Best Fingerprint Door Locks for Security

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What is the best fingerprint door lock? Browse reviews of the best door locks tested below for you

Comparing the best fingerprint door locks on the market, we chose the top 8 door locks for testing and evaluating to bring you the pros and cons of each.

We spent 2 weeks testing these 8 models on different doors and in different environments, and compared each product from its durability, ability to work indoors and outdoors, its design, its power source and range of functions.

Among the 8 we tested, the one that stood out to us as best was the Biometric Fingerprint & RFID Transponder Access Controller Door Opener model F007-EM, and it’s our recommended pick due to its great range of features and easy to operate design.

It has a burglar alarm for unwanted access, and users can be deleted without their presence. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as well and includes a warranty for 2 years.

However, check out our comparison table and more detailed reviews of each of the best fingerprint door locks we tested for more info on each to find one that is the best fit for you.

Adel 3398 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Review – 100%


The Adel model by Adel is a universal biometric door lock which unlocks by inputting a fingerprint, key or code, and it can store up to 120 fingerprints or codes.

The product can be used for houses, offices, or any type of property you wish to secure and prevent unauthorised entry.

It has a simple design and one great feature is its failure-free system for convenient use.

This product has the highest resolution and fastest unlocking reaction compared to all other models, at less than 1 second, though could be considered a bit pricey for its simple features.


  • Can fit with any door with a thickness ranging from 30 to 60 millimetres
  • Less than 1 second unlocking time
  • Has a feature that allows the door to be kept open for events such as meeting or parties.
  • Not waterproof so not suitable for outside use
  • A little hard to set up and use (until you get the hang of it)


Electronic Smart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock – 100%


The Electronic Smart Lock is a biometric door lock which requires the user’s fingerprint, bluetooth or key to unlock and can store up to 100 fingerprints.

This door lock is specifically designed for bedrooms and has many interesting features, including a timezone unlock function and a visitor log which can be accessed through a smartphone.

This product is the only one we tested to offer a timezone unlock function and a bluetooth function, but it’s also advisable for indoor room use only as it’s not waterproof, unlike other options.


  • It has a reversible design
  • It can be accessed by the user’s smartphone via bluetooth
  • Timezone unlock feature
  • Not waterproof, can be used only indoors


Ultraloq UL3 Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock – 92%


The Ultraloq door lock is a 3-in-1 keyless entry fingerprint smart lock wherein a fingerprint, code or key can be stored and set to unlock and prevent any unauthorized entry.

The product can also store 95 fingerprints and codes for authorized guest access and is designed for convenience and flexibility. It’s also designed to be perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

This product is value for money due to its great range of features, such as being both dustproof and waterproof, its 3-in-1 keyless function and reversible handle, especially compared to other, more expensive options.

It also has the best warrant on offer; a lifetime mechanical warranty and 18-months for its electronic parts.


  • Reversible lever
  • Designed to be waterproof and dustproof
  • Includes lengthy warranties
  • Can be trickier to install than other models


Biometric Fingerprint & RFID Access Door Opener – 88%


The F007-EM has a built in administrator alarm function to provide added security.

It can store up to 1600 Fingerprints + 2000 RFID cards and is powered by electricity.

The product is the best among the sample we tested due to its low price and good range of key features, so for its cost it offers the best value for money.

It has an admin function and burglar alarm that can be set by the user and, additionally, it also has 2 year warranty making it our best buy when it comes to the best fingerprint door locks.


  • Burglar alarm
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Includes a 2-year warranty
  • Issues with your electricity supply could affect its operation


Assa Abloy Digi Biometric Password Door Lock – 78%


The Assa Abloy is a battery powered fingerprint door lock that can store up to 75 fingerprints and 78 pass codes. It has 3 modes of entry, including fingerprint entry, a code or key.

It also has a built in sliding cover for further protection and is water resistant, making it a good option for use outdoors.

It has an optical sensor and 560 DPI resolution that gives a fast unlocking reaction time.

The product is the cheapest among the ones we tested, and has the simplest features and function, though it does have the ability to be used indoors or outdoors which not all the other models can offer.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Stainless steel structure is sturdy
  • The low price!
  • Most basic of the models tested


BURG-WÄCHTER, Door Lock with Finger Print Review – 76%


The BURG-WÄCHTER is keyless door lock which uses either fingerprint scanning or a passcode for entry, and can store up to 24 fingerprints and 1 million codes.

