9 Best Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids

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What is the best bow and arrow toy? We’ve tested and reviewed the best bow and arrow toys on the market below

Product reviews

We looked at 28 children’s bow and arrow sets, of which 9 stood out to us based on their price, design and accessories.

Our testing team – consisting mainly of parents and carers with young children – spent over 2 weeks trying out each product (it’s a hard life!), comparing features such as bow quality, what comes with each set, the design, ease of use and price, to produce detailed reviews and a list of pros and cons of each set.

The Laser Archery Set for Children by Denny International comes in top for us and is our recommended pick.

It’s safe for ages 3 and up, features a laser for making a more accurate shot and also includes everything that makes an archery set interesting, including a quiver, target board, and suction cups on the arrow tips.

Take a look at our comparison table below and our in depth reviews to find the best bow and arrow set a little further down the page.

Toparchery Kids Hunting Toy Set Review – 100%


The Toparchery Kids Hunting Toy Set stands out because of its great wooden build – it’s a really attractive, realistic looking set. Its wooden build also makes it strong and durable compared to other models, so great for kids.

It has a very comfortable, realistic feel to it and it features soft rubber on the arrow tips for safety. It’s a uni-sex toy, but suitable only for kids that are 8 years old or older so not the right choice for really little ones.


  • Realistic feel because of wooden build
  • Safety rubber on arrows
  • Very strong and durable
  • One of our testers found the arrows lost the rubber point after 4 shots, which isn’t great


Laser Bow Arrow Archery Set Children Kids Review – 100%


The Laser Archery Set by Denny International includes bow, arrows, a quiver and a target board, which means it’s a full package with everything you need to get started, while the arrows have suction cups for tips so can be used safely.

One feature we love is the infrared laser that allows you to make a precise hit on the target board – great for kids as archery can be trick and the laser helps make sure they can at least hit the target board, reducing the risk of them becoming disheartened with the toy.

This product stands out to us because of its lower price as compared to the other archery sets on our list, many of which don’t come with the same accessories as this one does!


  • Complete set with a laser to direct the arrows
  • Suitable for kids aged 3 years old and older
  • Value for money
  • One of our testers and their kids reported that it broke after 3 days! Might just have been a one-one but we recommend you keep your receipt
  • Requires adult supervision


Kingsport Bow And Arrow Set Review – 94%


The Kingsport set features a bow, arrows, target board and a quiver. Arrows have suction cups on the tips which work great on flat surfaced targets, and all the items in the set have a durable plastic build.

This kit perfectly replicates real archery skills and stands out to us as a great learning tool for kids, but adult supervision is a must for this toy.


  • Set includes everything bow, arrows, quiver and a target board
  • Durable plastic build
  • The suction cups can be removed, cleaned and reused.
  • Requires adult supervision, so you can’t leave your kids to play independently with this one


Junior Archery Training Set Outdoor-Shooter Review – 84%


The Junior Archery Training Set features a bow, 4 arrows (two with suction cups), a finger guard, an arm guard and 5 archery paper targets, and we’ve found the aesthetics of this kit give it a very realistic feel.

The bow offers a soft grip so it’s really comfortable to use, and is suitable for 5 years and above.

However, while it looks great, it’s not the most durable archery kit on the market, so bear this in mind if you’re using it with smaller children.


  • Soft grip
  • Target papers can be attached to any flat surface
  • The bowstring isn’t already installed and this can be a bit tricky to do as the bow’s quite stiff!
  • Not as durable as other options
  • Requires adult supervision


Archery Set For Children by Elbenwald Review – 82%


The Elbenwald set consists of a plain and simple wooden bow with string and a leather grip.

Although there’s not much to this kit, its wooden build is strong and it’s comfortable and easy to use.

It comes with 3 wooden arrows with suction cups installed on the tips for safety, but unfortunately doesn’t come with a target board and quiver, like other sets do.

The length of the arch is 119 cm while the arrows are 50 cm long, and we found it can be a little on the large side for smaller children.


  • Sturdy wooden build
  • Arrows with suction cups
  • It could be too big for younger children to use
  • The set doesn’t include a target board and quiver


Holzspielerei Wooden Game 73706 Children Bow with 3 suction pad arrows – 82%


The Holzspielerei Wooden Game 73706 is incredibly bright and lively in design compared to the other sets we’ve reviewed, and this makes it the perfect for smaller children.

