Best 10 Wireless Backup Camera Kits for Cars

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We interviewed more that 30 RV drivers and 20 truck drivers on the best features of the best wireless backup camera kits. With their responses we went on to test 50 different models of backup camera kits available on the market within the course of a week.

We found that the Podofo Wireless Backup Camera was the best. It has a long range, is designed to be durable and provides good imaging.

We also came across 9 other models that had good connectivity and were simple to install. The LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit for example, comes with the option of both wired and wireless connection. Continue reading and find out more!

Podofo wireless Backup Camera Review – 100%


The first thing we noticed with the Podofo backup camera was its heavy-duty construction. This is a quality item and we expected it to last a long while. We liked the connectivity. It comes with a large range making it ideal for larger trucks and RVs.

However, we did find a couple of drawbacks. The image quality is not HD. Second, this is not the easiest to fit backup camera and required a lot of fiddling and maneuvering. It took us quite some time to get things working.


  • High quality design.
  • Good size display.
  • Quality of image is not the best.
  • Takes time to fit in the vehicle or truck.


AUTO-VOX AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Camera Kit Review – 100%


We found the AUTO-VOX to be very simple at installing. The fact that it comes with a single wire makes the task easy. We also liked the display as it provided good quality video. It was small and compact enough to be used in smaller cars.

One downside was with the camera. If you are looking for the best angle, we found that we needed to be careful not to break it. It also doesn’t come with a shield and seemed like it would be easily knocked off.


  • Small and compact camera.
  • Easy installation.
  • Display provided good images.
  • Looks like it can be easily knocked off.


AUTO-VOX Wireless Rear View Camera Monitor Kit – 90%


The first thing we noticed with this backup camera kit is how neat and good looking it was. It added to the car’s aesthetics. We also liked the instructions as they were simple to read. The size of the camera as well was good.

The downside is that the signal is not very strong and every so often we would get a flicker. It would also be interrupted by other wireless devices. We found this quite inconvenient when passengers wanted to use their mobile devices in the car.


  • Neat and good looking backup camera.
  • Simple to install.
  • Comes with an easy to read manual.
  • The signal is not very strong.
  • Signal is interrupted by other mobile devices.


Accfly Wireless Backup Camera Review – 90%


We liked how easy it was to install the Accfly. Like the AUTO, it only took us less than an hour. The instruction manual was very helpful and easy to follow the guidelines. It looks good and comes with a large 7-inch display.

The main drawback is that the display unit and the camera unit do not offer the best connectivity with distances larger than 2m. This means that it may not be the best choice for larger trucks and RVs.


  • Comes with a large display.
  • Simple to install.
  • Simple to read manual.
  • Connectivity wasn’t the best beyond 2 meters.


LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit – 90%


We noted that unlike the AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Camera Kit this backup camera kit allowed us to connect with either wireless or with wires. We also liked the fact that we could conveniently see what was happening at night. The LeeKooLuu was very easy to install and we were done within 30 minutes.

The main drawback was with the wireless connectivity. We found that the signal wasn’t very strong which affected the quality of display. The wired connection however was better.


  • Easy to install.
  • Can connect either wireless or wired.
  • Singla isn’t the best.


Directtyteam Wireless Backup Camera Kit Review – 90%


Similar to the Accfly Wireless Backup Camera, this backup camera kit comes with a large 7 inch display. It made it simple and easy to see what was happening at the back of the car without any straining.

Also, it didn’t come with the connectivity issue of the Accfly and could connect easily in the truck or RV. Installing was fast and didn’t give us any problems at all.

However, we found that mounting the backup camera on smaller cars proved a bit bulky and space consuming. It is also not as neat and stylish as the AUTO-VOX Wireless Rear View Camera Monitor Kit.


  • Simple to install.
  • Large 7-inch display.
  • Could connect easily trucks and RVs.
  • Large and bulky on smaller cars.
  • Doesn’t come with a stylish design.


Podofo Wireless backup Parking System Kit Review – 90%


We liked the large 7-inch display of the Podofo wireless. The camera construction was good quality and could last a long time. Unlike the Podofo wireless Backup Camera, this one was fairly simple to install. Connectivity was good as well.

However, we found that when we attached the display unit to the rear-view mirror, it is heavy which makes it shake a lot. The signal is also affected by wireless devices within the vicinity. This proved inconvenient when travelling with multiple devices in the car.


  • Simple to install.
  • Good quality construction.
  • Good range.
  • Display unit is heavy.
  • Signal is affected by other wireless devices.


Boscam K1 Wireless Backup Camera Review – 80%


Quality was the first thing we noticed with the Boscam. We also liked the instruction manual as it was simple to read and well laid out. This made installing the camera kit fast with minimal issues. We liked the connectivity and the range as well as the fact that it is waterproof.

However, we didn’t like the size of the camera as it seemed like it could easily be knocked over by flying debris. Other wireless devices also seemed to affect the quality of the images.


  • Good quality construction.
  • Easy to install.
  • Instruction manual was clear and simple to read and follow.
  • The camera is small and seemed liked it would be knocked out of position.


