6 Best Laser Engravers for a DIY Enthusiast

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Product reviews

We spent over 24 hours of product research and reviewed over 15 different products In an attempt to find out the best laser engravers out there on the market. After testing these laser engravers on a variety of materials, the results came in and we have concluded that the KKmoon Carving Machine strikes the perfect balance of value and performance for the artistic DIY enthusiast.

The KKmoon Carving Machine’s large work space allows for a wide application of engraving and its frame design can accommodate tall projects for your carving needs. The WERA Miniature DIY Laser Engraving Machine DIY Laser Engraving Machine comes in at second thanks to its compact design and simple operation.

Here is a comparison chart below to find out which of these best laser engravers are perfect for you.

HUKOER Carving Machine DIY Kit Reviews – 90%


The HUKOER Carving Machine DIY Kit is a good choice if you’re looking for a small, lightweight portable laser engraver that can do the job pretty well. The images this mini laser engraver produced were sufficient enough for personal customization.

Its 1000 mW laser managed to imprint good details on materials such as paper cards, acrylic, and leather. We liked that this portable engraving machine comes with safety glasses out of the box and we used it during testing and it works just fine.

The downside is that this mini laser engraver has a small carving space of just 38 x 38 mm. We only recommend this for small DIY projects.


  • Accurate carving on a wide variety of materials with its 1000 mW laser
  • Comes with safety glasses out of the box
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Miniscule carving space means its limited to small DIY projects


CNC Router and DIY CNC Engraving Machine Reviews – 88%


The TopDirect CNC Router Machine DIY CNC Engraving Machine is the only wood etching machine on the list with a rotating cutter to carve different materials. Our initial tests revealed that the TopDirect CNC Router Machine DIY CNC Engraving Machine can comfortably engrave wood and even soft metal without any issues while offering crisp, fine detail.

The 130 x 100 x 40mm carving space is plenty enough for a variety of applications. It requires professional mechanical knowledge to set-up so it may not be suitable for beginners and only for the DIY enthusiast.


  • Comfortably engraves fine details on wood and even soft metals
  • Compatible with Win 7, Win 10, and Win XP
  • Requires mechanical knowledge to set-up
  • Recommended for DIY enthusiasts only and not for beginners


KKmoon 500mw Carving Machine Reviews – 88%


The KKmoon Carving Machine tops our list due to its combination of value and features that will fit the budget of every DIY craftsmen. It’s well-priced and has a wide surface area for working on reasonably large merchandise or products. This desktop laser engraver emblazoned our desired logos and images perfectly on wood, plastics, leather, and bamboo.

The cooling fan helps keep the home laser engraver at an ideal temperature although we did notice it tends to be a bit noisy. Overall, the KKmoon Carving Machine is our top pick for the best laser cutter for those looking to customize and personalize their products.


  • Large carving space of 300mm x 380mm
  • Build quality is great for the price
  • Frame design allows for tall engraving projects
  • Cooling fan tends to be a bit noisy


WERA Miniature DIY Laser Engraving Machine Reviews – 86%


The WERA Miniature DIY Laser Engraving Machine’s precision 1500 mW laser is capable of outputting crisp, clear images based on our testing with a resolution of 550 x 550px. We tried it on rubber, wood, plastics, bamboo, and leather and the results were very satisfactory.

Its compact design and well-built construction makes it a good choice for the DIY artisans. This tabletop laser cutter comes with protective glasses out of the box for an added bonus. We also liked how its compatible with a host of different devices including android and iOS.


  • Precision engraving with the 15000 mW laser
  • Compact, well-built construction
  • Comes with protective glasses out of the box
  • Cannot carve through dense materials like metal or glass


Meterk Laser Engraver Printer Reviews – 84%


The Meterk Laser Engraver Printer’s compact design and ease of use makes it a viable option for those looking to engrave logos for either personal or small business use. When compared to the KKmoon Carving Machine’s 500 mW laser, we found that this mini laser engraver’s 1500 mW power emblazons high quality images on materials like leather, wood, acrylics, and many more.

It performed similarly to the WER Miniature DIY Laser Engraving Machine with identical specifications but this one is bit more expensive.The built-in 6000 mAh battery lasts for about 2-3 hours in our testing which is above average in terms of battery life.


  • High quality engraving with the 1500 mW laser
  • Sturdy, compact design
  • Above average battery life
  • Can only engrave images up to three inches across
  • Some users have reported that the instruction manual lacks sufficient information


Ridgeyard CO2 USB Port Laser Engraving Cutter – 74%


If you want a powerful desktop laser engraving machine, then the Ridgeyard CO2 USB Port Laser Engraving Cutter is the one for you. Its 40w CO2 gas laser trumps the WER Miniature DIY Laser Engraving Machine’s 1500mW which translates to crisp, finely detailed images and logos on a wide range of materials like leather and plastics.

This wood etching machine is powerful enough to engrave 2-3mm deep on acrylic or wood and we find it sufficient for professional use. This tabletop laser cutter is also equipped with a water-cooling system to reduce the laser tube’s temperature for added longevity.


  • Powerful 40w CO2 gas laser outputs finely detailed engravings
  • Water cooling system works well for prolonged laser tube use
  • Can carve 2-3mm deep on wood and other materials
  • Expensive when compared to other options on the list


Frequently asked questions

What is a laser engraver?

A laser engraver is a tool used to carve patterns, logos, and images to a material’s surface with the use of a laser. A laser engraving machine usually consists of three parts; mainly the laser, a surface, and the controller.

The laser can be thought of as a pencil which traces the patterns onto the surface via a controller where you set the intensity, speed of movement, and the direction of the laser.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a laser engraver?

There are a number of advantages when it comes to using laser engravers. These are:

  • Versate in cutting a variety of materials
  • Portable enough for home or professional use
  • Laser engravers are controlled by computer programs which makes it very accurate and detailed
  • Capable of outputting finely detailed images and logos

And while using laser engravers offer many different benefits, there are disadvantages as well. These are:

  • Laser engraving consumes high amounts of energy depending on the unit
  • Not all laser engraving machines can carve through metals
  • Some laser engraves can be expensive

What should I look for when choosing a Laser Engraver?

When looking for a laser engraver, one should determine the applications he/she will be using the laser engraver for. If you’re a DIY enthusiast who wants to customize and personalize small projects, then a compact laser engraver is the right one for you.

If you’re looking to use a laser engraver for professional use, choose a wood etching machine that’s powerful and large enough to cut deep engravings through thick materials. It’s also important to consider the carving space to accommodate larger projects.

What’s is the best laser engraver for very small items?

The Miyare SuperCarver K2 USB is a superb choice for tiny laser engraving projects. It has a precision-equipped 1000mW laser for small DIY carving and is constructed of well-built materials. This mini laser printer performed admirably on our tests and produced detailed, accurate logos and images.

What’s the best laser engraver for someone just getting started?

If you’re just getting started in the world of DIY engraving, you should look for a laser engraver that’s compact, easy to set-up, and simple to operate. The WER Miniature DIY Laser Engraving Machine is a solid choice for beginner enthusiasts because it’s easy to operate, has a powerful 1500 mW laser, and a robust, portable design that’s durable and user-friendly.

We had no issues using this portable laser engraver and it managed to perform well on our tests, carving out clear, distinct patterns on wood, leather, plastics, and other materials which is why we highly recommend this for beginner laser engravers.

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