6 Best Female Urinals for Festivals

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What are the best female urinals for festivals? Find out by reading our reviews below!

Product reviews

We looked at 20 female urinals out of which 5 stood out for an in depth review. We also conducted interviews for women using urinals and they shared their experience with us thus far using some of these pee cups for ladies.

The GoGirl Urination Device stood out as the recommended pick. It is safe for use and features antibacterial properties. It also comes with a patented splash guard to ensure nothing spills or cause a mess. Larger women will also benefit from its wider dimensions as compared to other women’s travel urinal such as the Sodial female urinal.

Take a look at our comparison table below, and the in depth female urination device reviews a little down the page:

GoGirl Urination Device Review – 100%


If you are looking for portable female urinals to take with whenever you find yourself in a crowded gathering, a disgusting place or somewhere with no bathroom available for use, the GoGirl urination device is the way to go. This outdoor urinal allows you to urinate when in a standing position, so no more managing a dirty public toilet. It is hygienic and a discrete way to pee. GoGirl female urinal can easily fit in your purse or car, making it convenient women’s travel urinals.

It is made using flexible, medical grade silicone. You can either choose to dispose after use or clean it up and reuse. It also features a patented splash guard to ensure nothing spills or cause a mess. A pack of GoGirl urination device comes with a plastic bag and a tissue paper.


  • It is anti-bacterial and hydrophobic
  • It is machine washable
  • It is reusable
  • Made from medical grade silicone
  • Larger funnel area for larger women
  • Good for emergency
  • Limited instructions on usage
  • One reviewer said that, “new users or someone who urinates very fast may struggle with it during use.”
  • One reviewer noted that,”it is difficult to hold without squeezing it.”
  • It has a tendency to overflow.


PeeBuddy Female Urinal Review – 90%


This female urinal is great for anyone looking for discrete urinal that can be used on the go. It is flexible, easy to use and very compact. It is especially made for disposal, as cleaning a pee cup tends to be messy sometimes. PeeBuddy pee funnel for ladies is made using waterproof coated paper and is ideal for use when using public toilets in a standing position.


  • Great device when faced with less favourable toilet conditions
  • It is disposable
  • Can be easily transported
  • It is leak-proof
  • Good for travel
  • One reviewer said that, “it is not reusable.


The ZACAL Female Urinal Review – 88%


Made using an easy flex silicone material, the ZACAL Ladies Urinal can be easily molded to any body shape. It contains anti-bacterial properties that allow reuse of the pee funnel many times without rinsing. This portable urinal for car allows ladies to easily pee during outdoor events and car journeys. It has wider sides making it spill and splash proof when used the right way.

This women’s urinal features an instruction manual and a plastic storage bag.


  • Very flexible
  • Has wider opening
  • Easy use
  • No leaks
  • One reviewer said that, “it does not do the job at all.”
  • Two reviewers said that, “it was not as easy to use as described.”


Uriwell Urinal for Him and Her Review – 82%


If you are on the lookout for versatility and convenience, the Uriwell portable outdoor urinal is for you. It comes with a sealed lid that helps to minimize spillage and odours. This female urine bottle has a capacity of 800ml and can be collapsed to fit well into a bag. It is easy to use and can be bent easily for use in any direction – be it sitting, standing or lying, without spills.


  • It is portable
  • Great for outdoors and medical purpose
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Minimizes odours
  • Thin plastic, making it prone to rips
  • One reviewer said that,”the unit is too small for urinary needs.”


SODIAL Female Urinal Review – 78%


Compared to other female urinals such as the Uriwell unisex urinal, the Sodial female urinal is very compact and flexible, making it an easy carry-go device. After use, you may choose to dispose or clean and reuse, as it is easily washable. It is easy to use and a great asset to own during long car rides or when you cannot get out of bed.

  • Very flexible
  • Compact size
  • Fully washable
  • Easy to use
  • Great asset especially for public toilets
  • One reviewer cautioned that “it may collapse midstream.”
  • One reviewer said “that it is too flexible.”


SHEWEE Original – Purple Review – 76%


If you are looking for a waterproof female urinal, then look no further. Shewee’s female urinal repels water, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your pee funnel on the go. It can be used during outdoor events in the absence of toilet facilities or when the available toilets are dirty, as well as for medical reasons.


  • Easy to use
  • Great asset during outdoor activities
  • No container for urine


HealthAndYoga Stand up Pee Device for Women Review – 76%


HealthAndYoga Stand up Pee Device for Women is a recommended female urinal for women that use public toilets. This pee cup for ladies ensures your full hygiene when you are left with no choice but to use dirty toilets. If you have trouble squatting when peeing, this disposable female urinal is also a good choice.


  • Easy to use
  • Good for travel
  • Great asset during outdoor activities
  • One reviewer said that, “she had to spend more getting the pee device because it was not reusable.”


Frequently asked questions

What is a Female Urinal?

A female urinal is a device that helps the female gender or trans-man gender to pass urine in an upright position. They are used for both outdoor purposes where toilet facilities are not available and for medical reasons.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Female Urinal?

Female urinals provide the advantages of fast and hygienic use, especially for use in public toilets or for medical reasons. They are great for water conservation and require less need for much space. The speed of use can be particularly important when the demand for urinating space is at its peak, such as during theatrical events, in stadiums, musical festivals, etc. they can be reusable or disposable. Ultimately, pee cups for ladies are created to ease women’s toilet experience, no matter where they find themselves.

However, the only major disadvantage of using a female urinal is that, if you are unable to position the urinal correctly, there may be leakage either when passing urine or during the removal of the urinal.

What should I look for when choosing Female Urinals?

When choosing a female urinal, it is advisable to choose one that suits your needs. Consider if you need one for its reusability or you’d rather prefer women’s urinals that is disposable. You may also want to consider the quality and type of material used and the dimensions of the urinal to accommodate body size. Typically, if you need a female urinal Walmart for a one-time event, it makes sense to go for disposable ones.

What’s the approximate price range for a good Female Urinal?

The approximate price range for a good female urinal falls within £5 – £30.

What’s the best female urinal for traveling?

The best female urinal for travelling is the GoGirl female urinal. It is hygienic and discreet and is made using medical grade silicone, which is resistant to germs and moisture.

What’s the best portable urinal for the car?

The ZACAL female urinal is the best portable urinal for the car. Due to its portability, it can be carried along during outdoor events and car journeys for convenience in passing urine.

What’s the best pee cup for ladies at festivals?

Uriwell Unisex Urinalis the best pee cup for ladies at festivals. It has the capacity to hold up to 800 ml which is good for an event such as festivals where there may be plenty to drink. It is also easy to use and can be bent easily for use in any direction – be it sitting, standing or lying, without spills.

What’s the difference between the different types of portable female urinals?

The difference between the different types of portable female urinals basically lies in the materials used by the manufacturer, the product size, the reusability of the product and most importantly the effectiveness of the female urinal for the purpose specified.

Are Female Urinals safe?

Female urinals are safe for use and are designed especially to guard against infections that may be incurred from using public toilets.


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