7 Best Bowling Balls for Beginners

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Which brand of bowling balls is the best? Discover which ball is right for you with our reviews of the best bowling balls

Product reviews

After interviewing 10 professional bowling players and visiting six bowling clubs, we ended up buying the 20 recommended bowling balls.

Then, we compared the performances of these balls on different lane conditions, tested their coverstock materials, gauged their motion and speed down the line, and checked the weight ranges in which they were available.

As a result, we ended up with the 7 best bowling balls which will suit everybody, of which the Brunswick Rhino is undoubtedly the best.

For, in addition to having a great pin carry due to its reactive resin coverstock, the Brunswick generates more friction on bowling lanes, and also offers a balance between power and control.

Brunswick Rhino Review – 100%


The Brunswick Rhino thrived during our testing, hence the reason why it is top on our list.

It has a resin coverstock which is compatible with various lane positions and its strength matches that of professional bowling balls.

More importantly, it has the ability to aggressively hook without steering off the lane.

It is also able to cut through different oil patterns without losing traction and speed.

This ball borrows its pin action from its light bulb shaped core and provides a smooth ball motion while rolling down the lane.

It’s also got a variety of weight options to choose from that ranges from 10 to 16 pounds that will suit just about every player.

While its manufacturer recommends to use it on light to medium oil conditions, you can also use it on heavily oiled lans.

You might want to know that since the ball comes undrilled, you would have to reach out to a professional to get the proper holes for your hand.

  • Hooks aggressively
  • Has Resin coverstock
  • Consistent performance on all lane conditions
  • Needs a lot of throw speed to roll efficiently at the end of the lane


MOTIV Venom Cobra Review – 100%


The Motiv Venom Cobra offers better hook potential for advanced players and it delivers peak performance on light to medium oil conditions.

Also, despite providing better control, it offers a faster friction response than other bowling balls.

It attacks the lane with speed and is a worthy successor to its predecessor, the Venom Shock.

It has a strong back-end brought about by the resin coverstock which allows it to glide down the lane smoothly, which means you have better chance to claim all 10 pins.

Another noticeable feature of the Venom Cobra is its ability to handle the lane’s entry point to make your shots more accurate.


  • Fairly aggressive hook
  • Works perfectly on light to medium oil conditions
  • Results in more accurate shots
  • Its performance is inadequate on highly oiled conditions


DV8 Zombie Review – 100%


The DV8 Zombie offers tremendous shelf appeal and is a striking conversation piece.

The gory aesthetics of this ball is backed up by an across the board solid performance, which makes it suitable for mid-tier players.

Its polyester coverstock is complemented by a gloss finish to provide more control to the player.

It delivers a moderately aggressive hook and its core allows it to roll off on the front lane quickly.

And while the hook potential of a bowling ball differs with each user as well as the playing conditions, the DV8 offers solid hook potential even on highly oiled conditions.


  • Cool, unique design
  • Moderately aggressive hook potential
  • Suitable for mid-tier players
  • Not that good on medium-oiled lane


Ebonite Pro Bowl Review – 100%

For those of you who are looking for a good bowling ball but don’t want to pay above odds, The Ebonite Pro Bowl deserves your attention.

It offers a Polyester coverstock with a glossed finish that offers consistent control for an entry-level ball.

Also, since it is capable of handling light to medium oiled lane conditions this bowling ball is useful even for recreational players.

It glides smoothly regardless of the ball speed and although it doesn’t offer the best hook potential, it would still down pins better than your average in-house ball.

Finally, provided you give it a powerful release, the ball has the ability to start strong and glide effortlessly through the lane.


  • Consistent control for an entry-level ball
  • Handles light to medium oiled conditions well
  • Polyester coverstock is perfect for straight bowlers
  • Hook potential is subpar


Brunswick T-Zone Review – 92%


Though not the best in business, the Brunswick T-zone fits the ball if you’re looking for a good spare ball that glides easily through the lane.

It’s consistent in hitting spares and the polyester coverstock generates enough friction for handling any kind of lane condition.

It runs straight so beginners might find it easy to play with.

