7 Best Alkaline Water Filters for Cleaner Drinking Water

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Which alkaline water filter provides the cleanest drinking water? Find out below.

If you want to remove the contaminants and improve the taste of your tap water, then one of the best alkaline water filters we reviewed below might fit your needs.

We have spent 35 hours testing 15 alkaline water filters that are available on the market today. We selected the top 7 performers and compare them according to their ORP, pH output, special feature, warranty, and capacity.

We hailed the Chanson Water Ionizer Miracle Max Royale as the best alkaline water machine because it offers the most modern features, including an LCD touchscreen display and a self-cleaning function.

It also supports a lifetime warranty and customised water settings. Read our full comparisons and reviews below.

Chanson Water Ionizer Miracle Max Royale Review – 100%


The Miracle Max Royale is a smart digital faucet ionizer built with a stainless steel faucet and seven titanium plates. It comes with a touch-sensitive LCD display that allows you to view and choose the type of water you want with a gentle touch. You can make both alkaline and acidic water right at your sink.

This water ionizer has a Self-Clean function which automatically cleans the unit after you turn it off and flushes out all the standing water on the line. Through the Auto Shut-off function, this unit automatically turns off at 20 minutes to keep the water from flooding by accident.

Other great features include a salt port to improve the strength of acid water, a flow valve to control the water flow, and an auto-adjust function to suit your unique water quality condition.


  • Easy to use display panel
  • Notifies the remaining filter life
  • Convenient self-cleaning function
  • Offers customized water ionizer settings
  • Supports a lifetime warranty
  • Very expensive
  • Difficult to install under the sink


ADROP Silver Portable Water Ioniser Review – 100%


ADROP water ioniser is a portable option for those who want to drink alkaline water anywhere. This portable device is built with an LCD display and an intuitive control panel. It offers a wide range of pH level from 2 to 11.4 units and a capacity of 3 litres.

This water ioniser is one of the few models that generates silver water, thanks to its antiseptic features. It comes with a huge tank, two inside receptacles, and 20 membranes – which are good to last for two years. It also provides a two-year warranty and a friendly online customer support.


  • No need installation and complicated maintenance
  • Very portable and easy to use
  • Produces silver water
  • Provides a 2-year warranty
  • Has a wide pH level
  • The capacity is a bit limited
  • The plastic exterior is a bit flimsy


Alkaway UltraStream Water Filter Review – 100%


The UltraSream is a pure alkaline water filter that boasts an 8-step filtration process to eliminate contaminants including heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride. It makes alkaline ionised water with a pH level of 8 to 10. With the undersink conversion kit, you can install this unit under your sink.

This unit is made of stainless steel making it durable for long-term use. Its filter is tested to produce 3,500 litres of alkaline water over its whole lifetime. It comes with a 3-year warranty to solve any issues with the product.


  • Looks sleek and elegant
  • Provides a 3-year warranty
  • Portable and needs no electronics
  • Uses the industry’s best filter
  • The life of the filter is tested to produce 3,500 litres
  • The stainless steel exterior is prone to rust
  • The rubber at the base easily gets loose


Invigorated Water pH RECHARGE 3F Alkaline Water – 90%


This pH RECHARGE 3F is an alkaline water filtration pitcher jug that offers a 1,090- litre capacity. Its 3 multi-stage filtration system can remove unpleasant odour, colour, and contaminants such as zeolite, ceramic balls, and stone. It also adds some healthy minerals, like selenium and calcium, to make your drinking water more healthy.

This alkaline water ionizer machine fits on any counter space without the need of connecting to your sink. It can even fit on your refrigerator shelf for better storage. You can buy this unit with confidence because it offers a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.


  • A large filter capacity
  • The multi-stage filtration system removes a lot of contaminants
  • Offers a money back guarantee
  • Can fit inside the refrigerator
  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Prone to leaking
  • The filters’ effectiveness only last for a few months


Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser, Extra Large 18 Cup, Black – 90%


This cleaning and alkalising jug from All-in-One is made of high-quality BPA-free plastic. It includes two high-performance filters that can give you at least 300 refills. This unit removes chlorine and other contaminants to produce a clean drinking water.

With an ORP range of -100mV to -200mV, your tap water can turn into a powerful antioxidant drink. This alkalising jug can produce alkaline water up to 10 pH level. The capacity of this unit can hold up to 3.5 litres of alkaline water.


  • Built with an ergonomic design
  • Comes with a fair price
  • Produces clean and great-tasting water
  • The filters can last very long
  • No need some complex installation
  • The capacity is slightly limited
  • The exterior gets easily scratched


BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Jug and Cartridge – 84%


The BRITA Marella XL is a water filter jug with a huge countertop design. It has a total capacity of 3.5 litres and a filtered water capacity of 2.4 litres. Except for the lid, this filter jug is dishwasher-safe making it easy to clean on the regular basis.

