9 Best Modems For COX to Improve Speed

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Which modems deliver the best connection speeds for COX?

If you’ve found that recently your connection speed isn’t performing as well as you’d like it to, you should consider switching to one of the best modems for COX.

We’ve compared some of the best modems on the market to decide which are best for boosting the service you get from COX. While they provide their own modem, you’ll find that choosing another model is preferable. Especially if you’re keen to boost your connection speed.

NETGEAR R7000 Nighthawk Dual-Band AC1900 Review – 82%


Similar to the TP-Link AC750 Wireless Cable Router, the Netgear r7000 also comes with a dual broadband function.

It features a combined bandwidth of 1900 mbps which resulted in incredibly fast connectivity.

We also learnt of the beamforming+ technology which increased the range of the Wi-Fi.

We found that we could connect multiple devices at the same time which included laptops, tablets and smartphones without any reduction in speeds even while steaming videos.

When we wanted to update the firmware however, the process was quite complicated and we ended up spending a lot of time on it.

We also found that this is not the best modem to use as NAS by connecting a couple of hardwares as it ended up crashing.


  • Large bandwidth.
  • Long Wi-Fi range.
  • Updating the firmware is time consuming.


TP-Link AC3200 Wireless Router Review – 82%


We instantly noticed the triple band design of the TP-Link AC3200. We wanted to know whether there was any significant reason behind this and later learnt that it made possible to easily connect to multiple devices without affecting the speed.

This modem performed even better than the NETGEAR R7000 Nighthawk Dual-Band AC1900 as far as bandwidth was concerned.

It offers 3200mbps. We enjoyed the smart connect feature which assigned the best connectivity to the multiple devices for the best internet experience. Setting up the device was also fairly simple.

However, we found no WBS option with the device. Also, when we wanted to update the firmware, we found that we simply couldn’t do this with a USB.

  • Easy to set up and connect.
  • Comes with a long range.
  • Very large bandwidth.
  • Couldn’t update the firmware with USB


TP-LINK AC1900 Modem Router Review – 80%


We immediately noticed that we could make use of the WAN and ethernet cable connectivity. This made the AC1900 a versatile modem to have.

We also liked the combined bandwidth of 1900mbs and we wanted to find out the range in order to validate the convenience of the internet connection. We found that it was large enough and could reach every corner of a standard sized house.

Like the NETGEAR R7000 Nighthawk Dual-Band AC1900, this one also comes with beamforming technology that improved communication for a much faster internet connection.

However, the 5 Ghz network would lose connection every once in a while, which we attributed to the traffic. Connecting the laptop to the ethernet cable wasn’t very efficient and we found that we had to reboot for it to accept connectivity.


  • Simple to set up.
  • Large range.
  • Large bandwidth.
  • Wasn’t the best at connecting the laptop to the ethernet cable.


NETGEAR D6220-100UKS Modem Review – 80%


The D6220 has a combined bandwidth of 1200mbps which we found to be convenient in most homes with a standard sized house.

We also found that we could connect multiple devices simultaneously and enjoy good internet access.

Similar to the D-Link DSL-320B Ethernet Modem, we found this to be compatible with most ISP providers in the UK.

Twin antennas distribute the internet evenly allowing good and even coverage from every angle. Another good feature that we liked was the device comes with up to 5 ethernet ports.

However, when we connected 20 devices we noticed that the internet started to slow down. Also, bugs could easily pass through the many connected devices and into the modem.


  • Simple to connect.
  • Large range.
  • Too many connections affected the internet speed.


TP-Link AC750 Wireless Cable Router Review – 77%


We liked that the TP-link AC750 comes with two bandwidth connections to make a total of 733mbps.

They provided fast internet connectivity as we found that there was no buffering during streaming videos online.

We also liked the range and coverage. We found that it was omnidirectional which meant that regardless of which angle we were from the source, the connectivity was still optimal and was not affected by obstructions such as walls. Setting up the device was also quick and easy.

On the downside were not impressed by the USB connectivity. We found that certain media players had a difficult time connecting.


  • Easy set up.
  • High wireless bandwidth.
  • The USB connectivity was not the best.


NETGEAR DM200-100EUS Review – 72%


The first thing that we found and especially liked with the DM200 is the fact that it could easily connect to high speed DSL networks.

It is also compatible with both ADSL and VDSL. In case someone decided to move to a location with either one, the Netgear DM200 could provide fast and reliable internet.

Another thing that we found is that we could connect to both the wireless router for Wi-Fi access and the computer.

Space was the main determining factor as to which method was best but the good thing is that the connectivity was reliable on either one. We also enjoyed the simple set up and connection.

Having also talked to a few people using the device however, they confirmed that its prone to bugs which affects the performance.

On the other hand, the solution to the problem was to update the firmware and the connection received a huge boost.


