6 Best Electric Coolers for Summer

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Which electric coolers keep your drinks cold the longest?

We found 20 campers who were regular users of electric coolers and interviewed them on the best qualities of a reliable electric cooler. A large capacity, heavy duty construction and tight closing lid were the main responses.

With this information, we went ahead to test over 40 different electric coolers within 72 hours. The Coleman Cool Box Xtreme Electric Cooler, was the best. It had a large 66-liter capacity, heavy duty construction and a tight closing lid.

The Waeco Dometic Mobicool U22 Electric Cool Box on the other hand is the smallest on our list with a 22L capacity. However, it still comes with a heavy-duty construction and a tall design that allowed us to pack plenty of food.

Read on to learn more on what we found!

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme Electric Cooler Review – 90%


Combined with the heavy-duty construction we liked that the Coleman also features insulation that locks cool air in and the keeps the warm air out. We also liked the robust handles. It was simple to transport the fully packed cooler with very little effort.

This electric cooler also comes with a large 66L capacity which allowed us to store plenty of food without worrying about space.

However, we didn’t like the hinges on the lid as they seemed to be the only part of the cooler that could break easily.


  • Large capacity
  • Robust build
  • The hinges on the lid are not very strong


Waeco/Mobicool U32 12V Electric Cooler Review – 90%


We liked the sturdy and strong exterior of the Waeco/Mobicool cooler. It looked durable. The cooler also comes with a 29L capacity and it features a 12V DC/AC switch which we found quite convenient.

The carry handle was very nice and we found that we could comfortably move the electric cooler with minimal effort. We liked the lid as well. Unlike the Marko 30L Electric Cool Box, it offered a tight and secure closing that kept the air out.

However, we found this cooler to be quite noisy especially when we turned it to full settings. Fixing the cables was bit of a challenge as the space for them was quite small.


  • Strong exterior.
  • Good 29L capacity.
  • Good handle.
  • Quite noisy.


YNWJ Car Refrigeration Compressor Cool Box – 86%


The first thing to catch our attention with the YNWJ Car Refrigeration Compressor Cool Box was the large capacity interior. It was sufficient to carry plenty of food. Like the JTF Mega Electric Cool Box, we liked that it comes with 2 power inputs, a 12V DC and 240V AC. This made the cooler versatile for use in either the car or at home.

The cooling capacity was good as well and we found that it could bring temperatures 180 under the ambient temperature. This was sufficient to keep any food that we packed in the cooler fresh. We also liked that it didn’t require too much time to bring the temperatures down. The heating capacity was also quite efficient.

The downside had to do with connection. We found that it is very easy to disconnect the power cable. We also noted that the lid wasn’t very secure compared to say the JTF Mega Electric Cool Box and we didn’t expect it to very effective at keeping out the air.


  • Large 30L capacity.
  • Comes with an AC/DC capacity.
  • The connection cable comes off easily.
  • Lid is not very tight.


Vivo 26L Electric Cool Box Review – 84%


We liked the thick and robust build of the Vivo. It also looks very good and we liked the closing lid as well as we noted it could shut tightly with little room for outside warm air to get inside the box. The handle makes it simple to transport the cooler.

We found that the Vivo also had quiet operation. It comes with a 26-liter capacity which is ideal for most campers. This is also a very simple to use cooling box. We noted that we could also add a few ice packs to keep the temperatures low.

However, the box needs to be left on for a long time in order to reach the right cooling temperatures. The power cable is also not very long which we found quite inconvenient.


  • Simple to operate.
  • Looks good.
  • Strong and durable build.
  • 26-liter capacity.
  • Short power chord.
  • Took a long time to cool.

JTF Mega Electric Cool Box Review – 80%


We liked that this electric cooler comes with both AC and DC functions. This made it versatile in that we could use it both in the car and at home with the wall socket. We also found that it features an integrated battery protection system.

While not as effective as the Amazon Basics Thermo electric Cooler it was still able to bring temperatures as low as 150 under the ambient temperature which kept the food cool.

We noticed that the lid comes with a gasket seal. This ensured a tight closing mechanism.

However, we found it to be quite noisy which was annoying especially when we wanted a quiet environment to chill out. The exterior also didn’t look very strong and durable.


  • Comes with an AC/DC switch.
  • Integrated battery protection.
  • Gasket seal on the lid.
  • Was quite noisy.
  • The exterior is not very durable.


