10 Best Ice Scrapers for Winter

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What is the best ice scraper for car windows? Discover the pros and cons to the best ice scrapers below.

Product reviews of the best ice scapers

Snowfall comes with its challenges to travelers, homeowners, and business owners. Your vehicle will be covered in snow, the house will bear its weight, the windows, and pavements will be enveloped in snow as well. If you don’t clear the snow, you will compromise on productivity and safety might be an issue. It’s impossible to drive with a covered windshield, right?

So, it is unavoidable to clear ice when it forms, and without the right ice scraper you’re most likely going to make yourself late for work. You need ice removal tools to make it easier. That is why we have been exploring the market of the best ice scrapers to help prepare you for winter. Preparing ahead of time will help you tackle the situation effectively and calmly.

Depending on how you experience weather in your location, you will choose between a simple ice scraper and a sophisticated snow remover. In some instances, you’ll choose a versatile design to use on several occasions. Take a look at what we’ve picked out for you either way.

Nabance Car Extendable Sponge Snow Brush and Ice Scraper with Squeegee for Truck SUV Windshield Glass Scrape Frost Ice Remover Tool – 98%


The reason you would invest in an ice scraper is to make snow clearing work easier. Nabance Car Extendable Sponge Snow Brush Ice Scraper is designed for this purpose. You can extend the scraper 64 cm to reach high and far places as you remove snow on surfaces. The tooth ribs help to smash bigger ice cubes. It uses ABS plastic which is not easy to break, giving you service over several winters. The brush part comprises four layers of sponge that wipes clean your windows. It can be used on floors, home doors, windows, vehicles, and any place that has snow. After use, you can disassemble the parts for storage.


  • Easy storage
  • Tough tooth ribs
  • Easy to use
  • Includes a brush
  • Durable
  • Might not be long enough for some people
  • A thick ice layer might be hard to remove
  • Assembly required


RevHeads Ice Scraper for Cars and Pick Up Trucks – The Almost Indestructible Windscreen Scraper Will Scrape Pesky Frost And Ice From Windscreens And Side Windows With Ease – 88%


If you are looking for an ice scraper that does its work evenly, the RevHeads Ice Scraper is an ideal option. It can remove ice chunks and scrap frost easily. It has a claw side which breaks big snow chunks. The durability of this item is not in question. It is tough enough to do all ice scraping activity on your property in the coolest temperature possible and still serve many winters on end. With the right force, the chisel can bend to cover the shape of the surface you are working on. It integrates soft foam that grips your windows without leaving dents and blisters. You just need to hang or keep it in a toolbox during storage.


  • Durable
  • Claw side for snow chunks
  • A wide chisel
  • Bends for curvy surfaces
  • Short
  • No wiper included
  • Buyers complain of the seller spamming.


MATCC Ice Scraper for Car Snow Scraper Mitts Windscreen Scraper with Glove with Waterproof Snow Remover Lined of Thick Fleece Window Scraper Black – 82%


The MATCC Ice Scraper includes a sharp plastic blade that cuts through the ice with ease. The handles use a soft yet durable material which makes handling it a breeze. The holding material is of great quality and is waterproof also. This scraper has a warm fleece so your hands won’t freeze as you scrap ice. Its length can reach the middle of the windscreen when standing at the side of the car. The side is tough to crush ice. This device is made to withstand extremely cold conditions thus capable of hitting and cleaning bigger icer chunks within seconds. It is suitable for use by both hands and no age restrictions when using it. Remove frost for many years to come with a simple investment on this product.


  • Good quality
  • Good for both hands
  • Withstands extreme cold
  • Waterproof handling cloth
  • Plastic components might break
  • It is short
  • The chisel not wide enough


Ice Scraper Auto, Car Windscreen Ice Shaped Multi-Function Cone Fueling Funnel Snow Shovel Magic Snow Wipe Brush Snow Remover Car Tool winter Ideal tool for trucks, vans and SUV (Blue) – 80%


Ice Scraper Auto is not your regular snow remover. It doubles up as a fuel funnel as well. Because of the special design, you can hit it hard on thick ice layers to break and remove. The ultra-wide end spreads on the windscreen surface and flexibly hugs the curvings to clear snow within a single move. With little care, this item can outlast your car. The cone shape allows easy holding as you work on getting rid of snow on your surfaces. When it comes to adding fluid in your vehicle, just dry it and insert the smaller end in the tank, pouring the fluid from the wide end. Using it is that simple.


