Best Electric Snow Shovels for Driveaways

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What is the best electric snow shovel? Browse our reviews of the the best electric snow shovels, tested for you

Product reviews of the best electric snow shovels

We visited the coldest cities in America, interviewed dozens of homeowners, and drew up a list of over 50 electric snow shovels.

Back in our lab, we compared these models for their ejectable range, working height, overload protection, and electric consumption.

Then, after we had read innumerable reviews of each product on the internet, we were able draw a list of 7 best electric snow shovels.

Of the 9 models, we found the Grizzly to be the best electric shovel.

Not only does it offer the unique LED lighting feature, but it also has an impeccable ejection range, provides automatic overload protection, and has a foldable frame for easy storage.

Grizzly ESF 2046 L Electric Snow blower Review – 100%

The Grizzly ESF Electric Snowblower comes with LED lighting so that you could use it at dawn/twilight.

It has a foldable frame which allows for space-saving storage, an ejection range of 9m and its steel turbine is rubber coated to protect against rust.

The handle of the grizzly has an ergonomic grip and its body contains a safety switch and protection against overload for safe operation.

Also, since it has a working height of 27 cm, you won’t have to bend too much while using this snowblower.

On the flipside, users reported that, at first, they had issue with turning the Grizzly, which they were able to overcome by lubricating it with grease.


  • Foldable handles
  • Extremely powerful
  • Useful LED light
  • Equipped with safety switches
  • Wheels got stuck initially


Mantis IM8120 Snow Thrower Review – 100%


Compared to the Grizzly ESF 2046 L Electronic Snow blower, we had no issue with the wheels on the Mantis IM8120 Snow Thrower.

What’s more, its 18’’ cleaning path means we could clear more area in less time.

However, it does lag behind the Grizzly in some key areas.

First, while it’s pretty efficient at clearing driveways and pathways, it’s not great with larger spaces.

It is more or less able to cover 600 square meters of snow per hour as a maximum.

On the upside, its handles are adjustable which means you could adjust them to suit your height.

Also, the handles are foldable, hence allowing you to store the whole unit easily.

You could also rotate the snow discharge chute 180 degrees to direct the snow wherever you want.


  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to store
  • 18’’ cleaning path
  • 180* rotating snow discharge chute
  • Not really for heavy duty snow removal compared to other options


Mantis IM8110 Snow Shovel – 94%


In comparison with the Mantis IM8120, the IM8110 comes at half the price, weighs 1/10th of its colleague, and is a cinch to maneuver.

Its working width of 13’’ and cable length of 10m means that the IM8110 is only for driveways and footpaths.

However, you would be required to assemble this snow thrower first before use, which can be tricky for those who are not used to the assembly of machines, though detailed instructions are provided.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Cleans snow up to 5’’ deep
  • It requires assembly – only a minor downside, admittedly


VidaXL Petrol-powered Snow Blower Review – 92%


Though not technically an ‘’electric’’ snow shovel – since it requires a manual start-up, the VidaXL acts as an alternative to snow shovels that require either a rechargeable battery pack or a power outlet.

While this snow blower isn’t technically an electric snow shovel due to its manual start-up mode, it provides a great alternative to snow shovels that require a power outlet or a rechargeable battery pack.

Powered by petrol, it has a 1.9KW motor which boasts a power of 2.8 HP, enough to clean your entire neighborhood.

The engine, which has a maximum speed of 4,500RPM, can clear up to 10’’ thick snow without breaking a sweat.

Ditching the electric cord in favor of petrol is a double-edged sword for this machine.

For, where on one end it gives you the portability which wired models could only dream of, it also requires you to keep the fuel tank full at all times, on the other.

On top of that, the vibrations produced by this electric snow shovel can make it uncomfortable to handle, to a degree.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Portable
  • Air-cooled design
  • Vibrations in the handle


Grizzly ASF 4046l Lion Set Review – 92%


Our other non-electric option is the Grizzly ASF 4046l lion set, which is a battery operated electric snow shovel.

Since it has ditched cord in favor of battery, the Grizzly has unlimited portability due to the absence of an electric cord.

However, one battery charge will only yield 15 to 25 minutes of running time, which means that you have to plan the work efficiently to maximize the use of this battery operated snow blower.

