6 Best Tool Belts for Carpenters & Framers

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We visited 10 work sites, interviewed over a dozen carpenters and framers, and spoke to 3 work safety experts to prepare a list of 30 best tool belts in the market. We then compared these belts on their weight, the storage size they offered, the adjustability of their straps, and their resistance to water.

Consequently, while we started with 30 tool belts, our final list shrinked to only 6, among which the 11 Pockets Carpenter Leather Tool Belt is the best.

In addition to providing a mammoth 11 multi-use pockets, it is secured with double stitches and the high-tension areas of the belt have safety rivets to guarantee their sturdiness. What’s more, it also has an adjustable size range between 32’’ and 45’’.

Take a look at our comparison table below and read our comprehensive reviews to choose the best tool belts that suits you.

DEWALT DEW175552 Tool Belt and Carpenter’s Belt – 94%

The DEWALT DEW175552 Tool Belt is a tool rig system which combines a multipurpose pouch, a drill holster and a hammer loop. It is customizable to the user’s needs and its ambidexterity means both right and left handed users could use it.

At its core is a heavy-duty leather reinforced belt with 2-pin belt buckle that ensures the belt is tightly secured and suitable to carry heavy loads.

The belt is fully adjustable to suit all waist sizes and includes steel d-ring hangers for use with braces. The tool backpack is made from strong, durable polyester fabric, and uses extra leather on high friction areas to provide better security to your tools.


  • It comes in different sizes
  • It is made of good quality
  • It is extremely useful.
  • It is suitable for both right and left-handed users
  • Heavy


Faithfull LB134 Heavy-Duty Leather Belt Review – 92%


The Faithfull LB134 Heavy-Duty Belt features a strong buckle suitable for waist sizes between 34” and 44”. Similar to the waist size, the leather belt is also adjustable.

When you are working at a point above the ground, you don’t need to worry about falling off as this tool belt guarantees safety and comfort. Also, despite the fact that it weighs a mere 0.24 grams, this belt is sturdy.


  • Real top quality leather.
  • Suitable for all waist size.
  • Long lasting leather belt
  • Strong and comfortable.
  • Velcro strap might come off

Bag Belt 38 x 14 x 8 Bag Review – 86%


The Belt Bag measures 38 x 14 x 8 cm and comes in eight different colors. Its tough polyester material is highly resistant to water, and it also possesses a fully adjustable strap with an clap which lets you adjust the waist of this belt up to 44-inches.

Unlike the abovementioned Faithful belt, the BagBase has a dark blue color which won’t fade over time. Also, the bag has a huge zipper pocket where you could store your tools.


  • It is highly affordable.
  • Good stitching
  • Solid buckles.
  • Water resistant
  • Velcro strap might come off


Stanley 196178 Tool Apron Review – 84%


Facing the problem of holding multiple tools while fixing electrical connections? Stanley 196178 Tool Apron can solve it. The belt is made from strong and durable denier fabric which won’t give way with ease. Its integrated metal hammer loop allows easy reach to your tools.

What’s more, it has different pocket sizes and loops to let you organize your tools. Then there is its tape pocket which allows easy access to your tools. And to make sure you remain comfortable while wearing it, its back side is padded.


  • A very good quality and highly affordable.
  • It provides maximum organization of tools in separate pocket.
  • It provides comfort and safety.
  • One reviewer said that the belt bag had poor stitching.


Leatherman Leather Pouch to Fit Wave Multi-Tool – 84%


Measuring 11 x 4.5 x 3 cm, this high-quality black leather features a belt loop to securely attach your tools around your waist. It also offers considerable storage space which means you could store multiple tools at once.

Also, if you have problems wearing it around your waist, the Leatherman has a clip using which you can securely attach it to your trouser.


  • Great leather quality.
  • Long lasting pouch that can take various sharp tools.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Pouch is too small to accommodate big tools.


11 Pockets Carpenter Leather Tool Belt Review – 72%


The 11 Pockets Carpenter Leather Tool Belt fits measures 1.6 x 23.8 x 11.6 cm and fits on waist sizes between 32’’ and 45’’. it is made of tough leather which has conditioned the tool belt to endure years of heavy abuse.

More importantly, it features 11 multi-role pockets which you can use to store screwdrivers, scissors, nails, and mallets, among other tools. All the pockets contain double stitches and safety rivers in their tension areas make them durable as well.


  • Belt is strong and durable with useful pocket.
  • Highly comfortable with enough space to contain tools.
  • Adjustable waist to fit.
  • One reviewer said that it had poor design


Frequently asked questions

What is tool belt?

It is a belt which is worn around the waist and contains pockets and loops where you can fit in your tools and other equipment. Hence, it saves you a lot of time and energy to grab your tools.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tool belts?


  • Tool belts make it easy to keep essential tools within reach, especially when you’re working on a ladder where normally there is no other place to place your tools.
  • It makes work faster and better by allowing you to access your tools in the twinkle of an eye.


  • They can be heavy if you fit in a lot of tools
  • Some of them tend to disintegrate easily

What should I look for when choosing a tool belt?

First of all, take stock of tools which you are going to put in your tool belt. If your kit is large, go for a bigger tool belt which offers lots of pockets. Conversely, if you are just a hobbyist, do the opposite.

Second, make sure to select such a tool belt which allows you to work in comfort while it is attached around your waist. Belts with large suspensions that can be attached to your shoulder make you feel comfortable even while working with a lot of tools attached to the belt.

Finally, check out the general factors of a tool belt including its durability, price, and quality of construction so that it doesn’t worn out easily.

What is the price range of tool belts?

The price range of tool belts ranges from £5 to £410.

What is the best tool belt and why is it the best?

The best tool belt is DEWALT DEW175552 Tool Belt because it is made of top quality polyester fabric leather material that is capable of holding several tools at once while working.

Also, it comes in different waist sizes, which is a unique feature when you look at other tool belts.

What is the best leather tool belt and why is it the best?

Faithfull LB134 Heavy-Duty Belt is the best leather tool belt. In addition to possessing high quality durable leather, it weighs just 0.24 kgs, and comes in various colors.

What is the best carpenter belt and why is it the best?

The DEWALT DEW175552 Tool Belt is the best carpenter belt. It is adjustable, made of high quality material, and offers great comfort.

What is the best belt bag and why is it best?

The Bag Belt 38 x 14 x 8 cm Bag is the best belt bag. It comes in 8 different colours, has brilliant stitching, and is highly resistant to water.

What is scaffold belt?

A scaffold belt is a type of belt that allows a person to stand or sit while working high above the ground.

What is the best scaffold belt and why is it the best?

The Faithful LB134 Heavy-Duty Leather Belt is the best scaffold belt. That is, because, it is made from quality hide leather which can provide lasting and dependable service.

What is the best leather tool pouch and why is it the best?

The Leatherman Leather Pouch to Fit Wave Multi-tool is the best leather tool pouch. It features a high quality black leather with a press stud fastening to prevent accidental loss of contents and also has a belt loop for securely attaching the belt to your clothes.

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