9 Best Drum Sets for Beginners

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Which drum sets are the best for learning or practicing?

We spent more than 50 hours looking through 30 best drum sets models available on the market. We wanted to find out which of them was the best as well as pick the top performing drum kits.

The Gammon Full Size 5-Piece Drum Set is the best drum set. Other than coming with an attractive matte finish, it also has a telescopic adjustment and features a high quality and durable construction.

On the other hand the Rocket DKF01WR Drum Kit has a rock n’ roll configuration. While it wasn’t the simplest drum set to assemble, it comes with all the necessary pieces. It was also super fun to play. Read on and find out more about the rest of the top performing adult and junior drum sets on our list.

Gammon Full Size 5-Piece Drum Set Review – 88%

This is an adult drum set that comes with all the drums, cymbals and hardware including the hi-hat and stool. This also makes it ideal for professional use. The high gloss matte finish gives the Gammon an attractive and smooth feel and the chain driven pedals are simple and comfortable to use.

Telescopic adjustment on the cymbals allows the user to find the appropriate height and the quality of sound is good. The Gammon has a high quality and durable construction and for a professional level drum kit, comes with a good price tag.

The main drawback with the Gammon 5-piece is that it is not the simplest to assemble. It requires someone with a bit of expertise.

  • High quality construction.
  • Telescopic adjustment.
  • Chain drive pedals.
  • Attractive matte finish.

    Tiger Full Size 5 Piece Drum Kit – Purple Review – 86%

    Like the BDK-1 Full Size Starter Drum Kit, this is also a full sized adult drum kit complete with 5 pieces which includes cymbals and drums. It comes with a 2-inch padded throne for a comfortable sitting.

    The Tiger drum kit features a double braced design which provides the set with optimum stability and support. The cymbal kit is telescopic allowing the user to make the necessary height adjustments. This product will also not damage the floor courtesy of the rubber floor protectors.

    The Tiger drum kit does come with instructions unlike the BDK-1 Full Size Starter Drum Kit. However, they are clearly written by a professional and may not be easy to read by a novice.

    • Complete set.
    • Double braced design proved good support.
    • The instructions are not easy to read.

    Rocket DKF01WR 22 inch Full Size Drum Kit Review – 84%

    This drum set comes in a classic rock configuration which features a 22-inch bass drum, 2 mounted toms, a floor tom, snare as well as a high hats and crash. The Rocket is also a complete drum kit and has all the required hardware which includes bass drum, a drum stool, a pedal and sticks.

    The rocket features a durable and high-quality construction and will withstand regular use for a long time. Not only can it be used by adults but children from the age of 9 upwards can use it as a beginner drum set.

    However, this is not a simple to assemble drum kit and will require you to have some basic knowledge and experience.

    • Complete drum set.
    • Comes in a rock n roll configuration.
    • Not simple to assemble.

    BDK-1 Full Size Starter Drum Kit Review – 82%

    This is a complete 5-piece drum set kit which includes cymbals, stool, hardware sticks and drums. It is an adult kit that is especially designed for starters. The ply base wood shells are able to produce both deep and mellow sounds.

    The different steel cymbals all provide a different tone. It has a solid support that is double braced for the right level of stability. The setup is simple and anyone can do it and finish within a couple of minutes provided they have at least some knowledge on drum sets.

    The Gear4music BDK-1 however, doesn’t come with instructions and for someone who is not well versed on assembling a drum set it can be a challenge. During assembly you will also need to assemble the drum skins.

    • Comes in a complete kit with all cymbals and drums.
    • Provides good support.
    • Doesn’t come with instructions.

    Tiger 5 Piece Junior Drum Kit – Black Review – 82%

    This junior drum set is designed for children aged between 3 years and 10 years. It is a simple to assemble kit and requires little to no expertise. The Tiger junior drum kit also comes with instructions to aid in assembly and this simplifies the whole process.

    The hardware is height adjustable which allows kids of different ages and heights to comfortably use the drum set.

    However, on the downside, the tiger 5-piece junior drum kit produces a tiny sound in the hi-hat. The base also has a tendency to loosen every so often.

    • Height adjustable.
    • Simple to assemble.
    • The sound from the hi-hat is tiny.

    Stagg TIM JR 5/16 BK 5 Piece Junior Drum Kit – 76%

    Like the Mirage JDK 5-piece Junior Drum Kit or the Tiger 5-Piece Junior Drum kit, the Stagg is also a complete 5 piece drum set that is ideal for kids aged 4 years to 10 years. It offers a good way for children to learn how to play the drum set and will see them progress to even larger drum kits.

    The Stagg comes with a 16” bass drum, 8” and 10” toms, a 12” wooden snare drum and a hi-hat and crash cymbals that are height adjustable.

    However, we found tuning the drum set to be a bit of a challenge. It is also not very simple to set up and the quality of the snare is not the best.

    • Comes as a complete 5-piece drum set.
    • Ideal beginner drum set for kids up to 10 years.
    • Not very simple to assemble

    Rocket DKJ02RD 5 Piece Junior Drum Kit – Red – 72%

    The Rocket DKJ02RD 5-piece drum set is designed for kids aged 4 to 10 years. However unlike the Rockjam 3-piece Junior Drum Set, this one comes with all 5 pieces. It also features a rock n roll configuration and has stools and drums making it a good beginner drum kit.

