7 Best Workout DVDs for Weight Loss

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What is the best workout dvd? Browse our reviews of the best workout dvds for weight loss here at Only Reviews

If you don’t want to spend a membership fee on the gym, then one of these best workout DVDs might be useful for you.unds melting away through the Workout Calendar.

We tested about 10 workout DVDs that are making a buzz on the fitness market today.

We compare each workout DVD according to their duration, type of workout, and workout programs included.

Our test shows that Davina Super Body Workout is the best workout DVD that you can put your money on.

It consists of two full 40-minute routines that give a good workout to your whole body.

Warm-up and cool-down exercises are also included so you get no excuses to skip them.

Find out which other of the best workout DVDs made it to our top list below.

Davina Super Body Workout DVD Review – 100%


The Davina Super Body Workout is a military-style fitness training program that works your entire body.

There are two full 40-minute routines (Super Sculpt and Super Fit) and both routines include warm-up and cool-down exercises to condition your body.

The Super Sculpt is made to tone your entire body while the Super Fit is full of fun aerobic kickboxing.

If you want more variety, you can add these four 10-minute routines: Super Legs, Super Pump, Super Abs, and Super Six Pack. Try performing one of the routines thrice a week. If you get bored, try mixing them up.


  • Already includes warm-up and cool down exercises
  • Offers a total body workout
  • The moves are easy to follow
  • Offers a great mix of exercises
  • The pace and the music are good
  • The boxing moves are too basic
  • The routines are long


Jane Fonda’s New Workout DVD Review – 92%


This Jane Fonda workout collection consists of the original workouts that transform fitness in the 1980s.

This 2-part DVD contains two separate programmes: a 35-minute programme for beginners and a 55-minute programme for advanced.

You can skip the beginner’s programme if you feel that you belong to the advanced stage.

Both programmes help improve your cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility.

They also give results in burning the fat and calories. The instructions are clear so you can follow the moves easily.

Definitely one of the best workout dvds on the market, hence why it’s managed to stand the test of time.


  • Enjoyable and full of energy
  • The moves are easy to follow
  • Gives a total body workout
  • Effective in burning calories
  • Not much variety in exercises
  • Slightly old-fashioned


Davina 7 Minute Fit DVD Review – 91%


The Davina 7 Minute Fit is perfect if you have a busy life because all you need is 7 minutes to do each workout.

The workouts are hard but the techniques are enjoyable.

There are lots of different exercises including a boxing-based routine, a tone and sculpt workout, and the Ultimate Abs Workout.

Through the Fitness Challenge, you can monitor your progress every week.

Also, the DVD offers a lot of extras, like behind the scenes and five tutorials on how you can accomplish the perfect technique.

As you create more progress, the more workout combos you can do.


  • Loaded with fun workouts
  • Allows you to monitor your progress every week
  • Includes tutorials and behind the scenes
  • The workouts are short and simple to follow
  • The ab workout is effective
  • A bit perplexing to make a combo workout
  • There’s too much talk


Kathy Smith Power Step Workout DVD Review – 90%


The Kathy Smith Power Step Workout is a good steps aerobics DVD that helps you strengthen your lower body.

It includes three workout segments for beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Through the multi-level demonstrations, you can select between regular and power stepping to add more versatility to your workout routine.

The step workout requires a step bench to execute. It burns more calories compared to conventional step workouts.

Plus, it includes the full Fat Burning Breakthrough Step Workout to burn more calories.


  • Burns calories and fat effectively
  • Perfect for all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)
  • Lets you select between regular and power stepping
  • The instructor guides you through all the moves
  • Sometimes the instructions are vague
  • Needs a lot of space to move around


Zumba DVD Review – 90%


If you like to dance, then Zumba is a perfect workout for you.

Beto Perez, the maker of the Zumba himself, will guide you through the essential moves.

It’s great in burning calories and increasing cardiovascular endurance.

There are three dance fitness workouts available. Each workout is 30 minutes long so it’s not tiring if you think about it.

You can select your level and start a cardio dance party at home.

One of the most unique and best workout dvds available.


  • Fun and exciting
  • Gives clear instructions
  • The repeated instruction is great for beginners
  • Really makes you sweat
  • Lets you choose your level
  • The cardio workout is very intense
  • Not many variations and programmes


Beachbody Slim In 6 Workout DVD Programme Review – 85%


The Beachbody Slim in 6 Workout DVD Programme includes seven workouts on three exercise CDs.

