10 Best Whisky Rocks to Impress Your Guests

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Whisky Rocks That Your Guests Will Marvel At

Whenever you are hosting a party, you may want to wow your guests with some bartending skills. To achieve this, there is no doubt that you will be looking for a versatile liquor to thrill your friends and shake up your routines. The good news is that the Best Whisky Rocks might just be it. The exotic flavors and innovative hybrids never disappoint. You will find what you need with this fine drink.

You can say goodbye to those watered down drinks, thanks to the Best Whisky Rocks. As opposed to ice, whisky rocks are non-porous. Adding them to your drink maximizes the chilling effect, while at the same time retaining the natural character of the drink. You and your guest get the freedom to enjoy a chilled drink any time you need one.

Whether you are a whisky aficionado or a novice, chances are that you have heard of whisky rocks, at least once. However, getting more informed will put you at a better place. You ought to find out which whisky rock suits you, as the market is flooded with a variety of choices. Here we take you through some of the best whisky rocks.

Quiseen Beverage chilling rocks – 92%


These chilling rocks are well designed with soapstone to make them super efficient. They are a great addition to your freezer as they are versatile; you can use to cool a drink of your choice ranging from whisky, beer, vodka, cocktail and wine.

Quiseen beverage chilling rocks come along with a carrying pouch so that you can enjoy a chilled drink even when you are out for an adventurous gateway. In addition to the package are 9 cooling rocks that give your drink an authentic taste.

  • Re-usable
  • Highly versatile
  • Add authentic taste to your drink
  • Very effective
  • Expensive
  • Can scratch your glass if not used carefully

Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones – 90%


Incorporating these eco-friendly rocks to your bartending tricks at your party will allow you and your guest experience a true drinking authenticity.

The package is comprised of six round cooling rocks that are well crafted with diameter of 1.37’’. The six rocks feature distinct colors that give a boost to your drinking moods. They are crafted with high quality granite to ensure that you pleasantly take your drinks and long for more.

Unlike other stones with rough surfaces, thes stones have a smooth surface which is friendly to your glass even when used multiple times.

  • Retains the natural character of your drink
  • The stones have a good shape that does not scratch your glass
  • High chilling power
  • FDA certified
  • The package misses some necessary item such as tongs.

Brotec whisky stones – 88%


These Brotec whisky stones comes in a set that comprises of a black velvet bag, 8 premium whisky stones, 2 short glasses of whisky stone plus a wooden box designed with refined wood plus an attractive velvet pouch. It is one of the best gifts set you can give to a dear one.

Brotec whisky stones cool your drinks for long giving you enough time to enjoy each and every sip. Brotec whisky stones are great addition to your whisky as well as other drinks. They give you maximum versatility by allowing you cool your drinks without interfering with the smell or taste.

  • Cools your drinks for hours
  • Ideal for any drink
  • Can be a nice gift pack for the lovers of whisky. whisky
  • Can easily break if they fall from a considerable height

Kollea chilling stones – 88%


Kollea chilling stones are made from food-grade stainless steel that is rust-free. They are FDA certified, dishwasher safe, long lasting and reusable.

The package is composed of 6 quality chilling stones, a plastic storage tray, a stylish gift box and a pair of tongs. The tongs are slip resistance to help you remove the chilling rocks from the freezer to the glass with much convenience.

  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Easy to clean
  • Give an authentic taste to your drink
  • Can excessively cool your drink making it problematic especially to people with teeth sensitivity.

Osleek whisky stones – 86%


You want your drinks chilly for long? The Osleek whisky stones give you the freedom to have a chilled drink any time you feel like. The stones keep your drink chilled for long due to their high chilling power. And you know what that means – you don’t have to use many of them in a single glass. The package comes with a velvet bag, wooden gift box, a tong and 8 Titanium stainless steel stones that are gold coated.

  • Made from high quality food grade material
  • High chilling capacity
  • Used on a variety of drinks
  • Can be affected by rust

Sipping stones grey whiskey chilling rocks – 86%


These stones will provide a fantastic experience for your guests when you get to the drinking session. The stones are made from soapstone and only take a few hours to freeze. Expect quality time with your buddies with these stones in your drinks.

Sipping stones grey whiskey chilling rocks comes as a set of nine rocks that are finely crafted. Their grey color makes them look cool and impressive. The only setback is that they might cause scratches in your glass.

  • Affordable
  • Does not alter the taste of your drink
  • Takes less time to freeze
  • Can scratch your glass
  • Not easy to clean

Spirit stones whiskey chilling stones – 86%


This is a great pick, especially if you enjoy whisky. They comprise of a set of 10 rocks that are made from pure soapstone. They are a great investment if you host regular parties at your place.

The unique quality of Spirit stones whiskey chilling stones is that cleaning them is a walk in the pack. And they don’t allow soap or any other elements to stick on them. Thus, your drinks will be free from any smell or foreign taste.

  • Re –usable
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Does not overwhelm the taste of your drink
  • The package comprise of a few items

Barme whisky stones – 82%


These whisky stones come in an excellent package comprising of a velvet bag, a pair of tongs and six cooling stones made of stainless steel, which is rust resistant. Their bullet shaped design makes them so outstanding.

In addition to their fast chilling impact, the rocks have a high cold temperature retention capability. You can have your drinks at your pace without having to add more rocks.

  • Incredible chilling effect
  • Versatile and re-usable
  • A good gift idea for whisky fans
  • Durable
  • Highly priced

Outset 76435 whisky stones – 78%


Outset 76435 whisky stones come in a set of nine black, stylish looking and polished granite rocks. They rocks are chilling for a few hours but retain cold temperature for long. A velvet bag is also included for convenient storage and transportation.

