Best Magnetic Screen Doors for Homes

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What is the best magnetic screen door? Browse reviews of the best magnetic screen doors below, tested by our team

Product reviews of the best magnetic screen doors

We interviewed 10 homeowners, used 14 different models, read innumerable online reviews, and tested the final 7 products to find the best magnetic screen doors in the UK today.

Our research produced two clear winners: YRH Magnetic Fly Screen Door for medium-sized openings and The Premium Choice for large-sized doors.

Both these doors keep the bugs out, let fresh air in, and are durable enough to handle moist and humid environments.

The Premium Choice, in particular, justifies its selection with a 12-month money- back guarantee.

YRH Magnetic Fly Screen Door Review – 100%

If you are looking for a high-quality breathable mesh that keeps insects out and lets fresh air in – the YRH is your number one choice.

YRH Magnetic Fly Screen Door
  • ★ Great Fit: The premium door curtain fits door frame up to 90 cm*210 cm; Please measure your door frame before purchasing.
  • ★ Hands Free Screen Door: Built-in coarse powerful magnetic strip; Opens and shuts quickly and automatically, more rapid closure, stronger suction!
  • ★ Easy to Install: The magic curtain door comes with strong magic tape and below the door curtain equipped with some counterweight strips; you can install the screen door easily without any tool.

It features 34 strong magnetic strips, giving it faster closure, and stronger suction. It means that this door shuts within seconds after you’ve passed through it.

The lower part of this premium magnetic screen door is enhanced with a weighted rod to keep it in place.

This magnetic mesh hands-free screen door is also waterproof and comes with strong Velcro.

Its installation doesn’t require any tools, which means you could do it with bare hands. It is a good fit for all doors that measure up to 36″ × 82″.


Pros & Cons

  • Keeps bugs out
  • Easy to install
  • Hands-free entry and exit
  • Fast closing speed
  • Lower part is weighted to secure it in place
  • Cannot be used on metal doors


Easy Screen Door Review – 98%


This magnetic screen door is toddler and pet-friendly, allowing children and pet to move freely in and out on their own.

Easy Screen Door
  • Easy Screen Doors screen size 39" x 83" - fits door openings up to 36" x 82". Please measure your doorway!
  • Instant insect screen best for standard doors, patio doors and sliding glass doors. Also retractable, french and rv doors and balcony doors.
  • Walk through fly screen hands free, pet and kid friendly, closes like magic, dog and cat can let themselves out.

It has robust sewed seams and its magnets are firmly sewed in, leaving no gaps. Its instant screen size of 39” × 83” fits door openings up to 36” × 82”.

Also, just like the YRH, the installation of the Easy screen door requires no tools.

Also, if you feel like the door has started to leave gaps after some time, it gives you the option to tighten its Velcro frame by supplying push pins in the package.


  • Almost clear view of the outside
  • Easy to install
  • Easy for toddlers and pets to walk through
  • Durable
  • The screen door supports only 36” × 82” doors


The Premium Choice Products Magnetic Screen Door – 96%


If you have a doorway that is irregularly sized, you might want to consider the Premium Choice Products Magnetic Screen Door.

The Premium Choice Products Magnetic Screen Door
See and feel the difference of the high quality polyester used in Instant Bug Mesh, a stronger more durable mesh which feels soft, is machine washable and keeps more bugs out. Competing mesh products generally use lightweight polyester with seams that are heat sealed rather than sewn, to save on manufacturing costs.

Premium Choice Products offers the mesh curtain in three different sizes; 32” x 82”, 34” x 82” and 36” x 82”.

This magnetic sliding screen door is quite functional but it isn’t as durable as either the Easy Screen Door magnetic screen door or the YRH magnetic screen door.

It features a full-length, sewn-in Velcro strip to provide a perfect seal on each side from top to bottom.

It also supplies a Velcro glue in two colors – black and white – in the package.


  • Hands-free auto shut door
  • No tools required for installation
  • Optional thumb tacks provided
  • 1-year replacement guarantee
  • The Velcro Glue isn’t durable


Apalus Magnetic Screen Door Review – 96%


Thanks to its fine mesh, the Apalus Magnetic Screen Door won’t be an inconvenience in any way while you’re passing through it.

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door
NO MORE INSECTS NOR FLIES: Enjoy a bug free environment every time thanks to Apalus fine mesh screen door! Let fresh air come in without worrying about pecking mosquitos. Save money and enjoy a healthier environment reducing the use of air conditioning and mosquito chemical repellents nor fly killers that can be dangerous for pets or children

Even if your hands are full or you keep forgetting to close the door behind you, it automatically closes whenever you pass through.

The portable screen door is a good fit for all doors that measure up to 36″ × 82″.

It features 32 magnets and magnetic seals, producing less noise when you go through the screen door.

It features a full Velcro frame, making it very easy to install.

Then there is its size, which allows your pets to easily pass through the door without requiring any intervention from your side.


  • Easy to install
  • Multifunctional hands-free screen door
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cannot be used on metal doors


Hoobest Magnetic Fly Screen Door Review – 94%


Unlike many other magnetic screen doors, the Hoobest Magnetic Fly Screen Door has the magnets sewn into the seam, which gives it a much better grip and closing factor.

Hoobest Magnetic Fly Screen Door
  • ★Magnetic Screen Door Size is 36inch x 83inch(Fits 34inch Doors).Measure Your Door Twice.
  • ★ Magnets Sewn Into Seam,14 Strong Magnet,12 Magnet Strips.Never Breaks or Fall Off Easily.
  • ★ Easy Installation: Screen door is Strong fastener tape sewn in.It Makes Install Screen Door Fast.

