6 Best Plasma Lighters for Cigarettes

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What are the best plasma lighters for lighting cigarettes in 2020? Read our reviews below to find out.

Product reviews

We’ve tested more than 20 plasma lighters in all sorts of conditions. We’ve tackled the wind and the rain, as well as cigars and pipes.

All of this to help you find the best plasma lighters for your needs.

This extensive testing showed is that the FORHU Electric Arc Lighter is the most versatile of the plasma lighters, though other plasma lighters excel in specific areas. For example, the Tacklife Plasma Lighter works better for lighting candles in hard-to-reach places.

Check out the comparison table below and read all six reviews to choose the best plasma lighters for you.

Dual Arc Lighter Flameless Waterproof – 92%


This fantastic Dual Arc Lighter is fantastically practical and comfortable to hold. Recharging the plasma lighter is easy due to the USB port and cord which is included.

It is great for those that need a lighter which lasts while outside. Whether it’s windy or rainy, this compact little lighter managed to withstand the conditions.


  • The safety pin and cord make it very difficult to lose
  • Casing guards the electrodes from the elements
  • You can’t point and light due to the encased electrodes
  • Almost all-black design makes it difficult to spot if you do drop it


Eletorot Rechargeable Arc Lighter – 88%


Eletorot have taken the concerns of pipe and cigar smokers into account here, creating a sleek lighter that fits easily into bowls while offering a large enough beam to light tobacco quickly. It’s also easily chargeable with a mini-USB cord, though it has a fairly short battery life.

It’s the array of safety features that really make this stand out for us. The design protects against internal fluid leaks, overheating, and overcharging. The plasma beam also powers off automatically after 10 seconds and there’s a handy power switch that ensures the lighter doesn’t activate while in your pocket.


  • Comes packed with a bevy of safety features
  • Sleek design makes it easy to use for pipe and cigar smokers
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Has a shorter battery life than the 70 minutes it takes to recharge


TACKLIFE Lighter, Electric Arc Lighter Review – 86%


The TACKLIFE Lighter, is easy and safe to use with the 360 degree flexible neck and extra long handle. It is a flameless lighter meaning it is safer to use than your average lighter.

It has a rechargeable battery, which you can charge using any micro-USB cable. An hour’s worth of charging grants it three hours of operational time, which is usually enough to carry it through about 300 sparks.

It also resists the wind and the rain, though the sleek design does make it easier to drop in tough conditions. You also get a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.


  • A long battery life that often runs in excess of three hours
  • Triple arcs create a larger surface area for lighting cigars and pipes
  • Rain and wind-resistant
  • Cylindrical design may make it difficult to keep hold of in some conditions
  • Not the strongest of designs


Ultimate Survival Tekfire Lighter Reviews – 86%


With its orange body, this Tekfire lighter makes an ideal choice for adventurers. It’s easy to spot against most backgrounds, plus the handy 3ft cord means you can wrap it around your neck. This makes it much harder to lose than other plasma lighters. The rubber grip also means that there’s less chance of you dropping it in wet or windy conditions.

The single-arc design generates a small plasma arc, which helps with igniting tinder and other materials. It’s not the largest arc though, so you may want to look elsewhere if you want a lighter for cigars and pipes. This is a plasma lighter for the survivalist rather than the smoker.


  • Solid grip thanks to the rubber exterior
  • Attached cord makes it easy to keep hold of
  • Bright colouring ensures you won’t lose it in undergrowth
  • The very small arc makes it difficult to light cigars or pipes


TOPKAN Electric Arc Lighter – 84%


We love the cool design of this Topkan lighter, which mirrors the flip design that you see with Zippos. You also get to choose between three different colour combinations, ensuring the lighter really looks the part when you’re using it.

It’s a double-arc lighter, which means it’s best used for cigarettes. You can get a cigar lit using it, with a bit of effort, but its design makes lighting a pipe almost impossible. We loved the vertical battery status display.


  • Has a beautiful and modern design that comes in several colours
  • Comes with some useful accessories
  • The design makes it practically impossible to use it for lighting pipes
  • The lid doesn’t flip back all of the way


Tacklife Plasma Candle Lighter Reviews – 82%


The huge battery life would be enough to make this a great TACKLIFE plasma lighter, but we really love the design too. It’s designed specifically for lighting candles, which means there are no obstructions around the plasma arc. Incidentally, this also makes it easy to fit into pipes, though the small single arc may take a while to light your tobacco.

The flexible neck curves and holds in place, allowing you to reach difficult candles. It also has a big safety switch that prevents people from using it while it’s charging. The lighter also comes with its own USB charging cable and carries a 24-month warranty.


  • The flexible neck means you can get this lighter into some difficult places
  • Enormous battery life
  • Can be used as a pipe lighter as long as you have the patience
  • Tiny arc means it struggles with anything larger than a cigarette
  • There’s no way to cover the lighter’s electrodes when it’s not in use


Frequently asked questions

What is a Plasma Lighter?

Plasma lighters are electronic lighters that contain no butane. Usually, you can charge them using a USB cable, though some come with specific charging kits.

They feature a pair of ceramic electrodes. When you click the lighter, it creates a small plasma arc that runs between the two electrodes. This arc is hotter than a regular flame and comes with none of the smell attached to fire. As a result, many point to plasma lighters as the best way to light cigars.

They also have a variety of names. These include Tesla lighter, arc lighter, and flameless lighter

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of Plasma Lighters?

The pros include:

  • There’s no smell attached to the plasma “flame”.
  • You can recharge them rather than having to buy fuel.
  • The plasma is hotter than a normal flame.
  • You don’t have to worry about wind blowing the flame out.
  • They’re safer than butane lighters because they contain no flammable fuels.

The cons include:

  • Some plasma lighters generate a high-pitched noise when in use.
  • The plasma arc is often small than a butane lighter’s flame, which means you may have to roll your cigar or cigarette to light it properly.

What is better, a Plasma Lighter or a Zippo?

It depends on what you’re using it for.

A Zippo lighter may have a more attractive aesthetic and it generates a larger flame. Some argue that this makes it easier to light cigars and pipes using this type of lighter. However, they also require fuel, which means you’re spending money beyond what you spent to buy the lighter. Moreover, the fuel may evaporate if you don’t use the lighter for an extended period of time.

The best plasma lighters generate a hotter “flame” and aren’t as susceptible to the elements. They also don’t need fuel because you can recharge them via a USB cable. However, the plasma arc is often quite small, which means you have to rotate cigars and cigarettes to fully light them.

What’s the best Plasma Lighter for Cigars?

If you’re looking for a plasma lighter that works well with cigars, you need one with a double arc. This expands the plasma’s surface area, allowing it to light thick cigars easily.

The best of the bunch is the Flux Lighters 360 Plasma Lighter due it having a triple arc and sleek design. This makes it easy to manoeuvre as well as allowing it to cover a larger surface in less time.

What is the best Plasma Lighter for Survival?

Most plasma lighters offer wind resistance, which is a survival lighter essential. However, you’re also looking for plenty of grip, which keeps the lighter stable in your hand when you face difficult conditions. A method of securing the lighter to you person also helps so you don’t lose it while adventuring.

We believe the UST Brands Tekfire Lighter stands apart as the best plasma lighter for survival. The review above covers our reasons.

What’s the Best Plasma Lighter for a Pipe?

For lighting a pipe, you usually need a plasma latter that both generates a large arc and fits easily into the pipe’s bowl.

One of those is the FORHU Electric Arc lighter, which is our best plasma lighter for a pipe. The thin design means it fits easily into the bowl, so you don’t have to mess around too much to get your pipe lit.

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