6 Best Smart LED Light Bulbs

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What smart light bulbs work with Alexa? Browse our reviews of the best LED light bulbs

Product reviews of the best smart LED light bulbs

We tested a selection of the best smart LED light bulbs and put them to the test to see which ones offered the best lighting and features.

After carefully reviewing each one, 6 made our shortlist. The LIFX (B22) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb is our top rated, offering wide compatibility options and vivid, colourful lighting that will perfectly accentuate any room you use it in.

The Philips Hue White Personal Wireless Lighting LED B22 Twin Pack is second on our list as it offers bright, smart lighting that’s controllable anywhere you go.

It comes with two smart LED bulbs which make it a great value option as well.

Below is our comparison table and individual product reviews to help you to decide which are the best smart LED light bulbs for you.

LIFX (B22) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb Review – 90%


The LIFX (B22) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb is the best wifi light bulb we reviewed and tested. It’s very easy to install and use.

Just download the LIFX app and connect the smart LED bulb to your WiFi. From there you can play around and tinker with various controls to configure the bulb just the way you want to.

There are plenty of configurations to program and if you want immersive, vivid lighting to your home, this bulb is the perfect choice.

You can also set lighting schedules to turn the smart LED bulb on and off whenever you want to and you can even select lighting themes to suit your personal tastes.

It’s also Alexa compatible so you can take full control of the bulb with just your voice. It’s also very bright with 806 lumens at 11W so expect vibrant colors and warm whites when using this smart LED bulb.


  • 806 lumen results in vibrant colors and warm whites
  • Wide variety of controls via the LIFX app
  • Compatible with Alexa devices
  • Needs strong WiFi signals to work consistently


Philips Hue White Personal Wireless Lighting LED B22 Twin Pack – 88%


The Philips Hue White Personal Wireless Lighting LED B22 Twin Pack ranks second on our list. Producing 806 lumens of light at only 9.5 watts, this energy efficient LED bulb comes in a two pack.

It’s compatible with both iOS and Android and allows you to remotely control via the Philips Hue app.

It produces warm lighting that’s bright and consistent. You can set a timer to light it up or turn it off whenever you’d like.

You can also dim the bulb via the app and it works brilliantly. It’s compatible with Alexa so you can control your smart LED bulb with your voice.

Do keep in mind that in order for you to control the bulbs via the Hue app, you’ll need to purchase the Philips Hue Smart Bridge router.


  • 806 lumens at only 9.5 watts
  • Programmable and controllable via the Philips Hue app
  • Compatible with Alexa devices
  • Needs the Philips Hue Smart Bridge router to control the bulbs via the app


LOHAS Alexa Smart LED WiFi Bulb Review – 82%


The LOHAS Alexa Smart LED WiFi Bulb is a colour changing light bulb that outputs a bright 810 lumens at only an efficient 9W.

It’s widely compatible with a host of different devices like Alexa, IOS, and Android. Colours appear bright and vivid while allowing you to dim the brightness via the Tuya app.

It operates on 2.4ghz WiFi only and so requires a strong WiFi connection. You can remotely turn on the smart LED bulb anytime and you can even set a timer to turn it on or off.

There’s a variety of modes to choose from, including one that flashes 6 different colours in sequence to lighten up your mood.

Lastly, it’s also compatible with Alexa so you can adjust the controls and dim the light by using your voice. The LOHAS Alexa Smart LED WiFi Bulb is a value purchase that offers plenty of features that you’ll need for a smart bulb.


  • Efficient 9W bulb that produces 810 lumens
  • Easy to configure controls via the Tuya app
  • Bright, vivid colors
  • Requires a strong WiFi connection since it only supports 2.4ghz bands


TP-Link Smart WiFi Hue Light Bulb E27 Review – 82%


The TP-Link Smart WiFi Hue Light Bulb E27 has a variety of compatibility options and can be controlled via the Kasa app which is free to download.

You can set a number of different options like the timer, brightness, scenes, and even track your smart LED bulb’s energy use.

It connects immediately to your WiFi and setting it up is very easy. It comes in an E27 fitting but also ships with a B22 adapter so you’ll be covered anywhere you use it.

Pair it up with Google assistant or Alexa and you can use your voice to control it.

