9 Best Cotton Candy Machines for Home & Commercial Use

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Looking for the best cotton candy machine to impress guests and entertain children? Take a look below.

We took 40 different cotton candy machines that we found were readily available in the market and spent well over 70 hours testing them.

We split them into two main categories commercial and home use candy floss machines.

In the end, we found the FORAVER Commercial Electric Cotton Candy Floss machine, to be the best commercial unit. It has a high efficiency and output and is able to provide up to 7 servings per minute.

The Gourmet Gadgetry Retro Dinner Candy Floss Machine is the best for home use.

It features a classic retro design and was very simple to operate.

We also found it to be very stable while running and could function without extra support. Continue reading to discover more of the amazing cotton candy machines on our list!

Commercial Electric Cotton Candy Floss machine – 100%

The FORAVER has two large wheels that make for simple transportation. It has a high output of up to 7 servings per minute making it a viable commercial choice. It also comes with a large drawer where you can put extra cones, scoops, and spare parts.

The machine has plenty of safety features which includes a booster, fuse, voltage meter and a simple to use ON-OFF switch and unlike the ReleaseJoy Commercial Electric Cotton Candy Machine, doesn’t pose the risk of burning the user’s hands.

On the other hand, the FORAVER is best suited for large applications and may not be ideal for home use. It also lacks the UK plug and will need an adapter.

  • Simple to use.
  • Very efficient with a high output.
  • Comes with safety features.
  • Doesn’t come with a UK plug.

Commercial Electric Cotton Candy Machine Review – 87%

This cotton candy machine from ReleaseJoy has a high working efficiency. It can continue running for a long time which makes it a good choice for commercial purposes.

The construction is strong featuring a durable aluminum heating cavity and a top-grade whirl about cap.

The ReleaseJoy cotton candy machine is very simple to use with its ON-OFF switch. It is also very simple to clean and comes with a fuse for added safety.

However, the basic design of the machine puts the users hands at a risk of getting burnt so it’s paramount that you observe extra care when using the machine.

  • Simple to use.
  • High-quality construction.
  • High efficiency and can keep running for a long time.
  • Can easily burn the user’s hands.

Gadgetry Retro Dinner Candy Floss Machine Review – 86%

The gourmet gadgetry comes with a scoop and paper cones. Similar to the Cooks Professional Candy Floss Maker Machine, this one also features a stylish and classic design. It is simple to operate and unlike the Discoball Electric Cotton Candy Machine, which we found needs support when running, this one is stable doesn’t need to be held down.

This cotton candy machine also features non-slip rubber feet that hold well on flat surfaces and prevents the machine from sliding.

The major downside that we found with the machine is that it takes quite a long time to heat up.

  • Simple to use.
  • Very stable.
  • Takes a long time to heat up

Elgento E26011 Candy Floss Cart Review – 80%

The pink color of the Elgento provides that candy feel even before having a taste of the cotton candy. This is a simple to use machine and unlike the ReleaseJoy Commercial Electric, Cotton Candy Machine can be used at home.

It also features two sturdy wheels for simple transportation and the simple design makes cleaning the Elgento E26011 an easy affair. The package comes with a 2-year guarantee so you know it will last a decently long time.

We, however, found that it takes quite a bit of time to warm up. It also doesn’t pop all the kernels.

  • Comes in a nice pink color.
  • Simple and safe to operate.
  • Two wheels makes it easy to operate.
  • Take a long time to warm up.
  • Doesn’t pop all the kernels.

Cooks Professional Candy Floss Maker Machine – 80%

The retro cooks professional has a stylish and high-quality build. It is simple to operate and virtually anyone can use it from kids to adults thanks largely in part to the single button operation. The classic design also makes it stand out among the more modern kitchen appliances.

This cotton candy maker offers fast heating as a result of the halogen heating mechanism. It also comes with a removable bowl and a splash guard which allows for quick and easy cleaning of the machine. It is a good home appliance and weighs just 1.5kilos.

The downside is that the candy floss comes out a bit too thin and is quite fiddly to assemble.

  • Simple to use.
  • Stylish and classic design
  • The cotton candy comes out a bit too thin.
  • It is does take quite some time to have it set up.

JMP Pink Candy floss machine Review – 72%

The JMP is a good-looking cotton candy machine. like the Babz Candy Floss maker, it has a small and compact design that allows the user to easily put it away after use. It features a halogen heating technology which allows the JMP to heat up quickly and easily.

This is a simple to operate cotton candy machine. All that is required is to pour granulated sugar into the machine and the cotton candy will form within minutes.

However, when using the machine, the sugar does tend to stick to the sides.

  • Simple to use.
  • Compact design.
  • Good looking cotton candy machine.
  • Sugar tends to stick to the sides.

Babz Candy Floss maker Review – 66%

The Babz is simple to assemble and clean. It features rubber feet which makes it stable during use. Similar to the Gourmet Gadgetry Retro Dinner Candy Floss Machine, it doesn’t slide and will not need the support of an extra hand.

