers a reasonably large compartment space. It also has a laptop compartment to store your 15.6 inch laptop conveniently while comfortably housing your clothes and other items inside.

The nylon material is durable and long-lasting while the trolley is constructed of polished metal. The wheels glide smoothly and the bottom portion of the bag features an anti-scratch panel that protects your backpack from rubbing against hard surfaces.

It’s nicely padded on the inside and is shock-absorbent due to the amount of cushioning it provides. When it comes to the best backpack with wheels for travel, the Coofit Wheeled Backpack should be your first choice.


  • Waterproof and durable design
  • Shock absorbent
  • Provides adequate room for your belongings
  • Zipper gets stuck at times


City Bag Wheeled Backpack Review – 100%


The second best rolling backpacks for adults on the list is the City Bag Wheeled Backpack. It features a main laptop compartment that comfortably holds a 15.6” laptop and sports a second compartment to organize your items like pens, smartphones, etc.

The base of the backpack is supported by two long, sturdy legs that help prop up the backpack in a stable position once you use it as a roller. When used as a backpack, the padded straps help keep it comfortable.

It comes with a wheel cover so your clothes won’t get dirty when carrying it on your back. The ample space and sturdy design makes it one of the best wheeled backpacks you can buy.


  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Sturdy legs help keep it stable
  • Wheel cover so your clothes won’t get dirty
  • Trolley handle needs a bit more length


Targus TSB700EU CityGear Rolling Backpack – Black – 92%


One of the best rolling backpacks for school, the Targus TSB700EU CityGear Rolling Backpack fits most of your school essentials by offering specific compartments for your books, smartphone, laptop, and other IT hardware.

The main compartment also supports a tablet for storage and features additional compartments to neatly organize your stationery and other school accessories. A water bottle pocket is also found on the side for carrying your drinks and the padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry around college campus without any worries.

It also features a wheel cover to keep your clothes clean when you use it as a backpack. The trolley handle provides sufficient length and transforms into a roller quite easily, making it one of the best rolling backpacks for college.


  • Fits most of your school essentials with ease
  • Comfortably padded shoulder straps
  • Wheel cover helps keep your clothes clean
  • Handle is very fragile


Aragon Super Lightweight Travel Rolling Backpack – 90%


The Karabar Aragon Super Lightweight Business Travel Wheeled Rolling Backpack makes for a good traveling backpack that can double as a hand luggage as well. It has all the compartments and space you need to fit your traveling essentials while also offering a velcro-strapped laptop compartment.

The polyester fabric used is very durable and is quite resistant to pulls and unwanted tears with the interior being fully lined for added protection inside. The in-line wheels glide smoothly on hard surfaces but becomes quite a bit noisy when rolling over rough terrain.

The shoulder straps could use a little bit more padding but can be neatly tucked away easily when you use it as a roller. If you travel a lot and you want a good, all-around rolling backpack, consider the Karabar Aragon Super Lightweight Business Travel Wheeled Rolling Backpack.


  • Airlines compliant as a hand luggage
  • Durable polyester fabric is resistant to unwanted tears
  • Fully lined interior
  • Shoulder straps need a bit more padding
  • Wheels are a bit noisy when sliding on rough surfaces


AmazonBasics Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack – 82%


One of the more reliable roller backpacks from Amazon, this convertible rolling camera backpack is ideal for the traveling photographer due to its roomy compartment that fits a multitude of lenses and can comfortably hold a tripod on its side.

Aside from supporting all your DSLR equipment, it also comes with a laptop compartment that’s sufficiently padded. The rollerblade wheels glide smoothly without any problems and it also comes with a rain cover for those unpredictable weather conditions outside.

It’s the perfect travel backpack if you’re a photography enthusiasts. It converts from a backpack to a roller within seconds and provides all the room you need for storing your must-have accessories. Do keep it mind that it’s a bit heavier than the other backpacks on this list at 4.2 kilograms.


  • Comfortably holds a full-body DSLR
  • Features a laptop compartment
  • Rain cover included
  • Built for photographers only
  • Heavier than most backpacks


Tilami Rolling Backpack 18 inch Boys and Girls Laptop Backpack, Galaxy – 78%


The Tilami Rolling Backpack 18 inch Boys and Girls Laptop Backpack, Galaxy is a simple yet functional rolling rucksack that you can use for either school or travel. The main compartment keeps your laptop securely in place and offers several different front pockets for keeping multiple items.

The nylon fabric holds up pretty well and manages to keep everything inside nice and dry even when subjected to slightly rainy conditions. Do keep in mind that this backpack has no waterproofing so if you’re using this for hiking or camping, make sure to not expose it in too much water.

Its size is also quite large like the AmazonBasics Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack so that’s an added plus if you want more storage. Shoulder straps are comfortable and nicely padded though it feels quite bulky because of its size. You’d more likely to use this as a roller than a backpack most of the time.