Although this metal mesh screen door only has 14 strong magnets and 12 magnet strips, compared to YRH magnetic fly screen door’s total of 34, it still doesn’t allow gaps to let insects and bugs get in.

Also, while some cheap magnetic doors have plastic clips, the Hoobest has magnets sewn in to close the gaps.

Also, all the four sides of the door are seamless, hence leaving no space for bugs to sneak in.


  • No required tools for installation
  • Strong full-length Velcro strip
  • Optional thumb tacks provided
  • Restricted to door sizes of up to 34” x 82”


TheFitLife Magnetic Screen Door Review – 90%


This screen door has 20 strong magnets to close spaces, ensure tightness, and keep bugs at bay.

TheFitLife Magnetic Screen Door
FUNCTIONAL TO ANY DOOR TYPES AND SITES - We provide different sizes for your door options(PLEASE MEASURE YOURS), including sliding glass door, double doors, french door, porch, front door and large patio door. Ideal to install in home, patio, conservatory or even campers. IMPORTANT: Measure your door before ordering to be sure our screen will fit

Making the door durable are 3 sets of gravity sticks which won’t allow strong air to blow it away.

It has used a Velcro frame to make the door easy to install, magnets to make sure it remains tight, and mesh to keep bugs at bay.

What’s more, just like other screen doors in this review, the FitLife provides a 180-day money back guarantee.

On the flip side, you won’t be able to install it with bare hands as it does require some tools.


  • Strong magnets
  • No tools required
  • Leaves no ga
  • Requires special tools for installation


Calish Magnetic Screen Door Review – 88%


In addition to containing the mesh to keep insects at bay, the Calish has mosquito repellent bands sewn into its metal screen to keep insects at bay.

Calish Magnetic Screen Door
Stick the mesh to the top of the door frame, make sure the mesh in the proper position, and the center of the mesh slightly higher than two sides. Peel off the white backing tape from two sides slowly and slick to the frame from top to the bottom. Make sure the mesh not pulled too tight across the middle for the magnets line up and close easily.

In addition to being waterproof, these bands are made with lemongrass, geraniol essential oils, and citronella.

That said, you won’t be able to use the same mosquito repellent bands for eternity, as they have an operational lifespan of 300 hours of usage after which you’d have to replace them with new ones to continue getting good results.

Also, while most other magnetic doors only have magnetic strips to ensure their tightness, the Calish also has magnetic cubes.

It also has 26 magnets sewn into the edges of the door to allow it to open/close automatically.


  • Waterproof
  • Includes mosquito repellent bands
  • Tacks to secure the screen door much longer
  • Mosquito repellent bands have a lifespan of only 300 hours


Frequently asked questions

What is a Magnetic Screen Door?

A magnetic screen door is enhanced with magnetized flaps that easily open, your pets and other members of your household come into the house while allowing breeze into the house and keeping insects out.

A magnetic screen door is ideal for people who want to leave their doors open to freshen up the indoor air.

The efficacy of this bug net for door dwells in its magnets, making it automatically shut the screen door anytime someone passes through.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a Magnetic Screen Door?


  • Allows the inflow of fresh air into the house so you don’t have to keep your doors unlocked at all times.
  • An efficient way of keeping pests out
  • Alternative to using expensive and harmful pest control solutions.
  • Sold at affordable prices, even the top rated ones.
  • Provides hands-free entrance.


  • The Velcro system used may become loose causing gaps that may allow pests pass through.
  • Cheap magnetic screen doors can easily tear or wear out.

What should I look for when choosing a Magnetic Screen Door?

Size of the Door Opening

Measure your door and then be on the lookout for a screen door that fits; if it doesn’t fit, you won’t be able to install it.

Material of Construction

Another thing to consider is the quality of materials the screen door is made of. The best options to consider are screen doors made of fiberglass or premium polyester fabric.

Power of the Magnets

Besides the quality of the fabric used, you should also consider the power of the magnets.

The magnetic force determines how quickly the screen door will close when you pass through.

Choose a model with powerful magnets as this will ensure that you keep pests out because the screen door will close quickly.

Warranty or Money-back Guarantee

You should also take into consideration the manufacturer’s warranty or money-back guarantee.

For, it will keep you assured should you encounter problems with the product or if it turns out to be faulty.

What’s the approximate price range for a good Magnetic Screen Door?

The approximate price range for a good magnetic screen lies between £5 and £20.

What’s the best heavy duty magnetic screen door to keep insects out?

The Hoobest Magnetic Fly Screen Door is the best heavy-duty magnetic screen to keep insects out.

Its magnets are sewn into the seam, giving it a much better grip and closing factor, which means it leaves no gaps to let insects in.

Which magnetic screen is easiest to install?

The Apalus Magnetic Screen Door is the easiest to install thanks to its full Velcro frame which makes its installation a cinch.

What’s the best metal mesh screen door to keep out mosquitoes and other insects?

YRH Magnetic Fly Screen door is the best metal mesh screen door to keep out mosquitoes and insects.

It features 34 strong magnets, giving it faster closure.

This insect door screen ensures that the door shuts within seconds after you pass through so that mosquitoes and insects remain locked out.

How do you install magnetic screen doors and mesh curtains?

Magnetic screen doors and mesh curtains are installed on framed doors such as the exterior of the front and back doors.

You can do so by using either the Velcro system or thumbtacks.

Do Magnetic Screens cause any damage to your doors when installing them?

Magnetic screens do not cause damage to doors when installing them.

However, you cannot use them on metal doors because the magnets on the screen doors will be attracted to the door.

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