10 Best MP3 Players for Music and Audio Books

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What are the best mp3 players to buy? Browse the best mp3 players for music or audio books with reviews below

Product reviews

Our team of experts with a combined 20 year experience in the field reviewed and tested over 25 most-recommended MP3 players in the market.

They also compared the MP3 Players’ sound quality, supported audio formats, battery life, user interface, and of course price to find the best MP3 players for everybody.

If you’re an Apple iTunes user, Sony NW-E394 Walkman MP3 Player is the best MP3 Player available in the market right now.

This product is compatible with iTunes and Audible files have a playback time of up to 35 hours, and also tunes in with your FM.

However, if you’re an Android user, turn to the Mighty Audio Spotify Music Player for immaculate sound quality.

In addition to supporting Bluetooth, the Mighty Audio provides both on/offline access to Spotify, has a 5-hour music playback, and automatically refreshes your playlist with its Stay Fresh feature.

Sony NW-E394 Walkman MP3 Player with FM Radio – 94%


Looking for a lightweight MP3 Player with great battery life? Sony NW-E394 Walkman MP3 Player is our top choice for you.

It offers an outrageously good battery life with up to 16 GB of internal storage. With AAC file support, you no longer need to purchase an expensive Apple product to listen to your favourite iTunes library.

It supports all the common audio formats and gives you a high-sounding music with clear audio.

Concerned about transferring files? No worries, this also has easy drag and drop file transfer on Mac and PC.

With an affordable price tag, Sony NW-E394 Walkman MP3 Player is a great alternate device to access your iTunes music files.


  • Great battery life which lasts up to 35 hours.
  • Supports AAC format that will allow you to play music files from iTunes.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • It doesn’t have Bluetooth.


Mighty Audio Spotify Music Player, Lola Black – 90%


Music is your greatest companion, though, carrying your phone around at all the times is not a convenient choice.

What if you could listen to music without using your phone? Mighty Audio Spotify Music Player does just that.

It’s a small and portable device which will allow you to listen to your Spotify music library.

You no longer need to carry your phone around, set up your device with your phone once, and you’re ready to go.

Mighty Spotify player can store up to 1000 songs and a premium Spotify subscription is all that you need. This device will be a great companion for your jogging, running, and gym.


  • A very compact and portable device.
  • Water resistant.
  • Requires a premium Spotify subscription to work.


AGPTEK A01T Lossless Sound Metal Music Player – 86%


Are you looking for a portable MP3 Player with Bluetooth? AGPTEK A01T Lossless Sound Metal Music Player is our best pick for you.

This brings a new meaning to portability; the Bluetooth will allow you to listen to songs through wired or wireless headphones.

Also, the adjustable armband included in the box will enhance your listening experience free and easy when doing sports.

This multifunctional device is designed with music play, screen-saver, one button lock, voice record, FM radio, and an E-book reader.

With all these features combines, you’re purchasing a product that’s worth every penny you pay.


  • Compatible with iTunes and Audible audio file.
  • It can play both audio and video files.
  • Offers great battery life.
  • E-book reader only supports TXT format.
  • It can only play videos in AMV format.


VicTsing Car MP3 Player Review – 84%


Looking for an affordable MP3 Player for your car?

We have found the best choice for you. VicTsing Car MP3 Player comes with an FM transmitter, hands-free car kit, wireless radio audio adapter, and a 1.44-inch LCD display.

This portable MP3 Player will help you make crystal clear hands-free calls with CVC noise cancellation technology for a better experience.

Want to listen to music? You can pair VicTsing with your phone, or you can insert a TF card.

It can also stream music from other MP3 Players and it gives you all the access that no other products can replicate.

With great reviews from its customers, this is a product that you can buy without any concerns.


  • It can make hands-free calls.
  • works as an FM transmitter.
  • Shows incoming call numbers on the display.
  • It shows voltage level in the car battery.
  • There will be two voices if we try to play music simultaneously from two sources.


HccToo 16GB Portable Lossless Sound MP3 Player – 84%


With 45 hours music playback and 16GB internal storage, HccToo 16GB Portable Lossless Sound MP3 Player is one of the high-capacity music players in the market.

It comes with an easy to use interface where you can shuffle or arrange your playlist as you wish.

Worried about saving the progress of your playback?

Long press the central button for five seconds, and the music will start from where you have stopped last time.

