5 Best Battery Powered Fans for Travelling

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If you’re planning an epic summer adventure, or just need a reliable portable source of cool and comfort, a battery powered fan is a must-have item. Which is the best you can buy?

For this review, we initially handpicked the 20 best-rated battery powered fans and put them through their paces to whittle the list down to the top 5. We reviewed them in both indoor and outdoor environments, putting their features and advertised specifications to the test.

For this review, we checked their charging mechanisms, specified speed settings, advertised battery life, and their general usability.

The Generic Unisex 2-in-1 fan is considered to be the best in the market right now, but did it come out on top in the Only Reviews ratings?

In addition to the Generic fan, we have included our 4 other top rated fans from the UK Market. To check their detailed reviews and how they compare with our top pick, scroll down.

BRIGENIUS Baby Fan Review – 95%


We found that the BRIGENIUS Baby Fan is a fantastic low-budget option for anyone needing a reliable, portable, and battery operated fan.

The fan itself comes with a built in clip, which makes it easy to attach to surfaces such as desks or fabrics such as tents, and a full adjustable fan that rotates 360 degrees in two dimensions. This means that no matter what surface or object you attach the fan to, you can easily adjust the fan so the air flows in the direction you need.

Two power settings, slow and fast, offer a reasonable degree of control over output and noise, and for its size the fan moves an impressive amount of air.

Pictures that come with the fan shows a woman stepping on the product as proof of the fan’s robustness and sturdy frame. We replicated this by gingerly stepping on the fan with our full weight and are happy to report that, apart from a slight bit of give, the fan came out unscathed!

The battery we found lasted on average around 5 hours on a single charge, which was enough to get through the hottest parts of the day. The fan can be powered by either the built-in battery or via a USB, including support for USB battery packs. This extends the battery life of the fan indefinitely, depending on the size and capacity of the USB battery.

Overall, for the price this fan is definitely worth the money, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better or more reliable product that keeps you cool when you need it most.


  • Fantastic price for the power and reliability
  • Compatible with USB battery backs
  • Variable fan-speed and direction
  • None


EasyAcc Handheld Electric Fan Review – 93%


One of the cheapest fans featured in our reviews is the super portable EasyAcc Handheld Electric FanInstin Mini. Designed to be used in both outdoor and indoor settings in the summertime, it features a generous 2600mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for 3-10 hours when fully charged, depending on the fan-speed setting.

This fan is lightweight and ultra-portable, with the ability to fold-up to either be placed on a surface or to be easily stored or carried around. We found this feature to make it a really adaptable product that worked just as well on the desk as it does in your hand.

The built-in battery can either be charged using the provided adaptor or via a USB charging cable, and is compatible with USB power banks/batteries. Furthermore, it has 3 adjustable speed levels i.e. low, medium, and high, meaning on lower settings you can extend the battery life if necessary. You can adjust its airflow easily by pressing the power button in sequence.

The size and lightweight nature of this product makes is the perfect fan if ultimate portability is what you are after. Perfect to be folded up and stored in a bag or in your car, this fan is suited for the road, beach times, as well as for in your own home.


  • Folding handle design makes it super portable
  • 3 adjustable speed levels to maximise battery life
  • USB battery pack charging compatibility
  • Not easy to attach to a tent or firmly secure to a surface
  • Smaller size means it lacks the power of bigger fans


Generic Unisex 2 in 1 Camping Light Review – 87%


The Generic Unisex is a 2-in-1 certainly looks the part. With a design similar to a stage light, this robust looking battery powered fan is a favourite amongst travellers and campers alike.

It’s primary feature is it’s purposely designed to be hung from inside a tent or structure, with a built-in hook on the frame at the back of the fan. This makes the fan perfect for camping, outdoor buildings, or anywhere with the opportunity to hang the smart looking fan up.

There are 18 LED lights built into the frame around the blades, which allow the fan to double up for both cooling/ventilation and lighting, again making it perfect for those outdoor summer nights.

The fan can also be stood up on any surface, as the frame rotates to form an adjustable stand, making this a very versatile product.

One more thing that makes this fan stand out to others is its battery life. It can last for up to 20 hours on the same set of batteries provided you operate it at its lowest speed setting. The downside to this is that the batteries must be 2 x D batteries, and therefore the fan does not provide a built-in rechargeable option. There is also, unlike other products on this review, no USB power alternative.