  • Simple to set up and connect.
  • Can access both ADSL and VDSL networks.
  • Provided fats and reliable internet.
  • It was prone to bugs.


TP-Link Archer C1200 Dual Band Wireless AC1200 Gigabit Router – 72%


We liked that this modem supports the latest generation of Wi-Fi as shown by the manual. This meant that once having purchased the modem, we didn’t have to worry about making an upgrade any time in the near future.

We found that it had a EWAN port which allowed us easy connection from both cable and fiber modems. The bandwidth was a decent 1200mbps. We liked the simple set up process and the range was good as well.

The downside was that this modem router doesn’t have any gigabit LAN port. Also, the device was quite limited with sharing media files which was quite inconvenient.


  • Simple set up process.
  • Long range.
  • Fast internet.
  • Doesn’t come with a LAN port.
  • Limited in media sharing.


TP-Link TL-WR841N Wireless N Cable Router Review – 70%


We were eager to connect the TP-link as it looked hi-tech and stylish. We found that it had a large Wi-Fi range and offered good internet speeds upwards of 300mbps. The connection was good which we later found to be thanks to the TWPO antenna.

The MIMO technology of the TP-link made it possible to connect many different devices simultaneously with no slowing down of internet speed.

We could easily stream and download videos from the smartphones, tablets and laptops in the area. This modem comes with WPS wireless security to protect data from unauthorized access.

However, we didn’t like the UI. It seemed out of date and needed updating. We also found the setup process to be a bit lengthy and not as simple and straightforward as with the NETGEAR DM200-100EUS


  • Fast internet speed.
  • Connects easily.
  • Set up process was not very simple.
  • The user interface was outdated.


D-Link DSL-520B Ethernet Modem Review – 70%


We particularly liked the fact that the D-Link works well with all the major ISP providers in the UK as we came to find out through the European ISP data. It is also family friendly allowing parental control to prevent access to less morally upright websites.

Another thing that we had fun with was the ADSL technology. This made it possible for us to make phone calls while still using the internet without much effect on the speeds.

Coupled with the fast internet speeds we also found it to be quite simple to connect.

However, there were some drawbacks. The user interface wasn’t the simplest to use.

We also didn’t like the fact that after using it for some time, we stopped receiving feedback about what the modem was doing and couldn’t find a way to switch the feedback back on.


  • Simple to connect.
  • Works with all major ISP providers.
  • ADSL technology.
  • UI wasn’t very straightforward.


Frequently asked questions

What Is a Cable Modem?

This is simply computer hardware that makes it possible for the computer to gain access to the internet by connection through a landline. It functions by receiving analogue signals and converting them to digital signals.

What Is a DSL Modem?

DSL modems also take analogue signals and convert them to digital signals in order for the computer to gain access to the internet.

However, the main difference with cable modem is that while it receives analogue signals from the TV coaxial cables, the DSL modem is connected to the telephone line.

What Is Better: Dm200 Vs Vigor 130?

The main benefit of using the DM200 is that it is compatible with many of the internet service providers available in the UK.

It also functions with both ADSL and VDSL technologies. But perhaps the best feature is that it provides up to 200mbps.

The vigor 130 on the other hand is a simple to operate, user friendly device that allows you to connect and get access to the internet within a few minutes.

It is also compatible with all major UK VDSL and ADSL technologies.

However, when it comes to internet speed the best it can do is 100mbps. The DM 200 is clearly the better option.

What Is Better: draytek Vigor130 vs Bt Openreach Modem?

The draytek vigor 130 is simple to install and connects to both ADSL and VDSL technologies.

But what makes it the superior choice is the fact that the Bt Openreach tends to disconnect easily.

Is the Netgear dm200 adsl2 +/vdsl a Good Modem?

The reason why Netgear dm200 is a good modem is it features a DoS security solution keeping hackers at bay.

Second it is compatible with both ADSL and VDSL technologies and offers high internet speeds of up to 200mbps

What Is the Best Broadband Fibre Modem?

The TP-Link AC 1200 Wireless DualBand Modem is the best broadband fiber modem. It offers wireless connectivity at high speed of up to 300mbps and can fully connect to ADSL and VDSL connections.

What Is the Best Approved VDSL Modem?

The Netgear dm200-100EUS is the best VDSL modem. What’s more, it can connect to ADSL networks.

What Is a Fritz Box?

This is a device that provides a diverse array of functionalities when it comes to internet connectivity.

It is an inbuilt cable modem, DSL modem, LTE or 3G modem and a broadband modem all at the same time among plenty of other functions.

What Does Dual Band Wireless Mean?

These are routers that are able to broadcast on two different frequencies mainly 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

The higher frequency provides better connectivity since most wireless devices use the 2.4Ghz frequency which makes it a bit saturated.

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