7 Best Bed Bug Sprays for DIY Pest Control

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Product reviews

After spending 32 hours on research, studying 28 products and reading hundreds of online reviews – and taking into account features such as active ingredients, efficacy, odour, and application – we picked 7 best bed bug sprays anyone could use. These products are safe to use even when pets and kids are around.

Of the 7, the Protector C Bed Bug Killer by Agropharm is certainly the best. It has all the great features to look for: highly effective, residual protection, and safe for your kids and pets.

See table below for quick comparison and read all product reviews to select the best bed bug spray you need.

ZER968 Bed Bug Killer Spray Treatment Review – 88%


This bed bug spray provides protection for 12-months, the most of any spray in this review It uses a special formula to treat bed bug infestations in household mattresses, beds, and bedroom furniture.

ZER968 Bed Bug Killer Spray Treatment
  • Bed bug killer spray treats bed bug infestations in household mattresses, beds and bedroom furniture
  • Killer spray controls bed bug outbreaks, providing long-term protection for more than 12 months
  • Fresh linen fragrance spray kills bed bugs and stops re-infestation

It has been proven to control bed bug outbreaks and stop re-infestation, with its fresh linen fragrance for a wonderful scent in the home.


  • Extra long residual protection over 1 year
  • Fresh linen fragrance
  • One reviewer noted that “the top can leak when you’ve sprayed a lot with it.


CritterKill Professional Bed Bug Killer Spray – 88%


As the name suggests, it contains the professional active ingredient Cypermethrin which is home-environment friendly product. You can spray it directly to bed bugs and on various infested surfaces without any fear of chemical fumes.

CritterKill Professional Bed Bug Killer Spray
  • CritterKill Powerful, Ready To Use Insecticide Spray For Killing Bed Bugs
  • 5 Litre Bulk Pack + 1 Litre Bottle with Trigger Spray - Fast Acting with Guaranteed Results
  • Can Be Used to Treat Most Flying and Crawling Insects

With its odorless and non-staining formula, it won’t damage your precious fabrics and furnishings. You can even use it to treat most flying and crawling insects. Most users commented that it’s an excellent and very effective product that kills bed bugs.


  • Home environment friendly
  • Fast-acting professional formula
  • Comes in a gallon with free 1-liter spray
  • Doesn’t not provide residual protection.


Victor Mini M753SN Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller with Nightlight, 3-Pack – 88%


In addition to working as a natural disinfectant, the Victor Mini smells nice. It’s eco-friendly, contains no harmful chemicals, and effectively eliminates bugs and more other pests. You can also apply it on any surfaces where bugs like to hide.

Victor Mini M753SN Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller with Nightlight, 3-Pack
  • Ideal for average-size rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, etc.
  • High frequency ultrasound repels rodents
  • Emits ultrasound at varying volumes and varying frequencies

What makes it different from other bed bug sprays in this review is that it also works as a natural air purifier and deodorizer due to the power of eucalyptus essential oil used in its formulation. You can also use it to remove tough grease, grime, and mold.


  • 3-in-1 application, works as natural cleaner and air conditioner purifier.
  • Nice piney smell
  • Eco-friendly
  • Some complaints about its stickiness around furtniture


Rentokil PSI36 Insectrol Insect Killer Review – 82%


Being the best-seller on Amazon UK, the Rentokill PSI36 – in addition to taking care of bed bugs – also makes short work of, ants, cockroaches, woodlice, moths, and earwigs. You can apply it on hard surfaces including skirting boards, floorboards, garages, and in cracks or crevices.

Rentokil PSI36 Insectrol Insect Killer
Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer is 100% Natural, proven to eliminate bed bugs (Cimex lectularius), without harsh pesticides found in many traditional treatment methods. Most Bed Bug treatment products use Permethrins and Pyrethrins, which are serious carcinogens and pesticides.

You can also use it over fabrics and bedding with careful application. This killer spray also offers long lasting residual protection and needs to be used only twice to treat bed bug problems.


  • Easy to use aerosol spray
  • Strong residual activity
  • Pungent Smell


Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer Review – 80%


Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer
PROVEN 100% EFFECTIVE — Journal of Economic Entomology published university study and Snell Scientifics published independant study confirmed that Bed Bug Patrol is The Most Effective Essential Oil-Based Pesticide. Bed Bug Patrol's proprietary formula eradicates bedbugs in every cycle of life from eggs to pesticide-resistant adults and can prevent infestations for up to 90 days.

The Bed Bug Patrol Killer kills bugs without using the toxic chemicals which are found in inexpensive bug sprays. Instead, since it is a 100% extract from various plants, you can safely use it around your kids and pets. It kills bed bug in all stages of life (egg, larvae, and adult) within minutes of application.


  • 100% natural extracts
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Kills only upon contact and no residual protection


The New Bed Bug Killer Aerosol (300ml) Review – 80%


The New Bed Bug Killer Aerosol (300ml)
  • Contains natural floral scents
  • Very effective against Bed Bugs
  • Use in conjunction with our Bed Bug Mattress & Pillow Covers

The New Bed Bug Killer Aerosol by Caraselle is an effective bed bug killer which takes care of the insects in all life-stages and stops them from coming back. Unlike other aerosol sprays, it contains natural floral scents that you can apply on most bug-hiding surfaces including mattresses, furniture and cracks and crevices.


