Best Luggage Carts for Travelling

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Product reviews of the best luggage carts

We spent more than a week interviewing travelling families on the best features of a good and reliable luggage cart. With the information we gathered, we were able to pick the best luggage carts from a list of over 50 models.

In the end we concluded that the best luggage cart is the High Street Tv upcart lightweight trolley. It features a strong and sturdy frame and comes with 6 wheels.

We also found 7 more models of luggage carts that scored top marks on reliability. They were lightweight, simple to fold and could transport a decent weight in luggage. The Einhell BT-HT 90 folding truck for example has a maximum weight limit of 200lbs. Read on to learn more about what we found out!

Finether Hand Truck Trolley Aluminium Alloy Hand Trolley Truck Dolly Cart Lightweight Portable Hand Cart Trolley – 96%


What we instantly noticed with the high street tv Finether Hand Truck Trolley is the 3 wheels on either side. These make it possible to haul luggage up stair cases. Another thing that we liked is its ability to get over obstructions and objects on the ground.

We liked that the luggage was well distributed on the loading plate. The 4 wheels that are touching the ground at any one time make the high street tv trolley highly stable.

However, unlike the Einhell BT-HT 90 Folding Truck, it doesn’t have a high weight capacity with a limit of around 45kgs. We also didn’t like the design of the platform. The 2 hinges on the side make it hard to place large boxes.


  • Wheel design makes it possible to haul luggage up stairs
  • Stable design
  • Doesn’t have a high weight capacity
  • The platform design is not the most convenient.


Magna Cart MCX Personal Hand Truck – Grey Review – 96%


The design of the Magna cart MCX was the first thing we noticed. A combination of steel, aluminum and polypropylene makes this luggage cart highly durable and sturdy. We also liked the high weight capacity. Unlike the High Street Tv Upcart Trolley, this one can lift over 150 lbs.

Folding was simple and we could easily store the luggage cart away in just a few seconds. Its compact design means that it can fit in small spaces.

The major drawback was the loading plate. It is quite short which means that you will need to use the safety straps to hold the luggage in place. We also didn’t like that the wheels were short and did not provide the best experience when carrying luggage outside.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy to fold
  • Good maximum weight limit
  • Loading plate is too short
  • Wheels are too short


Einhell BT-HT 90 Folding Truck Review – 96%


We liked the aluminum handle of the Einhell BT-HT 90 Folding truck. Having tested the weight capacity we noticed that it performed even better than the Finether aluminum alloy folding luggage cart with weight limit of 90 kgs.

The handle can be extended easily and the large rubber wheels means that it can get over obstacles quite effortlessly.

However, we did not enjoy the fact that in order to make it flat, we had to take off the wheels. While the locking mechanism is simple to operate and does help to hold things in place, it can be accidentally knocked and released as you push.


  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Can carry heavy weights
  • Easy to adjust handle
  • Does not stand flat
  • Locking mechanism can be accidentally released


XS-Stock Lightweight Aluminum Folding Luggage Cart – 92%


We liked the folding mechanism of the XS-Stock aluminum folding luggage cart. It was quick and easy. The frame is both lightweight and quite sturdy. We also enjoyed that the cart could support loads of up to 60kgs.

Coupled with the easily adjustable handle, we enjoyed the feel of the rubber handle and the resulting grip.

However, on the downside, the wheels look a bit too thin and may not work well under too much weight. We also noticed that the frame tends to scratch the load.


  • Easy to fold
  • Saturday frame
  • Lightweight luggage cart
  • Heavy wheels
  • Frame tends to scratch the load.


VonHaus Multifunctional Folding Aluminum Trolley – 90%


What we instantly noticed about the VonHaus is how lightweight it was. At only 3 kgs it features an aluminum frame that is quite strong. We also liked the sturdy wheels. They are large enough to get over objects on the ground and the loading plate has a decent size.

The VonHaus multifunctional aluminum alloy trolley is also simple to fold and store away. On the other hand, we did notice a few drawbacks. The wheels need to be initially attached before you can use the trolley. We also noted that the wheels tend to get a bit stiff when making tight turns.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy frame
  • Large loading plate
  • Wheels are a bit stiff when making turns
  • You have to initially attach the wheels before you can use for the first time.


Go Travel Design Travel Trolley Review – 90%


The go travel trolley is simple to fold and unfold. You can easily store it away when not in use. We also liked that it was lightweight and simple to operate, as well as the quick release telescopic handle.

However, we especially didn’t like the wheel design. The fact that they are not independent means that the luggage cart loses stability every time you make a sharp turn. Second, the weight needs to be put at the center of the trolley otherwise the luggage cart does tend to wobble.


