7 Best Earflap Hats for Winter

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What is the best winter hat? Read our reviews of earflap hats here.

Product reviews of the best earflap hats.

Hats have been part of fashion for centuries. They come in a plethora of designs which suit different occasions.

Every season has its own hat style. And winter presents us an opportunity to rock in earflap hats.

This way we can protect ourselves from the cold weather and look good as well. The best earflap hats for winter are made using thick fabric and have the features necessary to keep the head warm. No freezing ears here!

With an earflap hat on, you can’t complain about the harsh weather. You’ll be comfortable to carry on with business as usual. However, it can be difficult to decipher which are the best quality.

The market has tons of designs and degrees of quality when it comes to these style hats. Therefore, you need to carefully select one that can protect you from cold and still make you look great.

But lucky you because as usual, at Only Reviews, we’ve searched and tried to come up with these seven best earflap hats to make your choices easier. Check them out.


SIGGI Pilot Cap for Men Winter Aviator Hat Adult Brown Leather Trapper Trooper Hats Large XL – 92%


SIGGI Pilot Cap for Men is a winter avatar when it comes to the cold weather caps industry. It uses the old faux leather material as its coating while the inside combines fur and polyester to provide a cozy and warm feeling every time you have it on.

It does not get drenched when water is involved and is also windproof thus an excellent choice for snowy and windy places. If you wear glasses, they don’t put pressure on them. You can also get sporty with the cap if you ski, run, climb, and so on.

You decide how to use the earflaps. Button them down to cover the sides of your face or roll them up when the weather is warm. They are flobby because they lack stiffeners inside. Even women will love wearing this headgear. The young and old alike will feel stylish in it also.


  • Warm
  • Used for sports
  • Earflaps buttons
  • Water and windproof
  • Some buyers not satisfied with the warmth it provides
  • Delivery takes about 10 days by the manufacturer


SIGGI Grey Ushanka Russian Hat Men Trapper Bomber Hunting Hiking Skiing Earflap Hats Winter – 90%


SIGGI Grey Ushanka Russian Hat for Men is what you get when quality meets style. It’s a one size fits most design and can be used for various outdoor activities like climbing, skiing, dog walking and so on.

It is a delicate balance of cotton, polyester, spandex, acrylic, PU and other materials in different measures. The designer understands the need to look stylish in a hat thus created a unique look.

The side flaps can button down to warm the sides of your face or you can roll them up if the weather is warm.

Thanks to the craftsmanship and the material, the hat is durable. It’s also windproof. Buy it now to avoid scampering during winter.


  • Warm
  • Looks stylish
  • For various activities
  • Rollable earflaps
  • Ear straps are difficult to deal with for some buyers
  • It might be big for some heads
  • Pricey


Trapper Hat Aviator Earflap Hat Faux Fur Warm Winter Hat for Men Pilot Soviet Russian Ushanka Red L SIGGI – 86%


Both genders can wear the Unisex Trooper Trapper Hat. It comes with the smooth and warm faux fur that is skin-friendly. The design protects your forehead, neck, and the side of the face making it perfect for extreme winter weather.

This hat is good for outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, cycling, hiking, winter trips, and others. You can choose among the several colors and sizes from the manufacturer.

It uses quality polyester which guarantees long service. Fasten the flaps under the chin when the weather is cold and fold them back up if the weather is warm. With this hat, you can easily pair with your other winter outfits.


  • Stylish
  • Warm
  • Windproof
  • Durable build
  • Unisex
  • Difficult to belt for some people
  • Pricey
  • Not waterproof


Siggi Winter Faux Leather Aviator Trapper Trooper Bomber Shooting Hunters Fur Earflaps Hat Womens Waterproof Windproof Russian Ushanka Coffee Medium 58CM – 86%


With the Siggi Winter Faux Leather, three words stand out; durable, warm, and functional. It is a windproof and waterproof hat that works great in windy and cold weather.

You can strap it to cover your ears and chin without placing pressure on glasses. On the inside is a fleece layer which is not only lasting but also very smooth and comfortable to the skin.

The hat uses faux leather as well as layers of viscose fabric which makes it a perfect accessory for all genders during winter. Whether you want to go snowboarding, skiing, or camping, it can handle outdoor activities well.

The brim protects your eyes from sun rays and snowfall. Get it regardless of your age. You’ll love its warmth.


  • For outdoor activity
  • Cozy fur lining
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Quality sewing
  • Looks better on men
  • About 10 days of shipping
  • Not very stylish


Janey&Rubbins Russian Soviet Ushanka Cossack Aviator Bomber Hat Winter Fur Earflap Cap (Large, Brown/Leather) – 86%


When acrylic, cotton, leather, and polyester combine under a master craftsman, they produce great products particularly hats. Janey&Rubbins Russian Soviet Ushanka Cossack Aviator Bomber Hat is one such hat that is very comfortable and protects from cold and wind.

It might not have embellishments and appear shiny but is designer wear owing to its modern make of an old Russian model. You can use it to match your casual and official wear considering there are leather and fabric varieties.

It integrates faux far lining on the inside to ensure you are comfortable wearing it. This hat is your daily winter and fall wear any time of the day. Cleaning should happen by hand and dry naturally if it is the fabric option.

The leather hat will be better not washed by immersing in water.