This MP3 Player also comes with an FM tuner that will allow you to take your radio stations wherever you go.


  • Battery lasts up to 45 hours with just 3-4 hours of charging.
  • HccToo MP3 player allows you to select the song via Artists, Albums, and Genres.
  • The manufacturers test each product to make sure it’s high-quality.
  • We have seen customers complaining about transferring audio files into HccToo.


AGPTEK A20,8GB MP3 Player Review – 84%


Want to listen to your Audible files on the go?

You don’t need an expensive device anymore. We have picked the best device for you to access your Audible audio files. AGPTEK A20,8GB MP3 Player will allow you to play almost all audio files.

It comes with a one key lock/unlocks, independent volume control, and an earphone that will allow you to change songs or to adjust the volume on IN-line control.

This is an all-in-one device with access to music, radio, recording, video playback, pictures, and an Ebook.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on an MP3 Player when you can get all the benefits at a cheaper and affordable price.


  • Outrageously good battery life.
  • Supports almost all audio Extensions.
  • Works perfectly on the car via AUX port.
  • Customers have said the battery life diminish badly over time.


SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player – Black Review – 80%


One of our personal favourite – SanDisk Clip Jam is a wearable MP3 Player with 8 GB of internal storage and a MicroSD card slot.

This stylish device comes in six eye-catching colours, and it allows you to clip it and listen to thousands of songs on the go.

SanDisk Clip Jam can play audio files in lots of different extensions and it also comes with a radio and audiobook reader.

With its user-friendly navigation buttons, you can drag, drop, or play music files, create a playlist, or you can view what’s playing now.

This solidly built stylish device is a great buy for teenagers.


  • It comes with a stylish design and striking colours.
  • SanDisk can play iTunes and Audible files.
  • The battery is not replaceable.
  • No SD card included in the package.


AGPtek G02 8GB Mini Clip MP3 Player Review – 80%


Looking for an affordable mini MP3 player? We have found the best pick for you. AGPtek G02 8GB Mini Clip MP3 Player is the one we would like to recommend.

It comes with 8GB of internal storage and a built-in 160 mAh battery.

The music switches on this mini MP3 player will allow you to slide, repeat, or shuffle your songs without many efforts.

This is the perfect choice for anyone’s exercise and gym use as it comes with a sweatproof cover.

You don’t need to spend on an Apple iPod anymore, this one is the perfect alternative.


  • Very compact and it comes with a clip.
  • It comes with a sweatproof cover.
  • It doesn’t support iTunes or Audible files.


AGPTEK C3 8GB Bluetooth 4.0 MP3 Player Review – 80%


This 8GB Bluetooth MP3 Player is more than a music player.

It can work as a voice recorder, book reader, radio, and you can also view pictures or watch videos on it.

AGPTEK C3 8GB Bluetooth 4.0 MP3 Player can play almost all the audio extensions and has a voice activated mode to start automatic recording when the voice level goes above 50-60dB.

The AGPTEK C3 MP3 Player also comes with 7 personalized equalizer settings that will allow you to tune the music playing style according to your preference.

Finally, a 2 hour full charge of this MP3 player will give you up to 18 hours of playback time.


  • This product is certified by CE FCC RoHS.
  • It supports background music or radio playback.
  • Supports up to 128GB.
  • The buttons can be confusing.


AGPtEK U3 Usb Stick Mp3 Player Review – 80%


AGPtEK U3 Usb Stick Mp3 Player comes with 8GB of internal storage where you can store up to 2000 songs.

Want to transfer songs into this USB MP3 Player? Connect it to your PC and it works the same way as a USB flash drive.

Also, while looks tiny, this small device comes with 7 equalizer settings, variable speed playbacks, recording, and an FM function.

What’s more, you can expand its storage up to 64GB via an SD card.


  • Very compact.
  • Storage expandable up to 64GB via an SD card
  • Recorder
  • The box doesn’t contain battery or headphones.
  • It doesn’t support DRM, WMA, and Audible file formats.


Frequently asked questions

What is an MP3 Player?

An MP3 Player is a portable electronic device that can play audio files anytime you need.

They will allow you to store audio files inside for the ease of access, and you can listen to them without having any concerns

What’s the approximate price range for MP3 Players?

Put simply, there’s no defined price range for an MP3 player.

That is, because, there are thousands of options in the market with different features and different price tags.

What should I look for when choosing an MP3 Player?

