10 Best Portable Closets for Simple Storage

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Which portable closets are the most convenient?

After considering 20 portable closets but testing only 10 – and checking their weight capacity, storage options, size, fabric material, and price.

We can now say with certainty that the Songmics Canvas Wardrobe is the best portable closet and the Tespo Modular Shelving is the best portable closet rack.

We chose the Songmics Canvas Wardrobe because contains 9 storage shelves and has 2 moving rods which can hold up to 9 Kg of weight.

Also, the cover which encapsulates the whole unit is zippered, and its fabric is water and dustproof. What’s more, 2 spare joiners are also provided in its package.

As for the Tespo Modular Shelving, it contains 12 storage cubes, each of which can hold up to 22 Kgs of weight. Each cube contains a full resin panel and a translucent door to let you know what lies inside without opening the door.


Best Choice 53″ Portable Closet Review – 100%


The 53’’ portable closet is a roomy product which provides lots of storage options. It is divided into five compartments, with the middle one reserved for hanging clothes.

The two compartments on left and right – and the upper one – can be used for storing folded clothes, books, or other small essentials. As for the one at the bottom, you can turn it into a shoe rack.

What’s more, a cover with three zippers is also provided to shield the belongings of the closet from external elements. On the downside, the assembly instructions for this model aren’t very clear, so you may have to improvise.


  • Roomy; offers lot of storage options
  • Fabric cover with a zipper
  • Lightweight
  • Assembly instructions aren’t clear


Home-Like Non-Woven Review – 96%


Available in three colors including black, brown, and beige, the Home-Like portable closet is a spacious looking wardrobe. It features a 10kg rod which has a load capacity of 10 Kgs and each shelf of this unit has a load capacity of 2-3kg.

The non-woven, 16mm fabric cover of this closet is moisture proof and breathable and has two large zippers to secure the whole unit. Also, you won’t need any tools to assemble this product.


  • Impressive load capacity of load bar and fabric shelf
  • Water-resistant, breathable cover
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not too spacious


Songmics Canvas Wardrobe Review – 94%


Though slightly expensive than Home-Like, the Songmics provides more storage space, especially for hanging clothes. Both the left and right sides of this closet are reserved for hanging clothes, with their bottom serving as shoe rack. A zippered dustproof cover is also included in the package.

The middle layer of this closet, which consists of five shelves, can be used to store books, bags, or folded clothes. The top layer, which contains three shelves of its own, can be used to store watches, caps, and other small items. While each of the top and middle layer has a load capacity of 5kg, the hanging road can withstand up to 15kg of load.


  • 2 movable clothes’ hanging rods
  • 9 storage shelves
  • Dustproof and waterproof cover
  • Comes with a spare of 2 joiners
  • Assembly might require some time and effort


MULSH Closet Wardrobe Review – 92%


The Mulsh Closet Wardrobe is a mixture or power coated metal tube, non-woven fabric, and selected plastic parts. The right side of this shelf contains three storage components, with the top layer for folded clothes, the middle layer for hanging and the bottom layer serving as a shoe rack.

Turning our attention to the left side, it contains four compartments, and you can use all of them for storing folded clothes. You can also secure the entire structure with a dustproof non-woven cover which is also waterproof and is provided with a zipper.


  • 7 storage compartments
  • Waterproof and dustproof fabric cover
  • 16mm metal tube
  • Doesn’t provide much space for hanging clothes


LANGRIA 16-Cube Review – 92%


In case you came here looking for a storage rack, the Langria 16-cube is the choice to beat. All of its 16 cubes have can hold up to 20 Kg per cube. Also, if you want more storage area, you can assemble multiple cubes together to form a single, large cube.

What’s more, while this cube comes in an upright position, you can assemble it in numerous other configurations, including inverted-V shape. And just like any home library, it contains no cover to ensure proper ventilation.