It’s also water resistant and features an illuminated touch screen that automatically switches on when used for greater convenience. It also uses low energy and includes a mechanical emergency lock with keys.

The product is our most expensive model tested, due to its range of features and quality parts, and it has the best design and may be used for modern houses.


  • Universal door lock which can fit doors up to 118 mm
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Good quality
  • Expensive
  • One of our testers found it malfunctioned in the rain – keep the receipt!


Electronic Keypad and Fingerprint Door Lock Review – 74%


The Weatherproof 6600-98 is a battery powered biometric door lock that requires the user’s fingerprint, code or key for entry and can store 100 fingerprints and 78 codes.

It has a built in cover to protect its sensors against the sun and is waterproof.

It’s made of stainless steel and is designed with a left lever handle and is suitable for doors of 3 cm~5.5 cm thickness.

Though the easiest to install, this lock is like any other normal keyless door lock and, unlike many other models, it has no interesting special features, although it depends on whether you want an all-singing, all-dancing option as this is more than adequate as a basic lock and easy to use.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to install and operate
  • More basic than other models – no distinguishing features


ZKTeco Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Review – 68%


The ZKTeco has three methods of unlocking, including via fingerprint, password or key, and can store up to 500 fingerprints and 100 passcodes.

It has many features, such as a log track to monitor who goes in, a passage mode and a backup device.

It’s designed with an OLED display screen for a clear and bright scanning.

The product stands out due to its back up device which can be stored through a USB flash disk.

We feel its price is fair considering it has many special features other models don’t have, such as a battery indicator and the backup device.

What we like:

  • An alarm which indicates low battery and unauthorized access
  • Offers a backup device
  • Has a reversible handle
  • Not waterproof – designed for indoor use only


Frequently asked questions

What is a biometric fingerprint door lock?

A biometric fingerprint door lock is, as you’d expect, a device that’s installed in a door which allows access only by using the authorised fingerprints of the main user.

It’s used for security purposes, especially inside homes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a biometric deadbolt?

There are different types of biometric deadbolt option, such as fingerprint, retinal and voice recognition, and each offer pros and cons.


  • A biometric deadbolt uses a system in which it requires the unique biometrics of the user to enter, thus giving a secured protection from any unauthorized entry as you can’t fake another person’s biometrics.
  • It’s also safe from being forcibly broken into with crowbars, knives, key, etc, making it impossible or hard for intruders to enter.


  • It’s a much more expensive option compared to regular door locks.
  • It’s also powered by electricity and could potentially leave you locked out or in your house in the event of power failures.

How do fingerprint door locks work?

Fingerprint door locks function by using the fingerprint data of the user.

By placing the fingerprint of the user on the scanner, it then converts the print information into numerical data and saves it in its system; when the user places their fingerprint on its sensor again, it matches the data that’s stored and the door is unlocked.

People tend to use this product to achieve the higher level of security offered compared to traditional door locks.

These fingerprint door locks require the person’s unique fingerprint data to enter, therefore making it impossible for unwanted visitors or burglars to enter their home.

Are keyless door locks safe?

Many often ask this question when purchasing a keyless door lock, and the answer is: yes.

It’s safe regardless of the type of keyless door lock you opt for, and most are proven to be safe even in the event of a power cut.

Keyless door locks have either a backup power battery or a backup key to operate in case this happens.

What’s the most secure biometric door lock for a business?

The Biometric Fingerprint & RFID Transponder Access Controller Door Opener model F007-EM is the most secure biometric door lock for a business.

It has an administrator function which users can activate to set an alarm to alert people to any unwanted entry, and it’s specifically designed for offices, hotels and business establishments.

What’s the most secure biometric door lock for a residential property?

In our opinion, the most secure option for a home address is the Biometric Fingerprint & RFID Transponder Access Controller Door Opener model F007-EM due to its alarm function, which can be set by the user to help deter and prevent burglars and unwanted access.

It’s also easy to set up and use and comes with a 2 year warranty for added peace of mind.

How expensive are Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks?

Biometric Fingerprint Door locks vary in price depending on their range of features and quality, but tend to be between £100-400.

Out of the products we tested, the highest priced options are made of quality materials and have special features, such as an illuminated touchpads, are waterproof, and consume little energy, while the cheaper products that cost around £100 only have simple features and design.

Check out our price comparison table and detailed product reviews for more info.

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