8 Best LED Strip Lights for Decorating

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Which strip lights have the best effect for the best price?

After testing out 15 different LED strip lights over a span of 24 hours, 8 of them made the list as one of the best products available. Upon further testing, the LE Flexible LED Strip Lights topped our review because of its functionality and overall value. It comes in 5 meters and uses 300 bright white LEDS to light up your room or decorate your appliances.

The Dear Misery LED TV backlight LED Strip Lights are also worth mentioning. It comes with a remote for controlling which colors to display and the LEDs lit up bright and evenly as well.

Read more and check out our comparison table below to find out which of the best LED strip lights are the right one for you.

LE Flexible LED Strip Lights Review – 90%

The LE Flexible LED Strip Lights offers the most value and functionality on our list and for good reason. Amazon led light strips like this one offer 5 meters of bright white LED strip lights that are very easy to install. It comes with a double-sided tape backing so you can apply it anywhere you wish.

It’s versatile enough to be cut into multiple pieces so you can arrange them however you like and is also durable thanks to its FPC circuit board that dissipates heat very well. It firmly sticks into place and can be installed to your smart TV, computer, bed headboards, etc.

It’s sufficiently bright and will certainly light up your room if you intend to use it for decorative lighting purposes. When it comes to led strip lights for home use, the LE Flexible LED Strip Lights should be your first choice.

  • 5 meters of bright, high-quality LEDS
  • Can be cut into multiple pieces
  • Stays cool to the touch thanks to its FPC circuit board
  • Not waterproof

Bright Lightz LED Strip Lights Review – 90%

The Bright Lightz LED Strip Lights are the brightest led strip lights on this list. Powered by 240 volts, these lights are more than capable of delivering extremely bright white lighting that looks beautiful when used as a home or garden decor.

You’ll be able to light up a large area of your home since these strip lights come in a length of 20 meters. One of the best features about it is that the waterproof led strip lights are IP68 compliant which means that it’s very durable and can be safely used outdoors even in rainy conditions.

It comes with a 3-pin UK plug upon purchase so you can plug it away and use it immediately. It would have been more convenient if it came with an adhesive backing strip like the LE Flexible LED Strip Lights, but nonetheless it’s still easy to install.

  • Emits super bright warm LED lighting
  • Waterproof and IP68 compliant
  • Comes in a length of 20 meters
  • Doesn’t come with adhesive backing strip

LE 12V DC RGB LED Strip Lights Kit Review – 84%

If you’re looking for the best RGB led strip, look no further than the LE 12V DC RGB LED Strip Lights Kit. It comes in a full led tape light kit that features a 44-key remote control, a power adapter, and a connector.

You can cut the LED strips by every 3 LED’s which means you can set it up however you like. It has 8 different light patterns that change colors which makes it very customizable in terms of how you want the LEDs to light up.

It’s also flexible so you can arrange it in angled patterns without having to worry about damaging the PCB strip or the LEDs. The colors are lively and bright and its length of 5 meters means you can mount it as long or as short as you want it to be.

  • 44-key remote offers a ton of options for controlling your LED strip lights
  • Durable and flexible
  • 8 different light patterns to choose from
  • Not waterproof

LED Strip Light MINGER Review – 82%

The LED Strip Light MINGER is an led tape light kit that comes complete with an adapter, a remote control, a control box, and adhesive hooks to keep the LED lights in place.

With a length of 5 meters, you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground and customize the way you apply the LED lights since it can be cut every 3 LED’s. You have a multitude of options to control how the LED’s light up by adjusting its brightness, colors, and even the speed of its glow.

It’s super bright and provides you with 16 different colors to choose from, making it a perfect accent lighting from your living room to your kitchen and even your bedroom. It’s quick and simple to install since it comes with an adhesive backing.

  • Comes in a length of 5 meters
  • Complete kit that comes with everything you need to set it up
  • Numerous customizable LED options
  • Non-water resistant

Simfonio USB LED Strip Lights Review – 80%

The Simfonio USB LED Strip Lights is a value option that offers IP65 waterproofing which makes it a great complemental light source that’s suitable for outdoor use. It comes in 1 meter to 3 meters and provides 20 different colors that will suit your various tastes and preferences.

A remote control is also provided to help you take control of the 5 different brightness settings of the LED lights while allowing you to select the color of your choice. It’s versatile enough that you can use it outdoors or indoors.

From decorating your garden and patio to your living room and bedroom, the Simfonio USB LED Strip Lights will have plenty of different applications to fit your needs.

  • IP65 waterproofing
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • 5 different speed and brightness settings
  • 3M sticker falls off easily

Dear Misery LED TV backlight LED Strip Lights – 78%

The Dear Misery LED TV backlight LED Strip Lights are a set of RGB strip lights that work perfectly as accent lighting to your home. These LED strip lights come in four pieces of 50cm strips that are great for decorating your smart LED TV’s. You can also use it as a complimentary light source to set up a different mood and ambiance on your room.

You can take control of the color being displayed by using the remote and alter modes like fade, strobe, flash, and smooth. The LED lights are very bright and the colors come off very accurate and warm.

It comes with an adhesive backing so the installation process is a breeze as well. You also get connectors to connect each strip and set it up the way you want, making it one of the best led strips for pc as well.