This smart bulb is also energy efficient at 7W and outputs 600 lumens. It might not be as bright as the Philips Hue White Personal Wireless Lighting LED B22 Twin Pack, but if you’re a fan of soft, cool lighting, this is a great choice.


  • Soft, cool white light
  • Energy tracking via the Kasa app
  • E27 fitting that comes with a B22 adapter for versatility
  • Connectivity issues with Alexa from time to time


Expower Smart WiFi Bulb B22 RGB Review – 78%


One of the better coloured light bulbs on this list is the Expower Smart WiFi Bulb B22 RGB. It’s a 7W 400 lumens smart bulb that offers multi-coloured lighting.

Colours are good and while the bulb could be a little brighter, it works well as an accent lighting on bedrooms and kitchens.

A whole host of control options are available via the SmartLife app which is downloadable for free. Just register the smart bulb and then you can connect it to your existing WiFi connection.

There’s a timer so you can set a schedule for turning the smart bulb on and off and there’s even a DIY mode for you to configure which colours to display and the level of brightness you prefer.

This colour changing light bulb can also be connected to Google home and Alexa for hassle-free controls with just your voice.

If you purchase multiple Expower smart bulbs, you can group them together and control them according to your preferences.


  • Good color output
  • Wide variety of programmable controls via the SmartLife app
  • Compatible with Google Home and Alexa
  • 400 lumens lacks enough brightness for bigger rooms


Lombex WiFi Led Light Bulb Smart Light Bulb B22 – 70%


The Lombex WiFi Led Light Bulb Smart Light Bulb B22  connects with your WiFi using 2.4ghz bands and allows you to remotely control it anywhere you go.

Just download the Lombex app and connect the smart LED bulb to start configuring the settings.

This colour changing light bulb outputs 600 lumens at 9W.

All the controls are present in the app like dimming the bulb, automatic on and off schedules, and even personalise your own lighting by choosing your desired colour palettes of over 16 million different shades.

It’s also possible to connect this bulb with Alexa and Google Home to utilise voice control. It has a ‘Scenes’ mode that allows you to create presets that control the dimming and colour of the smart bulb to match your mood and ambience.

The 600 lumens output is  definitely better suited for indoor use than outdoor use.


  • Fully customizable controls via the Lombex app
  • Google Home and Alexa compatible for voice controls
  • Scene mode presets to program dimming and color patterns
  • Frequently dropped connections due to the absence of 5ghz band support
  • 600 lumens works best on indoor use only and not outdoors


Frequently asked questions

What is a smart LED light bulb?

smart LED light bulb is a bulb that offers advanced technological features that traditional bulbs don’t offer.

It connects to a phone app and relies on a WiFi connection to make use of smart features like scheduled on and off, dimming, and multi-coloured LED lighting.

Why should I use a smart LED bulb? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a smart LED bulb?


  • Access from anywhere. Smart LED light bulbs can be controlled remotely no matter where you go. You can control what time they turn on and off which is a great feature when you’re on holiday for a few weeks so your home doesn’t look empty.
  • Brightness controls. Smart LED light bulbs can be dimmed so you can set them up at full brightness when you want to or dim as it gets closer to night time.
  • Multitude of colours. One unique feature of smart LED light bulbs is that you can select from a range of colours, making it ideal to set the mood or to entertain guests.


  • WiFi connection. Smart LED light bulbs rely on a WiFi connection and so without a strong connection users may experience difficulties operating the smart bulb.

What should I look for when choosing a smart LED light bulb?

Before purchasing a smart bulb, there are a few key factors for you to consider:

  • Wattage. Choose a smart LED light bulb that uses lower wattages in order to save energy and costs.
  • Lumens. Be mindful of the smart LED bulb’s lumens. The higher the number, the more light it emits.
  • Customisation. Smart LED light bulbs can be customised to dim and change the colour of the light. If you’re interested in having plenty of options, choose bulbs that offer lots of different controls like setting sequences that flash your desired colours in different brightness levels.
  • Connectivity. Smart LED light bulbs are compatible with plenty of different devices. If you want to control your smart bulb with just your voice, choose a bulb that supports Google Home and Alexa.

What’s the best smart LED light bulb? Why is it the best?

If you’re looking for the best smart LED light bulb, we highly recommend the LIFX (B22) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb.

It outputs a very bright 806 lumens at only 11W and is very simple to operate with the LIFX app. There were plenty of options to customise the colour and brightness of the bulb, too.

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