7 Best Cordless Phones for Your Home Landline

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Which are the best cordless phones for easily making and receiving landline calls? Find out below.

Having a cordless phone is pretty convenient for the family, elderly, and small business. If you like to have one, you’re in for a treat as we find the best cordless phones on the market today.

We tested 18 top rated cordless phones and compare the top seven products according to battery duration, phonebook capacity, and special feature.

Our top recommendation is the Panasonic KX-TG6822EB because it comes with a good answer machine that can record up to 30 minutes of messages.

It also comes with several advanced features including Noise reduction key, Caller ID, and “Clear Sound” technology. Read below our comparison table and best cordless phones reviews.

Panasonic Twin DECT Cordless Telephone Set Review – 90%


The Panasonic KX-TG6822EB is a DECT cordless telephone set that comes with an answering machine that can record up to 30 minutes.

It features a Caller ID so you’ll know who’s calling and you can bar incoming calls if you want. It offers a long battery life which amounts to 15 hours talk time and 170 hours of standby time.

This twin pack allows you to store up to 100 names and numbers on the phone book and block up to 50 numbers of nuisance callers to give you peace of mind.

Using this cordless phone is easy because it comes with an illuminated keypad and a backlit 1.8-inch screen. When you don’t like the phone’s ring to bother you when sleeping, simply activate the Night Mode function.


  • Long battery life
  • Packed with convenient features (like Night Mode,
  • Hands-free, and Noise Reduction)
  • Has a large phonebook storage capacity
  • Can be expanded up to six handsets
  • Illuminated keypad and large LCD display
  • Can block nuisance callers
  • The handset holders seem to be flimsy
  • Difficult to find a number on the phonebook list


BT 3530 TWIN Cordless Phone With Answering Machine – 90%


The BT 3530 is a pack of two cordless phones that come with an answering machine that can record up to one hour of messages.

You can expand the unit up to five handsets and save up to 50 contacts. With a maximum range of 300 meters, you can have a great freedom when talking.

The handsets are easy to use even for the visually impaired because they have a very clear blue backlit LCD display and large keys.

The number keys are slightly raised so pressing them is very easy. Talk time can reach up to 10 hours and standby time can go until 100 hours.


  • The recording time of the answering machine is very long
  • The LCD display is easy to read
  • The raised number keys are easy to press
  • The sound is clear
  • Hands-free functionality
  • Small phonebook storage capacity
  • Inconvenient to use with only one button to access the menu


Gigaset Nuisance Call Blocking Cordless Phone – 86%


The Gigaset C430A is a pack of three cordless phones with a large 1.8-inch display. Personalization options are available for the screensaver, ringtones, and sound profiles.

The phonebook can store a maximum of 200 names and three numbers per contact.

The C430A is built with an answering machine that can record up to 30 minutes. Standby time can go as long as 300 hours and 14 hours for talk time.

With the High Sound Performance feature, you can be guaranteed to hear each word clearly even on hands-free mode.


  • Good sound quality
  • Long standby time
  • Offers a 2-year guarantee
  • Provides personalization options
  • The colour display is easy to read
  • Integrated answer machine
  • The construction feels flimsy
  • The voicemail system is erratic


Panasonic Digital Cordless Phone With LCD Display – 84%


The Panasonic KX-TGC220EB is the recent addition to the brand’s range of DECT cordless phone. The handset is made of an elegant black design and an easy-to-read 1.6-inch backlit display.

It comes with a lot of convenient features including Nuisance call block to stop receiving spam calls, ECO mode to save power, and Noise Reduction to boost the sound quality.

You can use the phone hands-free which is very convenient if you like to take notes. You can also ask anyone to join the conversation. The KX-TGC220EB offers 16 hours of talk time, 300 hours of standby time, and 50 numbers on the phonebook.


  • Hands-free functionality
  • Blocks nuisance callers
  • Clear LCD display
  • Packed with great features (like ECO mode, Noise Reduction, etc.)
  • Compact design
  • Limited phonebook storage capacity
  • Volume is a bit low


Philips Twin Cordless Phone With Answer Machine – 84%


The Philips XL4952S/05 is a pack of two cordless phones with an answering machine that offers 30 minutes of recording time.

The display, characters, and keypad are extra large to assist those visually impaired or elderly. The handset comes with advanced features to protect your privacy including Blacklist, Silence Mode, and Call Barring.

With just a single touch, you can increase the volume by more than 12 dB at the earpiece and more than 85 dB at the handsfree speaker.

XL4952S/05 is hearing aid compatible to minimize unwanted noise. Along with 20 entries in the redial list, it’s phonebook can store 50 names and numbers and up to two numbers per contact.


