7 Best Folding Cane Seats for the Elderly

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Which is the best folding cane seat for the elderly? Find out from the reviews below.

After reviewing around 14 walking cane seats and shooting sticks, here are 6 of the best balancing aid equipment that stood on top of the list. If we narrow down the list, Switch Sticks Three-Legged Seat Stick with Bubbles Design and G&M Adjustable Folding Walking Cane Chair Stool Massage Walking Stick are the best choice.

The Switch Sticks Walking Seat Stick is the best choice for bird watchers, golfers, and parents looking over the children while they’re playing. It can also be used in terms of a balancing aid for elderly. Its unique design and comfortable seat provide great support.

On the other hand, highgrade tripod walking seat is best for overweight individuals, people recovering from hip replacement and massage therapy. It can handle weight up t0 212 kg which is way out of the league for other walking cane seats.

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Folding stick Walking Stick Seat Camp Stool Chair – 100%


The LOKEP is a lightweight, portable, convenient, and durable option from a reputable brand and we really like it.

It boasts a sturdy 19mm powder-coated aluminium frame and a 600 denier rather comfy polyester fabric seat, and its excellent umbrella handle provides an easy yet effective grip for your travel.


  • Great design
  • Durable
  • Excellent grip
  • Not recommended for people with balance issues


Height Adjustable Tripod Walking Stick and Seat – 92%


This highgrade tripod walking seat is very handy, lightweight, and durable – we think it offers excellent value money considering its price and quality. It offers a quality plastic seat and aluminium frame which makes it an excellent choice for the elderly as its lightweight, highly portable and comfy.

Its umbrella handle offers a firm grip and lets it open in a single motion – again, useful for the elderly, and its adjustable height makes it a good fit for a range of users.


  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Stable seated position
  • Non-adjustable legs give it less adaptability


Lightweight 3 legged Walking Seat Stick Reviews – 92%


This lightweight 3 legged stick is an extremely useful and handy aid that is reliable and offers great support. It has a large, comfortable seat and we love that the seat height can also be adjusted to best fit the user as well. The leg tips are efficiently covered with non-slip black ferrules ensuring they offer extra grip on slippery surfaces, which is especially important for elderly users and is a feature we love.


  • Seat height can be adjusted
  • Excellent support
  • Best for outdoor activities
  • Not suitable for quite short people – try ot out before you buy!


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Adjustable Cane Seat – 88%


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Height Adjustable Aluminium Cane Seat

The Drive DeVilbiss Aluminium Cane Seat is a strong aluminium constructed cane with an adjustable height. This cane seat is lightweight (weighing 2kg only) and can handle the maximum user weight up to 115 kg. Its tripod design with dedicated vinyl contoured tipped legs makes it stand out to other cane seat models.

DeVilbiss Aluminium Cane Seat is capable of opening into a comfortable walking cane seat in just a single moment. The efficient legs create utmost stability even on unstable surfaces. Its height can be adjusted between 86-97cm.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height
  • Good design
  • Need stable ground


Switch Sticks Three-Legged Seat Stick Reviews – 88%


Switch sticks seat sticks is an excellent choice for bird watchers, golfers, and parents watching over the children at the park. This tall folding stool provides a comfortable seat when resting and support when walking. Its high-end aluminium shaft is lightweight promotes superior versatility, strength, and durability. The wooden hand facilitates the user when lowering down to sit and provide support to stand up.

Make sure to sit as per the correct seating position where the user sits like riding a horse. This ensures a good balance and safety as two of the seats legs are firmly on the ground.


  • Lightweight aluminium shaft
  • Highly comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Maximum user weight is just 100kg
  • Height is not adjustable


Walking Seat stick with padded brown leather seat – 86%


This walking seat stick with padded brown leather seat features a leather sling seat with dark brown stitching. It is ideal for outdoor events and sport. It’s has an easy use and strong polo brown leather seat improves comfort and robust frames facilitate a sturdy balked support.

It comes with a regular shooting stick style that adjusts from 27-37 inches – indeed the best shooting stick for the price.


