10 Best Anti-Gravity Phone Cases for iPhones

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With phones being developed every day with superb features that nobody could ever imagine, we continually need accessories that match them. This guide on Best Anti-Gravity Phone Cases will help you to choose the best case for your iPhone.

Phone cases are meant to offer protection to your device. And when the phone is expensive as the iPhone, you want a case that does its job as required. Moving around with an expensive phone without insurance can easily deny you the fan it’s intended to provide.

The cases in this review provide ultra guarding protection to your phones and keep them in desirable shapes too. Among them are special handcrafted designs, that will assure the safety needs of your phone device.

Mega Tiny Corp – 94%

The Mega Tiny Corp brags as a top rated iPhone cover for a reason. The producers have focused on making quality. They have been in the market for many years and fine-tuned this case to meet the needs of the iPhone market.

Dressing and undressing your phone is easy peasy owing to the flexible materials used to make it. With this case, the camera and screen stay protected when you place them on a flat surface.

One of the issues most phone covers have is sticking to surfaces. This product solves this issue using nano suction technology. And the looks? Adorable.
The case comes in 4 distinct shades giving you a range to choose from.

  • Amazing grip
  • Does not stick to smooth surfaces
  • Protects the phone from scratches and breakages
  • Easily inserted or taken off
  • Costly

Kiko Universal Pouch for Otterbox Defender Case – 90%

Kiko Universal Pouch for Otterbox Defender Case is a darling for both iPhone lovers and other devices.  Its build screams “strong” thus covering your device with this case leaves no chances of breaking. You like looking cool? No problem. This KIKO product is designed to appeal to the eye and remain functional for a long time. It’s capable of holding your phone in position on various surfaces to watch movies and play games.

This case design has sleekness you won’t get in most cases. The beauty of this case is giving your fingers the space to press the buttons and use it however you wish.

  • Strong grip
  • Sleek design
  • Easily take selfies and watch videos
  • Easy access to buttons and ports all around the phone
  • Only available in one color

ESR Air Armor Designed for iPhone 11 Case – 90%

Your iPhone 11 protection is guaranteed with this extraordinary case. It’s transparent and labeled as an iPhone product thus will fit your phone accordingly. It’s carvings leave the right places and make sure the cameras in front and back are protected. The screen won’t be scratched when left on a flat surface.

The fact that you’ll have a case that remains clean and is reusable is outstanding. While it’s capable of sticking on surfaces for your entertainment, it doesn’t leave stick marks. The sticking components utilize the TPU and PC materials in the perfect mixture for effectiveness.

This iPhone cover, ESR Air Armor Designed for iPhone 11, makes use of flexible materials that makes it easy to dress your phone and still offer a perfect grip.

  • Less Expensive
  • Does not leave stick marks
  • Easy to clean and fix
  • Amazing quality
  • Only available in one color

GLCON Rectangle Shaped Portable Protection Hard EVA Case – 88%

The GLCON Rectangle Shaped Portable Protection Hard EVA Case stands out because of its affordable price. It’s built using sturdy material that guarantees long service and the none stick construction ensures you are comfortable using it on whichever surface you choose.

Using this case makes you look stylish without compromising on the protection of the screen and cameras. The case is has a perfect grip and its hard surface materials and design protect the phone to the fullest.

It takes quite less space and can be carried around with ease. The sleek design provides ultimate protection to your phone. If you’re not getting it for yourself, it’s a great gift for your friend or family.

  • Nano-suction material
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Can be used on glass, woods, and tiles
  • Loses stickiness after some period of use

Egotude Hard PC Back Soft Silicone Bumper Cover Case – 80%

With Egotude Hard PC Back Soft Silicone Bumper Cover Case, you’ll have a case for your iPhone 7 and 8. It doesn’t just look sleek but actually feels sleek. It’s amazing in quality, promising a long time of service. With it, you have 100% protection for your device, and all its components will be in the right position.

What’s better in a phone’s case than accessing all the buttons as though it doesn’t exist? This case offers just that. Besides, it looks great and designed to offer the perfect fit for your phone. The apple logo is right there to crown the look on this transparent case. If you want to gift a friend or family, the vendors provide you with good packaging for this purpose.

  • Quality material
  • Protects phone from unwanted scratches
  • Suction innovation makes it easily stick on flat surfaces
  • Costly

DTTO Anti-Gravity Case – 78%

DTTO iPhone 11 Case is what you go for if you have an iPhone 11. This anti-gravity case comes with interesting features that ensure the phone is safe from scratches. It protects against shock when you drop your device.