Audew IR Wireless Rearview Camera Review – 71%


The Audew is a good quality equipment. We liked that it also looked very good inside the car. It wasn’t bulky and the 5-inch display produced good images. Installing this backup camera was quick and easy and only took us less than 30 minutes.

However, on the downside, the instructions that come with the manual are not very clear and proved a bit time consuming to read in the beginning. We also didn’t like the signal reception. The images kept flickering and we found that connection was affected by other wireless devices.


  • Good quality make.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good looking backup camera and display.
  • Connectivity was not the best.


MiCarBa Camera and Monitor Kit Review – 71%


The first thing we noticed with this backup camera was the strong and sturdy frame of both the camera and the frame. It looked durable and the camera seemed like it could absorb shock quite well. We were eager to find out how it performed and found that the connectivity was good over short distances.

However, the display doesn’t produce the best quality images and the connectivity was affected by other wireless devices such as mobile phones and laptops.


  • Good quality construction.
  • Durable.
  • Affected by other wireless devices.
  • Display is not the best.


Frequently asked questions

What Is Wireless Backup Camera?

This is a camera that is installed at the back of the car to help the driver see better. It provides a better view than the side mirrors or the rear-view mirror. These cameras are then connected to a display near or on the dashboard.

What’s Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Backup Cameras?

The main benefit of a wireless backup camera is it provides the driver with a better view of what is behind him. This comes in handy when reversing as you will not only rely on the side mirrors or the rear-view mirror.

The wireless backup camera removes any blind spots. Since you are able to see better, the risk of collision is greatly minimized. If you notice another car behind you that is getting too close, you can take the appropriate measures.

Since you are able to prevent any collisions or injury caused by running into other persons or pets, you will end up saving yourself some money. Court cases due to what can be perceived as careless driving is a very real possibility and a wireless backup camera can keep you and others safe.

On the other hand, wireless backup cameras also come with their own set of disadvantages. For one, adverse weather such as rain, snow or fog will not only interfere with the visibility, but the signals communication between the camera and the display unit as well.

Compared to the wired camera, wireless cameras do not produce the best quality images. This is due to the fact that more data can be transferred through wires than through wireless connectivity.

Signal interruption is also a common occurrence with wireless connectivity and not just from the weather. Other wireless devices can affect the image quality. The distance from the camera to the display unit also determines the quality of the image.

What’s the Approximate Price Range for Wireless Backup Camera?

Depending on the model and the quality of the wireless backup camera, prices vary widely. You may get one for as low as £10 while others cost as much £500.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Wireless Backup Camera?

There are many different models of wireless backup cameras suited for different types of vehicles trucks, RVs and small cars. The first thing that you need to decide is which camera is best for your car. if you drive a larger vehicle, you will need to consider the wireless range. The longer the better for easier connectivity.

The display unity is the next thing that you need to look at. Ideally, the best has a larger screen that makes it possible to see clearly and avoid running into things.

It doesn’t hurt to have a kit that allows you to add extra cameras just for convenience sake.

What Is the Best Bluetooth Backup Camera? Why Is It the Best?

The Cnikesin Rear view mirror dash cam is the best Bluetooth backup camera. It uses the Andrews 5.1 intelligent system and is simple to use. The kit also comes with anti-collision warning.

What Is the Best Wireless Backup Camera Kit for RV? Why Is It the Best?

The Atian digital wireless backup camera system kit is the best for RV. It is waterproof, comes with parking assistance and has strong connectivity for better signal transmission

How to Install Wireless Backup Camera?

Installing a wireless camera on your vehicle might seem like a complicated process but trust us when we say that it couldn’t get simpler. If you are not very confident though, you can seek assistance from a qualified technician. That said, it is actually a straightforward process.

The good thing is that most camera kits come with their own instructions that are simple to follow.

The first step will require you to open your car’s bonnet and disconnect the negative (-) terminal. This will help prevent a fuse or shorting from happening.

Next, open the boot and access the tail light wiring. You only need one of the tail lights.

After this step, you will need to decide on the mounting location. While different cars will provide different options, for most people the license plate location is the best place.

You will need to remove the license plate. Only then will you be able to access the holes through which you can run the camera’s wiring. In instances where you cannot find these holes, simply find a good place on the bumper and drill through.

Having achieved this, connect the wire from the camera through the boot under the boot panels and access the tail light. Take the power wire and connect it to the reverse power wire of the tail light, the power and the signal wire to the camera. The next step now becomes connecting to a display.

The display may come inbuilt with the car but in cases where there is none, you will need to purchase one. Since in this case we will be using a wireless display, all you will need to do is connect the display to a power source.

What Is the Best Wireless Backup Camera Kit for the Car? Why Is It the Best?

The AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless backup camera kit is the best for the car. it is simple to install and makes parking much easier. It also features an IP-67 waterproof transmitter.

What Is the Best Wireless Backup Camera Kit for Trucks? Why Is It the Best?

The SVTCAM SV 928-WF wireless backup camera is the best camera kit for trucks. It is simple to install and you do not need an extra display unit. Simply sync with your smartphone and you are good to go.

What Is the Best Backup Camera with Night Vision? Why Is It the Best?

The Cocar wireless parking system is the best backup camera with night vision. It is simple to install as well as being waterproof.

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