  • Long battery life using D batteries
  • Built-in handle/hook makes it ideal for tents/outdoors
  • LED Lights in frame allow the fan to double as a light source
  • No built-in recharging feature
  • No USB power source


BLUBOON Battery Desk Fan Review – 86%


The BluBoon Battery Desk Fan is another classic battery powered fan which sits in the middle of a sturdy metal frame. The fan is able to tilt and rotate a full 360 degrees, whilst the stand is suited to sit on flat surfaces.

The advertised maximum battery life is six hours, although this is only if you use the lower speed settings. The fan features a USB port which is used to charge the battery, giving you the option of either using a USB battery pack, charging or powering from your computer, or using a USB power adaptor.

One unique feature of the BluBoon fan is what it calls “stepless speed technology”. This translates to a rotary dial on the back which is used to control the fan speed, meaning the BluBoon fan is the only fan in this review not to have set an linear fan speeds, allowing you a greater degree of control of your airflow.

The fan only comes with a USB connector included, so if you require a wall adaptor this will need to be purchased separately.


  • USB port allows varied ways of charging
  • Swivel and angle up to 360 degrees
  • Fully adjustable air volume
  • Rechargeable battery and cable included
  • Battery life at high fan speed is comparatively low
  • Mainly suited to flat surfaces


Instun Mini Handheld USB Misting Fan Review – 82%


The Instun Mini is a portable handheld fan is another unique fan on our list thanks to a built-in cooling mist humidifier. Not only does the fan propel cool air, but it also gently adds water droplets from its built-in water storage into the air current.

The extra cooling effect is immediately noticeable, with the cooling results amplified if chilled water is added to the water container.

One word of warning is that the obvious mix of electricity and water, particularly if the fan is charge, could be potentially dangerous. To alleviate this risk, Instun provide a specially designed water bottle to safely add the water to the storage compartment located above the fan blades.

Being USB charged, this does allow flexibility in the methods in which the battery of the fan can be charged up including battery packs and using a wall adpator.

There are 3 speeds of fan available from low to high, whilst another 2 modes of mist deployment make this a surprisingly varied cooling product allowing for a number of different setting combinations that you don’t get with other fans.

The Instun Mini is also available in 5 different colours at no extra price, allowing some additional customisation to your chosen fan.

On the downside, the purely handheld nature of the Instun Mini means it is more suited to smaller use outdoors and is difficult to set up and use on a flat surface, such as a desk.


  • Provides 3 speed settings & 2 mist settings
  • Offers a different style of cooling compared to conventional fans
  • Rechargeable battery via USB
  • Different colours available for the same price
  • On high settings battery can run out in less than 2 hours
  • Purely handheld, not suitable for flat surfaces of whilst driving


Frequently asked questions

What are battery powered fans?

Battery-powered fans feature a dedicated built-in or on-board battery as a power source. They allow the fan to run without being plugged into an external power source, such as a wall socket or computer.

The batteries are often rechargeable, and the primary purpose is for the fan to be agile and useful both indoors, outdoors, and on the road.

They are also known as portable fans and popular uses include being taken away on trips, picnics, and to the beach in summer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of battery powered fans?

One of the main advantages of battery powered fans is that they are really inexpensive. These ultra-portable fans can be taken away anywhere for outdoor activities, and some of the handheld fans can be very small in size.

The best battery powered fans can also be charged via a USB cable, meaning charging your fan in your car if on the road or from your computer whilst working is possible.


Without a consistent external power source, these fans will only last as long as the battery or external USB battery pack will let them.

Due to the small size and focus on portability with battery powered fans, they are unlikely to be as suited for indoor use as a traditional standing fan or office fan.

What’s the approximate price range for battery powered fans?

These small and easy to carry fans are relatively inexpensive compared to larger and more powerful indoor fans.

Approximately, the price range of a battery powered fan can vary between £10-£50 for the fan alone, but bear in mind that any accessories you may need such as USB battery packs can cost a lot more on top.

Which is the best fan for camping? Why is it the best?

The Generic Unisex 2-in-1 fan is the is the best fan for camping because it contains a built-in handle with a hanging hook, making it easy to hang from inside or outside the tent.

Also, it has 18 super-bright LEDs and lasts up to 20 hours on the same set of batteries, making it able to last a few late nights on your camping trip whilst doubling up as a source of light.

Which is the best handheld fan? Why is it the best?

The EasyAcc Handheld Electric Fans Mini Portable Outdoor Fan was our favourite handheld fan from our review.

With its folding and hyper-portable design, whilst also boasting features such as variable speed settings and USB charging capabilities, make it the ideal battery powered fan to take on the road or in your bag.

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