The design integrates an inner lining which helps to extract heat from your phone. Your phone won’t be overheating in your pocket enabling top performance all the time.

When it comes to looks, you’ll agree it doesn’t disappoint. You have 6 shades to select from enabling you to go with your favorite color. The case itself won’t wear out easily thanks to the durable silicone rubber used to make it. When dirt builds on it, a piece of cloth is enough to wipe it clean.

  • Amazing design
  • Affordable
  • Shockproof
  • Prevents phone from overheating
  • Loses heat absorption over time

Mega Tiny Corp Anti Gravity Phone Case – 74%

The Mega Tiny case is wallet-like but still functional and good looking. Besides carrying your phone, a few of your currency notes will have some space within. It is good enough to protect your phone from falls and scratches as well. You can stick it on surfaces in situations where you are using it for entertainment. You can do this even on smooth surfaces like glass.

So if you know someone that has an iPhone that needs a cover, get them the Mega Tiny Case. And yes, there are multiple colors you can choose from. Its simplicity is what attracts most buyers and the customer care of the vendor is outstanding!

  • Multi-functionality
  • Efficient
  • Nanotechnology for easy sticking
  • Less expensive
  • Made of unquality material

NB Magic – 74%

Skinit Waterproof Phone Case is a great case alternative for iPhone11 Pro Max. The design looks tough but is still flexible and functional as well. You’ll have no difficulty to access various buttons on your phone whatsoever. It makes use of dual layer technology that ensures your phone remains intact even upon impact.

Even better, this iPhone case is fully submersible in liquids up to 2 meters deep. Imagine that. You’ll be able to protect your phone from water and other liquids. Get this phone cover as a gift for yourself. You deserve it.

  • Affordable
  • Amazing quality
  • Has a sticky function
  • Only one color available

CloudValley Anti Gravity Case – 72%

The best way to protect your iPhone is by using an anti-gravity case like the CloudValley Anti Gravity Case. This case is cost friendly but still of top quality and its appeal is amazing! Apart from a double layer, it also utilizes TPU alongside the frame to provide the best impact protection in case your phone falls. You also get a PC back cover!

With this anti-gravity case, you’ll be able to attach your phone to surfaces and enjoy watching a movie, music, or a game. The sticky part can be used multiple times.

  • Durable
  • Amazing design( by a visual designer)
  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Not compatible with all designs

Cloud Valley for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus – 72%

To sum up our list of antigravity cases is this CloudValley case. This superb case protects your device so you don’t worry when using it. You can trust it because of the dual layer design and the tough TPU frame, plus a TP back cover. The edges are somehow raised so that when you place it on a flat surface, your screen and cameras are safe from scratches.

This case is also designed to be functional. It has various windows that allow you to reach your buttons and pots effortlessly and even charge your phone without removing the cover. And its beauty comprising or a sleek body and compact build will allow you to enjoy using it without feeling bulky.

  • Comes with a screen protector
  • Less expensive
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Not the best for all designs

Frequently asked questions

What is an Anti-Gravity Phone Case?

These are ‘covers’ put on phones to prevent damages like scratches and breakages during impact.

What are the advantages and Disadvantages of anti-gravity phone cases?

Advantages of Anti-Gravity Phone Case

  • Here are some of the advantages of using anti-gravity phone cases.
  • Prevent wear and tear
    Ensures safety of the phone
  • Enhances the visual appearance of the phone

Disadvantages of Anti-Gravity Phone Case

  • Some are hard to fix and take off
  • Some are expensive
  • Some come in only one color tone

What should I look for when choosing an Anti-Gravity Phone Case?

Before purchasing an anti-gravity phone case, here are some factors to have in mind.


The cost should be that of an average phone accessory and not a gold piece buy a case that will protect your phone and consider your pocket too.with a little research on the market, you can get yourself the best case at a pocket-friendly too.


The specific needs of your phone are a propelling reason to chose a distinct case for your phone. If you are looking for a case to help you keep an eye to your conversations while driving, look for a casing that will easily stick to your car’s’ dashboard.


Sounds funny but yes people do not like carrying bulk stuff around. chose a sleek design that will provide you ease of usage and carrying around.


The material used to manufacture cases contributes to its functionality and lifespan. Chose cases with durable material for more functionality.

Anti-gravity phone cases are now easily accessible and present in all vendors dealing with phone accessories. Before landing on a case for your mind, always consider the above-mentioned considerations.

From the above review, we have identified some of the best phone cases with different features that could be useful to your phone’s daily life. Failing to protect your phone is not an option, thanks to the various technologies involved in the manufacture of these cases. Go ahead and find the Best Anti-Gravity Phone Case.

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