5 Best Handheld Massagers for Sciatica

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Our team of experts tested 15 handheld massagers, took into consideration their weight, heat function, number of massage nodes, number of speed settings, power, and warranty, and was able to reach on a consensus that the Reviber Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager is currently the best in the market.

That is, because, the Reviber provides a deep tissue massage to aid blood circulation. Also, it features 2-speed settings, 2 massage nodes, a long power cord, and comes with a mammoth 5-year warranty.

However, if you think it won’t suit you, our review contains 4 other massagers which are also high-quality. To know more about them, check the below mentioned comparison table and the detailed product reviews.

1. Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager with Infrared – 91%


The Reviber Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager provides 2 speed settings- 3,400 rpm and 3,600 rpm – to let the user customise their massage experience for varying comfort needs. It only weighs 1.2kg with a cord length of 3 metres, allowing users to easily use away from power outlets.

Reviber Zen Physio Handheld Deep Tissue Massager with 5 Year Guarantee and Dual Speed Settings -...
  • WOW, THAT'S AMAZING!' - the Gadget Show
  • PREMIUM PERSONAL ELECTRIC MASSAGER – The Reviber Zen Physio handheld deep tissue massager provides you with soothing pain relief and relaxation; Great for plantar fasciitis foot massager, back massager, deep tissue massage, shoulders, legs, hands - Entire body relief
  • MAXIMUM RELIEF AND RECOVERY – Our compact yet powerful handheld body massager will help drastically reduce your recovery time and muscle pain compared to manual massaging; Target precise muscle groups for a deep tissue massage or light pain relieving pressure

This handheld massager comes with 4 attachments, which are essentially a pair of 2 heads, each used to target a certain area in the body. It uses 10 watts of power, which makes it ideal for home use.

What makes the Reviber Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager stand out is that it can target both large muscles and specific areas such as the neck only by changing its heads. The handle only vibrates slightly, thereby reducing the discomfort on the hands while massaging. Finally, the Reviber comes with a 5-Year Guarantee and 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • Promotes deep massage
  • Long power cord
  • No need for oils
  • Two speed settings to focus on different muscle areas
  • 5-year warranty
  • Loud
  • Heavy on other parts of the body



2. HoMedics Compact Percussion Massager Review – 90%


The HoMedics is a lightweight option at 939 grams which reduces discomfort by accessing hard-to-reach areas of your body. Its variable 2-speed intensity provides powerful percussion massage settings, and with 2 interchangeable attachments, you can easily customise the experience to cater to your needs.

HoMedics Compact Percussion Massager – Handheld Deep Tissue Massage with Heat for Intense Muscle...
  • COMPACT PERCUSSION MASSAGE WITH HEAT - Using dual pivoting nodes, we’ve mastered the deep tissue technique and paired it with our favourite handheld design to create rapid percussive pulsations and treat aching muscles
  • CUSTOMISE YOUR MASSAGE - Changeable nodes keep you in full control of your massage. If you’re focusing on more sensitive areas, such as close to the spine or across the shoulder blades, then attach the softer nodes to your massage head for the same relaxing massage with a gentler impact
  • EASY AND ERGONOMIC - There’s no strain reaching the trickiest aches and pains with the best handheld massager, thanks to the lengthened handle and comfortable rubberised grip. Use the simple switch to control the intensity of your massage and adjust to suit your back, legs, arms and buttocks for a full body massage

What’s more, it provides 4 interchangeable massage heads in the package and offers 4,000 pulses per minute. Also, it has an ergonomic handle for comfortable grip.

  • Multiple nodes and speed settings
  • Can access hard-to-reach areas
  • Added heat feature
  • Its large head will make it difficult to reach certain areas.
  • Can be noisy for some.


3. Beurer MG40 Infrared Massager with Rotating Head – 86%


The Beurer MG40 Infrared Massager with Rotating Head also features an adjustable handle to allow more precise targeting of body areas. To relieve muscle tension and pain, it features adjustable vibration intensity and its swivel head’s spot targeting feature also comes into play.

Beurer MG40 Infrared Massager | Soothing vibration massage for tired legs and back pain | Handheld...
  • WELLNESS AT HOME - Treat yourself to a relaxing massage at home; our MG40 helps to relax muscles, reduce leg fatigue, and improve blood circulation
  • IDEAL FOR BACK AND LEGS – Relax your tired legs or relieve your back pain. Thanks to its shape and 3-way adjustable handle, you can easily use the body massager along the spine or legs with ease
  • VIBRATION MASSAGE - This technique may help relieve stress-related ailments (like back pain and insomnia), increase blood and lymphatic circulation, and improve your sense of wellbeing

It includes 4 different interchangeable massage attachments and 3 different levels of massage to accommodate varying needs. It also provides an optional infrared heat function and weighs a paltry 950 grams.

On the flip side, you cannot use this massager on your face and it also makes no mention of any warranty period.

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Can angle to reach deeper muscle and tissue layers
  • Provides warmth for better circulation
  • No warranty
  • Infrared heat can be weak for some


4. 66fit Knobble It 4 Ways Massage Tool Review – 83%


The 66fit Knobble It 4 Ways Massage Tool is a highly portable massage tool that does not require electricity. Its 4 nodes can be used in sets of 2 or 3 at a time with their strength depending solely on the amount of pressure applied.

  • Knobble-it 4 ways can be used directly on the skin.
  • It can also be used over clothing, which allows for light or intense massage.
  • Large circular movements, you can gain a gentle massage.

However, on the downside, this item is available as part of Amazon’s add-on program. It means that you’d have to order a qualifying order of at least £20 and only then Amazon would deliver this package to your doorstep.

  • Lightweight at 59 grams.
  • Can provide comfort and soothing muscle relief anytime, anywhere.
  • Sturdy despite its size.
  • Compact, making it perfect for travels.
  • Affordable.
  • Pressure points can be inaccurate.


5. Beurer MG16 Green Mini Massager Review – 81%


The Beurer MG16 Green Mini Massager is a battery-operated device which can be used on-the-go. It has three illuminated heads that can massage the back, arms, legs, neck, and shoulders, providing soothing comfort with its gentle vibration massage. It uses 3 AAA batteries and weighs a mere 259 grams, It can be switched on and off in a single button click.

Beurer MG16 Mini Massager - Green | Ergonomic Hand-held Vibration Massager | Battery Operated for...
  • MASSAGE-TO-GO: The battery-operated mini massager is ideal for use at home, in the office or whilst travelling.
  • RELAXTION VIBRATIONS: Gentle vibration massage helps to ease tension and loosen muscles in yor neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs.
  • ERGONOMIC: The compact design is easy to manage in the palm of your hand whilst the 3 large nodules are perfectly positioned for effective massage.

It comes in 2 different colors in red and green. And you also get a 3-year warranty on this product.

  • Portable
  • Easy to operate
  • 3-year warranty
  • Pressure can be inaccurate and depends greatly on your strength.
  • Continuous, long time use can cause fatigue in arms.

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