    This drum set has a durable and high-quality design. It will take continuous pounding and still be able to last a long time.

    One of the main downsides with the Rocket DKJ02RD is that it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

    • Comes with a complete 5 pieces.
    • Rock n roll configuration.
    • Lacks instructions.

    Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids – 70%

    The drum kit is best suited for kids aged 4 years to 10 years and provides a good beginner set. It has all the required 5 pieces and is relatively simple to assemble. The Mendini also comes with a stool, drum sticks, drum pedal and drum key.

    The Mendini junior drum kit weighs just 18kgs and can be easily adjusted for height allowing children of different ages to comfortably make use of it.

    However like the BDK-1 Full Size Starter Drum Kit, this one also lacks instructions. The Good thing is that it is not very complicated to assemble.

    • Comes in a full 5-piece set.
    • Simple to assemble.
    • Not very difficult to assemble.

    Rockjam 3-piece Junior Drum Set Review – 44%

    The Rockjam comes in 3 main colors which are metallic red, black and metallic blue. The finish provides for an attractive and pleasant looking drum set. This is a 3-piece kit which includes a bass drum, a stand-alone drum and a hanging tom.

    The drum sticks are lightweight which makes them ideal for kids to begin building experience on playing a drum set. It also features a comfortable, height adjustable throne.

    The Rockjam however, doesn’t come with a durable construction. This is also a small sized drum set that will not work well with kids as old as 10 years.

    • Lightweight drum set.
    • Simple to assemble.
    • Not built to last.

    Frequently asked questions

    What Is Drum Sets?

    A drum set also known as a drum kit comprises of a number of percussion instruments that are arranged together and designed to be played by a single person. There are drums and cymbals of different sizes and each produces a different tone.

    What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Drum Sets?

    Research has shown that playing the drum set can help increase muscle tissue in your arms and forearms.

    For people with anxiety issues, playing the drum set provides a way to channel that pent-up energy helping to improve overall mood.

    For people who are passionate about playing the drum set, there is a high chance that you will get good at it and can create opportunities to joining a band or participating in the orchestra.

    There is also strong evidence that playing the drum causes more production of the white blood cells which in turn boosts immunity.

    However, there are some issues with deciding to buy a drum set. The first has to do with space. Drum sets are large and cumbersome equipment that require adequate space. This may be a challenge for people who live in small spaces and apartments.

    Second, if you are a musician who travels a lot, loading and unloading a drum set can be quite the task.

    These are percussion instruments that don’t come with volume control and can be quite noisy to neighbors.

    What’s the Approximate Price Range for Drum Sets?

    The prices for drum sets vary widely from £170 to well over £4000.

    What Should I Look for When Choosing a Drum Set?

    Your budget is probably the first thing that you will need to consider. Drum sets are by no means cheap even though there are some affordable models.

    However, there is a high chance that they are not built to last. For the best drum kit, those that come with a higher price tag often mean a better-quality equipment.

    Decide on the configuration. Drum sets are either fusion or standard. The fusion variety is smaller and has the benefit of producing a punchier tone.

    On the other hand, the standard type due to the larger toms results in a bigger tone and more volume.

    The other thing that you need to consider is whether you actually need a complete drum set. If you already have some of the parts, you can purchase a shell pack which can actually save you money. A shell pack comprises of just the drums without the extra hardware.

    You need to determine whether you want to buy a beginner drum set. It comes with cymbals, drums, stands and the extra hardware required for you to start playing directly as soon as you take it out of the box.

    Some drum sets allow the user to play different styles of music. However, there are drum kits that are specially constructed for a certain style such a rock n roll drum set.

    Those that come with fewer parts are ideal for music such as jazz while others that feature more parts can be used for rock or metal.

    Which Is the Best Drum Set? Why Is It the Best?

    The Gammon full size drum set is the best. It features a high-quality construction with a stylish matte finish and comes complete with all drums and cymbals.

    What Is the Best Electric Drum Kit? Why Is It the Best?

    The Gear4music digital drum kit is the best electric drum kit. It comes with a compact and lightweight design. The pads are responsive which makes it possible to perform quiet rehearsals.

    What Is the Best Brand of Drums? Why Is It the Best?

    The Gear4music is the best brand of drums. They are known for their high-quality construction that results in durable drum kits.

    What Is the Best Drum Set for Professional use? Why Is It the Best?

    The Alesis Strike pro kit is the best electronic drum set for professional use. It features a software editor where you can create custom kits, is high quality and has large mesh head pads with wood shell.

    What Is the Best Drum Set for Beginners? Why Is It the Best?

    The BDK-1 Full Size Starter Drum Kit is the best for beginners. This is a 5-piece drum set that is perfect for beginners to practice playing the drum on before moving on to larger more advanced drum sets.

    What Is the Best Drum Set for Rock Music? Why Is It the Best?

    The Rocket DKF01WR Drum Kit is the best drum set for rock music. It features a classic rock n roll configuration, is a complete drum set and comes in a durable design.

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