Despite being not as powerful as corded electric snow blowers and shovel, the Grizzly ASF 4046l Lion Set is still able perform heavy-duty snow removal due to the sturdiness of its wind turbine and sharp snow blade edges.

That said, even if it does have the power to shift a lot of snow, you’ll have to be quick to do it before the battery runs out, making it great for standard drives and short paths but a bit impractical for larger areas.


  • Extremely portable
  • Absence of cord means no length restriction
  • Comes with LED Lighting
  • Short Battery timing


Texas electric hand snow blower ST1300 Review – 90%


The Texas Electric Hnd Snow blower is made for domestic uses which means you cannot use it for heavy duty tasks.

It boasts a cleaning width of 26 cm, weighs a paltry 5kgs, and could throw snow at a distance of up to 10 meters from the starting point.

It doesn’t have an adjustable handle which means you don’t have any choice if the handle’s length doesn’t suit you.

However, since the working height of this snow blower is 12 cm – which suits most persons – it might suit you if you aren’t extra tall or extra-small.

Finally, since it boasts a cable length of 25m, domestic users shouldn’t have any problem with the portability of this unit.


  • Good snow throwing distance
  • Considerable cable length
  • Impressive cleaning width
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty snow removal


Mantis Electric Snow Shovel 1500w Review – 90%


Another Mantis product on our list, the 1500W model offers a unique combination of a lightweight unit and heavy duty performance.

While it weighs only 6.6 kg – a rarity for high-end snow blowers – the Mantis can clean up to 720 sq m per hour.

Complementing its high-end performance is the 13’’ working width of this model and its ability to clean snow up to 5’’ deep.

Then there are the rubber, non-skid wheels which provide easy manoeuvring on the snow.

One restriction, however, is posed by its cable which is a mere 10m long.


  • Lightweight yet heavy duty
  • 18’’ working width
  • 12’’ deep snow cleaning
  • Short cable length


Frequently asked questions

What is an electric snow shovel?

An electric snow shovel is an electrically operated home tool that draws power from either a battery pack or an electrical outlet which it then provides to a turning auger which, in turn, pushes and throws snow out of the way.

What are types of Electric Snow Shovel?

There are two types of an electric snow shovel, cordless and corded.

A corded electric snow shovel is powered by plugging in the snow shovel to a power outlet.

A cordless electric snow shovel is powered by batteries.

The former type of electric snow shovel is more powerful than the latter, but you are, of course, limited by the length of the cord.

On the contrary, a battery-operated electric snow shovel will be limited by the running time since the power of the battery will eventually run out.

However, it allows for more portability since you are not limited by the length of the cord.

What is a snow blower?

If the snow in your yard does not really build up to a substantial height, you can just opt to use a snow blower since it operates similarly to a fan.

Snow blowers pick up the snow and throw it out the chute. This will allow you to clean up any snow accumulation with minimal effort.

Difference between Snow Blower and Snow Shovel?

Snow blowers and snow throwers are typically used interchangeably, but there is a marginal difference between the two.

Snow throwers are typically smaller and they are usually referred to as a single stage snow removal machine.

A snow blower, on the other hand, is a two-stage snow removal machine that is often bigger and more useful if you want to remove hardened snow.

What’s better, a snow blower or an electric snow shovel?

There is no one right answer to this question since it will depend on your needs and the amount of snow that you need to clean up.

If the snow has not accumulated as much, a snow blower should be sufficient.

However, if the snow is pretty deep, the electric snow shovel is your only bet.

What’s the best portable/foldable snow blower?

The Grizzly ESF 2046 L Electric Snow blower is the best portable/foldable snow blower.

It is an extremely powerful snow blower, great for deep snow and large areas, but you can also interchange some of its components to make it function as a snow shovel too.

What’s the best heavy duty snow blower?

The VidaXL Petrol-powered Snow Blower works well for heavy-duty snow removal.

This is due to the fact that it is powered with a maximum engine speed of 4500 rotation per minute.

In terms of capacity, it has a working depth of 26 cm and a working width of 46 cm.

What’s the best battery powered snow blower/electric snow shovel?

The Grizzly ASF is the best battery powered snow blower on the market right now.

It has sharp snow blade edges, a sturdy turbine, and also provides an LED Lighting feature to allow you to clear snow when it’s dark out there.

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