  • Unique design
  • Multi-purpose
  • Sturdy
  • For extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Plastic material might break
  • It’s for short distances
  • Some customers report scratches on the car after use

MotoDia S2 Scrape Hero Ice Scraper – 80%


Featuring a unique chisel design, the MotoDia S2 Scrape Hero Ice Scraper removes snow effortlessly. The flat edge is not just sharp but also tough to break into thick snow layers. Even the hardest ice has no chance against the coarse edge. It is simple to use this ice scraper because it has simple components. The chisel shape is wide to cover a larger surface area. Its handle is padded to allow you to have a firm grip during use. Its small size makes it easy to store. The vendor promises a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied, meaning they are certain with the quality.


  • Easy storage
  • Sturdy
  • Pricey
  • Small size
  • Might not break very thick ice


Missmore Car Ice Scraper Snow Brush Shovel Long-handled Ice Scraper Car Ice Snow Clean Tool – 78%


Missmore Car Ice Scraper has a design that uses plastic for the handle and a rubber blade. The rubber blade protects your windows as you scrap your them while the anti-slip handle is ergonomic and ensures a firm grip of the stuff during use. Because of the material used, the item is lightweight and does not need special care to maintain. Its chisel part is wide to scrap a wide surface area and save you the energy needed to clean the whole vehicle surface. The length of this product makes it convenient to reach hard to reach places. Storing it is not a big deal because it’s compact in design and has a hanging hook.


  • Rubber blade
  • Compact design
  • Anti-slippery feature
  • Affordable
  • Won’t break bigger ice layers
  • Not for heavyweight services
  • Too simple


Unibos Ice Scraper Soft Grip Strong Foam Handle Windscreen Window Van Car Winter Snow Frost – 77%


The unique thing about this ice scraper is that it is almost indestructible. Unibos Ice Scraper handle is one of the most comfortable on our list. It is soft and has carvings that make holding it a breeze. It is specially designed to handle pesky frost on windows explaining the wide and soft chisel shaped blade. The ice scraper has a hanging hole on top of the handle. Its looks are withstanding as well. If you are looking for long service and value for money, spend your pound on this one. The customer service by the vendor is also worth mentioning. They offer free delivery that arrives quickly – added bonus.


  • Wide blade
  • Soft handle
  • Storage hanger
  • The center of the blade is not effective
  • Can’t handle heavy layers of ice
  • Short handle


AUPROTEC Ice Scraper Telescopic Brass Windscreen Scraper with Squeegee ultra-light car window de-icer tool steplessliy extendable – colour blue – 76%


If you are looking for an ice scraper that can reach in far places during use, then the AUPROTEC Ice Scraper is worth buying. It incorporates an extra-long handle which is lightweight and designed using aluminum and plastic. You can reach as far as 60 cm by extending it. The handle is non-slip so you won’t have trouble holding it. The blade part comes from a combination of brass and rubber that scraps and wipes. To store it is easy because it has a pin just above the handle which you can hang on a nail. It looks good in the three colors blue, grey, and black.


  • Long extendable handle
  • Lightweight
  • A storage hook
  • The blade is small
  • The plastic component is weak
  • No added wiper


Invero® Rubberized Car Windscreen Dashboard Scraper Squeegee Water Cleaner Ideal for Defrosting, Removing Ice and Snow from Windows – 20 x 23cm – 72%


Invero® Rubberized Car Windscreen Dashboard Scraper is a great choice when looking for a multichoice snow cleaner. Its rubber make performs better in removing ice frost and water compared to other materials. Its design allows you to clean without leaving a residue, dripping, taking away 95% of the water on a smooth surface. You can use it as a water blade, squeegee shower, and clean any smooth surface. It does its work without leaving any scratches on the surfaces. The soft blade is 6.5 mm thick for this purpose. Its handle is ergonomic making it ideal to handle when cleaning vehicle surfaces. You can hook it on a wall during storage.