  • 60-storage cubes
  • 20kg load capacity per cube
  • Can be assembled in different configurations
  • Inexpensive for the features it offers
  • Can’t be used for hanging clothes


Canvas Double Wardrobe Review – 92%


The Canvas Double Wardrobe Closet contains a D-shaped zipper to protect its belonging from external elements. It is nearly divided into six compartments, with the two components in the middle reserved for hanging clothes.

As for the two upper compartments, you can use them for storing folded clothes, books, etc. The two bottom compartments, meanwhile, are best if used as shoe racks. Apart from containing zippers, the D-shaped cover contains a Velcro for fastening.


  • Six storage compartments
  • D-style zipper doors
  • Breathable fabric
  • Shoe rack isn’t easy to access


Whitmor 6320-150-B Clothes Closet Review – 82%


The Whitmor Clothes Closet is a bare-bones wardrobe option which doesn’t have much compartmentalization. It consists of a 36’’ frame and its space could be best utilized by hanging clothes, as there are no shelves on offer.

What is on offer, however, is a D-shaped cover which is made of a breathable fabric and provided with an easy access zipper. A see through window, which lets you see the inner components of the closet without having to open the zipper, is also provided.


  • Six storage compartments
  • D-style zipper doors
  • Breathable fabric
  • Shoe rack isn’t easy to access


Songmics Double Canvas Closet Review – 80%


The Songmics Double Canvas Closet features 1 garment rail with 20kg capacity and 1 base shelf which has MDF insert for increased strength. The closet also has five tiers shelfing on the right side of the user which you can use for storing folded clothes.

What’s more, it’s also provided with a non-woven fabric with zippers to secure the internal belongings of the closet. Also, as per the manufacturer, the whole unit shouldn’t require more than 20 minutes to assemble.


  • Garment rail with 20kg capacity
  • 5 tier shelving
  • Large base with MDF insert
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fabric isn’t waterproof


Tespo Modular Shelving Best Rack Review – 80%


The Tespo Modular Shelving provides 12-storage cubes, all of which contain full resin panels and doors to secure your belongings. Each cube has a steel frame which allows it to hold up to 22 lbs. of weight. The panels used in this unit are chemical-free and eco-friendly.

Also, if you are a DIYer, you can assemble each cube separately or stack and combine them for more storage capacity. A multi-angle connector, which is necessary for putting together the whole unit, is also on offer.


  • Each cube can hold 22 lbs. of weight
  • DIY Design
  • Full Resin Panels and Doors
  • Not for hanging clothes


EBS Portable Home Canvas Review – 80%


One of the most inexpensive closets in this review, the EBS is an elegantly-designed unit with separate spaces for hanging clothes, folded items, and shoes. It contains a zipper cover which is made of a breathable fabric and metal tubes hold the structure of this unit.

The upper section of this closet – as well as the whole right side – is reserved for folded clothes, books, shoes. The left section, meanwhile, contains a hanging road where you can hang your clothes. The bottom left side can be used as a shoe rack.


  • Separate compartments for hanging and folded clothes
  • Shoe rack is also present
  • Breathable fabric and zippered cover
  • Not heavy duty


Frequently asked questions

What is a Portable Closet?

Portable closets are a lightweight alternative to their traditional counterparts. However, despite weighing less, they provide the same storage space.

Also, they store both hanging as well as folded clothes, with the high-end among them providing resistant against water and dust.

What are types of Portable Closets?

There are two types of portable closets; one that is a bare-bones clothing rack while the other that has provides space for multiple items and a cover to enclose what lies inside.

As you might guess, the bare-bones clothing rack option is the best for those who are always on the move. That is, because, they are mostly foldable and are extremely lightweight, two features which make them ultra-portable.

However, if you’re looking for a more permanent option, go for the portable closet with a cover.

They are well-ventilated, provide ample storage options, and mostly included coverings that are waterproof. Also, their fabric are well-ventilated to ensure no misty smell sticks to your clothes.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Closets?


