9 Best Cookware Sets for Kitchens

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Product reviews of the best cookware sets

We wanted to find the best cookware set available on the market to help buyers make the most informed choices.

We started by taking 50 different cookware sets and put them through rigorous tests.

In the end we found the ProCook Professional Anodised Induction Non-Stick Cookware Set to be the best.

It features a heavy-duty construction and is induction hob compatible.

The Tefal Bistro Aluminum Cookware Set has an aluminum construction but is covered in enamel making it safe to use and super easy to clean.

Read on to discover more on the other best cookware sets that we found!

ProCook Professional Anodised Induction Non-Stick – 100%

The base design of the ProCook allows it to be used on electric, halogen, gas, induction, glass and solid cookers. It is also oven safe and dishwasher safe as well.

The construction is of heavy-duty aluminum which is anodized to make it super strong.

The ProCook features riveted handles that are strong and sturdy and have CoolTouch technology which allows them to remain cool while on the hob. They also have a hanging loop at the end for easy storage.

The downside is that when used with the oven, the handles do get quite hot and you will need to have protective clothing on your hands.

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Looks good.
  • Anodized for maximum strength.
  • Riveted handles
  • Handles get hot when used in the oven.

Karcher Jasmin Cookware Set Review – 92%

This is a stainless-steel cookware set that comes with glass lids for easy viewing of the cooking food.

An interesting feature is that the package comes with an instruction manual which we found quite convenient as this is a 20-piece set.

The Karcher is simple to clean and unlike the Tefal Essential Cookware Set can be used in any type of hob. It is a complete, dishwasher safe all rounded set.

  • Comes with 20 pieces.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Discolors easily.
  • Not nonstick.

The downside is that the Karcher is not a nonstick cookware set. The pots and pans also discolor easily.

COOKSMARK Lovepan Cookware Set Review – 90%

This cookware set has an aluminum construction which allows it to distribute heat evenly.

The flat bottom means it can be used on most heat sources apart from induction hobs. On top is a white ceramic coating that is nonstick. This also makes it simple to clean.

The fact that it doesn’t have any chemical coating makes it completely safe to use.

The handles are riveted which makes them strong and sturdy and the lids are made from tempered glass which allows you to see the food cooking.

The downside with the COOKSMARK is that the ceramic coating is thin on the inside which means that it could chip easily and expose the aluminum.

  • Looks good and stylish.
  • Ceramic coating.
  • Aluminum construction allows even heat distribution.
  • Ceramic coating is thin and can easily chip and expose the aluminum.

Tefal Excite Non-Stick Cookware Set Review – 90%

The Tefal Excite is constructed from ceramic. It is free from chemical coatings which makes it 100% safe to use.

It also features thermospot technology telling the user when the optimum cooking temperature is reached. This cookware set is dishwasher safe and can be used on halogen, electric, ceramic hobs.

The cookware set is also nonstick and lightweight which makes using and cleaning very simple.

The main drawback is the size of the saucepan. It’s a bit too small. The ceramic construction also seems to scratch easily.

  • Ceramic construction.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The saucepan is a bit too small.

Viking Contemporary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set – 88%

Similar to the Karcher, the Viking Contemporary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set is also constructed from stainless steel that is very simple to clean.

The glass lids allow you to see through when cooking. They are also close fitting which helps to contain the moisture and lock in all the lovely flavors.

Unlike the Karcher however, the interior of the prestige is nonstick which makes it ideal for a low-fat cooking. The thick plastic handle is comfortable to hold.

The glass lid handles however are not very well made and seem like they would not last long. The glass lids and plastic handles also means that this cookware set is not very oven friendly.

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Glass lids that fit closely.
  • The glass lid handles are not durable.
  • Not an oven friendly cookware set.

Tefal Bistro Aluminum Cookware Set Review – 84%

This cookware set has an enamel exterior which makes cleaning simple and easy. It is dishwasher safe and can be conveniently used on gas and electric hobs.

The interior of the Tefal Bistro is coated with a resist plus material which provides it with its no-stick properties.

Sauce pans come with glass lids making it simple to view what is cooking and the enhanced thermospot technology lets you know when the cookware has reached its optimum temperature.

However, the smaller pans are not very safe to use as they easily tip over due to the heavy handle.

  • Non-slip coating.
  • Thermospot technology.
  • Enamel exterior is simple to clean.
  • The handle is heavy on the smaller pans which makes it easily tip over.

Morphy Richards Stainless Steel Cookware Set – 82%

This is a 5-piece set that includes a milk pan, fry pan and saucepan. It is a well-built neat looking stainless-steel cookware set that is simple to clean and looks very durable.

The bases of the pots and pans are thermocore encapsulated which allows for an even heat distribution.

The Morphy Richards has tempered glass lids that are close fitting. They also have vents which allows steam to escape.

The fact that the package comes with a 10-year guarantee means that it is a high quality and reliable cookware set. It can also be used on all types of hobs.