  • Leather and fabric alternatives
  • Cozy
  • Easy to wear
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Pricey
  • Sizes run slightly large


Yooeen Unisex Warm Winter Trapper Trooper Hat Mens Classic Winter Faux Fur Bomber Hats with Ear Flap and Windproof Mask Snow Ski Outdoor Sport Hat Hunting Aviator Caps – 77%


We hate most cold hat designs because they don’t accommodate face covering. But the case is different with Yooeen Unisex Warm Winter Trapper Trooper Hat. It comes with a mask feature to help you avoid inhaling the cold winter air during outdoor sports.

This hat stands against the wind, snow, sleet, rain, and sleet thanks to the weatherproof shells. You choose whether to roll up the earflaps or button them to keep the ears warm.

The mask is also removable. It is stylish and uses 100% polyester and fur lining on the inside for comfort and warmth. Whether you are snowboarding, skating, snowshoeing, camping, or hiking, everything sport is possible with this hat.

Both men and women will enjoy wearing it during cold conditions. And it is a one size fits most design you can adjust to snuggly fit your head. Get yours.


  • Warm
  • Face mask
  • Unisex
  • Comfortable lining
  • Adjustable fit
  • The headband uncomfortable for 59 cm head size buyers
  • Face mask hard to unfasten
  • Uneven stitching of the peak


Fancet Womens Earflap Army Cap Military Winter Outdoor Hat for Men Baseball Cadet Combat Green – 75%


Fancet 100% Cotton Classic Army Caps Military Hats are a favorite of many. People love them because of their versatile shades and designs. They also come in multiple sizes. You can adjust the drawstring and the sweatband to fit according to your head size and comfort.

It uses polyester and spandex as the materials used to make the hats. The make is just a mix of military cap and ear warmers. Fold the ear flaps when it is hot as well as let to cover the sides of your face during cold times.

This hat will work great during skiing, hiking, cycling, and other winter outdoor activities. The design will fit both genders well. Looking to gift someone? This fashionable hat won’t disappoint.


  • Fashionable
  • For outdoor activities
  • Unisex
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • The sizing might be an issue for some people
  • Flaps don’t protect the chin
  • No mask


Frequently asked questions

What is an earflap hats?

An earflap hat (also ushanka) is a fur cap with a Russian descent with extensions on the side which are used to cover the ears. The earflaps vary in length with some covering the ear while others cover to the chin. Some hats include a face mask like our Yooeen Unisex Warm Winter Trapper Trooper Hat.

What are advantages and disadvantages of earflap hats?

Earflap hats are very important to us during cold seasons. With it and other cold clothes, we can work and play outside without freezing. They are also used to protect against the sun rays when you wear them over your head.

Not just that. These hats are also fashionable and stylish. Some people use them as a fashion statement. If you wear a good looking hat, it is easier to get attention which can make it simpler to pass a message across.

Wearing a hat for long has an effect on your hair particularly if it is hot. It traps the oil from the hair leaving it unhealthy. When you don’t want to wear an earflap hat, you will need a place to put it which most people find as an inconvenience.

What’s the approximate price range for earflap hats?

You can get earflap hats with as low as £5 or (even cheaper when searching for children hats). If they are not on promotion, such hats might be of poor quality that can’t guarantee protection against cold. And the material might not be durable as well. Some will compromise on the design and style.

Then you have our category of earflap hats that cost between £10 and £30. With such a budget, it is easier to get decent designs that fit well and are durable. Most people would settle for these because they meet their basic function (keeping the head warm) and generally look great.

There are expensive models that will cost you more than £50. These ones could have taken a lot of work to create (maybe handsewn), used expensive materials to make, or have additional embellishments. It is also possible that a £20 hat is overpriced. So be careful and shop around first.

What should I look for when choosing earflap hats?

There are a lot of things to look for before buying an earflap hat. Consider the following to settle on the best.

Earflap length: Depending on where you live, you’ll choose different lengths of the earflap. For instance, a person living in extremely cold places will choose Trapper Hat Aviator Earflap Hat over the Fancet Womens Earflap cap because it has longer flaps that will cover ears to the chin while the latter only covers the ears.

Material thickness: Other than looking good the reason people buy earflap hats is to protect themselves from cold. The thicker the build, the better it is against the winter cold. Ensure your choice has a fleece lining and uses fur within for coziness.

Waterproof/Windproof: If it is going to be snowy and you will probably get in contact with water, it is better to get a waterproof hat. Look for windproof features like the bill and a mask as well, if you are going for speed sports during winter.

Wearability in warm places: What if you wear your hat and realize that the weather is warmer than you expected? A good hat will allow you to fold the ear flaps without struggling then later free them down when it gets cold.

Color and Design: Women have preferences in hats that vary from those of men. While a woman might go for bright colors with design drawings on the hat, a man could choose one in a dull color and fewer drawings. But you should not be limited by the fashion stereotypes set by others. Look for what pleases you.

What is the best earflap hat? Why is it the best?

Apart from the sizing issue, most customers are happy with the Fancet Womens Earflap Army Cap. Buyers give it a 100% clean bill of health because of it being lightweight, soft, and sturdy. It can protect against cold weather and still function well in warm weather. Its looks are also appealing with a variety of colors available for both men and women. Buy yours and get the feel of it.

What is the best budget earflap hat?

If you don’t want to buy poor quality hats with a small budget, we suggest you take the Yooeen Unisex Warm Winter Trapper Trooper Hat. It is not just good looking, it also provides the warmth you would need during a cold day. Besides, it can handle well most outdoor activities on a cold day thanks to its long earflaps and an added mask. Skaters and skiers are very happy with this product and so will you. With just £11.99, this hat is yours.

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