  • Padded brown leather seat
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight – just 921g
  • Can handle weight up to 125 kg
  • Narrow for overweight individuals


HIMAmonkey Stick Seat Folding Seat – 80%


This HIMAmonkey Stick Seat Folding Seat is manufactured using high-quality aluminium alloy with a comfortable plastic seat. It is a great portable seat which is recommended by several physicians for hip replacement recovery. You need a single moment to change this great cane to the chair.

, other stores on the price list sell fake products and do not even ship products. To protect your safety, choose the TATLIVING store to buy–[TATLiving]store General Manager Mr. Guo.Medium-sized foldable seat cane provides stability and support for elderly, mobility-impaired and disabled users” title=”HIMAmonkey Stick Seat Folding Seat” price=””]

Besides its high-end flexibility, versatility, and durability, HIMAmonkey Stick Seat Folding Seat is the best choice for overweight individuals. It can handle up to 212kg with rubber tips and comes fully assembled. It can be used as a massage therapy for hip replacement recovery, folding stool for fishing, walking cane, and rest stool.


  • Best for overweight individuals
  • Hip replacement recovery
  • Durable
  • Sturdy design


Pyramid Folding Stool Pyramid Lightweight Chair – 76%


The Pyramid Folding Stool folds flat into a lightweight walking cane seat in a single motion. This walking stick seat is recommended for walking, rambling, fishing, sporting events etc. The total height of the folded chair is 34”.

Make sure to use the chair on firm and even ground so the legs must remain in contact with the floor all times. To ensure a safe and secure use, do not sit on its arms.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight – weighs only 900 gms
  • Can be washed using mild detergent or sponge
  • Used on firm level surface


Frequently asked questions

What is a folding walking stick seat?

A walking stick with seat works the same way as a traditional stick that help alleviate strain on the back and joints while walking, but it also incorporates a seat which you can fold out to sit and rest.

Most walking stick seats are manufactured for the elderly or those with health conditions. However, walking sticks can also be used by young, adventurous people for difficult hiking and country walks to allow rest when needed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of folding stick seats?

Folding stick seats are a most important tool for the elderly as they offer great support and help to balance, and they’re proven to be great walking aides. Walking sticks allow strain to be taken off the joints or areas of pain while still allowing a person to be mobile.

There are many types of walking sticks available for men and women, so a good range to choose from to ensure you get one that best fits your individual health needs and comfort.

However, everything has its own advantages and disadvantage and folding walking stick seats are no exception. One big disadvantage of these seats is they can get stuck in cracks and some models have been thought to provide less support than traditional walking sticks, so it’s important that you do thorough research and test a few out before you buy if possible.

What should I look for when choosing a walking stick chair for the elderly?

Stick chairs are probably the most common yet effective mobility aids on the market. They’re available in various types, prices, and designs, but make sure to consider the following factors when choosing a stick chair for the elderly.

  • If the stick chair is required for balancing or weight bearing (or both)
  • The stick length for elderly person – this is important
  • Where the elderly will mainly be using the walking stick, for example, hospital, home, outdoors etc

What’s the approximate price range for walking chair sticks?

As walking sticks with seats often comes in different sizes, shapes and designs, their prices can vary from model to model.

For instance, the price of Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare stick seat is £19.14 while the price of G&M Adjustable Folding Walking stick Chair Stool is £49.99, which is a huge difference. However, you can find a high quality and versatile walking stick seat in the price range of £25-£35.

What’s the best heavy-duty walking stick with a seat?

We feel the Switch Sticks Three-Legged Seat Stick is the best heavy-duty option. It’s an efficient flat folding seat stick that provides comfort, support and an effective balance aid for the elderly.

What’s the best folding stick seat for a heavier individual?

The G&M Adjustable Folding Walking stick Chair Stool is the best option for a heavier user. It can handle a maximum load of 212kg which is ideal for anyone looking for a support stick and balance aid due to weight.

Are folding stick seats safe?

Besides providing support with standing and walking, folding stick seats are also very helpful for soothing knee stress and providing a balancing aid with the utmost safety. However, if someone is having a balancing problem while using a regular stick, or if they experience a sudden loss of balance, then using a traditional walker is the best option.

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