10 Best Fitness Trackers for a Healthier Lifestyle

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1. Fitbit Alta HR Review – 84%

Looking more like a jewellery than a fitness tracker, Alta HR comes in six colours and offers a week-long battery life on a single charge. It measures steps taken, calories burned, heart rate and sleep patterns – by dividing your sleep into light, deep, and REM states.

Fitbit Alta HR Special Edition Activity & Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate, 7 Day Battery & Sleep...
  • Automatically track your steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. Maximum operating altitude: 30,000 feet. OLED tap display
  • Get the power of continuous heart rate in the slimmest design on the market-all day, during workouts and beyond.
  • Automatically track your sleep, and see your time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages, powered by Pure Pulse heart rate.

Automatic activity tracking feature is also on offer and the Alta HR also delivers smartphone notifications to your wrist. Complementing the Alta HR is the Fitbit app which lets you set personal goals, while also giving timely reminders to get up and move if you have been stationary for some time.

  • Brilliant battery Life
  • Measures sleep patterns
  • Automatic activity tracking
  • Delivers smartphone notifications
  • Not waterproof


2. Garmin Forerunner 645 Review – 84%

It also tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, and floors climbed. A VO2 Max readout – which monitors your fitness and compares your real-time fitness with the average one – is also on offer.

Then there’s the Auto Goal feature which learns from your daily activity levels and set goals accordingly. Sleep tracking is also on offer, plus you also get the option of built-in music and smartphone apps delivered straight to your wrist.

  • VO2 Max readout
  • GPS tracker
  • Optical heart-rate monitor
  • Auto goal feature
  • Sleep tracking is pretty basic


3. Fitbit Blaze Review – 82%

Available in four colours, Fitbit Blaze is a multi-sport fitness tracker which tracks runs, biking, cardio training, and other sports. It offers all-day training to keep track of steps, calories, distance, and activity minutes. You can also use it to set weekly exercise goals and see your exercise stats in the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Activity Tracker and Fitness Watch with Wrist Based Heart Rate Monitor -...
  • Track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes
  • Use multi-sport tracking to track runs, cardio, cross-training, biking and more. Operating temperature: -4° to 140° F
  • Get PurePulse continuous wrist-based heart rate monitoring with no uncomfortable chest straps

It also offers guided coaching on your computer, tablet, or phone via the Fitbit Coach app. Then there’s the sleep tracking feature which tracks the length and quality of your sleep to give you tips to improve your night.

Also on offer is a SmartTrack feature which automatically comes into play whenever you embark on an exercise. It also gives you intermittent reminders to move, has a battery which lasts 4+ days and works with Android, iPhone, and Windows.


4. Moov Now Review – 82%

Compatible with both Android and iOS, Moov Now is a waterproof fitness tracker which offers activity tracking and has a battery which lasts six months. It comes with rep-based and boxing training, has a swimming mode, and also offers sleep monitoring and run-coaching features.

MOOV - Moov Now Multi-Sport Fitness Tracker & Audio Coach | Wearable Fitness Coach | 6-Month Battery...
  • FITNESS TRACKER: The Moov Now is the latest in wearable fitness tracking technology, allowing you to keep track of all your physical activity via your smartphone.
  • REAL-TIME AUDIO COACH: In addition to tracking your physical activity, the Moov Now tracker includes real-time audio coaching to motivate you during your workouts.
  • 6-MONTH BATTERY LIFE: There is no need to recharge the Moov Now as it operates on a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months at a time.

Also, while it doesn’t have a built-in GPS, it allows you to connect it via your smartphone. Real-time audio coaching is also on offer and it has an Omni-motion sensor which captures all your movements in 3D.

  • Brilliant battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Lots of activity tracking features
  • No screen
  • No built-in GPS


5. Garmin Vivosport Review – 81%

Available in three colours, the Garmin Vivosport Fitness Tracker offers wrist-based GPS and heart-rate monitor. Its smart activity tracker tracks steps taken, calories burned, floors climbed, sleep patterns, and intensity minutes.

Garmin Vivosport Smart Activity Tracker with Wrist-Based Heart Rate and GPS - Pink (Fuchia), Small
  • Smart activity tracker (tracks steps, floors climbed, calories burned, intensity minutes and sleep) with wrist-based heart rate monitoring and GPS
  • Always-on colour Garmin Chroma Display and slim, sporty design that is safe for swimming and showering
  • Includes fitness monitoring, such as VO2 max and fitness age estimate, plus all-day stress tracking and relaxation-based breathing timer

Also on offer are various fitness monitoring features, including VO2 max and fitness-age estimate. It also tracks all-day stress levels and comes with a relaxation-based breathing timer. The list of GPS-enabled activities which it supports include walking, running, cardio, biking, strength training and more.

