7 Best Rug Carpet Rakes for Homes

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What is the best carpet rug rake? Browse reviews of the best rug carpet rakes we’ve tested for you below

Product reviews

Our testing team spent over 100 hours testing out a range of different models currently available on the market to determine the best rug carpet rakes for removing dirt, pet fur and hair off your carpet.

We compared important features, such as the effectiveness of each product, the material they’re made from, their sturdiness and quality, ability to get into those hard to reach places, and, of course, the price.

Our overall findings prove the Leifheit supra rubber broom with telescopic handle to be our favourite; it features robust bristles that pull out even the most stubborn hair, and it’s versatile with its ability to clean wet surfaces with its rubber squeegee.

Some of the other rug carpet rakes that we tested matched the Leifheit for its reliable performance, but the main differences were in their versatility and price.

Check out our price comparison table below for info on key features of our top 7, and continue reading to reach our in depth reviews of each.

RAVMAG Rubber Broom with Built-In Squeegee Review – 86%

This RAVMAG is made from 100% natural TPR rubber which provides it with excellent dirt and fur removal properties.

When it comes into contact with the carpet, a static charge is produced which attracts the dirt and fur making cleaning easy and efficient.

It features a telescopic handle, while the squeegee feature helps to scrape dirt off wet surfaces.

As well as being effective on your rugs and carpets, you can also use the RAVMAG to remove pet fur from your clothes and car seats.

At 33cm in brush width, the RAVMAG has a decent size and also way better than the OXO model, and it also comes at a much better price.

One drawback is that the telescopic handle tends to stick and doesn’t extend and retract as conveniently as you may want.

  • Efficient at removing dirt and fur
  • Comes at a good price
  • Wide brush width for more efficient cleaning
  • The handle can sometimes stick

Lakeland Rubber Buddy Broom with Internal Squeegee – 86%

As the name suggests, the Lakeland Rubber Buddy comes with rubber bristles.

It does the job that it was built for fairly well, consistently pulling out hair and debris, leaving the carpet clean and tidy.

The handle is telescopic, but it cannot be compared to the leifheit which can extend to 140cm as this one can only go as high as 122cms.

We did notice that it needs to be fastened tightly to the brush, otherwise the head unscrew when using it, which is a nuisance.

The general construction of the Lakeland however is quite sturdy and we liked this option for its value for money.

  • Quite sturdy
  • Effectively removes pet hair
  • Price is affordable
  • The head unscrews as you use it if not sufficiently tightened

Leifheit Supra Rubber Broom with Telescopic Handle – 86%

One of the most striking features that we noticed with the Leifheit Supra Rubber Broom is its versatility.

It has a dense network of bristles that are robust enough to pull out tough dirt and marks on the carpet.

This rubber broom also comes with a squeegee blade to scrape away water.

Whether it’s dust or hair, the Leifheit provides efficient cleaning with its 30 cm wide broom, and the telescopic handle can be extended from 80 cm to 140cm to make it reach further and render it even easier to use.

Unlike the WISPsystem 90 or the OXO Good grips, the Leifheit is able to provide just as much – or even better – work while coming in at an even cheaper price.

One major drawback that we found is the handle isn’t very strong, especially where it connects with the rake, which means, while it still gives a great performance, you have to go easy with it!

  • The rubber bristles are robust
  • It’s really simple to use
  • Effectively gets rid of dirt and pet fur on the carpet
  • The handle isn’t very durable
  • Doesn’t lie flat when you’re looking to sweep under seats, so this can be a little tricky

WISPsystem 90 Degree Angle Broom Review – 80%

The WISPsystem is one of the best rug carpet rakes that we tested, and features a one-hand pulling design which creates a simplified method of cleaning your carpets that also prevents dust or pet hair from being thrown back into the air.

This is a lightweight carpet rake with a simple design, making it easy to get to hard to reach places. We love it!

The bristles are dense and electrostatic, allowing them to attract the dirt giving a more thorough clean; the WISPsystem might practically eliminate the need to use a vacuum cleaner that can clog up!

The drawback is that the 90-degree design means that it won’t do a great job when you want to sweep under the bed or chairs.

If you try to lie it down horizontally, you’ll find that only the plastic is touching the floor, so isn’t that effective in these tricky areas.

  • Electrostatic bristles attract dirt which makes cleaning more efficient
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight so easy to manoeuvre
  • Poor at cleaning under beds and chairs – the only negative we found to an otherwise great product!

OXO Good Grips “FurLifter” Carpet Rake, Red, White – 80%

The OXO Good Grips is designed to be used just like a normal rake with a pulling motion.

The microfiber brush is double sided and scrapes the hair clean off the carpet!

We found that cleaning the brush is extremely simple; just pull the orange grip towards you as you hold back the handle and the brush pad will retract making it ready to use a second time. Easy!