Mobicool U22 Electric Cooler, 22 Litre, 12 V DC – 76%


We instantly liked the heavy-duty construction of the Waeco Dometic U22 cool box. It looked durable and could withstand the shock of being dropped. We also found it to be quite effective at keeping the food cool thanks in part to its tightly closing lid.

Another thing that we liked was the tall design. It made it simple for us to pack a lot of food.

We however found a few drawbacks. The first is that it’s not possible to control the temperature of the cooler. Second, while the lid secured tightly, its closing mechanism wasn’t very simple.


  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Tall design.
  • Putting the lid back on wasn’t very simple.


Frequently asked questions

What Is Electric Coolers?

An electric cooler is simply a cooler that does not use ice. It is portable in much the same way as the normal cooling box but runs on Peltier or thermoelectric technology to keep the inside temperature below room temperature.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Coolers?

Compared to portable refrigerators thermoelectric coolers are far less expensive. This puts them within reach of most individuals who like to partake in outdoor activities such as camping.

Electric coolers have few moving parts and a rugged build which makes them highly durable. They can be dropped and still take the shocks without any major damage.

Another benefit of buying a good quality electric cooler is the fact that they can last many years.

The only part that could damage and require you to replace your cooler is the Peltier plate. However, this can also last years before any kind of damage.

Electric coolers are able to keep the food cool for a long time. They are simple and convenient to use. It is however advisable not to keep opening the box as this will let hot air in.

On the downside however, electric coolers do not come with temperature control. This can sometimes be a challenge as the unit may either be too cold or not cold enough to prevent your food from going bad.

On average electric coolers need more charge to function at low temperatures sometimes 5 or more times the charge that a portable fridge needs.

Electric coolers are not suitable for certain types of food. This is because they may not get cold enough for the optimum storage of foods such as milk, eggs, cheese and other types of animal products that need to be kept at extremely low temperatures to prevent bacteria growth.

What’s the Approximate Price Range for Electric Coolers?

Electric coolers can vary in prices from £50 to over £150 depending on the quality.

What should I Look for When Choosing an Electric Cooler?

The first thing you want to consider with an electric cooler is efficiency. Some models will take a long time to reach the right temperatures. Go for one that cools down quickly.

The power options are an important consideration. The best electric coolers should come with a detachable power cable and feature an adaptor.

The power cable should also be long enough for convenience. Even better are electric coolers that feature more than a single adaptor.

You simply cannot overlook the capacity. The best electric cooler for you will depend on your individual needs. Go for one that is large enough to easily carry all the food that you would require on your trip.

The lid should be able to close tightly and securely. You do not want an electric cooler with a lid that lets in warm arm as this could result in bacteria growth which can bring with it serious consequences.

What Is the Best Electric Cooler? Why Is It the Best?

The VIVO 26L electric cool box is the best electric cooler. It comes with a large capacity has a strong and durable build and features a simple plug and play operation.

How Do Portable Electric Coolers Work?

Unlike the normal cooling boxes that use ice to keep food cold, the portable electric coolers use Peltier technology. This is where an electric current is passed across two different types of metals.

This results in heat being transferred from one side to the other. The cold side is thus able to keep temperatures low.

The technology is also known as thermoelectricity and offers a simple but reliable way of keeping the food fresh.

Which Is the Best Electric Cooler for Camping? Why Is It the Best?

The Waeco/Mobicool U32 12 Volt Camping Cool box is the best cooler for camping. It has a large 29-liter capacity and features high quality full foam insulation. It also comes in a rugged and durable exterior.

Which Is the Best Portable Electric Cooler with Wheels?

The Coleman cool box extreme is the best portable electric cooler with wheels. It features a 47-liter capacity, has a tight and secure lid and a tough exterior. It is also comes with large back wheels that helps it move easily.

Which Is the Best Electric Cooler for Car? Why Is it The Best?

The 30L electric cool box is the best electric cooler for the car. It has a large 30L capacity, features two power inputs and a long power cable.

Can You Put Ice in an Electric Cooler?

It is not a good idea to put ice in an electric cool box. They are not designed to be waterproof and if that ice melts, the water can damage the Peltier plate

What Is the Difference Between an Electric Cooler vs Mini Fridge?

Both the mini fridge and the electric cooler run on the car’s 12V electrical system. However, while the electric cooler uses Peltier technology, the portable fridge uses a refrigerant that passes through a high-pressure condenser which makes it gain heat.

It then passes through a low-pressure valve which makes it to lose heat. This cycle results in heat continuously getting dispelled from the refrigerator resulting in cool temperatures.

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