To burn fat and lose weight, you need to follow three steps: Start It Up!, Ramp It Up!, and Burn It Up! Monitor your progress with every workout and see the pounds melting away through the Workout Calendar.

There are several workout plans to help you succeed, such as the 6-Day Express Plan to see results in as fast as 6 days.

The 10-minute Slim & 6-Pack workout, and the Slim & Limber workout.

Also included are a weight loss eating plan, resistance band, and cardio core blasting moves.


  • Offers a lot of extras
  • Can help you lose weight in as fast as six days
  • The instructions are clear
  • A nice low-impact workout
  • Lets you monitor your progress
  • The main exercises are too long
  • Manufacturer/Supplier


Beachbody Body Beast Introductory Kit Review – 82%


The Beachbody Body Beast Introductory Kit includes 12 body building work out videos, a “Book of the Beast” supplement guide, and a training schedule.

It’s a good gym workout video because it can help build lean muscles in 90 days. You can customize your workouts to achieve desired results by following the “HUGE” or “LEAN” schedule.

The Body Best is built on the idea of dynamic set training, a certain sequence of sets and reps which aims to exhaust the muscle.

It’s also made to help boost your body’s testosterone to develop muscle mass.


  • The bodybuilding workouts are great
  • The host is very entertaining
  • Needs minimum equipment
  • Fuskang
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • The cardio is a bit ineffective


Frequently asked questions

What is Workout DVDs?

Workout DVDs are a set of exercise videos that you can follow in the comfort and privacy of your home.

They can help you get fit without visiting the gym and they’re fairly priced as well.

Compared to spending hundreds or even thousands per years, home exercise DVDs offer you a more affordable alternative.

Workout DVDs are available in various workout routines including bodybuilding, aerobics, and flexibility exercises.

To make sure that you stay loyal to a program, select one with exercises you know and enjoy.

What’s the approximate price range for Workout DVDs?

The price range of workout DVDs can go as low as £5 and as high as £400, depending on the number and quality of workouts included.

What should I look for when choosing a Workout DVDs?

There are many people claiming to be fitness experts producing DVDs with no proper qualifications.

For best fitness results, do your research and look for a qualified fitness instructor.

The instructor should be an expert who has performed basic training and provides functional advice.

A good fitness DVD should remind you to maintain a proper form.

That way you’ll prevent yourself from injuries.

Also be wary of any negative visuals and demotivating language that put pressure on you like, “you should be perspiring right now.”

More importantly, look for a workout program that suits your schedule.

If you’re busy, you can settle on a 60-minute workout DVD daily.

Take note of the equipment needed and make sure that it fits your budget.

What’s the best DVDs for workout exercise? Why is it the best?

The best DVD for workout exercises is the Beachbody Body Beast Introductory Kit because it helps you build your muscles without supplements.

It includes four DVDs containing 12 workouts, a fitness guide, and a training schedule.

What’s the best workout dvds for beginners? Why is it the best?

The best workout DVD for beginners is the Jane Fonda’s New Workout because it contains a 35-minute programme for beginners to give you a total body workout.

If you want to level up, you can move on to the 55-minute advanced programme.

Which is the best workout dvds for burn calories? Why is it the best?

The best workout DVD for burning calories is the Kathy Smith Power Step Workout DVD because it burns more calories than conventional step workouts.

This includes leaps, runs, and jumps to develop a strong lower body.

Which dance workout dvd is the best? Why is it the best?

One of the best dance exercise videos is the Zumba because it’s both fun and effective.

You can do the dance fitness workouts for about 30 minutes.

It promises to burn calories and get you into shape.

Which home workout dvd is the best? Why is it the best?

The best at home workout program is the Davina 7 Minute Fit because it offers a variety of exercises including boxing, toning, and ab workouts.

Best of all, these workouts only require seven minutes.

What’s the best workout dvds for weight loss? Why is it the best?

The best workout DVDs for weight loss is the Beachbody Slim In 6 Workout DVD Programme because it offers three simple workouts for a slim body.

It starts with a moderate intensity workout and ends with an advanced workout in less than an hour.

Plus, it includes a resistance band and other free gifts.

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