6 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers for Efficiency

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The 7 best automatic pill dispensers for organisation, safety and ease. Reviewed in 2020 (US & UK).

After more than a hundred hours of research over six months, we created a shortlist of the best automatic pill dispensers on the market. In our quest we examined their efficiency, safety, capacity, and ease of use.

We believe that the TabTime Medelert S11 is the best automatic pill dispenser right now. It is simple yet effective, and it’s the only product on this list that has received almost no complaints about its accuracy and reliability. It also does all that at an incredibly low price.

Read on for a quick comparison table, and some detailed reviews of the best automatic pill dispensers.

TabTime Medelert S11 Reviews – 96%

The S11 Automatic Pill Dispenser from TabTime Medelert is simplicity at its finest. The cover has no complicated displays or notifications, other than the large red light that starts glowing when it’s time to take the pills. Its alarm is loud and clear, it can be set to exact times, and buzzes for 30 minutes. These times can be remembered every day but you can easily change them any time you want.

It has a capacity of 18 Aspirin-sized pills that can be administered up to six times every day. A neat feature is its automatic switch to DST for summer and winter. You can choose between a solid and see-through top, although we recommend going for the solid one, as clear tops allow the patient to see the contents, which can be confusing to a person with dementia.

With its simple but reliable characteristics, this is easily the best timed pill dispenser you can get right now out of all the automatic pill dispensers.


  • Very reliable, rarely makes mistakes or malfunctions.
  • Three alarm tones with different volume options.
  • Comes at a great price.
  • Some users find it hard to set up.


MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser Reviews – 92%


The MedReady 1700 is all about safety. It has a special key made specifically for your unit, so you can rest assured that the person who uses it won’t overdose. It’s also very sturdy and tamperproof. If the person misses their medication the device retracts the pills so you can easily tell how many doses have been skipped.

It does have a display, but nothing too confusing, as it only shows when is the time for the next pill. If the person skips a pill, the device notifies MedReady personnel, who then contact the caregiver. However, it can only dispense medication up to four times a day, so if you need more doses, you should look into some other automatic pill dispensers.


  • Great lock mechanism, hard to tamper with.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Notifies the MedReady data centre when the patient skips a pill.
  • Getting the pills out could be tricky.
  • Some people like to have a see-through lid.


Pivotell Mk3/11 Automatic Pill Dispenser Reviews – 90%


Reliable and simple, the Pivotell Mk3/11 has plenty of features that make it one of the best automatic pill dispensers available. It can be programmed to dispense as much as 28 pills per day, and if you have to take a lot of pills at the same time, you can program two compartments to alarm at the same time.

It has an automatic adjustment option for daylight savings time. You can also order a Pivotell tipper if the user has limited wrist dexterity or strength. The lid is solid, so you can’t see its content. This may be useful to avoid confusion, but also frustrating, as you have to open it to see if the medication has been dispensed.


  • Up to 28 doses per day.
  • You can program two compartments to dispense pills at once.
  • Some users have reported large pills getting stuck.


LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser Reviews – 88%


This electronic pill dispenser is similar to top pick in a lot of ways. It also has quite a simple setup with up to six alarms per day and as much as 18 pills per compartment. You can choose between a see-through lid and a solid one, and you can get a safety latch to prevent the user from overdosing.

However, while the TabTime S11 was regarded as a very reliable dispenser, several users have complained about the LiveFine getting stuck and wrongly dispensing medication. Although it is among the cheaper entries on the list, these reports may be worrisome.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Users have been complaining about malfunctions and lack of customer service.


MedTime Station Reviews – 84%


The MedTime Station is a great choice for patients with limited dexterity or tremors. It very simple to use, as it only requires the user to pull the blue handle and dispense the pills into a large cup. This is helpful if the user can’t carry the pills in their hand or handle a dispenser precisely.

The rest of this device’s features are pretty standard – the alarm is fairly loud, but nothing to get excited about. It holds 18 Aspirin-sized pills and can dispense up to six doses per day. It also has a solid top and a reliable lock that comes with two keys.


  • Simple to use, great for patients with reduced dexterity.
  • Solid features that will fulfil most expectations.
  • A bit on the pricey side.
  • The alarm could be louder.


MedSmart Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser Reviews – 76%


This medicine dispenser from E-pill is by far the most advanced entry on this list but is also by far the most expensive one. It has an impressive capacity of up to 20 Aspirin-sized pills which it can dispense up to six times a day. The alarm is fairly loud and lasts up to 90 minutes.

It has a useful dashboard that shows you how many doses you have left and the time of next alarm. However, the display may be confusing for the patient. E-pill also provides a very useful notification system, so the caregiver can get a text or a call when medication is missed.


  • Patient compliance dashboard with useful information.
  • Large Capacity.
  • Notification system for the caregiver.
  • It’s too bulky to be handled by someone with limited strength.
  • The display can be confusing for the patient.
  • It is by far the most expensive pill dispenser on the list.


Frequently asked questions

What is an automatic pill dispenser?

An automatic pill dispenser is a device that is used to organize medication on a daily basis. Like their name suggests, they can be set to automatically dispense pills at exact times of the day, thus helping the elderly patients get their medication on schedule. A pill dispensing machine is especially useful for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or similar forms of dementia, as they can’t rely on themselves to remember when to take medications.

A good automatic medicine dispenser will have an alarm, flashing light, and enough compartments to last the whole month. And, while advanced features and options are desirable, the interface should be simple enough for an elderly person to use it with ease.

What is the best automatic pill dispenser for pets?

Although automatic food dispensers are quite popular, we are still far away from having efficient automatic medicine dispensers for pets. This is mostly due to the fact that many pets are reluctant to take their own medication without supervision, so you can’t rely on them to willingly take medication when the device implores them to.

That being said, if you do train your pet to take their own medication or wrap the medicine in a tasty treat, the e-pill MedTime Station would be your best bet. It has no buttons or advanced options, but it has an alarm and a dispensing cup that resembles a food tray. It works by simply pushing the lever and dropping medicine into the bowl. It also sticks to the ground, so there’s no danger of moving it or tipping it over.

What is the best automatic pill dispenser for Seniors & Elders?

The key factor to consider while buying an automatic pill dispenser for seniors/elders is its ease of use. That’s why the e-pill MedTime Station is a perfect choice for the elderly. It has no complicated displays or buttons to press. It has a simple handle and a tray, both of which are very useful if a person taking the medicine has limited dexterity or tremors.

What is the best automatic pill dispenser for Alzheimer’s patients?

Alzheimer’s patients have to be closely monitored while taking their medications. Not only could they forget to take their medicine, but they could keep taking it more than they need to, which is even more dangerous.

We think that the TabTime Medelert S11 is the best automatic pill dispenser for people with Alzheimer’s, as it has a solid lid that prevents the patients from seeing its contents and getting confused. It also has a rather loud alarm, big red light, and no complicated displays that may cause disorientation. Everything about it is simple and straightforward, exactly what someone with dementia might need.

What is the best automatic pill dispenser with lock and alarm?

Since the device we already dubbed the best electronic pill dispenser (TabTime Medelert S11) has both a lockable lid and an alarm, that’s our answer to this question. However, if you find an efficient lock a top priority, the MedReady 1700 will also be a good option, as it has a sturdy lockable lid.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a pill dispenser with alarm variations, the Pivotell Mk3/11 has four different alarm sounds.

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