9 Best Wire Stripping Machines

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Our team spent weeks researching the massive range of wire stripping machines currently out there, narrowing it down to the 9 most popular, value for money buys.

Following this, the team spent a whopping 52 hours testing and comparing these 9 to identify the pros and cons of each.

Overall, the Ultraselect Wire Stripping Machine 220V Peeling and the Cutting and Fixkit Automatic Copper Wire Stripping Machine are our favourite machines from 9 in our selection.

The Ultraselect is an efficient machine for people looking to strip various wire types and sizes using a single wire stripping machine, though is more appropriate for use on a large scale or industrial level.

The Fixkit machine is best for anyone who has a lot of copper wire to recycle. as it’s really quick and easy to use.

Check out our in-depth reviews for more details on the features of all 9 stripping devices.

Ultraselect Wire Stripping Machine 220V Review – 100%


The Ultraselect machine is ideal for people looking to buying a multifunctional stripping machine. This amazing wire stripping machine features different holes for different diameter varieties making it really versatile, so no matter if you’re dealing with a wire of 1.5mm or 38mm, it can always be easily stripped. It’s suitable for all kind of wire typ2es, including removing the insulation or plastic from undamaged scrap wire.

  • Very versatile! Ability to strip different diameters wires
  • Can be used with a range of wire types
  • Heavy, so not very portable


C.K 39074 RedLine VDE Wire Stripping Pliers 160mm – 100%


This amazing hand-held wire stripper is approved and certified by the Germany VDE institution. It’s certainly one of the best wire strapping tool for people who perhaps only need a stripping tool every once in a while and don’t need to invest in a more highly-priced machine. It’s one of the cheapest we’ve looked at, but still does the job!

The only negative we have is that it’s not quite capable for stripping longer wires, and it takes longer than an actual machine, but if you’re only looking to use it for household DIY it would should more than suffice.


  • Best for minor DIY tasks
  • The low price!
  • Not great for longer wires


SK 7777 Romex Cutter and Wire Stripper Review – 100%


The SK 7777 Romex stripper may seem a small hand-held tool but this can strip an outer jacket from 12-2” and 14-2” romex. It’s also versatile and can remove plastic or insulation from inner 12 and 14 AWG wire.

The main function of this romex stripper is to rip out the romex outer jacket quickly and cleanly, and we feel it’s a great performer. It’s specially designed as a hand-held tool, and it can strip inner conduit wires, loop wire, clip outer sheathing to cut excess Romex jacket.

Unfortunately, like with the Redline pliers, these aren’t designed for intense wire stripping on a large scale as there are better machines out there for this purpose, but they are ideal for household DIY tasks.


  • Hand-held and easy to use
  • Compact and offers much efficiency
  • Cheap!
  • Not suitable for extensive wire stripping


Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine Review – 96%


The Coppermine machine is the most versatile machine on our list. It incorporates a hand-driven functioning with an add-on adapter that provides a completely new experience to users, and is very different to the other machines we’ve tested.

One great feature is its input guide prevents tangled wires and they are straightened before reaching the blade – this is unique to this machine. Personally, this wire stripping machine is great for someone who’s looking to strip wire for recycling or sale purposes, and it’s gained special approval for its reliability as well as efficiency.


  • Easy to operate and really quick
  • Input guide to prevent wire tangling
  • No automatic feature, like some machines offer


Automatic Copper Wire Stripping Machine Review – 79%


The Fixkit Automatic Wire Stripping Machine seems to be the best of the ones we tested! It’s easy to use and is the most energy saving wire stripping machine available on the market. It can strip almost every kind of romex (coaxes and cords) with the sizes between 15 gauge wires to 250 MCM. It’s versatile as well, as you have the option of attaching a drill machine for even quick stripping!

This is certainly the best high-grade machine for removing the insulation from undamaged scrap wire for you to make some money.


  • Automatic and manual
  • Saves energy
  • Must be mounted on a flat surface or workstation


StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine – 78%


The StripMeister is the best wire stripping machine for undamaged scrap wires on an industrial scale, and it provides quick yet easy stripping for almost all kind of wires. However, its efficiency for recycling copper wire is what really makes it stand out.