The package comes with a sugar measuring scoop and the fact that the machine has a compact design makes it simple to carry and store away.

On the downside, we found that the Babz gets very hot at the center. This resulted in the candy floss melting into a lump of sugar after using the machine for some time.

  • Simple to use.
  • Compact.
  • Center gets hot and melts the candy floss after using the machine for a long time.

HOMCOM Candy Floss Machine Review – 66%

This cotton candy maker has a durable steel construction. The ON-OFF switch makes it extremely easy to operate the HOMCOM. It also has a low power consumption thanks to the 2-quartz heating tube.

The HOMCOM is ideal for home use and the package also comes with a stainless-steel cover, sugar spoon, aluminum turntable and 10 bamboo sticks.

However, it doesn’t come with a high output as it can only produce one cotton candy every two minutes.

  • Simple to use.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Is not very efficient as the output is one cotton candy every 2 minutes.

Discoball Electric Cotton Candy Machine Review – 65%

The Discoball is a fast operating cotton candy machine that looks great and is simple to assemble and use. The rubber feet prevent slipping and cleaning the cotton candy machine is also fairly simple. The package also came with a 1PP sugar spoon and a pack of 10 cotton candy sticks.

Unlike some cotton candy machines that spill the sugar everywhere, this one has a neat design that keeps the strands inside the machine so you will not have to worry about coming out with stains on your clothes.

However, the machine is not very sturdy and does need to be supported with one hand when it’s turned on.

  • Simple to operate.
  • Comes with rubber feet.
  • Not very sturdy.

Frequently asked questions

What Is Cotton Candy Machines?

A cotton candy machine has a spinning head and a reserve bowl. In this bowl is where you will pour granulated sugar and food coloring. Its main task is to heat, liquify and spin the granulated sugar into the thin strands that are commonly referred to as cotton candy.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cotton Candy Machines?

Almost anyone will eat cotton candy from children to adults. A cotton candy machine can help you set up a business which can be an excellent source of income.

What’s more the initial investment is low as there is not much that you actually need. In fact, you can set up shop almost anywhere you can place the cotton candy.

Cotton candy machines are simple to operate. You can even get one for home use and be making cotton candy for the family over the weekend.

The downside with the cotton candy machine is that it will throw off bits of cotton candy and may end up staining your clothes.

Second, as the bowl spins there is residue that is left on the sides of the cotton candy machine. Over time this sticky stuff can build up and become a bit difficult to remove. This build up can end up making it harder for the cotton candy to collect on the stick or cone.

What’s the Approximate Price Range for Cotton Candy Machines?

There are small sized cotton candy machines available on the market for as low as £20. Some larger commercial models cost as much as £1000.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Cotton Candy Machine?

The construction material will determine just how well the cotton candy machine will serve you. However, the first thing you want to consider is how regularly you plan to use the machine. If you will only be making cotton candy for your kids every weekend, then a small machine with a plastic construction will work just fine.

If on the other hand you are buying a cotton candy machine for commercial purposes, then you need a larger model with a metal construction to optimize on durability.

The best cotton candy machine will have a bubble top. This ensures that the cotton candy doesn’t fly everywhere once blown out of the machine and will allow you to shape it on and around the cones.

The size of the bowl should be at par with your intended use of the cotton candy machine. If the bowl is too small then you will often find yourself having to refill it. If too large then it will be inefficient as you do not need a large bowl for making cotton candy only during the weekends for your kids.

You also need to consider the power and speed of the motor. For commercial ventures, you need a cotton candy machine with a large and powerful motor. For home use, however, a small cotton candy machine with a small motor will work just fine.

For large cotton candy machines, they will often come with wheels to make transporting to different locations simple.

It’s always important to consider the warranty options. Products that come with long warranties often signifies good quality.

What Is the Best Cotton Candy Machine? Why Is It the Best?

The Cooks Professional candy floss maker 1950s edition is the best cotton candy machine. It comes with a simple to use single button design, has a durable construction and uses fast and reliable halogen heating.

How Does a Cotton Candy Machine Work?

Once you add granulated sugar and food color into the bowl of the cotton candy machine, the sugar is heated up until it liquifies.

It is then blown out through the bubble top. The cotton candy is mostly air combined with the thin strands of sugar.

Can You Use Regular Sugar for Cotton Candy?

Yes, it is indeed possible to make cotton candy out of regular sugar.

What Is the Best Professional Cotton Candy Machine? Why Is It the Best?

The Kukoo commercial candy floss maker machine is the best for professional use. It has wheels for easy transport and an inbuilt drawer for storing items such as spare candy floss sticks.

What Kind of Sugar Should You Put in a Cotton Candy Machine?

Floss sugar is especially designed for making cotton candy but you can also use granulated sugar. Making cotton candy from regular sugar is also possible.

Which Is the Best Cotton Candy Machine for Personal Use?

The Discoball electric cotton candy floss maker machine is the best for personal use. Other than being simple to assemble, use and clean, it is also a high-quality machine and is available in a variety of colors from red, white, pink, light blue and brown.

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