7 Best WiFi Radios for Streaming Music

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Which are the best WiFi Radios for sound quality? Find out below.

We took 15 different WiFi radios and put them to the test in a span of over 24 hours. We reviewed each radio’s speaker quality and signal strength to determine which ones are worth the purchase.

After extensive testing, the clear winner goes to the Peterhouse Internet WiFi Radio. It offers the perfect value for a WiFi radio by providing good quality sound and a whole host of connectivity options.

The Ocean Digital Internet Radio WR233 is a good option as well. It’s easy to set-up and the speakers provide clear, consistent sound all throughout.To get a good idea of which device is right for you, check out our comparison table of the best WiFi radios down below.

Peterhouse Internet WiFi Radio Review – 92%


The Peterhouse Internet WiFi Radio is the best internet radio tuner on this list mainly due to the value it offers and its overall performance as a WiFi radio. A large, vivid screen houses the navigation icons that display the time and signal strength of your WiFi.

There are multiple connectivity options onboard including USB MP3 playback and the ability to stream Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming services via the UPnP or the AUX port. A dual alarm clock is also present with multiple functions like snooze and radio timers.

When it comes to sound quality, the speakers on this radio deliver clear notes even at high volumes. Bass levels are good and the mids are crisp as well. Y

ou can choose up to 150 presets of your favorite radio stations as your alarm which is more than enough for our tastes.

Overall, the Peterhouse Internet WiFi Radio takes the cake as one of the best portable internet radios due to its affordability and functionality.


  • Large, vivid screen
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Good sound quality
  • Has no remote control for wireless operation


Ocean Digital Internet Radio WR233 Review – 92%


The Ocean Digital Internet Radio WR233 comes in at a close second on our list. The contemporary design of this internet radio receiver is perfect for any modern home and packs plenty of features you’ll need for a WiFi radio.

The 2.4” TFT display showcases the artist’s photos or the radio station’s logo and also displays the icons for navigation. You can also dim the screen’s brightness which helps when you use it at night.

One advantage the Ocean Digital Internet Radio WR233 has over the Peterhouse Internet WiFi Radio is that it comes with a remote control for operating the radio wirelessly. The alarm clock is versatile and can be set to any day of the week with varying volume levels to suit your preference. You can filter the search for your favorite radio station by categories such as location, genre, etc.

You can also customize the Equalizer to fine-tune the sound to your liking. Speaker quality is great and is consistent across all volume levels with the lows being sufficient enough and not too overpowering.

UPnP and DLNA are onboard as well for connectivity with various compatible devices for streaming. The functionality and aesthetics of the Ocean Digital Internet Radio WR233 make it one of the best radios for home use.


  • 2.4” TFT display with brightness controls
  • Remote control included
  • Great speaker quality
  • No USB MP3 playback support


King’s Internet Radio Wi-Fi, CD Player Review – 90%


The King’s Internet Radio Wi-Fi, CD Player is the most versatile wifi radio receiver we tested. It’s got multiple playback options from internet radio to USB MP3’s and the surprising inclusion of a CD player.

It’s also the biggest WiFi radio on the list and packs the loudest volume levels out of all the devices we reviewed. It comes with a colorful, vivid screen for navigating throughout the icons.

A remote control is also included for wireless operation of the settings. An equalizer is also onboard so you can fine-tune your listening experience according to your preferences. There’s a whole host of connectivity options as well from Bluetooth and UPnP to stream music from your favorite apps like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and many more.

Sound quality is good and the volume levels are very high which makes this a favorite for those looking to blast out tunes from their favorite radio stations. It’s also the bulkiest out of all the devices we tested so do keep that in mind.


  • Multiple playback options including a CD player
  • Stereo speakers pack quite a punch
  • Whole host of connectivity options
  • Heavy and quite bulky


Roberts Radio Stream93i Review – 88%


The Roberts Radio Stream93i is one of the best portable internet radios due to its compact size and the conveniently placed handle up top. Despite its size, it comes complete with all the necessary features on a modern WiFi radio. A tiny display sits up front and shows the menu system with all the corresponding icons.

It’s the perfect little device if you want to constantly stream music from your favorite apps and devices since it features Spotify Connect and home network streaming from either your PC and Mac.

One neat feature we liked is that the radio can be controlled with your smartphone via the UNDOK app that gives you access to tweaking the settings through your device. Sound quality is also good for such a tiny device and although we would love to have a bit more oomph when it comes to volume, it’s completely understandable given its size.

You can also set it up as an alarm with multiple functions like snooze and a radio or buzzer alarm. If you’re looking for a compact WiFi radio with good streaming capabilities, the Roberts Radio Stream93i should be your first choice.


  • Compact, portable design
  • Good streaming capabilities
  • Wireless operation via the UNDOK app
  • Volume levels need a bit more oomph


Ocean Digital Internet Radio WR-210CB Review – 86%


If you want a simple yet functional internet clock radio, the Ocean Digital Internet Radio WR-210CB should fit the bill. It offers a 2.4” TFT display that operates on an icon-based menu system and packs plenty of connectivity options for streaming. It comes with Bluetooth onboard so you can play your favorite tracks from your Bluetooth compatible devices.

