5 Best Adult Tricycles for Seniors

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Which adult tricycles are best for seniors?

If you’re afraid to fall, lack balance, or just want to carry a load of items, then one of the adult tricycles we reviewed might be the right one for you.

We tested 15 of the popular models from trusted brands and picked the seven models that got our attention. We compared the seven adult trikes according to style, weight capacity, and special features.

Pick a comfortable seat, that is durable, and works on 6-speed gears for better efficiency. If you like a more portable adult trike, we recommend the Topmate Mini Electric Trike.


Worksman WTX Wide Tracking Adult Trike Review – 92%


The Worksman WTX is an adult size tricycle which works like a kid’s trike. The front wheel is directly linked to the pedals making it easy to move and control. The WTX also comes with wheelbarrow style wheels to provide amazing stability and comfort.

While the WTX is mainly used for leisure activities, it’s also ideal for therapeutic purposes. Its simple mechanism makes it great to teach special needs riders basic physical therapy and motion training. The super-padded seat is extra-wide to bring more comfort and stability to the vehicle.

  • Easy to ride even for inexperienced
  • A great physical therapy for special needs riders
  • Built with a sturdy frame
  • The seat is extra wide for comfort
  • The wheels are large for great mobility
  • No brakes
  • Not ideal for rough terrains


Ammaco Free And Easy 26” Adult Tricycle Review – 80%


The Ammaco Adult Tricycle is a blessing to seniors who want to bike again. It’s easy to get and off the trike and the 26-inch wheels make riding very easy. It features 6-speed Shimano gears to ride on hilly grounds smoothly.

This adult trike from Ammaco is built with a lightweight alloy frame. The handlebar stem is adjustable so you can set the handlebar position according to your desired riding position. Other great features that make this trike more comfortable are the rear axle brake, the extra wide saddle, and the upright wide handlebars.

  • Has a nice brake system
  • Built with large wheels for better riding
  • The handlebars are adjustable and comfortable
  • Easy to ride and use
  • The construction feels flimsy
  • The wheel sometimes hits your foot when turning around


Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle Review – 70%


The Mantis Tri-Rad is a folding trike made of steel frame and steel suspension fork. It features a large comfortable saddle to bring comfort for short and long rides It includes a rear basket for storage of your items, a bell, and an easy-to-adjust steel stem.

The low-cut frame and parking brake make this trike easy to get on and of. With a simple twist and pull, the frame can be folded for easy storage. It’s powered by a Shimano drivetrain to bring more efficiency when riding.


  • Made of durable steel frame
  • Has a large saddle for comfort
  • Easy to fold with the quick release lever
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • The rear basket can carry a lot of items
  • Makes odd noises when pedaling
  • There are no instructions for assembly


Slsy Adult Folding Tricycles – 70%


The Slsy Adult Folding Tricycles has a cool stylish design that stands out. It has a folding frame so you can easily store it in your car or limited-spaced home. The quick release folding mechanism makes it easy to fold the trike for storage.

This folding trike has a solid rear basket which is large enough to carry your groceries or other items. The height of the seat is adjustable so it can suit any heights of men and women. Plus, it comes with a 6-speed Shimano gears system to travel through rough terrains smoothly


  • Adjustable seat and handlebars suit for any height
  • Easy to fold for storage
  • Made of sturdy frame
  • Efficient 6-speed gears
  • Has a large weight capacity
  • The entire trike is heavy
  • Bulky even when folded


Worksman Port-o-Trike Single Speed Adult Tricycle – 70%


The Worksman Port-o-Trike is a single speed trike that offers an easy mount and dismount. Its frame can be folded for easy storage and portability. When folded, it fits in most minivans and station wagons.

This compact folding trike is very stable thanks to its lower center of gravity. It has a rear basket to store any items, like bags and groceries, wherever you go. TIt works with a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake.


  • Easy ta mount and dismount
  • Adjustable seat height and handlebar stem for flexibility
  • The frame is fully welded for durability
  • Folded for easy storage
  • Assembly is easy
  • The seat isn’t comfortable
  • The handlebars tend to get loose easily


Frequently asked questions

What is the Adult Tricycles?