  • The display is super clear
  • The speakerphones are clear
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Attractive appearance
  • More expensive than similar products
  • Produces some buzzing noise


Doro Comfort 1000 Singe Cordless DECT Telephone – 80%


The Doro Comfort 1000 produces clearer conversation, thanks to its TrueSound technology. Compared to standard phones, the Comfort 1000 is five times louder at 24 dB voice volume. Its single base station can register up to six phones.

With its easy menus and white backlit display, the handset is very easy to use and read. You can also know who’s calling you with the Caller ID.

An alert tone will tell you when the battery’s low and you have the capacity to store up to 20 phonebook entries.


  • Expandable to six phones
  • Low battery alert tone
  • Hands-free functionality
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Produces a clear sound
  • The construction is too flimsy
  • The LCD characters aren’t bold enough


Binatone Veva 1700 Dect Cordless Phone Review – 80%


The Binatone Veva 1700 is single DECT cordless phone that comes with a large LCD display and huge buttons for easy use.

It features a caller display to know who’s calling you and a 20-name/number phonebook. The battery power is strong enough to allow 7 hours talk time and 100 hours standby time.

The handset features five number redial, five ringtones, and a two-line icon display. The display stores caller information for the last 10 calls so you can look a number up if you miss something.

This phone is GAP compatible meaning that this handset can be used with any other GAP handsets.


  • Comes with a fair price
  • GAP compatible
  • The volume is good
  • Enables caller display
  • The large buttons make the phone easy to use
  • Limited number/name storage
  • The sound crackles sometimes


Frequently asked questions

What is Cordless Phones?

As suggested by its name, a cordless phone is a telephone without a cord. It has a portable handset and a base station which connects to your telephone network. The base also works as a charger to refuel the batteries of the handset.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cordless Phones?

Cordless phones provide significant features your smartphone can’t. They offer a better sound quality, coverage, and more reliable reception.

Best of all, these phones are very portable because you can put them in any room and use them while walking around your home.

However, these portable phones are prone to signal strength problems. If you live in a location where signal problems are common then you’ll have that issue.

What’s the approximate price range for Cordless Phones?

The price of cordless phones can range from £14 to a few thousand, depending on the number and quality of handsets included.

What should I look for when choosing a Cordless Phones?

Look for an LCD screen if you want to view the phone directory or other information. A two-line support is also a great feature in receiving calls for two phone numbers on a similar phone.

If you like to automatically connect your call as soon as you raise the handset, an Auto talk feature is a good option.

A battery backup is what you need if you like your phone to be functional even when the power is out.

Other great features that you may look for include multiple handsets for an intercom mode, caller ID to know who’s calling you, and a mailbox to store your messages.

If you like to record messages or screen calls, look for a model with an answering machine.

It might be bigger and more expensive than standard models but it can let you select the number of rings, notify you if you have messages, and many more.

If your location is susceptible to power outages, consider looking for a corded base which allows you to use it without power.


Which is the Best Cordless Phones? Why is it the best?

The Panasonic KX-TG6822EB is the best cordless phone because it has large a phonebook memory, storing up to 100 names and numbers.

It comes with an answering machine that can record up to 30 minutes. It can also block up to 50 numbers of nuisance callers for your peace of mind.

What are the best cordless phones with answering machines?

The BT 3530 is the best cordless phone with answering machine because it has the longest recording time of 60 minutes.

Each handset has a long distance reception giving you a lot of freedom when talking. It also comes with an easy-to-read display and a phonebook storage of 50 contacts.

What is the best cordless phones for hearing impaired? Why is it the best?

The Doro Comfort 1000 is one of the best home phones for hearing impaired because it’s hearing aid compatible.

With its Doro TrueSound quality feature, the sound of this cordless phone is loud and clear to provide a more enjoyable conversation. It can produce a sound level up to 24 dB.

Is cordless phones suitable for elderly?

Yes, they are. With a cordless phone, seniors won’t have to run to the phone to answer a call because they can keep the receiver’s cordless phone next to them.

There are also cordless phone units with brighter and bigger display to assist users with a vision problem.

They also offer features to increase the sound of the incoming call to let the elderly hear it clearly.

Which is the best cordless phones for small business? Why is it the best?

The Gigaset C430A is the best cordless phones for small business because its phonebook can store up to 200 names and three numbers per contact. This means a lot of phonebook storage for your clients, suppliers, and employees.

This pack of 3 handsets also comes with an answering machine that can record up to 30 minutes of voicemail messages.

Which is the best cordless phones for best sound quality? Why is it the best?

The Philips XL4952S/05 is the best cordless phones for best sound quality because it features a one-touch volume boost to increase the sound.

By the earpiece, the volume can rise to more than 12dB and more than 8dB at the handsfree speaker.

It is hearing aid compatible to minimize the unwanted noise in your surroundings.

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