You can control the built-in equalizer and select from its presets like soft, pop, classical, rockt, ect. to alter your music to your liking. It comes with a remote control as well so you can operate the radio wirelessly.

Speaker quality is okay since it uses a smaller driver compared to other WiFi radios on the list but the most important thing is it isn’t distorted and the volume levels are sufficient.

The clock features dual alarm settings with a snooze and sleep timer and you can choose which tunes to trigger the alarm like beep, melody, or even your favorite radio station. The weather, time, and date are also on display when the radio is on standby.


  • Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities
  • 2.4” TFT display is bright and colorful
  • Speaker is small compared to other options on the list


Roberts Radio Stream 107 Review – 84%


The Roberts Radio Stream 107 brings back the old-school vibe of radio players but incorporates modern features for your internet radio streaming needs. It’s compact and lightweight but still manages to pack in a tiny display for showing the icon-based menu.

An equalizer with 6 presets is also onboard as well as a handy headphone jack for listening with your favorite earphones.

It’s Spotify Connect compatible so you won’t be limited to listening to just your favorite radio stations. All the buttons are positioned at the front of the device and are tactile and easy to press although we wish it came with a remote control since altering the settings by hand can be quite cumbersome at times.

Sound quality is nothing to write home about but does a good job of keeping everything clean while offering sufficient volume levels. Just don’t expect the cleanest sound output from this device.


  • Old-school inspired design
  • Spotify Connect compatible
  • Headphone jack
  • No remote control for wireless operation
  • Average sound quality


Ocean Digital WR01C Review – 83%


The Ocean Digital WR01C is a wireless internet radio device that acts as a receiver for you to play a thousand different radio stations. You’ll have to use an external speaker that connects via the 3.5mm audio jack on the back of the radio to be able to play music and tune in to your favorite radio stations since it doesn’t come with an internal speaker.

A 2.4” TFT screen sits at the middle and displays the icon menu system for you to navigate around. You can also adjust the brightness settings according to your preference which works pretty well especially when using it during the night. A remote control is also included for wireless operation.

It also features dual alarm clocks that you can set on any day of the week and have your favorite radio station as your ringtone. In terms of connectivity options, it has UPnP and DLNA to stream from your compatible devices.

The reason it’s ranked low is that you can get other portable options on this list and play your music immediately without having the need to connect to an external speaker for music playback.


  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • Remote control included
  • Needs to be connected to an external speaker


Frequently asked questions

What is a WiFi radio?

A WiFi radio is usually a portable device that connects to the internet via WiFi to access several different radio stations from all around the world.

A WiFi radio generally supports a variety of music formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC WMA, WAV, ACC, and many more.

WiFi radios also have streaming capabilities by connecting it to a Bluetooth, UPnP, or DLNA compatible device to stream music from your favorite streaming apps. It also functions as an alarm clock.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a WiFi radio?

WiFi radios are a convenient way to have access to thousands of different radio stations around the world. It’s a portable entertainment system that has its pros and cons.

Here we’ll discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a WiFi radio.


Compactness. WiFi radios are compact and portable in size meaning you can carry them around anywhere and listen to your favorite radio stations provided that you’re connected to the internet.

Versatility. WiFi radios do more than just hook you up to thousands of internet radio stations. It can function as an MP3 player, act as an alarm clock, and even stream your playlists on Spotify.


Internet connection. You’ll need an internet connection to listen to your favorite international radio stations so if you’re not connected to WiFi, you’re stuck on playing MP3’s with your compatible devices.

What should I look for when buying a WiFi radio?

WiFi radios come in different shapes and sizes. Some are portable and some are bigger than others. Before you go out and buy your new WiFi radio, here are some important factors to consider to ensure you get the correct one for your needs.

Sound quality. In order to enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations, the speakers should sound good or else it’ll feel like you’re listening to a tin can.

Look for WiFi radios that have stereo speakers with good sound reproduction and volume levels that are adequate enough for your needs. Test it out first and give it a good listen before you buy it.

Features. Consider the features of the WiFi radio before spending your cash. Do you want to play CD’s on your WiFi radio? Does it have a remote control for operating it wirelessly? Weigh in on your needs and take note of the specific features you want in an internet radio.

Connectivity options. You can play your own tracks in your WiFi radio provided that it has the connectivity options you’re looking for.

Some have USB ports to plug in your flash drive and play MP3’s while others have Bluetooth, DLNA, and UPnP to be able to connect with your compatible devices and stream your playlists and music from your applications.

What’s the best WiFi radio? Why is it the best?

If you’re looking for the best WiFi radio, look no further than the Peterhouse Internet WiFi Radio. It comes with all the essential features you need in a modern internet radio device with a price tag that’s hard to match.

It packs a clear, vivid 2.4” display and a bunch of connectivity options like USB MP3 playback and UPnP via the aux port for your compatible devices to enable streaming.

Sound quality is also great for such a compact package and the alarm clock has different timers and functions that you can set.

When it comes to value and performance, the Peterhouse Internet WiFi Radio ranks atop our list as the best WiFi radio.

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