It also receives and displays smartphone notifications from any app and provides current weather updates, while also using Bluetooth to let you control your phone’s music playback.

  • Automatic exercise detection
  • Heart rate monitoring and GPS
  • Tracks all-day stress levels
  • Controls your phone’s music
  • Display always remains on

6. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Review – 80%

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is a lightweight fitness tracker which offers water-resistance, built-in GPS and both stores and streams music. It has a 1.2’’ Super AMOLED screen which displays steps taken, calories burned, floors climbed, and a plethora of fitness data.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Fitness Tracker - UK Version - Black
  • See your activity, sleep, and workout stats in one dashboard and get insight into your health and fitness levels.
  • Plan and track your routes with real-time maps and capture every run, ride, and walk.
  • Eat smarter and achieve your health goals by keeping track of the calories you consume and burn

Once you have logged-in a bike or run ride, it relies on its GPS to provide a map to display the exact route taken. It also gives you the option to calculate the number of calories of the food you consume and is compatible with more than 3,000 apps.

  • Stellar display
  • Accurate fitness tracking
  • Built-in GPS
  • Demands tight fit to calculate heart rate


7. Fitbit Unisex Versa Review – 79%

Despite requiring only two hours for full charging, the Fitbit Versa has a battery life of 4+ days. It has a syncing range of up to 6.1 meters and can store and play 300+ songs. Also, it’s waterproof up to 50 meters or 5 ATM.

Fitbit Versa Health & Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music & Swim Tracking, Black
  • Reach your activity goals: tracks steps, distance, floors & active minutes
  • Pure Pulse 24/7 heart rate to better track calorie burn
  • Tracks light, deep and REM sleep stages

Fitness-wise, it supports both treadmill and outdoor walking/running activities. Its Exercise app provides options for biking, swimming, weight-lifting, intervals and a general workout feature. You can also get personalised workout routines by downloading the Fitbit Coach app.

Lastly, it offers heart rate monitoring and logs-in your sleep with accuracy. Afterwards, it draws on those sleep patterns to offer a detailed insight into your sleeping habits.

  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Personalised workouts with Fitbit Coach
  • Stores 300+ songs
  • Thick bezel

8. Fitbit Charge 2 Review – 72%

To check the quality of your sleep – and wake you up with silent vibrating alarm – it has an Auto sleep tracking feature. Auto exercise recognition, which automatically recognises select exercise before recording them, is also included in the package.

Also, while the device isn’t waterproof, it can withstand splashes of rain and sweat. It doesn’t have a built-in GPS, though it supports connected GPS from your smartphone.

  • Pure plus heart rate
  • All-day activity tracking
  • Automatic exercise recognition and sleep tracking
  • No built-in GPS

9. Huawei Band 2 Pro Review – 70%

Offering a 21-day battery timing on standby mode, the Huawei Band Pro has a built-in heart rate monitor and is also waterproof. It also has a built-in GPS and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Also on offer are Vo2max, sleep tracking, and step counting features.

Huawei Band 2 Pro Fitness Wristband Activity Tracker - Black (Built-in GPS, Up to 21 days usage)
  • Long Battery Life: 21 days of normal usage. 1.5 hours fast charging. 3.5 hours in GPS mode
  • Built-in GPS and Heart Rate Monitoring: Track your running routes without phone and monitor your heart rate
  • Water Proof: Up to 5ATM, supports all day wear, rain, shower and even swimming. Bold style, seamless comfort

After each workout, it provides a detailed report including map, distance, speed, recovery time, training effect, pace, and calories burned. What’s more, this fitness tracker is waterproof up to 60M. It also has a Smart Assistant which lets you reject calls, view messages, set alarms, and hit snooze, all from the band.

10. Fitbit Zip Review – 70%

Fitbit Zip - Magenta
  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned
  • Syncs automatically to your computer or select Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth Smart Ready devices (iPhone 4S or later, and the iPad (3rd generation).
  • Set goals, view progress, and earn badges

Then there’s its battery life, which has an impressive six-month expiry date. Its companion app lets your little one set goals, view their progress against the same, and earn badges on completing them. Also, it lets you share your data with friends.

  • 6-month battery timing
  • Tracks steps, distance, and calories burned
  • Allows to set goals and view progress
  • Doesn’t have sleep tracking

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