  • Nylon fabric resists tears and scuffs
  • Large size means more space to store your items
  • Feels bulky when used as a backpack
  • Utilitarian aesthetics might not appeal to some people


Trespass Eldorado, Black, Backpack 36L Review – 74%


An affordable yet functional rolling rucksack, the Trespass Eldorado Rolling Back Pack works great if you’re planning for a weekend trip or for a business getaway. You get two compartments with this backpack that features a handy laptop compartment and an organizer inside to neatly store your belongings.

An interesting feature about this backpack is the headphone channel so you can listen to your favorite tunes on the go while your device is safely stored inside. The wheels are large enough and consistently glide through most surfaces without any troubles.

The functionality of this backpack is somewhat letdown due to the subpar quality of the materials used. The backpack easily suffers tears and scratches and the wheels chip off very quickly. This rolling rucksack is best reserved for short trips and weekend getaways due to its durability concerns.


  • Provides two spacious compartments
  • Headphone channel for listening to music on the go
  • Wheels chip off easily
  • Durability concerns


Coofit Wheeled Trolley Backpack Childrens Backpack – 62%


The Coofit Wheeled Trolley Backpack is one of the best rolling backpacks for school. Your child will love using this for school because of its waterproof design much like the Coofit Wheeled Backpack. It’s sturdy and durable thanks to the oxford material that’s used in making the rucksack.

The compartments offer enough room to comfortably fit all of your child’s school essentials and it even comes with a 14” laptop compartment. The inside portion of the backpack is lined with cotton paddings for added protection and shock absorption.

It also features breathable mesh panels on the back to help keep your child cool when using it as a backpack. Once it gets too heavy, simply pull up the trolley handle and it transforms into a roller instantly.


  • Waterproof design
  • Durable oxford material means backpack is built to last
  • Generous space fits your child’s school essentials with ease
  • Trolley is mostly made of plastic


Frequently asked questions

What are rolling backpacks?

Rolling backpacks are versatile backpacks that you can carry around on your shoulder or use it as a roller by pulling up its trolley handle. These backpacks usually have wheels on the bottom and feature telescopic trolley handles for conveniently pulling it along when the backpack feels heavy to carry.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using rolling backpacks?

Rolling backpacks are great for traveling, hiking, camping, and weekend getaways. That being said, rolling backpacks are not for everyone so here are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider before making your purchase:


  • Versatile

You can use a rolling backpack either as a traditional rucksack on your shoulder or drop it down and pull it along as a roller. Some rolling backpacks can also be used as hand luggages.

  • Convenient

Rolling backpacks make it convenient for you when traveling. When you’re tired of carrying the backpack around your shoulder, simply drop it down and pull the trolley handle up and use it as a roller.


  • Bulky

Since rolling backpacks come with trolley handles and wheels, they’re usually larger than standard rucksacks so it’ll feel quite bulky at first once you carry it on your shoulder.

  • Price point

Rolling backpacks usually cost more than conventional backpacks so if you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable rolling rucksack, be prepared to spend additional money.

What should I look for when choosing a rolling backpack?

There are a few points to consider before you go out and buy your own rolling backpack and here are some quick tips to help you pick the correct one:

  • Build quality

The materials that make up the construction of the backpack should be durable and long lasting. Look for water-proofing and tear-resistant materials to ensure that your rolling backpack lasts for a long time.

  • Storage compartments

Check the number of storage compartments the backpack offers so it’ll conveniently fit your needs. If you’re a student, look for rolling backpacks that feature organizers and pen holders to neatly store your school essentials. If you’re a photographer, choose a rolling rucksack that’s capable of holding multiple lenses and photography accessories. Weigh in your needs and decide which rolling backpack to get.

  • Additional features

Love listening to music on the go? Some rolling backpacks offer headphone channels so you can safely store your device inside while listening to music. Do you like traveling a lot? Some rolling backpacks can also function as a hand luggage on airports. Consider the features of the backpack to make sure it fits your needs.

What’s the best rolling backpack? Why is it the best?

Our recommendation for the best wheeled backpack is the Coofit Wheeled Backpack. It offers great functionality and comes with a waterproof design so you can take it anywhere you like. The nylon material is tear-resistant and is very durable and the polished metal trolley is built to handle heavy weights.

A laptop compartment can be found inside and the rest of the pockets are spacious enough to fit all of your items conveniently.

Simply pull up the trolley and tuck away the shoulder straps to transform it to a roller within seconds. When it comes to the best rolling backpack, the Coofit Wheeled backpack is our top choice.


What’s the best rolling backpack for students? Why is it the best?

If you’re a college student and you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable rolling backpack, the Targus TSB700EU CityGear Rolling Backpack is a great choice.

It offers all the storage you need to carry around your laptop, books, notebooks, and a stationery pocket for organizing your school essentials. It’s also sleek in design with the black colorway perfectly complementing its aesthetics.

Another solid rolling backpack is the Coofit Wheeled Trolley Backpack Children’s Backpack. It’s the perfect school roller backpack for your child that features a durable waterproof design and provides generous compartments for storing books, umbrellas, pens, and even a laptop.

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