  • Natural floral scents
  • Highly effective


    Agropharm Protector C Bed Bug Killer Spray Review – 80%


    The Agropharm Protector C is an HSE tested and approved insect spray that kills not just bed bugs but other pests with its aqueous nano emulsion formulation technology. Thanks to its formulation, this spray is environmentally friendly and safe to use around kids and pets.

    Agropharm Protector C Bed Bug Killer Spray
    • HSE tested and approved insect killer spray - kills bed bugs, fleas, moths and ants amongst other pests
    • Supplied with a 90cm spray trigger hose that screws onto the lid of the bottle for ease of application
    • Suitable for spraying carpets, mattresses, bed frames, inside drawers and windowsills - completely safe for use around children and pets once dry

    Although it is a professional product, the Agropharm is approved for amateur use. It can be applied on surfaces and things where bed bugs are hiding.

    Also, it comes with a 90cm spray trigger hose which screws onto the lid of the bottle, making it easy to use. Better still, it provides residual protection for up to 6 weeks without staining your furnishings.


    • Comes with spray trigger hose for ease of use.
    • Extra long protection.
    • Safe application around children and pets.
    • One reviewer noted that, “but the nozzle only goes one way.


    Frequently asked questions

    What is Bed Bug Spray?

    Bed bug sprays are insecticides used to effectively treat and kill bed bugs. They are applied on surfaces with bed bug infestation such as the mattresses, dressers, chairs, nightstands, couches, chests and other furniture.

    They are available in two common types: natural or organic bed bug spray and artificial chemical sprays. Regardless of their type, the best bed bug sprays work the same: they kill the insects on contact.

    How to Use Bed Bug Sprays?

    It is very important to read instructions carefully because some sprays have restrictions on how they should be applied. The infected area must be prepared for bed bug treatment beforehand for the spray to be effective.

    Are there Any Alternatives to Bed Bug Sprays?

    In some cases, other treatment methods need to be employed to completely rid your area of bugs. These treatments include steaming and vacuuming.

    There is also an alternative treatment called residual bed bug spray which creates a fatal barrier that bugs can’t cross even if you’re not actually applying it. It remains effective for a period of time after application and not just upon contact with the bugs.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bed Bug Sprays?


    • They are very effective in killing bugs on contact within a short period of time.
    • Readily available and are mostly inexpensive
    • Easy to use or apply; just spray it on the infested area once you have prepared the former for spray treatment.
    • Versatility of options means you could surely find a spray that is most suitable for your situation.


    • Sometimes, the use of bed bug spray alone may not be enough to completely treat or remove the bed bug infestation. So you might have to turn to other treatment methods.
    • Some of the best bed bug sprays, particularly those that contain strong chemicals, can be harmful to health once inhaled.

    What should I look for when choosing a Bed Bug Spray?

    Formulation of the Spray

    Bed bug killer sprays come in different chemical contents and formulations. When you have kids and pets, all-natural or organic bed bug spray is the best option.

    If you’re more concerned of the environment, choose formulas with biodegradable salts and enzymes.

    Type of Problem

    If you’re living in top bed bug infested places, go for the sprays which have egg-killing ingredients, preventing new bugs to hatch.

    If other insects are infesting your home, there are bed bug killer sprays that can also kill cockroaches and termites.

    Scope of Problem

    When you’re faced with major infestation, consider aerosol sprays that can cover large area. If you’re sensitive to smells, select an insecticide with pleasant or neutral odor.

    When bed bug infestation happens in different parts of your house such as in baseboards, furniture, and even your luggages, opt for a formula that can be safely applied on those things.

    What is the price range of Bed Bug Sprays?

    The average price range of the best bed bug sprays is between $40.00 – $60.00. However, in some cases,the price of a bottle ranges could be as low as $10.00 or even lower.

    What’s the best Bed Bug Sprays? Why is it the best?

    The Protector C Bed Bug Killer by Agropharm is the best bug spray. It is an HSE tested and proven product that is effective in killing bugs and is safe for the environment, including your kids and pets. Instead of killing on contact, it also provides long term residual protection of up to 6 weeks.

    What’s the best organic bed bug spray? Why is it the best?

    The Karlsten Organic Bed Bug Killer is the best organic bed bug spray that uses organic, non-toxic ingredients which kill bugs in all stages of life very quickly.

    Professional exterminators use this spray, a proof that it’s working effectively without using harmful chemicals.

    Being a natural product, you can apply it directly to you beddings, sheets and covers to kill bed bugs instantly. More importantly, it is safe to use around your kids and pets.

    What’s the best residual bed bug spray? Why is it the best?

    The Zero In Bed Bug Killer Spray Treatment is the best residual bed bug spray as it provides a protection of up to 12-months on one treatment. It contains special ingredients which control bed bug infestations in sleeping areas.

    Unlike other insecticides, using it will not give you a harsh chemical odour, instead, it produces a fresh linen fragrance in your home.

    What’s the best bye bye bed bug spray? Why is it the best?

    The Victor Mini is the best bye bye bed bug spray. That is, because, it is a multi-purpose product which, in addition to killing bugs, works as a natural air conditioning purifier and a deodorizer.

    It eliminates bed bugs effectively while removing grime and molds. You can use it on any pest infested surfaces and is safe around children and pets.

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