Unlike the Leifheit however, it doesn’t feature a wide brush. At only 26cm, it is almost 10 cm narrower and is the smallest of the rag carpet rakes that we tested. The price is also a bit steep compared with the rest.

Furthemore, another disadvantage compared to its competitors is that, while the OXO does remove the larger top fur, it’s not as efficient at removing the finer undercoat.

  • Simple to use
  • Really easy to clean the brush
  • The price is a bit high compared to other available options
  • Doesn’t clean the finer hairs efficiently
  • Brush isn’t as wide as other models so cleans less efficiently

Rubber Broom Pet Hair Removal Sweeping Brush – 80%

The rubber bristles of the Professional 1.2M rubber broom can easily get between the carpet upholstery, making it really simple to pull out hair that is entangled.

The 1.2m width helps to cover more surface area with fewer strokes, which means the job gets done quicker.

We especially liked the metal handle; it’s sturdy, unlike the telescopic handles, which are prone to bending and breaking.

However, the connection point between the handle and the brush is weak anc could break fairly easily if excessive force is used.

This rug carpet rake is the most affordable at just above £10; over 3 times cheaper than the Leifheit!

  • The brush is wide
  • Easy to use
  • Has a sturdy handle
  • Good price
  • The connection point between handle and broom isn’t very strong

Shag Carpet Rake Review – 70%

This carpet rake from B/W doesn’t come with a handle; annoyingly, you have to source that separately.

It can, however, be attached to any standard 7/8’’ wooden handle if you have one lying around!

Unlike any of the previous rug carpet rakes that we tested, this one provides the best option as far as the handle is concerned (once purchased!).

It’s highly durable and you won’t have to worry about it breaking, which is more than can be said for rag carpet rakes that use a telescopic handle such as the RAGMAG or OXO Good Grips.

The rag carpet rake is very effective in pulling out hair and fur., and the bristles also brush the carpet upholstery making it look tidy.

The drawback is that the lack of a handle means extra costs, and the plastic brush head isn’t that strong so could break under pressure.

  • The bristles are flexible yet firm
  • Effectively removes pet hair and brushes carpet
  • Made from light plastic that could break easy
  • The handle is a separate purchase

Frequently asked questions

What is a rug carpet rake?

A rug carpet rake is a brush that has bristles that are mainly made from rubber or, sometimes, metal.

These bristles get between the upholstery of the carpet to pull out any fur or dirt that has been caught in-between.

While some carpet rakes will come with a metal or wooden handle, others have a telescopic handle that can be adjusted for height.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a rag carpet rake?

One main advantage of carpet rakes is that they are able to pull out fur, hair and dirt from carpets where vacuum cleaners fail.

This is because, as the fur is stepped on, it gets further into the upholstery making it hard to remove. Carpets rakes are able to get in there and pull the fur out.

By removing the fur and dirt, guests who are allergic to pet fur won’t be as affected, and this is certainly more than you can say for vacuum cleaners.

One drawback is that rug carpet rakes tend to come with a weaker handle that can easily break, especially when used on thick carpets where more pressure is used.

They are also quite expensive which is further emphasized by their limited use.

What is the best carpet rake for cat and dog hair?

Fur from your dogs or cats can get into the deepest parts of the carpet upholstery.

This is especially true when you are regularly stepping on the carpet as you are likely to push them further down.

To get these hairs out, you need a carpet rake with bristles that are sturdy enough to get deep into the upholstery without bending, such as the Leifheit Supra Rubber Broom with Telescopic Handle.

One option is using a carpet rake with metal bristles, but this will likely cause damage to the carpet over time.

A rag carpet rake with thin but dense rubber bristles should do the trick; we suggest the RAVMAG Rubber Broom with Built in Squeegee.

An added advantage is that, as the rubber bristles make contact with the carpet, a static charge is created which attracts the hairs and dirt much the same way as a magnet attracts metal.

What’s the best carpet rake for human hair?

Human hair is often longer than pet fur which means it can get entangled much more with the carpet upholstery.

A carpet rake with sturdy and thin bristles, such as the WISPsystem 90 Degree Angle Broom with Bristle Seal Technology, can get deep into the carpet to pull out the hair.

The rug and carpet rake should also be wide to cover a large surface area.

How do you use a carpet rake?

The best way to use a carpet rake is to apply the same motion that you use with a yard rake.

That is a pull back motion while applying slight pressure on the front to enable the bristles to reach down between the upholstery of the carpet.

What is the difference between a carpet rake and a carpet brush?

A carpet brush has softer bristles that are placed closer together and is best for a low-pile carpet.

A carpet rake, on the other hand, has tougher bristles that are meant for thicker carpets.

They can get deep to remove the dirt, hair and fur without bending too much.

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