7 Best Orbital Buffers for Cars

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What is the best orbital buffer? Browse helpful reviews of the best orbital buffers by our team below

Product reviews of the best orbital buffers

Having tested more than 20 orbital buffers and interviewed 20 users, we came up with the best 5 orbital buffers based on their functionality, price and weight.

Based on our research, Ryobi 18B-0 Cordless Buffer won our hearts as the best Orbital car buffer due its portability.

This is because it is cordless and operated using battery – so you can use on-the-go as there is no need to charge the device.

Check the comparison table below and read the in-depth reviews of the best orbital buffers to help you choose the best car polisher machine:

Makita BO5031/2 Random Orbit Sander Review – 92%


The makita random orbital sander is a favorite among users on the internet and features as a high power motor for heavy duty applications.

The makita BO5031 features an electronic speed control making ita general purpose 5″ random orbit sander.

Its comes with a 3 amp motor and 22,000 rpm top speed making it a top choice when compared to the other orbital buffers in the price segment.

It is built with a hard plastic shell which fits together tightly giving it that, strong feel important for all power tools.

It comes with a power cord with a length of 7 ft in length, which lies flat and coils easily for easily usage.


  • Faster than most sander of this size
  • It comes with a variable speed
  • It comes with a great dust collection bag
  • It is very quiet at low speeds and average at full speed
  • A short power cord which impedes its efficiency.
  • Vibrates excessively at slow speed.

Ryobi 18B-0 Cordless Buffer Review – 86%


At the number two spot of our review for the best orbital buffer is the Ryobi 18B-0 cordless buffer, which has a weight of 2.38kg and dimensions of 25 x 25x 21 cm.

The orbital car buffer comes with a wonderful design featuring two rubber grip handles. This design allows it to be operated either way around providing an even application of pressure for a fine finish.

Being constructed from strong dense plastics, the Ryobi 18B-0 cordless buffer is a very durable machine that will serve you for many years.

As its name implies, the Ryobi 18B-0 cordless buffer brings a whole new dimension to the art of car polishing.

You no longer have to move your car around because of the length of the cord. This cordless feature means you can power your machine anywhere and anytime with the use of battery.

The 4.0Ah battery (RB18L40) has over 90 minutes of continuous run time. This is perfect for car lovers who don’t do not want to be hindered by a cord.

Another distinguishing feature is that this tool provides a powerful motor with up to 2,500 RPMs for a swirl-free finish and optimum performance during extended use.

With a full Size 25cm buffer and bonnet, this is definitely your best car polisher machine.


  • The soft grip handles which makes the machine easy to handle.
  • The cordless feature enable one use it without restrictions.
  • The long lasting battery life.
  • The wool bonnets are poorly manufactured
  • The battery is quite expensive.


Streetwize 230v 10” Orbital Polisher Review – 84%


Being the third of our list, the Streetwize 10” orbital car polisher machine gives you option to polish different surfaces ranging tiled floors and walls to wooden surface.

It is made with a powerful 230V motor which gives the machine the needed speed of 3500RPM to function efficiently.

With a weight of 2.6kg and a dimension of 27 x 24.8 x 22.4 cm, this car paint buffer is very easily to carry around.

It also comes with contoured handles which make it easy to grip for an effective clean and shine.


  • Its light weight makes it to handle.
  • It is suitable for shining various types of surfaces.
  • Sells for a fair price.
  • It is highly effective and makes efficient use of the wax.
  • The power cable is short for an effective use.
  • The motor vibrates a lot causing discomfort during usage.


Silverline 264569 Orbital Polisher Review – 82%


The Silverline 264569 Orbital Polisher is rated among the best orbital buffers in town because of its multiple functions.

You can use it for either polishing or buffing or sanding purposes. With this random orbital buffer accommodating a pad size of up to 180mm, you can easily cover a wide area in few minutes.

It also comes with hook and loop backing pad and a synthetic polishing bonnet which you can use to handle different parts.

Its speed variability from 800 – 3500 rpm helps gives room for more options in establishing the desired shine.

This variable speed buffer comes with a motor that is powerful enough for sanding and polishing purposes, but its low speed limits this tool for professional use and can only be used at home.


  • It is ideal for use at home.
  • The tool can carry out three different functions with one body.
  • It is sold at an affordable price.
  • The adjustable speed is a great feature as it helps to provide more control to a fine finish.
  • It feels quite heavy.
  • It is also very noisy when in use.


Bosch PEX 220 A Random Orbit Sander Review – 80%


The Bosch Random Orbit Sander is wonderful tool suitable for an ideal and scratch-free quality sanding on a variety of woods and metals–it’s also suitable for sanding down paintwork.