  • 4 pieces of bright, RGB LED strip lights
  • Comes with a remote to control the colors displayed
  • Adhesive backing makes it easy to install
  • Strips are already pre-cut

Kohree LED TV Backlight Bias Lighting Kits Review – 78%

Another set of RGB LED strip lights, the Kohree LED TV Backlight Bias Lighting Kits work as a great accent lighting to your TV’s and even your home personal computer that will allow you to customize the look and feel of your chosen hardware.

The colors come off vibrant and bright with adjustable brightness settings to cater to your preference. You can also select the modes of the LED lights by using the remote control and choose from four different settings like fade, strobe, smooth, and blinking.

It’s quick to install as well thanks to the adhesive backing. The only downside is that it only comes in two strips unlike the Dear Misery LED TV backlight LED Strip Lights which come in fours hence it ranked lower on the list.

  • Colors come off vibrant and bright
  • Adjustable brightness settings with 4 different modes to choose from
  • Adhesive backing makes installation a breeze
  • Comes in two LED strips only

iNextStation Flexible RGB LED Light Strip Review – 64%

The iNextStation Flexible RGB LED Light Strip is actually a great set of led ribbon lights that are unfortunately let down by poor quality. It has all the features you need for a versatile LED strip light like waterproofing, interchangeable LED colors, and an IR remote.

You can also cut it along to your desired length just like the other LED strip lights and offers different color pattern changes as well. It has an adhesive back that sticks pretty well and makes the installation process relatively quick.

The minor quirks let it down like the remote control not working properly and the LED lights being inconsistent with its lighting. Other than that, it works just fine as long as you set it to one color only so you won’t have to face issues with other LEDs not displaying the chosen color.

  • IP65 waterproofing
  • Can be cut according to the length you desire
  • LED lights are inconsistent
  • Remote doesn’t work properly
  • Poor quality control

Frequently asked questions

What are LED strip lights?

LED strip lights are convenient sources of lighting that uses LEDs to brighten up a certain area of your home. These come in a form of flexible circuit boards that run in strips which you can cut to your desired length and even bend them 90 degrees to fit even the tightest spaces.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using LED strip lights?

There are many advantages to using LED lights and usually don’t come with any negatives depending on how you use it. Here we’ll highlight the pros and cons of using LED strip lights.


  • Convenience. LED strip lights offer a convenient source of lighting that’s easy to install in a matter of minutes and provides bright, colorful lighting in any room you wish to put it.
  • Versatile. LED strips lights are also versatile and can be used in a number of ways. You can use it as an accent lighting on your bed’s headboard, use it as cove lighting in kitchens, and even as a bias lighting on your TV’s to reduce eye strain.
  • Customizable. LED strip lights also have built-in modes that allow you to customize how the LEDs light up. You can also choose which color to display and adjust the brightness to spice up the mood on any room you place it on.


  • Waterproofing. Some LED strip lights are not waterproof so they can’t be used outdoors. Not all LED strip lights are IP certified so make sure to check first before buying.

What should I look for when buying LED strip lights?

Before you go out and purchase a new set of LED strip lights, there are a few important things to consider to make sure you pick up the one that’s correct for your needs. Here are some key factors to look out for before buying:

  • Build quality. Look for the materials used in making the LED strip lights. Is it built to last? Do the LEDs have a long lifespan based on the manufacturer’s tests? Is the circuit board flexible and durable? Make sure the LED strip lights are made with high quality materials so you won’t have to replace it every few months.
  • RGB lighting. LED strip lights come in either multi-colored LED versions and plain white LEDs. If you want additional lighting on your rooms without the fancy colors, choose an LED strip light that offers a bright warm white light. If you fancy adding a bit more vibe to your rooms, choose RGB LED strip lights that support different colors for you to tinker around and play with.
  • Length. Check the length of the LED strip lights first before buying. Some LED strip lights come in meters while others are already pre-cut in strips and ready to be attached. Consider how much you need and check if the length is sufficient enough to cover the distance you desire.

Which LED strip lights are the best? Why is it the best?

We have two recommendations when it comes to the best LED strip lights. If you’re looking for a powerful source of lighting that emits bright white light, the LE Flexible LED Strip Lights should be your first choice. It comes in a length of 5 meters and has an adhesive backing strip, making it easy to apply wherever you want to. You can also cut it to your desired length, making it versatile in terms of its application whether it be for mirror lighting in the bathroom or for your smart TV and bedroom.

If you’re looking for RGB LED strip lights, the iNextStation Flexible RGB LED Light Strip is a full kit that comes with everything you need in order to set up your colored strip lights. It comes with a 44-key remote that controls numerous different functions and modes that allow you to customize your LED lighting experience just the way you want it.

Which LED strip lights are the best for TV? Why is it the best?

Our recommendation for the best LED strip lights for your TV is the Dear Misery LED TV backlight LED Strip Lights. It comes pre-cut into 4 strips of 50cm in length and can readily be attached anytime with just the peel of the adhesive backing strip.

It offers RGB LEDs and functions as a bias lighting to help reduce eye strain from Your TV’s. You can also use it to personalize your home computer as an accent lighting to introduce a different vibe to your hardware.

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