Here’s a checklist that’d help you choose a better MP3 Player;

  • Consider the amount of storage space the MP3 Player has. At the lower end, a 512mb to 1Gb MP3 Player can hold up to 200 songs. If you have a large collection of music, you should be looking for devices that offer at least 10Gb.
  • Purchase a product that’d fit your lifestyle. If you intend to use your device while jogging or working out, you better go for a player that has no moving parts. In shorts, think about the portability before you make the purchase.
  • Check the interface of the player. Of course, you need a player that would allow you to access it easily. Check whether the interface will be easier to access on the go.
  • Check how the device is powered. Almost all the players come with built-in rechargeable batteries. However, if it doesn’t have access to USB port then you’ll have to wait till the device is all charged up again. So, make sure the device comes with an option for USB charging.
  • Check the accessories that come with it. In most cases, the MP3 Players come with headphones that are not very good in quality. Make sure you’re okay with the quality of the headphone.

What mp3 players work with iTunes?

Here is a list of MP3 Players compatible with iTunes;

  • Sony NW-E394 Walkman MP3 Player with FM Radio
  • AGPTEK A20,8GB MP3 Player
  • SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player
  • HccToo Music Player 16GB Portable Lossless Sound MP3 Player

What is the best iTunes supported mp3 player? Why is it the best?

Sony NW-E394 Walkman MP3 Player is the best iTunes supported MP3 Player in the market.

It supports iTunes AAC format and plays almost every audio file.

It also comes with 35 hours of battery life and supports file transfer to and from PC and Mac.

What mp3 player is compatible with Spotify?

If you’re looking for a lightweight and durable Spotify player, the Mighty Audio Spotify Music Player is the one you should go for.

Mighty requires a smartphone and premium Spotify subscription for the setup.

After that, you can leave all the distraction behind and take your music library wherever you go.

What is the best mp3 player with Bluetooth? Why is it the best?

AGPTEK A01T Lossless Sound Metal Music Player is the best MP3 Player with Bluetooth. It comes with 6 high-sensitive touch buttons, 1 independent lock button, and a voice recording key for easier access. It also comes with music play, voice recorder, time screen-saver, one button lock, FM radio, E-book, and video support.

What mp3 player is best for using in a car? Why is it the best?

VicTsing Car MP3 Player is the best Mp3 Player for using in a car.

VicTsing will allow you to play music from Bluetooth enabled devices via FM signals, stream music from TF cards, or it can also transmit music from USB flash disks.

With a 1.44 inch screen, it shows incoming call number, volume, voltage level in car the battery, FM frequency, and song names if you’re playing music

What is the best USB mp3 player? Why is it the best?

AGPtEK U3 Usb Stick Mp3 Player is our best pick.

It has a durable and compact design, comes with an 8GB internal memory where you can store up to 2000 songs, and it also gives you an option to expand it up to 64GB.

You can connect AGPtEK U3 Usb Stick Mp3 Player with PC to transfer files via its USB 2.0 port.

What is the best highest capacity mp3 players? Why is it the best?

If you’re looking for the best high capacity MP3 Player, HccToo 16GB Portable Lossless Sound MP3 Player is the one we would recommend.

It comes with 16GB built-in storage where you can store up to 3000 songs.

It gives 45 hours of battery life with 3-4 hours of charging.

Also, the interface is user-intuitive and will help you to find your favourite songs easily.

Which mp3 players are compatible with audible?

These are our top two picks based on their performances and customer reviews;

  • AGPTEK A20,8GB MP3 Player
  • SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player

What’s the best mini MP3 Player? Why is it the best?

With up to 10 hours of music playback, AGPtek G02 8GB Mini Clip MP3 Player is the best mini MP3 Player you can find online.

It comes with 8 GB of internal memory, and this small device can also support FM radio with a frequency range of 87 MHz-108MHz.

With a sweatproof cover and clip, you can take it for jogging, running, and gym.

What’s the best digital MP3 Player? Why is it the best?

After going through a series of digital MP3 Players in the market, we concluded AGPTEK C3 8GB Bluetooth 4.0 MP3 Player is the best one available online.

It provides immaculate sound quality with clear crystal sound that will present you with an amazing listening experience.

It also comes with 8GB internal storage with an option to expand up to 128GB.

This product is more than a music player, it can work as a voice recorder, radio, or a book reader and it also allows you to browse pictures and watch videos on it.

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