An adult tricycle is like a bicycle but with two wheels at the back. The extra wheel offers great stability and amazing balance to keep you from tipping over. This type of bike is also designed with a flat seat that enables you to sit upright and not lean forward.

Here are different styles of adult tricycles:

  • Traditional tricycle: one wheel in front and two at the back
  • Folding tricycle: folds to save storage space
  • Electric tricycle: do all the work; pedaling becomes an option
  • Folding electric tricycle: blends the best features of a folding trike and an electric trike
  • Low step tricycle: ideal for seniors with limited flexibility
  • Chopper tricycle: features a laid-back design

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Adult Tricycles?

The best advantage of adult tricycles is stability. Even if you speed up, your adult trike stays stable because of its two wheels at the back.

Safety is another benefit of the adult tricycle, which makes it ideal for kids who are still learning to ride a bike or even the elders who want more support while biking. With this bike, you can ride it slowly so you don’t have to worry about correct balance. You also get the opportunity to improve your overall health and bond with the entire family.

Unlike most two-wheel bikes, a three-wheel bike is easy to ride, set up, and unmount. It also has a larger weight and storage capacity. The basket can hold essential things, like books and bags. Generally, an adult tricycle can hold four grocery bags and 5-6 gallons of water jugs.

However, you need a large storage space since it comes with huge features. But if you choose a folding adult tricycle, then this won’t be a problem. This type of adult bike also generates less power because it’s used more for leisure activities.

What’s the approximate price range for Adult Tricycles?

The price range of adult tricycles can go between £190 to £1,900, depending on the built-in features and overall quality.

What should I look for when choosing an Adult Tricycles?

Whether you’re buying a folding frame or not, look for a strong and durable adult trike bike.

The most durable trikes are made of steel that doesn’t warp and bend under weight. You may also want gears to ride hilly terrains and large wheels for easy riding.

The best trike can handle a large weight capacity so look for a model that has a capacity of at least 300 lbs.

Also, look for a handle that’s comfortable to hold and a well-cushioned seat.

If you have a limited storage space, opt for a folding trike. If not, then other styles of trikes can suffice. Since wheels can be hard to repair, look for some tread and check for any holes or abrasions.

Which is the best Adult Tricycles? Why is it the best?

The best adult tricycle is the Ridgeyard Adult Trike because it’s very comfortable to sit and pedal around. It features a 6-speed gear system to reduce the stress on your legs when pedaling on rough terrains. It’s also durable and comes at a good price.

What’s the best folding tricycles for adults? Why is it the best?

One of the best folding tricycles for adults is the Mantis Tri-Rad because it’s durable and comfortable.

Its frame is made of steel while its saddle is large and comfortable. It also includes a rear basket to store some of your groceries and other stuff.

What’s the best adult Tricycles with gears? Why is it the best?

The Ridgeyard Adult Trike Is the best 3 wheel bikes for adults with gears because it offers 6-speeds that can easily overcome rougher terrains. It also features a comfortable saddle and durable steel frame.

What is the best three-wheel bicycle? Why is it the best?

Ammaco Adult Tricycle is the best adult three wheel bicycle because it has 26-inch wheels that is very large to make the riding easier.

It’s also built with 6-speed Shimano gears to ride better on hilly grounds. Plus, its handlebar is adjustable to any position.

What’s the best tricycle for women’s use? Why is it the best?

The Scout Adults Folding Tricycle is the best women’s tricycle because it has a large rear basket which you can place your groceries and bag.

It also has 6-speed Shimano gears which will reduce the stress on your legs when pedaling. Best of all it comes with an attractive red color which brings more sophistication to the trike.

What’s the best electric tricycles for adults? Why is it the best?

The best electric tricycle for adults is the Topmate Mini Electric Tricycle because it’s very portable. You can fold this trike and carry it anywhere. It’s powered by a 18650 lithium battery which can run as far as 36 km.

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