  • They are easy to assemble and equally convenient to deconstruct
  • Portable Closets weigh less and occupy less space than their traditional counterparts
  • Their lightweight makes them a cinch to move around
  • They provide multiple storage options for both clothes and other essentials
  • Provide a convenient storing option for clothing storage during off seasons
  • They are an ideal, semi-permanent storage solution for students who live in a hostel


  • If you have limited space in your home, portable closets – due to their size – might not be an option.

What should I look for when choosing a Portable Closets?

Provided you’ve made up your mind about buying a portable closet, here’s what you should look for:

– Ease of Assembly

Regardless of how much money you pay, a portable closet should be easy to assemble.

Either it should come with a user manual guide to make the process simple or the process should be so simple that you should be done with it in a few minutes.

To check whether the closet you’re looking at is easy to assemble or not, check its user reviews. If you’re buying from Amazon, search for the word ‘’assembly’’ to narrow down your search.

– Ample storage options

Apart from providing a hanger for hanging your clothes, a good portable closet has different shelves.

Also, a shoe-rack is another feature which you shouldn’t miss. And if you’re paying extra, demand for a drawer as well.

Once you’ve made sure that your closet provides ample storage options, look for how they are structured. That is, the compartmentalization of the areas should be such that all of them should be easy to use.

– Waterproof and Dust Resistant

Most people – excluding students – buy portable closets to store less-used items in their attic or basement.

If you’re one of them, make sure your closet is waterproof and dust-resistant. Otherwise, if your closet doesn’t provide these two features, it might become just another breeding ground for termites.

– Lightweight Steel Frame

Having a steel frame means your closet has enough ability to withstand the weight of items you’re going to put in it.

However, sturdiness shouldn’t come at the cost of heavy weight, as the best portable closets are all lightweight.

– Foldability

This is an optional feature for those students who are always shifting from one hostel room to the other.

Having a foldable closet means that when you’re shifting it, you’d require minimal help from outsiders.

– Ventilated Fabric Cover

If you want to protect your belongings from natural elements – including moisture, humidity, and termites – make sure it has a ventilated fabric cover.

The fabric should be high quality polyester as standard plastic coverings tend to warp easily.

– Weight Capacity

Unlike traditional closets – which seem to store everything you stove into them – portable closets are different.

They have a weight rating which you should stick to or risk bringing the whole structure down.

Where to Buy Best Wardrobe Closets?

Restricting our scope to the online world, you’ve three options where you can buy best wardrobe closets. They include: EBay, Walmart and Amazon.

If you can afford only a used closet, choose EBay. Conversely, if you want a brand new model, browse either Walmart or Amazon.

What is the Price Range of Portable Closets?

In this review, you can buy a portable closet for as low as £16 to as high as £147.

What is the Best Portable Closet? Why it is the best?

The Songmics Canvas Wardrobe is the best portable closet. It contains 9 storage shelves and has 2 moving rods which can hold up to 9 Kg of weight.

Also, the cover which encapsulates the whole unit is zippered, and its fabric is water and dustproof. What’s more, 2 spare joiners are also provided in its package.

What is the best portable closet rack? Why is it the best?

The Tespo Modular Shelving is the best portable closet rack current available on the market. Each cube contains a full resin panel and a translucent door to let you know what lies inside without opening the door.

Also, it has a creative DIY design, which means you can assemble the unit in a design of your liking.

What is the Best Portable Closet for bedrooms? Why it is the best?

The Home-Like Non-Woven is the best portable closet for bedrooms. That is, because, its load bar has a capacity of 10 Kgs and each shelf of this unit can withstand up to 2 to 3 Kgs of weight.

What’s more, the non-woven, 16mm fabric cover of this closet is moisture proof and breathable and has two large zippers to secure the whole unit.

What is the best movable closet? Why is it the best?

The Songmics Double Canvas Closet is the best movable closet currently available on the market. The unit is a cinch to assemble, has a market rail with 20 Kg capacity, and contains a base shelf with added MDF for increased strength.

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