7 Best Photo Light Boxes for Aspiring Photographers

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We wanted to find out the best photo light boxes on the market. We began by interviewing professional photographers on the most ideal features to look for in a good quality photo light box.

With the information, we then spent more than 40 hours testing 30 different models. In the end we found the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio to be the best. It comes in a large size with plenty of space, has bright LED lights and allowed us to take multiple shots from different angles.

On the other end of the spectrum was the CiaraQ Mini Foldable Photo Studio Tent. It was the smallest and lightest photo light box we choose on our list and we found it to be very simple to carry and take photos of small items. Let’s dive straight in and discover more!

LEPOTEC Photo Studio Tent Review – 92%


We found the amazon basics to be more spacious than the CiaraQ Mini Foldable Photo Studio Tent. It was very simple to assemble as well and was stable once everything was set up. We especially liked the 3-door system as we could use it to achieve different angle shots.

We also liked how simple the AmazonBasics was to fold. It could easily be packed in a convenient carry case and carried to any location.

The downside is that the lights are placed on the back and the side. We found that this was not the best setting for reflective products as the images would contain a light beam which affected the quality. At 7.3 kgs we also found it to be quite heavy to carry around.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to fold and carry.
  • Looks good.
  • Quite heavy.
  • The lights are not well placed.


Amzdeal Photo Studio Portable Light Tent Review – 91%


We liked the square design of the Amzdeal. We found that it offered an even light distribution for a clear image. This photo light box also comes with LED lights that are bright. We especially liked the fact that we could achieve practically any angle we wanted thanks to the middle door and side doors.

Another thing we found with the Amzdeal is how simple it was to unfold and set up. We also liked that once we were done we could easily fold the photo light box and place it inside the convenient carry bag for easy transportation. The material construction was high quality, didn’t have any creases and looked durable.

On the other hand, we found that in case there was a scratch on the black background it would be highly visible on the image. Another downside was that it took quite a bit of time to clip on the different backgrounds.


  • Simple to assemble.
  • High quality construction.
  • Allows for different angles.
  • Comes with a convenient carry case.
  • Changing and clipping different background took time.


Zecti Dimmable Studio Light Box Review – 90%


Similar to the CiaraQ Mini Foldable Photo Studio Tent, we found that the Zecti also comes in a small and compact size. This allowed us to take photos of small objects such as jewelry and coins. It was also very simple to set up.

Another feature that we liked was that we could remove and place the LED strips on any location inside the photo light box to achieve the best picture quality. We found that it came with an opening at the top which allowed us to take shots from a top angle.

However, we didn’t like that the Zecti dimmable studio lightbox was not very stable. It looked like it could lose structure under little pressure. We also noticed that the backgrounds were lightly made and could damage easily.


  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Comes win a compact size.
  • Allowed us to pick multiple angles.
  • The LED lights are dimmable and can be repositioned.
  • Not very stable.
  • The backgrounds can damage easily.


LEPOTEC Photo Studio Tent Review – 72%


We immediately liked how sturdy the LEPOTEC was once we set it up. We also liked the LED strips as we found them to be very bright and eliminated any shadows on the object. The structural material is made from a lightweight yet sturdy polypropylene material and provided good support.

Another thing we liked with the LEPOTEC is that unlike the Zecti Dimmable Studio Light Box the background material was actually very strong. We found that we could also clean it quite easily and didn’t have any creases.

However, the background material was simple to scratch and these scratches became visible on the images.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Bright LED light.
  • Background scratches easily.


YIGER Portable Mini Studio Lightbox Review – 70%


We liked that the YIGER was particularly stable mainly because it features a stud design as opposed to using magnets. We also found it to be very simple to set up and we could accomplish that within a few minutes.

The YIGER also comes with LED lights that are attached to the top of the photo light box. We found that they were bright and offered good illumination. The background cloth is made from a quality material.

However, we noted that the background cloth comes folded. This meant that once we set up the photo light box, the crease would show in the middle which affected the quality of the image.


  • Simple to set up.
  • LED lights provide bright illumination.
  • The background covers are folded which creates a crease in the middle once set up.

Amzdeal 40 x 40cm Mini Photo Light Box Review – 70%


We instantly noticed the LED lighting on the Amzdeal mini photo light box. It can rotate 1800 which allowed us to eliminate any shadows on the image. This is also a fairly simple to set up photo light box and we liked the quality of the background.