  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Folds easily
  • Wheels are not independent
  • It is not the most stable trolley


Pootack Folding Hand Truck Shopping Luggage cart – 88%


The Pootack luggage cart features a steel frame. It is strong and sturdy and seems like it would last a very long while. The cart is also light weight and we enjoyed that it could carry heavy loads of up to 155 lbs.

The wheels are thick and durable. However, there were some drawbacks. The first had to do with ease of use. We found that the Pootack folding luggage cart would twist which meant that it was not the simplest to use. While the wheels do not make a lot of noise, the luggage cart was quite wobbly when pushing.


  • High quality construction
  • Sturdy frame
  • Can take heavy loads
  • Wobbly when pushing
  • Not very simple to control


Finether Aluminum Alloy Folding Luggage Cart – 88%


The first thing that we noticed with the Finether folding cart is the aluminum construction. It is sturdy and strong yet lightweight. We liked the load capacity which made it perform better than the Pootack folding hand truck shopping luggage cart at 176lbs.

We also enjoyed the PVC wheels which created no noise when pushing the cart. It is also simple to unfold with a quick step that releases both the nose plate as well as the wheels.

However, the base plate is not long enough meaning bulky luggage will need to be tied down with bungee cords. Also, this may not be the best luggage cart for tall people as the handle doesn’t extend very far up.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight
  • Can handle a lot of weight
  • Handle doesn’t extend very far
  • The base plate is quite short


Frequently asked questions

What Is a Luggage Carts?

A luggage cart is a small trolley with wheels at the bottom. Their main function is to help carry more than one piece of luggage thus making traveling with multiple bags of luggage easier.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Luggage Cart?

Luggage carts make it possible to transport more than a single piece of luggage. Instead of having to make many trips to carry all your luggage, you can simply place one on top of the other and make fewer trips.

Luggage carts are foldable. This means that you can place them with your luggage in the trunk of your car for the next time you need to move the luggage.

Another great advantage to using luggage carts is that they are flexible. You can transport different types of packages.

However, luggage carts also come with their fair share of cons. For one, if you want to transport large bags, its good to point out that the bag may sag in some places and touch the ground. This will result in wear and tear.

Secondly, in most airports, all wheeled carry-ons will have to be checked and that includes the luggage cart. you can probably fold it and put in your bag to avoid this. However, if you don’t have a large enough bag, then you cannot avoid the check.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Luggage Cart?

You obviously want a luggage cart that is durable enough to serve you for a long time. One of the main ways of judging the durably is by looking at the construction. A strong and sturdy frame will often mean that the luggage cart is durable.

Functionality cannot be overlooked. You want to check whether the design of your luggage cart allows you to use it efficiently. Does it enable you to carry large luggage, can it be adjusted for height? Does it have strong wheels to take the weight? These are all questions that should be running through your mind when choosing a luggage cart.

The material construction will define whether the luggage cart is able to serve your purpose. A frame made from iron or steel can take a heavy load. However, if you only carry lightweight baggage, a luggage cart made from polyurethane plastic will work just fine.

What’s the Approximate Price Range for a Luggage Cart?

Depending on size, quality of material and functionality, the prices of luggage carts vary widely. From as low as £20 to as high as £400.

Which Luggage Carts Is the Best?

The Einhell BT-HT 90 Folding Truck is the best luggage cart. It features a thick and sturdy frame which enables it to carry loads up to 100lbs. It also comes with a large base plate and 6 wheels that allows it to get over obstacles.

What’s the Best Folding Luggage Caddy?

The Finether multifunctional folding hand truck is the best folding luggage caddy. It has a strong aluminum alloy frame with a weight capacity of 80 kgs. It is also simple to fold and store requiring just a simple step to close and open the nose frame as well as the wheels.

What’s the Best Lightweight Luggage Cart?

The Hoppa lightweight 2-wheel capacity luggage cart is the best lightweight luggage cart. It is the right choice for the elderly as well as the young and offers a convenient way to travel. The handle is simple to grasp and the wheels are large and thick for easy movement.

What’s the Best Leather Luggage Cart?

The Design go travel trolley is the best leather luggage cart. It is lightweight and has a weight capacity of 35kgs. It also features safety straps and a telescopic handle.

What’s the Best Kids Rolling Luggage?

The UEK Wheeled aluminum alloy folding trolley cart for backpack is the best kids rolling luggage cart. It comes with two rubber wheels that do not make noise. It also features a durable design.

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