The set includes a bow, arrows, quiver and a target board, and the arrows also feature suction cups on the tips in line with it being a safe option for smaller children.

We really liked the target board that features 3 targets, and feel this is better than other options we’ve looked at.

However, the bow’s not as strong as other models we’ve reviewed, especially considering it’s going to be used by kids, and we feel this is a huge shame!


  • Doesn’t require adult supervision
  • Eco-friendly material build
  • Great target board
  • Not as sturdy as other options


Kids Bow and Arrows Set by Jandao Review – 80%


The Jandao set is really durable and is unique in that it’s suitable for both right handed and left handed kids. The set includes a bow, 4 arrows (two with suction cups on the tip), an arm guard, a finger tab.

The draw weight of the kit is between 3.6kg to 5.4kg and the draw length lies between 35 cm and 40 cm, making it a good size and weight for children of different ages and sizes.

It’s a shame this one doesn’t offer a target board or quiver in its set, as other models do, but you can pick these up fairly cheaply and, considering this is one of the most durable bows we’ve reviewed, we feel it may be worth making the extra purchase.


  • Comes with an arm guard
  • Suitable for both left and right handed kids
  • Strong and durable bow
  • Good size and weight for children of different ages and sizes
  • Doesn’t include a target board or quiver


Toparchery Bow and Arrow for kids Left Hand with 3 Arrows 1 Quiver Youth Archery Set Children Toy – 80%


The Kids Starter 36″ features a lightweight fiberglass bow, quiver, an arm guard and 7 arrows.

The set also includes a finger tab and a target, making it a complete set at a good price.

It has a very realistic feel to it because of its neat design, the size of the bow is 92 cm and the weight is 4.5kg – that coupled with the lightweight fiberglass bow make it easy for children to use.


  • Includes everything to get started (bow, arrows, target, quiver, arm guard, and finger tab)
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Requires adult supervision.


Kids Archery Set by Eurotrade Sports and Fun – 72%


The Eurotrade Sports and Fun set features a bow, 3 arrows with suction cups, a quiver and 3 blow darts with suction cups that don’t usually come with an archery set.

It also features a great target board for practice with 3 targets, and is a very vibrant, colourful design, making it great for kids.

  • Presence of 3 blow darts in the set
  • Value for money
  • Bright and colourful – great for young children
  • Not as sturdy as other options we’ve tested


Frequently asked questions

What is a toy bow and arrow set?

Toy bow and arrow sets are toys made specifically for children and these toys usually have a wooden or fiberglass build.

The arrow-heads usually feature suction cups that stick to the target instead of piercing into it, for obvious safety reasons!

Are toy archery kits safe?

Yes. Some of them might need parental supervision when used but all toy archery kits are safe as long as you choose a kit that’s age appropriate for your child, as as long as they’re used correctly.

The archery kits for kids come with arrows that have suction cups on the tip which allows the arrow to stick to a flat target (a wall or a target board, for example).

Other kits that are meant to be for older kids feature rubber on the arrow tips so it’s safe for domestic use.

What’s a toy bow and arrow set made of?

Toy bow and arrow sets are mostly made of fiberglass, synthetic plastic or wood, and in some cases, a mixture of all these materials.

What accessories should you buy with a toy bow and arrow set?

We found that, while most kits come with a box and a set of arrows – as you’d well expect – quite often archery kits don’t feature a quiver and a target board which can be bought separately.

What’s the best wooden bow and arrow set?

The Toparchery Kids Hunting Toy Set is the best wooden bow and arrow set that we found. It features rubber tipped arrows that make it safe for kids who are 8 years or older, and you can read our in depth review on the Toparchery kit further up the page.

What’s the best Nerf toy bow and arrow set?

We feel the Laser Archery Set for Children by Denny International is the best Nerf toy bow and arrow set as it features laser aiming, which is a fab feature.

The set also includes a target board, quiver, and suction cups on arrows – check out our more detailed review.

What’s the best full archery set for children?

The Laser Archery Set for Children by Denny International and the Kingsport Bow And Arrow Set include all the important accessories like quiver, target board and suction cups on arrows.

The Laser archery set by Denny International also features a laser for better aiming.

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