10 Best Sit Up Pillows for Support

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What is the best pillow for sitting up in bed? Our team have reviewed the best sit up pillows below


Product reviews

We interviewed 25 orthopaedic doctors, spoke to 10 office interior designers, and purchased the recommended 27 pillows for testing them on various indicators including: their material type, whether they provided head and back support, their portability, their ability to retain their shape, and finally their prices.

Consequently, of the 25 pillows that we bought, only 10 made the cut, and the Avana Kind Bed Orthopaedic System is the best among them.

It offers a four-piece bed backrest system, offers orthopaedic, neck and head support, and has the ability to retain its shape for quite some time.

Check our detailed reviews along with the comparison table of the best sit up pillows below.

Avana Kind Bed Orthopaedic System Review – 100%


This pillow uses a comfortable polyurethane as its base and memory foam as the top layer to make sure that it could retain its shape even when put under pressure.

Avana Kind Bed Orthopaedic System
The Kind Bed System offers four pieces that work together in harmony to bolster and support your body while sitting upright. Ideal for those confined to bed for extended periods of time or for those who enjoy reading, watching TV, or relaxing while in bed
Curved back wedge pillow follows natural curvature of spine for proper alignment and full upper body and back support. Slide the back scoop for adjustable lumbar support. If the lumbar support is too much, simply flip the back scoop upside down

This four-piece contoured pillow set can be configured in several ways to provide customised head, neck and back support.

Its bed backrest system includes a back scoop, cradle scoop, headrest and knee rest.

You can slide the back scoop up and down the cradle scoop to fit your particular needs.

And if you feel that its lumbar support has become too much, you can also flip the back scoop upside down.


  • Four-piece comfort system
  • Adjustable pieces
  • Does not lose shape easily
  • Made from the finest materials
  • Orthopaedic head, neck and back support
  • High Price


Brentwood Brushed Twill Bedrest, Khaki Review – 94%


The Brentwood Brushed Twill Bedrest is structured like a sofa with its solid base and arms.

It comes in different colors and fabrics which means that if you want, it could complement your decorative pillows.

Brentwood Brushed Twill Bedrest, Khaki
  • EXCELLENT SUPPORT for your neck, back, and arms while watching TV, reading, or relaxing on your bed, couch, or even ground.
  • SIMPLE TO TRANSPORT with the sturdy handle attached on the top of the bedrest to bring to your next lounging location.
  • EASY TO CLEAN by spot cleaning with only a damp cloth

It also has a sturdy handle at the top of the bedrest so you can easily carry it when you’re travelling or moving to another location.

Best of all, it provides premium comfort and support for your neck, back and arms whether you’re watching TV, reading a book, or relaxing on the bed, couch or even the beach.


  • Base and arms structure
  • Excellent neck, back and lumbar support
  • Easy to transport
  • It can be too small for some people


Bonmedico Orthopaedic Back Pillow Review – 94%


The Bonmedico Orthopaedic Back Pillow is designed to provide solid lumbar support. Its filling material allows it to adapt to the anatomy of the spine.

The pillow comes with straps that allow you to fasten it to any chair to turn the pillow into a comfortable seat.

Bonmedico Orthopaedic Back Pillow
The bonmedico Back Cushion offers mobile seating comfort for every occasion and creates a comfortable sitting position in everyday life. An integrated fastener strap secures the lumbar cushion firmly against the back rest, meaning it can be integrated into everyday life and makes every chair a seating opportunity: whether as a pillow on long trips (size “small” is recommended), in your office chair or as a cushion for the computer chair in your home. The cushion also has a breathable, zipped, removable cover that can be machine-washed at 60 °C. The back pillow comes in a handy carrying case.

It also comes with a breathable, removable cover that is also washable and easy to clean.

Included in the package of this pillow is a breathable and stain-resistant zippered mesh cover.

What’s more, its manufacturer also supplies a pillow carrying case in the package. More importantly, all of the materials used in the construction of the Bonmedico are non toxic.


  • Filled with innovative adaptable viscoelastic foam
  • Can be fastened to any chair
  • Promotes pain relief
  • If you use it in bed and is unfastened to anything, it will not stay in place


Supportiback Comfort Therapy Reading Pillow Review – 94%


In contrast to its name, the Supportiback ‘’Reading’’ Pillow isn’t only made for booklovers.

Instead, whether you’re gaming, watching the TV, or working in bed, the Supportiback Comfort Therapy Reading Pillow is your go-to bed chair pillow.

Supportiback Comfort Therapy Reading Pillow
EVER WISHED YOU COULD JUST LIVE IN BED: NOW YOU CAN: Reading, working, gaming, eating, vegging, issuing demands. you really can do it all from your snuggly, comfy bed with this snuggly, comfy reading pillow. It's generously stuffed for pliable, yet firm, support for your head and back, so you don't end up slouching or stiff as the day rolls on. (We don't actually recommend living in bed, but some days? It sure is tempting.)

Made from cotton wool type fibre, this pillow provides the right amount of support for your back and neck.

It also has a sturdy arm support structure that allows your arms to rest while reading a book.

It also has a convenient carrying handle which makes this pillow ultra-portable.