  • Does not scratch surfaces
  • Non-slip handle
  • Multi-functional
  • Effective
  • Cleans better than the rest
  • The handle is short
  • Can’t break thick ice layers
  • Not so durable


Dooppa Upgraded Large Snow Ice Shovel Scraper for Car Vehicle Windshield – 70%


This 10″ long snow scraper can double up as a shovel as well as an ice scraper. Dooppa Upgraded Large Snow Ice Shovel Scraper looks good just as it performs well. The edge of the chisel is designed in a soft material that can work on windows without leaving scratches. The handle will not slide when you hold and won’t freeze your hand in cold temperatures. Instead of a storage hook, it integrates teeth you can use to break big ice layers. With it, you can remove snow from any surfaces including on your car or home.


  • Multifunctional
  • Cracks hard ice layers
  • Anti-skidding handle material
  • Easy to hold
  • Customers complain about scratches
  • Short handle
  • Hard to store


Frequently asked questions

What is an ice scraper?

An ice scraper is a tool one holds in their hands to remove ice, snow, or frost on surfaces like on vehicles or a house. These tools are made in different materials but most come with metal or plastic as the handle and plastic or other elastic material as the blade. Some have teeth which are used to crack ice layers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ice scrapers?

Ice scrapers are made to make lives easier particularly during snowy days. When the windshield of a car has frost on it, you can easily scrap it clean without needing to do anything else. They can be designed to be used for other purposes as well. For instance, the Ice Scraper Auto in our collection serves as a fuel funnel besides scrapping surfaces. Most of these devices last very long if you take great care of them.

The only disadvantage of owning an ice scraper is parting with your money. But they come at an affordable cost which isn’t an issue for most people. Always remember that if you choose poor quality, then you will have to be content with poor service.

What is the approximate price for ice scrapers?

Ice scrapers like any other product come at varied prices. Depending on the quality and features one has, you can get some over £20 while others will cost you just £1. Besides the features, other things that contribute to the price of an ice scraper is the size, the material used, its design among other things.

What should I look for when choosing an ice scraper?

When choosing an ice scraper, you should know the purpose you need it. There are things to consider depending on your needs.

Handle size: If you intend to use your scraper on high windows and surfaces, look for one that has a long handle. The handles must be strong enough to do the task you need them to. If it is for your car, the size will vary depending on how big your vehicle is. Ensure you get something that can reach every corner of your windscreen.

Added Features: There are ice scrapers that are solely made for scraping frost, ice, and snow. But others come with additional features like wipes, which are very useful to dry away water. Some like the Dooppa Upgraded Large Snow Ice Shovel Scraper can double up as shovels, while others can be used as funnels.

Price: As mentioned before, ice scrapers come at different prices. While some are just overpriced, others come at higher costs because of the value they bring. Have a budget and then compare the features and prices of products on the market before you buy. The inexpensive models are less than £10, mid-range ice scrapers can be between £10 to £20, and the expensive models will be over £20.

Durability: You want an ice scraper that will last long. Consider those that use metal, hard plastic, and rubber. These materials are tried and tested to last long.

What is the best ice scraper?

The best ice scraper in our collection is the MATCC ice scraper. Its buyers are satisfied with the quality of service it provides. The ergonomic and non-slip handle, its chisel-shaped edge, and the hard sides that can crash into layers of ice are the reasons customers are happy with it. Its handle is not the kind you’ll be freezing as you use thanks to the layered soft material and ergonomic make. Its design also includes a hook you can use to hang during storage. It is built for the extreme cold thus worth its price.

What is the best budget ice scraper?

Unibos Ice Scraper is the cheapest of our ice scrapers. With just £1.95, you can own it. Though small in size, it still performs great when it comes to eliminating pesky frost and ice from flat surfaces. Its handle is well designed for easy holding and the blade is wide to take on a large surface area. It is an ideal choice if you don’t want a bulky ice scraper.


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