8 Best Smoke Alarm Spy Cameras for Homes

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What is the best smoke alarm spy camera? Browse reviews written by our team about the best smoke alarm spy cameras below

Product reviews of the best smoke alarm spy cameras

We examined a range of 20 different popular smoke detector hidden spy cameras currently on the market and bought 8 for an in depth review, which involved installing and testing them.

We looked at a range of important features, including the picture quality, power source and battery life, memory capacity, ease of use and special recording features.

The FiveSky 1080p HD P2P Wifi Hidden Camera Smoke Detector was our top pick, with its 1080p HD resolution, sensitive motion detector, remote real-time monitoring function and the useful option to use the device via either battery or direct current.

You can check out how this device and others did during our review in the chart below, and you can also read in depth reviews of each device a bit further below the table.

FiveSky 1080p P2P Wifi Hidden Camera SmokeDetector – 100%


The FiveSky Camera Smoke Detector features a 1080p HD video resolution as well as real time audio and video recording in ASF format at 25/30 fps rate.

It also features motion detection and can be set to start recording upon detecting motion.

It includes both PC and Smartphone based remote view and control, which means you can monitor the camera from anywhere, at anytime, using your smartphone, tablet app or your computer.

It supports upto 32 GB micro SD card (not included) and uses circular storage to save the recording. The operating time of the rechargeable battery is upto 4 hours.

  • Motion detector
  • Remote viewing function
  • Camera rotation feature
  • Short battery life (but battery is rechargeable, which is a plus)


TenSky 1080P HD Spy Smoke Detector Hidden Camera – 100%


The TenSky features a 1080p HD video resolution, and it allows users to easily view and record video remotely using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Furthemore, it can be programmed to send you an alarm upon detecting motion, and the motion detection system can also be set to automatically record upon detection of an activity.

You can also remotely view the video from anywhere, at anytime. It supports a 2650 mAh battery that comes along with the package, and a 64GB micro SD card (not included).

This camera records for 2.5 hours when fully charge and the battery charging time is 4 hours.


  • Motion detector
  • Remote viewing function
  • Supports up to 64GB micro SD card
  • Only operates for up to 2.5 hours on a fully charged battery.


WISEUP 16GB Hidden Video Recorder Review – 92%


The WISEUP 16GB Hidden Video Recorder features 640 X 480 video resolution, and the video frame rate is 25/30 fps.

It comes with a 16GB micro SD card and can support upto 32GB. It features remote real-time monitoring and recording which is compatible with android and IOS smartphones.

It also has a motion detector which automatically starts recording when an activity is picked up.

However, when used on the battery mode, the battery only lasts for a mere 70 minutes – not great when compared to other models, such as the FiveSky 1080p and the TenSky 1080p.


  • Effective motion detector
  • Remote real-time monitoring and recording
  • A 16GB micro SD card comes with the package
  • The battery life is very limited compared to other models


WISEUP 8GB 1920x1080P Spy Camera Review – 88%


The WISEUP spy camera features real-time remote view and recording and is compatible with both IOS and android devices.

Besides being compatible with the WiFi, this spy camera also features LAN and WAN connectivity.

The battery life of the camera is 2.5 hours when fully charged, and it comes with an 8GB built-in memory card and supports upto 32GB micro SD card.

It also features a motion detector that automatically starts recording upon observing an activity.


  • The motion detector is really sensitive and picks up small motion
  • Real-time remote viewing
  • Built-in 8GB memory
  • Again, the battery life of this model isn’t great, but how important this is depends on how you plan to use the spy camera


Mengshen Hidden Camera Review – 82%


The Mengshen Hidden Camera features a VGA 640×480 resolution, remote real-time monitoring and photo capturing which is compatible with both android and IOS devices.

One downside of this product compared to other models is that it doesn’t include motion detection notifications, but the battery timing of the device makes up for this feature as it can run for up to a whopping 10 hours when fully charged!


  • Reeeeeaaalllly long battery life
  • Remote real-time monitoring works really well
  • No motion detector so doesn’t turn on automatically


DTY Trading ® Smoke Alarm Hidden Spy Camera CCTV – 80%


The DTY hidden camera offers 2MP resolution with a frame rate of 30fps.

The battery in this camera takes 4 hours to charge and then offers up to 12 hours of video recording and 25 hours of sound recording.