  • Recommended for back pain
  • Multi-purpose
  • It becomes lumpy after awhile


Avana Bed Wedge GERD Memory Foam Pillow Review – 86%


The base of the Avana BeD Wedge is made from firm, furniture-grade urethane foam with 1” memory foam serving as its top layer.

Avana Bed Wedge GERD Memory Foam Pillow
  • Comfortable extra long bed wedge with a higher incline
  • A 23cm rise provides the highest possible elevation for a comfortable night's sleep
  • A 2.5cm top layer of Memory Foam with a base of firm furniture-grade urethane foam provides the perfect combination of comfort and support

This design makes this pillow suitable for people suffering with GERD and Acid reflux.

It has an adjustable contour which conforms to your back shape to provide extra comfort.

Equally useful is the extra elevation of this pillow which makes sure your back remains straight. What’s more, both the cover as well as the pillow itself are machine washable.


  • 9” elevation for comfortable sleep
  • Memory foam top layer for perfect combination of comfort and support
  • It’s a bit heavy (4.5 kg)


Orthologics Bed Wedge Raised Pillow Review – 86%


The Orthologics Bed Wedge Raised Pillow has such a design which corrects your posture to get rid of your back pain.

The material used was particularly designed to help improve posture and support the body maintain its natural curve.

Orthologics Bed Wedge Raised Pillow
  • ✔ Extra Large size : 32"x24"x8" (81cm x 60cm x 20cm)
  • ✔ Fitted with a removable/washable zip off soft cover
  • ✔ Ideal for individuals who suffer from Acid Reflix, Heartburn GERD and Back / Posture Pains Indigestion or breathing and or respiration related conditions,

Its elevation helps people with respiratory diseases as it helps drain sinuses and keeps the airways open.

You can also use this as a side sleeper pillow provided you can position yourself in the middle of the wedge.


  • Specially designed memory foam molded for ergonomic support
  • Ideal for people who suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, GERD and back pain
  • Width is too small


Sabeatex Amazing Wedge Pillow Review – 86%


The Sabeatex offers you 5 different colours to choose from. Cleaning this pillow won’t be a problem is it comes in a removable, washable cover.

Sabeatex Amazing Wedge Pillow
  • APPLICATION> Optimal relief of the back musculature. Excellent for reading, or watching TV. Ideal for people who need to spend a lot of time in bed due to illness or injuries.
  • COMFORTABLE> Traditional cushions lose their shape over time! Thanks to the outstanding design and the special ergonomic wedge shape, the pillow provides long lasting support.
  • UNIVERSAL> Versatile application possibilities, e.g. as positioning pillow during pregnancy, in nursing and rehab. This pillow offers great relief.

It supports various positions which means you can use it as a positioning pillow during pregnancy as well.

One thing which we noted about this pillow is that you can’t use it on its own.

That is, it requires a firm support at its back to remain steady. So you could only use it either as a sofa or a bed pillow.


  • 5 colours to choose from
  • Versatile Product
  • Multi-purpose
  • Not a sleeping pillow


Loft 25® Flex Foam 2 Way Bed Wedge – 86%


The Loft 25® Flex Foam 2 Way Bed Wedge is currently the best-selling Bed Wedge on Amazon UK store. Its 2-in-1 design allows you to position it in 2 different angles.

Loft 25® Flex Foam 2 Way Bed Wedge
WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? It provides the perfect posture and comfort for your back without tossing and turning on your bed. You can sit up whilst reading your favourite book, watch TV in bed or sit back and make the most out of your lazy Sundays! Warning: Once you purchase one, you won't be able to leave your bed. Don't say we didn't warn you!

It comes with a zipper which you can unzip to remove its cover and throw the pillow in the machine since it’s machine washable.

That said, just like the above mentioned Sabeatex, it needs a support at its back to keep the pillow from sliding backwards.


  • Affordable Price
  • Can be positioned in two angles
  • Machine Washable
  • Has a chemical-like smell


Supportiback Comfort Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow – 84%


Just because you have to sleep in an upright position, does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort and relaxation.

The Supportiback Comfort Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow provides support from hips to head with a top layer made of memory foam that hugs your curves so you can easily relax and settle in bed.

Supportiback Comfort Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow
GET A BETTER NIGHT'S REST: Our doctors and orthopedics have designed the wedge with a perfect 30° inclination to enhance your sleep posture and spine alignment drastically, alleviate back & neck pain, reduce acid reflux, and soothe sciatica pain. The angled elevation further improves breathing, respiratory issues, and has been shown to reduce snoring.

This bed wedge has cooling channels to circulate air and prevent you from sweating as you sleep.

The soft layer on top means you could also use this pillow as a side-sleeping wedge .

Other possible applications include maternity support, acid reflux, post-surgery discomfort, back pain, and even snoring.


  • Multi-purpose pillow
  • Ergonomic design
  • Has cooling channels
  • You tend to slide down when you sleep


Medipaq Memory Foam Review – 82%


This cushion has a unique 2-in-1 design and is perfect for lower back or lumbar support.