Its Velcro-backed polishing pads is so perfect that you can even polish your car with this sander.

They come with sanding discs are attached via a Velcro-type system and are easy to fit and remove.

They are also punched with holes, which makes the dust extraction system to work efficiently.The sanding pad moves simultaneously in an orbital and rotational movement.

With the PEX 220A from Bosch, sanding becomes both easier and fatigue-free, tackling even longer sanding jobs, and sanding on vertical surfaces and overhead.

The PEX 220A is a distinct tool as it has a reliable performance with its 220 W motor and a compact design. It weighs only 1.4 kg and has a continuous speed of 24,000 rpm.

This wonderful tool has a vibration absorbing, softgrip coating & ergonomic design to optimise grip & improve handling, for accurate sanding performance.

This tool is integrated with a Microfilter System which conveys up to 80 percent of the dust at high speed directly through the sanding sheet ribbed filter resulting in clean air and clean result.


  • Micro filter box which helps collects a decent amount of dust
  • It is quiet when it is use.
  • The ease of swapping of pads
  • High quality finished is produced
  • It lacks a speed control
  • The velcro system is poor.


Sealey ER230P Car Polisher Ø230mm 110W/230V Review – 78%


The sealey ER230P with a weight of 2.48 kg and a dimension of 26.01 x 26.01 x 23.01 cm is one of the best orbital buffers reviewed.

This tool is built with a motor with a speed up to 3,800 RPMs for a brilliant finish.

With a 230 mm 5-ply foam pad and two polishing bonnets, be rest assured of a smooth polishing/buffing with no hot spots.

Additional features include a 4 metres cable and a BS approved plug.


  • It is light and easy to use.
  • Easy to grip handles.
  • Ideal for polishing large areas
  • Excessive vibration during use
  • The bonnets are quite small
  • The cables is not long enough


Silverstorm 129659 Sander Polisher Review – 76%


The silverstorm sander and polisher features in our top 5 best buffer machine for cars.

It is majorly used for polishing and buffing cars. It is made with a 1500W motor which makes it easy to work on your car.

It is designed with a variable speed dial which helps to adjust the output between 500rpm and 3000rpm to fit your need.

This car buffer kit comes with the following accessories: 1 x hook and loop backing pad, 1 x hook and loop polishing bonnet, 1 x hook and loop sanding disc, 1 x hex key and 2 x replacement carbon brushes.

Additional features include a large and balanced handle which gives you balance while working.

It is also compatible with 180mm disc pads perfect for use when you need to cover a large surface area within a short period of time.


  • Really affordable price
  • It is ideal for home use
  • A speed control which allows you be in charge for a fine finish
  • It is quite heavy
  • The hand grip is not good enough.


Frequently asked questions

What is an Orbital Buffer?

An orbital buffer is a hand held power tool used for buffing, polishing and sanding car surfaces giving it that smooth and shining finish.

Advantages and disadvantages of Orbital Buffers?

An orbital buffer offers the advantage of being much safer and easier to use on a car’s painted surface than any other polishing tool.

Due to the fact that you would be making less use of the polishing product, you will also save time, energy and money.

Also using an orbital buffer for polishing results in a better job than hand polishing.

On the other hand, the large size of Orbital Buffers makes it difficult to work on smaller areas like windshield posts or tight areas.

Another disadvantage is that the orbital buffers require periodic maintenance for them to work efficiently.

What should I look for when choosing an Orbital Buffers?

Before choosing an orbital buffer, there are some factors you will need to consider.

These factors include speed, vibrations, weight, manoeuvrability, maintenance and price.

What sort of jobs do you use Orbital Buffers for?

Orbital buffers are used for polishing and buffing car surfaces.

What’s the approximate price range for a good quality Orbital Buffer?

The approximate price range for a good quality orbital buffer falls within £24 and £50.

What is the best black and decker buffer?

The best black and decker buffer is Ryobi 18B-0 Cordless Buffer because it’s powerful motor with up to 2,500 RPMs.

What is the best orbital buffer for professional car cleaning and valeting?

The best orbital buffer for professional car cleaning and valeting is Ryobi 18B-0 Cordless Buffer due to its durability.

What is the best kit to use with an orbital polisher?

The best kit to use with an orbital polisher is the scratch and swirl remover because it is the best abrasive compound for car paint restoration.

What is the best variable speed car paint buffer?

The best variable speed car paint buffer is Silverline 264569 Orbital Polisher because in addition to the speed variability, it can also be used to handle multiple function.

Are orbital buffers safe for your car?

Yes they are very safe and effective as well.

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