  • Polished to reduce glass scratching
  • Elegant appearance
  • High retention power
  • Not versatile

Spirit whiskey chilling rocks – 78%


The Spirit whiskey chilling rocks are made from premium quality steel. The package features a set of 4 stones, ice cubes and a tray. The rocks are sealed adequately to prevent any liquid or water from tampering with the rocks. Each corner is designed professionally to minimize chances of scratching.

  • BPA free
  • Stored on the freezer for a short time
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Excessive cooling makes them not swallow friendly

Frequently asked questions


What is the best Whisky Rock? Why is it best?

As the saying goes; ‘Never delay kissing a beautiful girl or opening a whisky bottle.’ You can agree to that, right? Meaning, you are always up to grab a whisky at any opportunity. Nothing can bring down your moods like missing a drink when you badly need it. What can make it worse is when you end up getting a chilling method that ruins the whole drinking experience by introducing foreign odors or diluting the drink.

The market will always spoil you when it comes to the choice of the best whisky rocks. They are of different types. What you need to keep in mind before making a selection is that whisky rocks are not the same, not every one of them will make you have the desired results.

People have varying tastes of chilled drinks. Your taste should guide you in having an excellent pick of your whisky rocks set. Some like it when optimum temperatures are reached while when others enjoy the slightly chilled ones.

Some whisky rocks cool your drinks within minutes; others require you to wait for some time. For effective cooling, freeze it depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation in regard to chilling time.

The rocks are non-porous hence they do not add foreign smell, flavor or water to your drink. Whisky rocks that are round in shape have lower chances of scratching your glass as opposed to squired ones. To minimize the chances of knocking your glass, opt for polished models or softer rocks.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Whisky Rocks?

Whisky rocks have a number of advantages as listed herein.

  • They maintain the quality of your drink without watering it or altering the natural taste or smell
  • The re-use nature of whisky rocks makes them so economical.
  • They ensure high sanitation levels and are not easily contaminated.
  • Whisky rocks give a sticking appearance to your drink hence invigorating your drinking moods.
  • They posses an incredible temperature retention capacity that makes your drink chill faster.
  • Whisky stones can cool other drinks apart from whisky.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Whisky Rock?

Whisky rocks have a variety of features. It will require you to be well informed prior to making your purchase. Let’s look at the most critical factors you should consider in the course of your shopping journey for the Best Whisky Rocks.


Whisky rocks that are composed of soapstone are soft, non- porous, odorless and affordable. These rocks are best used when you are looking forward to a slight chilling effect.

Granite whisky rocks are quality, long lasting and have a good chilling effect. Their only disadvantage is that they are hard and can scratch your glass if nit handled with care.

Whisky rocks made of stainless steel are non- porous, smooth, durable and rust resistant. They are ideal if you want to chill your drink to optimal temperatures. These rocks are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Shape of the rock

Chilling rocks come in variety of shapes meant to give your drink a shimmering appearance. There are rounded shapes, squire shapes and flat discs designs.

When not used carefully, square shapes may cause an impact on your glass. Smooth and refined stones are the best.

Waiting time

As recommended by the manufacturer, you will require chilling your whisky rocks for some time before using them. Rocks with less chilling time are more preferred.

Retention power

The ability to retain cold temperatures determines the period at which a whisky rock can keep your drink chilled. Go for drinks with higher retention power to avoid disappointments.

The quantity

Every package of whisky rock comes in different quantity according to the manufacturer. Consider the number of drinks you want to chill before choosing a package.

The number of stones to be used per glass depends on the stone power and capability to retain cool temperatures. Some rocks will need only one piece while others require you to use 2 or 3 pieces.

Ease of cleaning

To prevent cross- contamination between drinks, whisky rocks require proper hygiene. Stones that are hard to clean take much of time when cleaning them

Whisky rocks that are dishwasher friendly are highly advocated as they facility easy cleaning. Also, models that are fully sealed prevent other liquids from being absorbed hence making cleaning a walk in the park.

Drinks recommended

Some whisky rocks limit you on how many drinks you can chill, but others allow you to chill all drinks you would like to. This depends on the material used.

Ensure that you know where to utilize a whisky rock before you invest on it, and avoid using a whisky rock on a drink against the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Accessories included

Different packages of whisky rocks are purchased in accompaniment with various accessories. These accessories add up to their convenience and your choice is influenced by your personal preferences. They include; tray, tongs, bag, whisky glasses and gift box.

What’s The Best Budget for Whisky Rock?

Investing on the Best Whisky Rocks is a guarantee for a smooth chilled drink with its characters unaltered.Material used, accessories included and number of rocks are the main factors that determine the process of whisky rocks.

As much as you stay on your budget, it is advisable to put your needs into consideration. For instance, purchasing your chilling rocks that has no vital accessories that you require will be inconveniencing; it can even cost you more. Always make comparison to ensure that you go for the best deal

What are some of the Tips for Using Whisky Rocks?

Adequately clean your whisky rocks using mild dish soap and warm water after use. This gets rid of any flavor that may later impact on the natural character of your drink.

Avoid cleaning soapstone in a dishwasher to prevent breakage. Soak your stones in warm water and vodka solution for four to five hours to get rid of whisky flavors.

Always use the recommended number of stones for optimum chilling effect. To maintain the character of your drink, pick your stones using a pair of tongs to keep them from falling or acquiring dirt and germs from your hands.

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