It also features a motion detector which automatically starts recording upon observing any activity.

This camera supports upto 32GB micro SD card (not included), and produces an AVI file that is compatible with most devices. It comes with a remote control, instructions manual and a USB charging cable.


  • 12 hour battery life – wow!
  • Great screen resolution
  • AVI compatible format
  • No direct power supply option for 24 hours survelliance – 12 hours is your max! (Though can you really complain, compared to other models?)


FiveSky 90°Angle View Hidden Camera Smoke Detector – 80%


The FiveSky 90° Wide View Angle Hidden Camera Smoke Detector features a resolution of 1920×1080, has a motion detector that automatically starts recording if it detects movement, and also offers remote real-time monitoring which means you can watch and record through the camera anytime and anywhere.

It offers 2 power modes – battery powered and direct power; the direct power option offers 24/7 surveillance, and the battery life of this model when fully charged is 8 hours, which we feel is really good as most other models (except for the DTY and the Mengshen) offer less.

Furthermore, it can support upto 64GB micro SD card (though this doesn’t come included).


  • Sensitive motion detection
  • Remote real-time monitoring feature is really effective
  • The battery life of up to 8 hours
  • We found the camera range is a little limited
  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand
  • The picture quality isn’t as good as with other models


Panoraxy Wifi Spy Hidden Camera Review – 80%


Panoraxy Wifi Spy Hidden Camera is an updated Hidden Lens WiFi Camera, which can secure your home or office instead of several cameras WITHOUT TARGET AUDIENCE¡¯S NOTICE. Low-Key Design as a 80mm CUBE CLOCK, it is so harmonious with your office and home environment.

It is an ideal product for Nanny monitoring, Seniors, Pets, Home and Office.

Invisible Lens and Motion Detection. The lens is invisible even it is installed with IR infrared in night. It is not like many other hidden cameras that can be seen if you look close.

The image is bright and perfect even there is front glass cover the Len and camera. 80 Degree wide angle view, it is good enough to cover most room.

Easy Use and Friendly App. Down load the APP, scan the QR code and simply follow the processes, you will see what you care immediately.

You can easily to add more users to the same device from the Lan Add, no need more account or installation.

You can choose the time you want to record to save the capacity of the Mirco SD card.

10 METRES NIGHT VISION and Reliable Quality. It fits for most room and application. The P2P technology is safe and reliable.

The good WIFI transmission, only little delay that you can omit. Reliable quality, industry level components. The Time+ Camera meets the CE£¬RoHs and Health compliance.

Support WiFi and local Loop Recording. You can see what you care anywhen, anywhere through IOS and Andriod Cellphone and tablet.

Embedded with SD card slot, work as the DVR to record the MOTION DECTION or FULL VIDEO even the WiFi off line.

You can install unto 64G Micro-SD Card(Card is not included in package). Support playback video through WIFI or insert the SD card to PC. Default record is auto record motion detection if you never use WiFi. Suggest to use WiFi to do first setting


  • Motion Detector
  • Remote viewing
  • Push notifications
  • The only negative from our testing team was that the instruction book is a little difficult to follow!


Frequently asked questions

What is a smoke detector spy camera?

Smoke detectors with hidden cameras are designed to resemble a basic smoke detector, not giving away any sign that there is a little “eye” that is observing every move and sound made in a room.

These spy cameras come with a lot of features, such as a motion detection, remote real-time monitoring and even notifications to a mobile (push notifications) for when the camera detects any activity.

What is the best smoke detector spy camera?

We studied 20 smoke detector spy cameras online and bought the top 8 for an in depth review.

We found that the FiveSky 1080p HD P2P Wifi Hidden Camera Smoke Detector is the best device as it offers HD resolution, motion detection and remote real-time monitoring.

Which motion detector spy camera sends notifications?

The FUVISION 720p Wifi Hidden Camera Smoke Detector sends push notifications to the owner whenever its motion detectors observe a movement.

What is Remote Real-Time Monitoring in Spy Cameras?

Remote Real-Time Monitoring allows you to see and record through your spy camera using your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world and at any given time.

Which Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera is better – battery powered or electric powered?

A lot of smoke detector hidden spy cameras offer both features, but if you have to pick from one of the two then it depends mainly on your usage.

The electric powered spy camera is fixed but is best for 24/7 surveillance, while the battery powered spy camera is 100% portable but works for only a certain amount of time.

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