However, it is not non-stick and after wash the stainless steel discolors easily.

  • Neat looking stainless-steel construction.
  • Thermocore encapsulated base.
  • Food sticks easily.
  • Discolors after wash.

Tower Cerasure Cookware Set Review – 80%

The tower cerasure cookware set is also coated in ceramic on top of its aluminum construction similar to the COOKSMARK Lovepan Cookware Set.

This makes it possible to cook oil free for a more healthier diet.

The Tower is a 5-piece set that allows you to cook most types of food at your convenience. It can be used conveniently with all types of cooktops including induction hobs.

This cookware set is constructed from a heavy-duty aluminum which also makes it durable.

However, it stains easily and the lid handles are not very strong.

  • Ceramic coating.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Can be used with all types of cooktops.
  • Stains easily.
  • The lid handles are not very strong.

Tefal Essential Cookware Set Review – 80%

The Tefal features a silicon handle which is heat resistant and very comfortable on the hands.

The exterior is coated with PFTE making it extremely simple to clean and also provides the cookware set with its non stick properties.

This cookware set is dishwasher safe and comes with thermospot technology.

It is a handy little feature which lets you know when the set has reached its optimum cooking temperature.

However, the downside is that the Tefal is not suited for induction hobs. This is also not a heavy-duty cookware set and feels lightweight.

  • Silicon handle is comfortable.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Thermospot technology.
  • Feels lightweight and not very durable.

Frequently asked questions

What Is a Cookware Set?

This refers to a set of pans and pots that come in different sizes and save the buyer from having to buy cooking utensils separately.

The pans and pots can be made from different materials each with its own set of pros and cons such as stainless steel, cast iron, non-stick material, enamel and copper.

The right choice for you will depend largely in your individual situation and preference.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cookware Sets?

The main reason why getting a cookware set is such an excellent choice is because they provide a one stop shop for your cooking needs.

A set comprises of a number of pots and pans that also come in different sizes.

You can cook eggs on the pan, roast steak and make stew all at the same time using the different pots and pans.

The fact that cookware sets are made from a variety of materials allows you to pick one that best suits your cooking style and situation.

If you prefer a shiny set that is simple to scrub, then stainless steel is a good choice.

It heats up fast and is durable. If on the other hand you want something that doesn’t stick then the non-stick option is your best bet.

What we are saying here is cookware sets provide you with options.

On that note however some cookware sets such as those made from enamel are quite heavy and may be uncomfortable to use especially for people who like to actively use their hands to move the pans around when frying something.

Enamel is also not as durable as stainless steel.

Second, some materials are more susceptible to rust than others.

You may not have to worry with stainless steel but cast iron can rust quickly when left in a damp environment. Copper on the other hand is quite expensive and can dent quite easily.

And let’s not even get into aluminum which can sometimes discolor food and impact the final taste.

What’s the Approximate Price Range for Cookware Sets?

You can get a good cookware set for just £50.

Depending on the number of pots and pans and the material construction, prices may go to £200. Some professional models cost well above £1500.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Cookware Sets?

When you finally decide to get a new cookware set, chances are you had your old pots.

Of course, you are not cooking on an open fire with firewood, the caveman era is long gone.

You need to check what you need to add and replace. A cookware set with just a few pots and pans will do.

However, if you plan to get rid of the old cooking pots and replace them with new ones, then a cookware set with more pots and pans is the best choice.

Secondly, you have the choice between a flat bottom and a round bottomed designed.

The first is the most common and works well for smooth top range of cooktops. The latter however, is the ideal choice when working with a vented ring on the cooker.

You also need to consider your individual style of cooking. If you like to fry meat often then stainless steel allows the meat to brown evenly.

If say you like making tomato sauce then copper cookware sets are to be avoided as they will impact on the taste.

The type of metal construction will determine how the cookware set performs.

Some metals are better heat conductors than others. Copper for example, reacts to heat extremely fast.

This also means that when you want to take down the heat, it will also respond quickly allowing you to prepare food easily and conveniently.

You want to go for a cookware set that is durable. Cast iron will last longer than copper which dents very easily.

Price is an important factor and one that is always there in the mind of the buyer.

As with most products, price is often a signifier of quality. As a rule of thumb, go for the most expensive cookware set you can afford.

What Are the Best Nonstick Pots and Pans?

The Tefal essential cookware set comes with the best nonstick posts and pans.

The PTFE exterior makes them easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.

What Is the Best Ceramic Cookware? Why Is It the Best?

The Simple & Co. non-stick ceramic cookware set is the best.

It comes with 11 pieces, is scratch resistant and is both durable and lightweight.

Is Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Safe?

Ceramic cookware is made through a kiln process.

It is not coated with chemicals which makes it among the safest materials for making cookware.

Which Is the Best Cookware Set for Camping?

The Fofar nonstick camping cookware set is the best for camping.

It features fold up handles and is constructed from anodized aluminum which makes it durable.

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