5 Best Powered Reclining Lift Chairs for Comfort

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The best powered reclining lift chairs for comfort have been tried and tested by the team, read below to find the best one for you.

We’ve interviewed over 30 people about the reclining power lift chairs that they use. Our questioning focused on comfort, ease of use, and overall quality.

After all of our questioning, we’ve concluded that the CAESAR Reclining Heat and Massage Chair is the best power lift chair. It scored highly on the comfort scale, plus it has heating and massage functionality. However, other chairs excel in different areas.

Check the comparison table below and read our reviews to find the best reclining power lift chair for you.

Chester Heated Leather Massage Recliner Review – 96%


Chester’s Heated Leather Massage Recliner offers similar features to CAESAR’s chair. However, it’s lacking the pair of cup holders in the arms. It makes up for that with a wide and high seat, which may make this one of the best reclining chairs for big and tall people.

The massage unit covers your back, thighs and calves, and the chair has a heated backrest. It also has leather upholstery with a regular foam interior. Unfortunately, the chair doesn’t come with a power lift feature, which may make it a bad choice for elderly people.


  • The massage function covers your entire body if needed.
  • The heated backrest offers more heat than a heated seat.
  • Sturdy construction coupled with a wide base make it a good choice for big and tall people.
  • Doesn’t come with a power lift feature.
  • Could use thicker padding.


Windsor Electric Recliner Chair Review – 88%


Available in three colours – black, cream, and brown – Windsor’s chair uses a single motor that raises and reclines the chair as needed. You control the motorised recliner with a simple two-button remote, which means you don’t have to learn a bunch of complex controls to get it working. Better yet, this means it’s a good choice for those with reduced mobility.

It’s one of the few genuine bonded leather power lift chairs. This make may it one of the best reclining power lift chairs for those who value comfort. Moreover, you can raise it to a full standing position or recline it to a comfortable sleeping position.

The chair does require some assembly, but it’s a fairly simple two-step process.


  • Uses genuine bonded leather across the entire exterior.
  • Extremely simple controls mean you don’t have to spend an eternity fiddling around with it.
  • Rises to an almost full standing position.
  • Requires assembly before you can use it.
  • A larger range of colours would have been nice.


CAESAR Reclining Heat and Massage Chair Review – 86%


This may be the best medical lift chair for those with aching bones and muscles. As well as the reclining and lifting features that most of the chairs in our list come with, it also offers heating and massage features. The heated seat will keep you comfortable during the winter, while the eight-point massage feature hits all of the major stress spots.

It also has a built-in footrest, two cup holders on the arms, and a pouch on the side. The simple, two-button remote makes it easy to recline and stand, plus it’s made using genuine leather. This lends it excellent durability. Unfortunately, it’s only available in black.


  • Comes with both heating and massage functions.
  • Has an array of extra features, such as the cup holders on the arms.
  • Genuine leather upholstery makes it very durable.
  • Requires some assembly.
  • You can only get it in one colour.


Sandringham Dual Motor Riser Recliner Review – 86%


The dual motor design helps the Sandringham to stand out. This allows you to control the lift and reclining features separately, making it one of the best reclining power lift chairs for people with severe mobility issues. However, this extra flexibility does double the number of buttons on the remote, which may confuse some users.

It features a waterfall backrest and can hold a maximum weight of 25 stone. It is a fabric chair though, which means it loses some of the durability that the leather chairs on our list have. It’s also not as plush as some other chairs, which may not make it the best choice for overall comfort.


  • The dual-motor system offers more flexibility in the rising and reclining features.
  • Has a high maximum weight capacity.
  • Could do with more internal foam to improve comfort.
  • Not as durable as some other reclining chairs.


Madison Electric Rise Recliner Chair Review – 84%


Also available in cream, brown and black, Madison’s chair offers something very similar to Windsor’s chair. The chair reclines to a fully flat position, as well as standing up to allow easy exit. It also offers a two-button remote, making it very easy to use.

The included footstool helps this chair to stand out. It raises up from the base of the chair, which offers more choice in terms of your seating position. The bonded leather upholstery gives it some durability. It also has an 18-stone maximum weight capacity, which may make it unsuitable for larger people.


  • The ease of use makes this one of the better remote control recliners for the elderly.
  • Has a durable bonded leather upholstery.
  • Has a footstool built into the base
  • Relatively low maximum weight capacity compared to some other chairs.
  • Requires some assembly


Frequently asked questions

What is a Reclining Power Lift Chair?

Also known as a power lift recliner, a reclining power lift chair helps the user to sit and get up from their chairs. The reclining function helps you to find a comfortable seating position, while the lift function gets you out of the chair safely.

Typically, these chairs have remote controls, which allow the user to control the chair’s recline settings. The remote triggers a motor that activates the recline or lifting feature.

What are the pros and cons of a reclining power lift chair?

The Pros:

The best reclining power lift chairs make it easy to sit and stand up from a seated position.

  • They provide support to the back and lumbar regions.
  • They come in a range of styles and types.
  • Reclining power lift chairs offer improved safety, particularly for elderly people who live alone.

The Cons

  • Reclining lift chairs tend to be larger than regular chairs, which causes problems for those who have a limited amount of space.
  • Typically, an electric chair lift with reclining features costs more than a regular chair.

What’s the best remote controlled recliner for the elderly?

We believe that the Windsor Electric Power Lift Chair is one of the best reclining power lift chairs for the elderly. It lifts to an almost standing position, allowing you to step off the chair easily. However, it also reclines to a near-flat position for when you want to doze in the chair.

Its key feature is its simplicity. The two-button remote leaves no room for confusion. It also offers plenty of comfort.

The only wrinkle is that an elderly person may need somebody to help them with assembly.

Can you buy a leather power recliner?

Yes, you can. Reclining power lift chairs come in a range of materials, from genuine and faux leather to vinyl and other fabric materials.

What’s the best ‘stand up’ recliner? How does it work?

A stand up recliner helps the user to exit the seat easily. Using a remote, the user lifts the chair. This usually involves lowering the footrest as the backrest rises up. In doing so, the user allows the chair to put them into a near-standing position, rather than having to pull themselves out of the chair.

We believe that the best stand up recliner is the Sandringham Dual Motor Riser Recliner. Having two motors means you can control the foot and backrest independently. As a result, it’s easier to find the ideal standing position.

What colours and styles are available for motorised chair recliners?

Reclining power lift chairs come in a wide range of colours, which means that you shouldn’t run into any problems finding one that suits the style of your room.

Typically, they have a plush style that emphasises comfort over everything else. Some even have massage and heat functions that can help you to soothe aching muscles and bones. A few also come with side tables and may have storage compartments in the arms or on the sides.

What’s the best power chair recliner that has heat or massage?

The CAESAR Reclining Heat and Massage Chair is your best choice if you’re looking for heat and massage settings. It has an eight-point vibrating massage feature that hits all of the right spots. The heated seat also means that you’ll feel comfortable even when the temperature starts to drop.

What’s the best power chair recliner for big and tall people?

The Chester Heated Leather Massage Recliner offers a wide and high seat, which makes it an excellent choice for big and tall people. It also has heating and massage functions.

There are a couple of blips though. It doesn’t come with a power lift, which makes it unsuitable for the elderly. Moreover, it isn’t as comfortable as some of the other chairs on our list.

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