10 Best Power Caulking Guns for DIY

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What are the best power caulking guns for DIY enthusiasts? Take a look at our reviews to find out!

Our team of DIY enthusiasts tested a massive 23 caulking guns in order to narrow them down to our top 7. Our testing was based on each gun’s efficiency, ease of use, variable speed and flow control, power source and, of course, the value for money it offers.

Following our research, our top picks for power caulking guns are the Ryobi CCG1801MHG and the Campbell Hausfeld Air Powered Caulking Guns.

The first one, the Ryobi CCG1801MHG, is more of a professional’s choice being a battery powered tool, while the second one, the Campbell Hausfeld, is a perfect fit for both professional and domestic use.

The Ryobi CCG1891MHG can be easily reloaded, has a durable build and also features variable speed control, while the Campbell Hausfeld is a simple air powered caulking gun with a durable build that also offers accurate flow control.

Check out our comparison table and in depth reviews below for more info on our 7 favourites.

Dewalt DCE580N Caulking Gun Review – 96%


The Dewalt DCE580N Caulking Gun offers superior caulking control with its variable speed trigger. The plunger rod of this device features a durable build and includes an anti-drip system, which is really useful and sets it apart from other options on the market. It also features an LED to light up your work space and helps give better visibility in dark areas or corners.


  • Variable speed control
  • Effective anti-drip system
  • LED light for better visibility of your workspace
  • Batteries not included in the package


Clarke Air Driven Caulking Gun Review – 96%


The Clarke Air Driven Caulking Gun is pretty simple and easy to use in terms of its functionality. The operating pressure range of this tool is between 4.8 and 10.3 bar, and it doesn’t feature any fancy functions, just boasting a simple trigger style operation so great for beginners or anyone just looking to get the job done! But it’s a durable tool that works efficiently for a really reasonable price tag.


  • Simple functionality
  • Durability
  • Requires a compressed air source


Ryobi CCG1801MHG Caulking Gun Review – 92%


The Ryobi CCG1801MHG Caulking Gun has a really durable frame and gear built. The variable speed adjustment option in this device allows the user to adjust the discharge rate and control the speed of the caulk being released. It also features a puncture tool that allows you to puncture the seal of the caulking tube, which is useful, and our testers found reloading the gun to be quite hassle-free.


  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Quick reloading
  • Durable build
  • Batteries and charger are not included in the package


Campbell Hausfeld Air Powered Caulking Gun Review – 90%


The Campbell Hausfeld Air Powered Caulking Gun is lightweight (2.8kg), making it really easy to manoeuvre and means you can work for longer without getting as tired. It also features all the things that you would expect in a high-end air powered caulking gun, including a smooth dispense design and compatibility with different caulking materials. It also includes a shut-off valve that allows the user to cut-off the caulking supply for a neat and flawless result.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and simple operation
  • Gives a really distribution and nice finish
  • Nothing


Makita DCG180RMB Caulking Gun Review – 88%


The Makita DCG180RMB Caulking Gun features an anti-drip system that promotes an even better finish, a variable speed control and trigger lock, and it’s the only one of the 5 products reviewed that had this feature. It also features an LED light, which is useful for caulking in dark areas or corners.


  • LED light
  • Variable speed control and anti-drip feature
  • Trigger lock
  • A bit expensive compared to other models with a lot of similar features


Milwaukee C18 PCG/310C-201B M18 Caulking Gun – 88%


The Milwaukee C18 PCG/310C-201B M18 Caulking Gun has 6 variable speed settings that the user can dial into, giving the user good control over the caulking. It provides 4500 N of force, higher than any other caulking gun offered by Milwaukee. It also comes with an anti-drip feature and carries a large plunger that ensures all the caulking material is pushed out to avoid waste.


  • Really efficient device
  • Anti-drip system
  • Variable speed control feature
  • A bit expensive compared to other options with similar features


Tajima CNV-RS Convoy RS Sealant Caulking Gun – 84%


The Tajima CNV-RS Convoy RS Sealant Caulking Gun stands out with its dual power thrust system, which makes it ideal for larger projects, while its auto flow stop feature promises a neat, even and clean end result. The 360-degree rotating body of this tool makes it incredibly easy to manoeuvre, and it loads with the standard 310ml cartridge.


  • Compatibility with different types of caulking materials
  • 360 degree rotating body made it really easy to use
  • Dual power thrust system so efficient over larger areas
  • Pricey compared to other caulking guns in the same range


Frequently asked questions

What is a power caulking gun?

A caulking gun is a mechanical tool that fills cracks and gaps using a cartridge or a tube which contains the caulking material (silicon or latex). A power caulking gun operates using a power source (pneumatic, Li-ion battery or electricity from a power source), and the main function of most caulking guns is filling.

What are the pros and cons of power caulking guns?

Caulking done by a battery powered caulking gun is more consistent and reliable – it provides a much neater end-result. You get to regulate the amount of sealant coming out of the tube and this allows you to be more precise and consistent. It’s also less time consuming and most people find they waste less caulking material using a power gun.

On the other hand, power caulking guns are usually costly and are really only cost-effective for professionals, people who take their D.I.Y more seriously, or if you think you’ll need to use the gun one several occasions.

How long do rechargeable caulking guns last for before they need a recharge?

Battery timing varies with different caulking guns, but on an average it takes about 30 minutes to charge an electric caulking gun, which can then dispense more than 100 cartridges on a single charge.

How do you load a cordless caulking gun?

The loading mechanism can be different with different types of cordless caulking guns, but generally you have to release the trigger at the rear end of the gun using your thumb, then load the caulking tube by pulling the plunger, and then release it back to its initial position.

What’s the best air powered caulking gun?

The Campbell Hausfeld is the best air powered caulking gun according to our findings because of its light-weight, durability and simple functionality. It also features accurate flow control that ensures no caulking material is wasted during its operation.

How do you remove the tube in an air powered caulking gun?

How do you remove the tube in an air powered caulking gun?


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