More importantly both the control as well as the lane presence of the T-zone is steady.

That said, it doesn’t offer tremendous hook potential and is mildly aggressive.


  • Steady lane presence
  • Good spare ball
  • No hook potential


Columbia 300 White Dot Review – 90%


One of the most popular bowling balls in history,, the Columbia 300 White Dot is usually the first choice of every beginner.

It feels a lot better and is more accurate than your standard in-house balls. The Polyester coverstock is durable and is well-balanced for a true, straight roll.

When you throw the ball with speed, it provides steady movement on the back-end that will help you knock down more pins regardless of whether you intend to use it as a spare ball or a primary ball.

The hook potential is low on this one, but it more than makes up for it with its steady roll and good control.

It’s versatile enough that it can handle various lane conditions.

That said, since it is an entry e=level bowling ball, don’t expect it to knock down all 10 pins every single time.


  • Straight, true roll for an entry-level ball
  • Versatile enough to handle any lane condition
  • Picks up speed slowly


Sportime UltraFoam Review – 90%


This bowling ball is made of soft, light UltraFoam that comes in a matte finish which is perfect for the children.

Also, its rubber soft material and light weight makes this ball a good choice for practicing at home.

It rolls pretty well for a bowling ball made out of rubber.

Polished wood and any glossy surface will help it glide more smoothly and deliver a straighter presence when thrown. An added bonus is that it’s washable.

While they won’t be able to master the technical aspects of the game with this toy ball, it’ll teach the children the basics of bowling.


  • Washable rubber foam material
  • Glides smoothly on polished surfaces
  • Perfect for kids
  • Rubber surface is prone to tearing


Frequently asked questions

What is a coverstock on a bowling ball?

The coverstock is the outermost shell of the bowling ball and it influences how the ball will roll on the lane.

There are mainly three different types of coverstocks used in a bowling ball. They include:

Reactive Resin

Reactive resin is used in high performance bowling balls and is favored by advanced players.

It offers superior hook potential and pin control over most coverstocks.

That is, because, reactive resin generates higher friction on lane surfaces to give the professionals an added advantage.

On the flip side, It’s a bit difficult to control unless you’re an advanced player.


Polyester is also another popular type of coverstocks.

Its surface is smooth to minimize friction and make it ideal as a spare ball.

It’s got the lowest hook potential, however, it provides far better control.


Urethane is a step-up from Polyester and is a great mid-tier option for coverstocks on bowling balls.

It’s more durable than Polyester, offers more friction to provide better hook potential.

And is easy to control.

What should I look for when buying a bowling ball?

There are 3 important factors to consider when buying a bowling ball.


No other factor influences the performance of the bowling ball as much as its coverstock, which, as mentioned above, is the ball’s main point of contact with the lane.

If you want high hook potential, go for the reactive resin coverstock.

If you play the game straight and want more control over your bowling ball, choose a polyester coverstock.

And if you want a bowling ball that strikes the perfect balance between hook potential and control, a urethane coverstock will suit you perfectly.


You want to pick a weight that you can comfortably throw.

Manufacturers offer their bowling balls in different weights ranging from 10 to 16 pounds so have a feel for the ball first and select the weight that’s comfortable in your hand before buying.


Generally the higher the price tag of a ball, the more exotic materials it will be using and the better its performance will be.

That said, that is not always the case.

You want to select a bowling ball that fits your needs.

Don’t pay premium for a bowling ball that you’ll only casually use.

On the flip side, you certainly don’t want to use a low-end bowling ball for competing in tournaments.

Therefore, if you cannot afford to pay over the odds, find a ball which offers the perfect balance between performance and affordability.

What are the advantages of having your own bowling ball?

Here are some of the advantages of having your own bowling ball:

Able to select the ideal weight which your arm could easily pick up

Full control over the performance of your bowling ball

Freedom to have customized finger holes

Better in-game performance and higher scores

What is the best bowling ball for me to buy?

The Brunswick Rhino is undoubtedly the best bowling ball on the market.

Thanks to its reactive resin coverstock, it offers great pin carry, provides more friction on all bowling lanes and strikes balance between control and power.


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