You can refill the water easily with its flip top lid. This jug comes with an electronic memo to notify you when the filter cartridge needs replacement. This package includes a filter cartridge with 25% mesh for better removal of coarse particles in the water.


  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Easy to refill
  • Tells you when you need to replace the filter cartridge
  • Lightweight to grab and pour
  • The jug is dishwasher-safe
  • The ORP and pH range aren’t disclosed
  • The filtered capacity is very small


Invigorated Water pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Review – 82%


If you like to carry an alkaline water filter with you in your travels, then the pH REVIVE is a good option. pH REVIVE is the best alkaline water bottle because of its long-life filter cartridge that can remove heavy metals, such as chlorine, copper, and arsenic. The high alkaline balls can boost the water’s pH levels up to 9.5.

The Maifan Stones adds remineralised your water with iron, zinc, and calcium. The negative ion ceramic balls enhance taste and remove unpleasant odour. This ergonomic bottle comes with a carry for portability.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to bring anywhere with the carry case
  • The flip-top lid makes the unit hygienic
  • Made of BPA-free material
  • The filter cartridge has a long life
  • The capacity is very small
  • The rubber grip from the cap falls out easily


Frequently asked questions

What is Alkaline Water Filters?

An alkaline water filter is an appliance that can turn regular tap water into crystal clear alkaline water. A pH level higher than 7 is considered alkaline. As claimed by a lot of scientific studies, alkaline water helps restore the neutral pH levels in our body and improve the immune system.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Alkaline Water Filters?

One of the best advantages of alkaline water filters is the ability to eliminate harmful substances from your running water.

A good alkaline water purifier can remove a wide range of contaminants including chlorine, arsenic, and bacteria. This means clean water for your family.

These water filters can also enhance the taste and smell of tap water by removing chlorine and sediments. Since you can make your own filtered water at home, you can save the cost of buying commercially bottled water constantly.

Not only is filtered water a good source of hydration, but it’s also a good way to improve the immune system, keep the skin healthy, and aid in weight loss.

However, some degree of maintenance is needed to keep its optimum performance. Some filters are also limited to removing contaminants in water.

No filter media alone has the capacity to remove all forms of contaminants which is why the best models are multi-stage filters and provide customised water settings.

What’s the approximate price range for Alkaline Water Filters?

The price of alkaline water filters can range from £10 to a thousand.

What should I look for when choosing an Alkaline Water Filters?

Look for the PH and ORP range to determine the definite alkalinity levels of a water alkalizer. ORP is described by mV that makes water highly antioxidant while the pH values can range from 0 to 14. For reassurance, make sure that these two indexes are disclosed by the product.

To maintain the cleanliness of the unit and the alkaline water it produces, maintenance is important.

The best alkaline water brands are self-cleaning which means less tasking in maintaining the hygiene levels of the unit. Try looking for a cleaning scheduler so your unit automatically cleans regularly.

Which is the Best Alkaline Water Filters? Why is it the best?

ADROP SIlver Portable Water Ioniser is the best alkaline water filter because it can produce alkaline water up to 11.4 in pH level. With its antiseptic features, this portable water ioniser can generate silver water. It has an LCD display and an intuitive control panel for great ease of use.

What is the best alkaline water ionizer? Why is it the best?

Chanson Water Ionizer Miracle Max is the best alkaline water ionizer because it has a self-clean function to make the maintenance a breeze. It’s built with a lot of modern features including an LCD touchscreen display, adjustable water function, and seven plates.

What is the best alkaline water filters for home? Why is it the best?

UltraStream is the best alkaline water system for home because it can remove many water contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals.

Its silver and black colors look stylish in your kitchen taps. You can either fit this water filter in your kitchen tap or installed under the sink using an undersink conversion kit.

How does alkaline water system work?

The alkaline water system works by removing water impurities and pollutants using a typically activated carbon filter. Through the electrolysis process, the minerals and hydrogen ions will split in the water. This results in two streams of water – the alkaline water and oxidized water.

Is water filtration system really work?

Yes, it works if you properly maintain it on a regular basis. It also depends on the brand you’re using. There are a lot of brands that advertise false claims so you should be prudent in choosing the best one.

Where can I get the best Alkaline Water Filters?

You can get the best alkaline water filters from a trusted dealer and company. A reputable dealer is someone who is truthful with their consumers, offers high-quality products, and best of all, sells at a fair price. For a risk-free purchase, look for a seller that offers a valid warranty after sales.

What is the best alkaline water filters uk?

The BRITA Marella XL, Invigorated Water pH RECHARGE, and All-in-one 3.5 Litre Black Alkalising Jug are among the best alkaline water filters in the UK. All of them produces clean alkaline water at a fair price.

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