This automatic wire stripper provides a free extra blade that is worth £20 and, and we can verify this, boasts that it saves up to 33% of your time as compared t other high-end wire stripping machines.


  • Strips all kind of wires
  • Saves time
  • Excellent quality
  • Does not include a hand driven handle


C.K T2250 ArmourSlice SWA Cable Stripper Review – 76%


Though the ArmourSlice stripper can’t be referred to as an actual stripping machine, it does offer a arguably easier and quicker way of stripping wires than traditional methods. It can strip wires with diameters between 12mm to 36mm and features 5 high-grade blades. This is an incredibly strong and durable product, and we feel it offer great value for money.


  • 5 cutting blades
  • Really quick and very easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Not ideal for extra long wires


ECO-WORTHY Multifunction Copper Review – 74%


The Eco-Worthy machine can be either hand operated or used with a drill machine, and we love that this machine offers both options – great to have the drill option if you plan on stripping large quantities or over a longer period of time. It is made of high-grade aluminum and stands out against some of the other wire stripping machines in terms of quality. It can be used for wires 1.5mm-25mm diameter and is versatile, durable, easy to use, and can strip 450 inches of copper wire per minute making it tremendously efficient!

  • Strips 450 inches/min copper wire
  • Versatile – hand or drill operated
  • High quality
  • Limited to a single workstation


ReaseJoy 1.5-38mm Copper Wire Stripping Machine – 68%


The ReaseJoy machine is a highly portable, easy to use, hand driven and energy saving machine. It can strip a variety of cables from extremely tough wires to smaller, more flimsy ones.

This machine incorporates 10 channels for different sizes of wires to ensure it offers maximum stripping efficiency, and it’s made of durable steel but has a lightweight design so it’s easy to move around. It provides excellent assistance with removing insulation and plastic from wires of 1.5 mm up to 38mm diameter.

The only negative is that, while the hand crank is easy to use, depending on how long you plan to strip wire for, you might get tired using it compared to machines that have an automatic option.


  • 10 different stripping channels so effective on a range of cable thicknesses
  • Hand crank operation saves energy
  • Easy to operate
  • No automatic stripping option


Frequently asked questions

What is a wire Stripping Machines and what is it used for?

A wire stripping machine is a machine used to remove wire insulation from coaxial or electric wires in order to locate the conducting metal core. A simple wire stripper is a small hand-held device that is suitable for use in any household, whereas business may use a dedicated wire stripping machine, which is an industrial version of the same tool to be used on a larger scale.

These machines differ in function and size. There are many types of wire stripping machines, for example, scrap wire stripping machines, electric wire stripping machines, automatic/manual wire stripping machines and thermal wire stripping machines.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wire Stripping Machines?

Wire stripping machines play an important role in reducing wire stripping from taking minutes to mere seconds!

However, while machines can make the task quick and easy, it’s important the machine is used correctly as it’s really easy to spoil a good piece of the wire by stripping or cutting it incorrectly.

What should I look for when choosing a Wire Stripping Machines?

This is an expensive tool with many benefits, so you need to make sure you get one that’ll fit your purpose and ensure you get your money’s worth!

Unfortunately there isn’t a buyer’s guide to selecting the right wire stripping machine, but further down we’ve reviewed some of the most popular wire strippers on the market and identified their pros and cons.

What’s the approximate price range for Wire Stripping Machines?

It depends on what type of wire stripping machine you’re looking for. For instance, there is a huge difference in the price range of a simple hand-held wire stripper and an industrial one. A simple hand-held wire stripper can be found in the price range of £20-30 and an industrial, manual, or electrical wire stripping machine may vary from £60-£100.

What’s the best professional grade wire stripping tool?

The Fixkit Automatic Copper Wire Stripping Machine is, in our opinion, the best automatic wire stripping tool. It’s easy to use, highly automated and operates with a drill driven functionality or hand crank. You can either use the handle for manual stripping or connect a drill automated wire stripping.

What’s a Romex stripper?

The main function of a Romex stripper is to rip out the Romex outer jacket quickly and cleanly. It is specially designed as a hand-held, and it can strip inner conduit wires and loop wire, and clip outer sheathing to cut excess Romex jacket.

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