The lightbox comes with both black and white backgrounds which allowed us to take different types of images. We found that they were also very simple to clean.

However unlike with the Zecti Dimmable Studio Light Box, we couldn’t take images from the top as there was no allowance for this. It also doesn’t feature a carry case.


  • Simple to assemble.
  • LED lights can rotate for the best illumination.
  • High quality background that are simple to clean.
  • Doesn’t come with a carry case.


CiaraQ Mini Foldable Photo Studio Tent Review – 63%


We instantly liked the compact design of the CiaraQ mini foldable photo light box. It was lightweight and we found that we could place it almost anywhere and take good shots. We also liked how simple it was to set up. Unlike the Amzdeal Photo Studio Portable Light Tent, this one took just a few seconds.

The structure is lightweight yet sturdy and we noted that it featured magnets for a stable assembly. Another thing that we found was that the photo light box comes with a white background. Once we turned on the LED strip it provided good detail on the images.

However, the magnets were not very strong and the light box could lose structure if we place a light on top of it. Second, due to its smaller size we could see the edges of the box on the images which we found we could remove through editing.


  • Simple to assemble.
  • Compact for small spaces.
  • Comes with magnets to maintain structure.
  • We could see the box edges on the images.


Frequently asked questions

What Is Photo Light Boxes?

A light box is a structure that allows one to take close up photos of more detailed objects. It provides a uniform background and good light distribution ensuring a good place to put the object and take photos.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Photo Light Boxes?

The main advantage of using a photo light box is that it provides an even light distribution. This is a good alternative when taking photos in a situation where there is not enough natural light.

Photo light boxes result in images that are professional looking unlike taking random pictures with less clarity and detail due to a lack of light.

With photo light boxes, you also get better images that show the real colors on the objects.

On the downside, the images tend to look too professional and lack that personal touch. They can even be similar to stock images and some people would actually prefer to download one.

Photo light boxes can also end up consuming a lot of space.


What’s the Approximate Price Range for Photo Light Boxes?

You can get a good photo light box for as little as £10. However, there are some professional models available on the market that cost as much as £1000.

What Should I Look for When Choosing Photo Light Boxes?

The first thing you want to look at is the reflection. A photo light box that is capable of providing the best quality images should come with reflective capabilities.

To achieve the best angle of image, you will need to adjust the object quite a few times. To make this task simple, the photo light box should be easily adjured.

The material of the photo light box is important. You want to go for one that that is going to last a long time. Often photo light boxes that come with a higher price tag will also feature good quality material.

Look out at the state of the material. For the best images, you want a photo lightbox that is free from wrinkles. The light box should also be simple to use and very stable when you place ready to take a photograph.

What Is the Best Photo Light Boxes? Why Is It the Best?

The Alivo smart photograph photo studio light box kit is the best photo light box. It is simple to assemble and compact enough for smaller projects.

What Is the Best Photo Light Box for Jewelry? Why Is It the Best?

The PIXAPRO portable collapsible light tent is the best photo light box for jewelry. It comes with compact size and is designed to minimize on reflection for the best jewelry images.

How Does a Photo Light Box Work?

The first thing that you want to consider when using a photo light box is the quality of the bulb. The best bulbs should be bright. Use the same type of bulbs that produce the same level of brightness.

If you want to achieve a shadow effect, ensure that you use a single light and place it one side. This will cast light on one side of the image.

On the other hand, if you want eliminate the need for a shadow, use two lights on either side of the photo light box. Ensure that the level of brightness on the bulbs is the same.

However, there is a chance that there will still be a shadow on the back of the image. If you want to completely get rid of the shadow, place another light on top of the photo light box.

The next thing that you need to consider is the camera settings. Images may also come out a bit dark. To prevent this, set the camera for exposure compensation. This will ensure that the images come out bright.

Color is important for the best quality images. To ensure that the image shows off the right colors, set the camera to white balance setting. It should also be the same with the level of brightens on the light.

What Is the Best Portable Light Boxes? Why Is It the Box?

The CiaraQ photo studio portable light box kit is the best. It is simple to carry, has a compact design and features durable polypropylene structural material

Which Lightbox Is Best for Product Photography?

The AmazonBasics portable photo studio is the best photo light box for photo photography. It is simple to use and comes with a collapsible feature and has inbuilt LED lights for brightness.

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