Its light weight structure makes it easy for you to carry it around, and it is also an acid reflux pillow which means it stays cold in summer and warm in winter conditions.

Medipaq Memory Foam
Medipaq use the latest 3rd generation 4lb density visco-elastic MEMORY FOAM guaranteed to keep its shape for 20 years! Our covers are made from a 3D breathable mesh fabric providing a cooling and breathable support.
ADAPTABLE - Unique 2 in 1 design can be used as a seat or back support cushion. - The perfect back / lumbar support for car or office seat. Portable enough to travel also making it the ideal companion for travel in nearly any car, SUV, van or track. Feel refreshed when you arrive at your next destination after all that driving. Even can be taken on planes or trains to limit discomfort. Also can be used on the sofa, armchairs, office chairs, gaming chairs and wheelchairs.

Also, while this pillow is also inclined, its incline isn’t too high to require a support on its back to keep the pillow from sliding. It means you could use the pillow on your chair as well.


  • Breathable material
  • Helps correct posture
  • Memory foam adapts to your sitting position
  • It is a bit too small for some chairs and does not stay put


Frequently asked questions

What are Sit Up Pillows?

Sit up pillows are pillows designed to correct upper body posture.

Whether you’re sitting in bed or having trouble sleeping in the right position, these pillows provide you with both comfort and support.

They come in various designs and often address different types of posture issues.

The best sit up pillows meet ergonomic and orthopaedic standards to ensure proper placement of body parts and maximise the health benefits it provides.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Sit Up Pillows?


  • Using sit up pillows help get rid of strained neck support and poor lumbar support problems.
  • They promote proper posture and corrects the alignment of the spine so that it rests in its natural curve.
  • They are not only used in the prevention of injuries but has been recommended by many professionals in the treatment of sleeping issues such as heartburn, snoring, and difficulties in breathing.
  • These pillows also assist pregnant women in blood circulation and cervical support.


  • The best sleeping pillows are anything but inexpensive

What should I look for when choosing a Sit Up Pillow?

Stuffing Material

The material here is of primary importance because comfort, support and most therapeutic factors depend on what’s inside your pillow.

Memory foam is one the most recommended choices. It’s firm enough to support your upper body but still soft enough to help you sleep comfortably at night.

These pillows don’t lose shape over time and will last longer than cotton or poly blend stuffed pillows.

However, if you’re solely using the pillows for sitting or reading and not for sleeping, cotton or poly-blend stuffing materials might suit your needs They are the cheaper and more popular option but they can break down after a while so you may need to replace them if you want continued back support.


Next, you want to make sure that your sit up pillows are easy to adjust so that you get the best head, neck and spine support. If you can’t get an adjustable one, at least get one that has the right height for your back.

Breathable Cover

Pillows that offer a breathable cover are a cinch to clean; whether you want to give them a tumble in your washing machine or just rub them with a damp cloth.

What is the price range of Sit Up Pillows?

A sit up pillow can cost anywhere between £15 and £200. It all depends on the product’s material, design, and aesthetics.

What’s the best Sit Up Pillows? Why is it the best?

The Avana Kind Bed Wedge Comfort System is the best sit up pillow. It offers a four-piece bed backrest system, offers orthopaedic, neck and head support, and has the ability to retain its shape for quite some time.

What’s the best side sleeper pillow? Why is it the best?

The Loft 25® Flex Foam 2 Way Bed Wedge with Bamboo Cover by Coop Home Goods is the best side sleeper pillow. That is, because, it uses shredded memory foam to let you adjust its height perfectly align your neck with your spine.

What’s the best maternity pillow? Why is it the best?

The Sanggol (UK) Pregnancy Full Body Pillow is the best maternity pillow.

This U-shaped pillow supports your back, your legs and most importantly your baby bump.

It also encourages moms-to-be to sleep on their side which is the safest sleeping position during pregnancy.

What’s the best foam pillows? Why is it the best?

The Shredded Memory Foam Pillows by Coop Home Goods is the best foam pillow.

Its zippered inner casing allows you to open the pillows and insert more foam stuffing if needed.

Premium grade shred refills are also readily available in the market.

What is a recliner pillow?

Pillows that help support a reclining position. Most people use them as a cushion to their recliners.

Others prefer to improvise and use a combination of headrest pillows, neck pillows and lumbar support pillows.

What’s the best recliner pillows? Why is it the best?

The Luxury Garden Recliner Cushion is the best recliner pillow because its firm yet comfortable.

However, since this product was designed to fit only Aflesia products and furnitures, you could also check out the Garden Furniture Cushion by Olive Grove.

What’s the best back support pillow for bed? Why is it the best?

The Brentwood Brushed Twill Bedrest is the best back support pillow for bed because its foam stuffing allows it to provide optimal back support.

It also has a carrying handle which makes this pillow ultra-portable

What’s the best bed reading pillow? Why is it the best?

The Supportiback Comfort Therapy Reading Pillow to be the best bed reading pillow.

Its firm structured arms give support to your arms as they hold the book for hours.

What is bolster pillow?

A bolster pillow is a long, narrow pillow.

Different people use them in different ways; while some use them for head or lower back support, others use them as arm rests on the furniture.

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